How To Delete Instagram Photo From Computer

How To Delete Instagram Photo From Computer

Owners of accounts on social networks often have to clean up their pages, while deleting irrelevant information and annoying or old photos.

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    Unfortunately, you can’t delete a lot of images at the same time on Instagram; you will have to manually remove each of them.

    Have you decided to clean your Instagram account? We will help you!

    During cleaning, we often experience inconvenience, because after deleting one image we are again thrown to the very beginning of the list and we have to re-search for older pictures that we were about to delete. This problem is not easy to solve, but it’s quite possible to simplify your work on deleting old photos by avoiding scrolling.

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    Delete photos

    Please note that if the program on your computer is used only for authorization and viewing images posted on Instagram, then no other actions, including deleting photos, can be performed using it.

    In order to ensure full access to Instagram, you need to register in it and install the BlueStacks application on your computer.

    You can use other similar emulator programs, for example Gramblr, Nox. If one of these programs is installed on your PC, then you can not only view photos on Instagram, but also perform other actions. for example, delete images. Read more about how to install BlueStacks to work with Instagram from a computer, read here

    Delete photos posted on Instagram through a computer

    Perform actions to remove your photos from social. Networking Instagram using a computer is much easier than performing the same actions from your phone. You can open the profile that you registered on the computer by maintaining your username and password on the page PROFILE

    If an emulator is installed on your PC, you can delete the photo by simply clicking on the “cross” and confirming the deletion.

    There is another program with which you can delete photos. RuInsta. Download and install it on your computer, go to your Instagram profile, select a photo and click on the trash can icon. The photo will be deleted.

    The procedure for deleting photos through a computer

    1. On the opened page of your profile, open each of the pictures that you want to delete one by one. To make it convenient to perform these actions, you need to open each of them in a new tab of your browser. To do this, you must simultaneously hold down Ctrl and click on the selected photo. This way you will get unique addresses (URLs) for each photo.
    2. Copy the address of each shot into a blank document. You need to make sure that all the pictures prepared for deletion are open.
    3. Send this document with the saved addresses to one of your friends as soon as you have collected all the addresses of the photo for deletion. Your friend will have to open all the links from the document and put his “like” under each open image. These actions will display your images in RecentActivity. the section of active actions. If you have a registered second account on Instagram, do all of the above actions yourself. You can’t put likes on your own, so you need to use another account.
    4. The next step will be the opening of Instagram. Open your notifications, and if your friend click through all the photos whose addresses you sent him, they will appear in the listing.
    5. Now you can start deleting images. Start with the first on the list. Go down and select the options by pressing the “Options” button. In the pop-up menu, select “Delete” and repeat this action for each photo that you want to delete.

    Follow these steps for all the photos you want to delete.

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    As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the procedure for deleting images from Instagram using a computer, but you still have to work a little.

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