How To Delete Instagram Photo From Computer And Phone

How To Delete Instagram Photo From Computer And Phone

How to delete Instagram photo from phone

  • Before deleting a photo, you will need to touch it to open it;
  • Next, carefully look at the buttons that are under the photo;
  • Choose one of the items: Heart. in order to like, Circle. to send a comment and three points;
  • Choose three points from 3 points, clicking on it will open a menu with other points: Edit, Delete, Share and Cancel;
  • Select an item from the menu. delete and click on it.

Yes, it’s really easier than it seemed. The algorithm for deleting photos from a computer is partially similar to deleting from a phone; we described it below.

How to delete Instagram photo from computer

Easy to understand how to delete instagram photo from computer. Step-by-step instruction:

  • First you need to launch a web browser. Each has its own browser, and many have installed half a dozen different applications, among which there are favorites and those that are used in extremely rare cases. These are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others. If a person managed to create an account on Instagram and visited him repeatedly, it will not be difficult to fulfill this point;
  • Next, go to the main page of Instagram. On it, enter your social network profile using the username and password. Among the photos posted, select (highlight) to be deleted;
  • Under the picture in the line are different icons (for example, a heart, type a lot likes on Instagram can be here). Among them there is a button with a designation in the form of an ellipsis. When you click on it, an additional menu is called up, in which actions that are not taken out under the photo as separate buttons are entered. Among them is an option, how to delete a photo on Instagram;
  • You should click this button with three dots, and select the “Delete” option in the menu that appears. A window will appear asking you to confirm the deletion, which is what you need to do. Then the photo will disappear, finally, from the number posted on the Instagram account.

It turns out the question of how to delete a photo from Instagram through a computer. not so complicated. You can type live comments under photos on Instagram by going to this section site.

If you are not holding a computer (another device)

Suppose the question is how to delete instagram photo from computer. understandable. But is it possible to do this from other devices? Recently, less and less users access the Internet from desktop computers, and even portable laptops began to lose ground. But there was an explosive increase in the number of smartphones, tablets, and their regular users.

It is clear that you can delete photos on Instagram from your tablet. But with a tablet, the algorithm is similar to deleting photos from a phone; it’s almost as easy as deleting photos from Instagram via a computer. Difficulties can only be purely mechanical. clicking on the menu and typing from a small keyboard is somewhat more difficult than using all the amenities of a full-fledged computer. But the use of a smartphone and tablet has its own virtuosos, setting records for high-speed typing. Web browser on smartphones. most often Safari. You can work in it almost as productively as in the browsers of desktop computers and laptops. The procedure for deleting photos from Instagram is similar. If the question of deleting photos arose so sharply, then perhaps there were few likes, comments and subscribers under it. Remember that this is not a reason to delete photos, because likes, comments and live followers on Instagram You can dial in any quantity on our website.

Training will not hurt. Delete Insagram Photos in Practice

Theory in social networks means almost nothing. Only practical actions, preferably brought to automatism, make it possible to effectively use advanced Internet services. Therefore, understanding in general terms how to delete a photo on Instagram, you should immediately try it out in practice.

For training, it is better to use images that do not contain personal information, especially intimate. It is even better if they are not photographs, but simply graphic files with a single-color background on which nothing is depicted. If something goes wrong, and the compromising photo “hangs” in your account for all to see, the consequences can be very unpleasant.

If it is difficult to remember the sequence of actions when deleting photos or they do not intuitively come to mind, you can open two browser windows, in one work with the account, in the other. spy on a description of actions Then it will definitely work out. It is useful to try working with various gadgets in order to be able to get to Instagram without a desktop computer and do everything you need on a social network.

The social network Instagram has become very popular not least because it provides the opportunity to post your photos and process them with various tools. Filters and collages allow you to make real works of art out of ordinary photos. Uploading and deleting photos (as add a photo on Instagram ) familiar actions for most Instagram users.

For beginners who are just learning to use a social network, it’s useful to immediately learn the simple and most necessary actions. how to delete a photo on Instagram and for example how delete comment on Instagram . There are many reasons for this, and they come up surprisingly soon. A photo may seem unsuccessful or too intimate over time, or relatives and friends will be asked to delete it, especially if they are also shown there. The opinion and mood of users sometimes changes in a couple of days to the opposite. Strongly affect the decisions of the account holder comments left by visitors, not always conscientious. They are frankly offensive, they should also be cleaned in time. Therefore, knowing how to delete a comment is as important as knowing how to delete a photo on Instagram. Read also article on how to delete an account on Instagram.