How To Delete Instagram Comment On iPhone

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How to recover Instagram messages that have been deleted from your phone

None of the modern users of popular social networks is immune from a different plan of force majeure, from situations in which it becomes necessary to resolve the issue of how to restore messages in Instagram that have been deleted. If you follow the instructions and tips presented to your attention, there will be no problems with recovery.

How to recover deleted Instagram messages from your phone?

Quite often, users are faced with a situation when, due to a certain failure or inaccurate action, the correspondence with the user was completely deleted. If this happened, and the correspondence is urgently needed, you will need to choose one of the presented methods and conduct an effective and quick resuscitation of lost messages from the phone. Two main options are very popular:

  • Correspondence with users.
  • By contacting specialists.

If the user contacts the person from whom the messages were sent, he will be able to provide such assistance. This is the SIMplest and quickest option that allows you to quickly resolve the issues that have arisen.

How To Delete Instagram Comment On iPhone

Contacting specialists is no less convenient, but a safe option for getting lost correspondence. To carry out such an operation, you need to go to the Help section and in the window that opens to your attention on the iPhone, indicate the problem to the support employee. If possible, experts will certainly help and quickly return what was lost. As noted above, this is a reliable method, but will take relatively longer than getting help from the other person.


If it is necessary to return information data through the phone of this brand that have been deleted, you will need to use a special software understandable for users. Owners of modern iPhones have the opportunity to try restoring application settings. This is a chat from iCloud or iTunes on Instagram.

For this purpose, you will need to use the special FoneLab application. There are different softwares, but few provide the necessary guarantees for the full return of the required information, and some are paid.

The undoubted advantage of these applications is the ability to solve the problem on a larger scale without any special problems. Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram messages? Yes, you can restore an individual chat, but the entire correspondence. The main condition for carrying out such a process is the presence of special root rights. This will allow the software to save the category files, but the APK, but also the messages in the chats.

On Android

Many users need to return the messages that were sent and received via Direct. Such information is automatically saved on special servers of the social network, so it can be found on a PC, but also on a phone that runs on Android OS. To understand and then follow how to recover deleted messages in Instagram, you just need to click on the settings button located at the top and select the desired option in the menu presented.

You need to know that information with other users that was deleted by the command to undo the edit is not saved anywhere, respectively, it will not work to decide whether it can be returned. If the chat was deleted from one of the interlocutors, you can ask him to copy the correspondence and send it through the chat in the form of screenshots.

Summing up

You need to know that the social network and its well-thought-out functionality allows you to return lost or accidentally deleted information, but remove information on Android. If you do not want to receive messages from a specific user or group of subscribers, you can block it via direct and thus you will not have to waste time on unnecessary manipulations, deleting or completely returning a chat with certain users.


Apple device owners visit Instagram via the official client from the App Store. To edit comments on Instagram on iPhone, follow the instructions:

  • Run the insta application on the device.
  • Open the post where the comment you want to edit is listed, go to the list of comments.
  • Find yours among them.
  • Swipe left on it to bring up an additional menu.
  • A trash can icon will appear on the right, tap it to erase a comment.
  • Now write the correct comment and post it.

On Android

  • Open the post where you want to edit the comment.
  • Open all comments.
  • Find the right one among them.
  • Tap it with your finger to select.
  • Tap on the basket icon in the upper right corner.
  • The comment will be deleted, now write it again as it should be and publish it.

This cannot be done through a mobile browser, this version of Instagram does not support the function of deleting messages left under the post.

How to edit a comment on Instagram

The question of how to edit a comment on Instagram worries users. It happens that you wrote a comment with an error and you want to change it, but you don’t know how to do it. We have prepared short but detailed instructions on this topic, explaining how to do this.

On the computer

The browser version of Instagram for PC does not support editing or deleting comments, they can only be published. However, users with Windows 8 and higher operating system can install the insta client from the Microsoft Store and republish a comment through it:

  • Open Microsoft Store.
  • Enter Instagram in the search bar.
  • Install the found application and run it.
  • Log in.
  • Find the post with the comment to be edited.
  • Left-click a message and drag to the left to delete it.
  • Write your comment as needed and post it again.

Here’s how to edit a comment on Instagram on all popular devices. Unfortunately, the developers did not provide for the function of changing the comment, you need to delete it and publish it again.

Why Instagram comments are important

The service allows you to communicate with other people in a personal chat, post your photos and videos on the page, as well as engage in commercial activities and promote your account for good earnings. One of the important functions among the standard platform tools is the ability to leave comments under posts.

If your page is public, then anyone can view your content and comment or like it. This feature is very important, especially for users who run a business or have a personal blog. Consider the advantages and benefits of using this tool on a social network:

  • This is a kind of two-way communication with subscribers.
  • You should be aware that the quantity and quality of the answers left under the publications directly affects the page coverage. An entry that develops an active discussion is more likely to end up in a recommendation. The popularity of the account depends on this parameter, and, consequently, the profit of the account owner.
  • With their help, you can monitor the loyalty of visitors. Consider their reactions to certain posts, thereby hone their skills. If the topic of the content has caused serious criticism, then it is necessary to reconsider the strategy and go in a different direction.

Initially, when the Instagram service was just in its infancy, the personal chat service was not available, and users conducted conversations directly under the posted posts. Many have not given up this habit and at present.

Follow the comments so you don’t miss

If your page contains a huge number of publications, then the user’s response under one of them will be quite difficult to track on your own. To always keep abreast of the latest news and see relevant comments, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • All left replies and marks under the posts are displayed in the corresponding tab of the social network interface. In the main window of the platform, find the heart-shaped icon located on the bottom panel of the workspace. Here you will see the activity of subscribers, all their actions with a time stamp.
  • Don’t forget to activate automatic notifications from the social network.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Launch the mobile application and go through authorization in the system, specifying the password and login from the account;
  • Once in the main menu, go to the user’s personal page;
  • Find the settings section on the top panel, it is located on the top panel of the screen;
  • On the next page open the notifications tab;
  • Activate the sound indication of comments for everyone or for those who are subscribed to your profile;
  • Save changes.

How to delete your Instagram comment from your phone

If your answer under the post has lost its relevance or bored you, you can erase it at any time. Below we will consider the procedure for several types of mobile devices with different operating systems iOS and Android in detail.

Is it possible to remove other people’s comments under my post

If you decide to get rid of the answers of other users under your photo or video that embarrass you or do not like you, then the corresponding opportunity has been implemented on the Instagram social network. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • Go to Instagram using your account.
  • On the personal page, find the content and highlight the answer you don’t like to delete.
  • Click on the trash can icon after clicking. You can also direct it to the spam and blocked entries section.
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On Android

If you own an Android smartphone, then the principle of removing Instagram replies from your phone is as follows:

  • Launch the mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to the social network using your account.
  • Go to your personal page and find a photo with an unnecessary comment.
  • Click on the signature, after a few seconds an icon in the form of a trash can will appear on the top panel, click on it.
  • Confirm cancellation.

After that, your comment will be removed from the public access and it will not be possible to restore it, so think carefully before proceeding with active actions.

How to clean your Instagram of unwanted comments from iPhone


The procedure for deleting unnecessary entries on mobile devices with the iOS operating system is almost the same as the aLGorithm presented earlier. The difference may lie in the location of the main controls and in the design of the icons. To erase, follow the SIMple instructions:

  • Log in to the Instagram service.
  • A news feed will appear on the screen. Find the post on the social network, the entry for which you want to delete.
  • Select the comment you want and swipe left on it.
  • After that, the display will show an icon in the form of a trash can, click on it.
  • Agree to cancel the answer.

The principle of operation will be the same, it is enough to select the unnecessary line and cancel it. A SIMilar removal method is implemented on a personal computer.

Hide unwanted comments from your feed

If you want to prevent certain visitors or subscribers from posting a response or seeing your comments, you can hide this function from them. After that, unwanted persons will not be able to see what is happening under the photos and participate in discussions. To do this, follow the tips:

  • Start a social network and go through authorization in the system using your username and password.
  • Open your personal page in the main menu.
  • On the top bar, find the settings tab.
  • On the next page, go to the privacy section.
  • Here you can configure the security settings for the profile. Click on the comment item.
  • In the next window, block the function of comments from certain persons, and also set an automatic or manual filter for forbidden words and phrases.
  • To unblock access for subscribers, just repeat the steps and cross them off the blacklist.

From the article, we learned how to delete your comment on the iPhone on Instagram and what is required for this. The procedure is as SIMple as possible, but remember that you have the right to erase records only under your publications. You should not cancel critical responses of your subscribers without a reason, such measures will significantly reduce user loyalty.

How to clear your Instagram search history on your phone after updating

Search information is saved not only in the application, but also in the smartphone’s memory. It is recommended to regularly clean the cache to increase the performance of your phone and utilities. The following are ways to delete the cache on different platforms.

On Android

The shell for each Android smartphone manufacturer is different, but the aLGorithm is often universal and may differ slightly. To clear the cache, you need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Select “Memory”.
  • Click on the “Clear” button.
  • Click on “Cash”.

After the operation is completed, unnecessary files from the phone memory on Android will be deleted.

How to delete your Instagram search history

The standard functions of the application allow the user not to use additional services. You can also use the smartphone settings to clear the cache.

The process for deleting the cache is the same as in the browser. This requires:

  • Login to the app and log in.
  • In the bottom line, select the icon with the avatar.
  • Go to the additional menu by clicking on the icon with three stripes. “≡”.
  • Click on the “Settings” button.
  • Select “Security”.
  • Click on “Search History” and click on “Remove All”.
  • Confirm operation.

It should be noted that only the search history will be deleted. The published material in the “Recommended” section will remain the same. This is due to the aLGorithm of the service, which adapts to each user.

When using multiple profiles in the application, you need to do the operation in all accounts, if you need to get rid of the information of all pages.

How to Delete Instagram Search History: On Android and iPhone in 2020

“How do I clear my Instagram search history?” ─ a question asked by users. The social network Instagram contains a lot of information, as a result of which the search can become clogged with irrelevant material. Below are the ways to clear the cache on Andoid or iOS in a few clicks.


How to delete Instagram search history on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “General”.
  • Select the “Storage” subsection.
  • Click on the “Storage” tab.
  • Click on “Manage storage”.
  • Find Instagram.
  • Delete application.

After the end of the operation, the utility should be downloaded and reinstalled in the AppleStore service.

How to remove recent people search history from Instagram

You can delete not only the entire search history, but also some queries. This requires:

  • Login to the application and log in.
  • Go to the “Recommendations” section in the bottom menu (magnifying glass icon).
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Select one of the categories in which you want to delete queries (“Top”, “Accounts”, “Tags”, “Places”).
  • Find the required query and click on the cross “x” to the right of the name.

Each request in the search bar is saved, but you can delete it in one click.

How to delete a comment on Instagram: on iOS and Android

The developers have made the application interface intuitive for everyone. But users who have just installed the program or are not good at gadgets face some problems. In this article, you will learn how to delete a comment on Instagram. Your own or someone else’s.

Android manual

The instructions below are suitable for users of the official client of the service. Download it on the Play Store. The first in search results.

How to delete your comment on Instagram:

  • Run the application.
  • Open the post you commented on.
  • Under the photo, tap the gray line View all.
  • Click on your answer.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the trash can.

To delete a comment on Instagram on Android from another person:

  • Open the app.
  • Go to your profile. Tap the extreme icon at the bottom.
  • Select publication.
  • Tap the text below the photo View all.
  • Click on the answer.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the trash can.

You cannot erase another person’s answer under someone else’s publication. Just complain:

  • As in the previous instructions, click the desired line.
  • An exclamation mark icon will appear instead of the trash can. Click on it.
  • Choose a reason.

For you, the line with the text will disappear, but when you reload the page, it will appear. If he really violates the rules of the service, the user will be blocked.

If you are wondering how to delete all comments on Instagram and if this is possible, then, unfortunately, no. You will have to erase the post to remove all messages under it. Or deactivate the page so that all your answers disappear.

Iphone manual

Follow the steps of the instruction through the official application of the service. Download for free in the App Store.

Delete Instagram comment on iPhone:

  • Open the program.
  • Go to the post to which you wrote the answer.
  • Below it, tap the text View all.
  • Find your answer line.
  • Swipe it from right to left.

How to delete someone else’s comment on Instagram under your own

  • Select the answer to be erased.
  • Swipe it from right to left.

It is impossible to remove the answer of another person under someone else’s post. If it seems unacceptable to you, complain to the user:

  • Find the answer line to block.
  • Swipe it from right to left.
  • Click on the exclamation mark.

If the answer violated the terms of service, the user will be blocked.

Now you know how to erase your own or someone else’s answer under the photo. As is clear from the article, this is not difficult at all.

We will explain how to delete a publication from your phone in another instruction.

How to delete your comment?

Removing entries in your profile is allowed through your smartphone or computer. If these devices are temporarily unavailable, you can use special third-party Microsoft Store applications.

A SIMilar utility allows on a PC with Windows 8 to delete entries in posts of the insta. If this PC is available, you can do the following to delete the message:

There is also a button for leaving a complaint about a social network user. It is necessary in order to let the administration know that there is a user who leaves unpleasant texts or texts prohibited by the application rules under the photo. This is a good opportunity to make using the resource more comfortable for yourself.

How to delete an Instagram comment from a computer or phone

How to delete a comment on Instagram is a popular question among users of the photo network. This operation is required to delete your own statement or left by another person. The main condition is to leave the text under the photo or video of the account owner. There are many reasons for wanting to delete a comment, but there are many ways to cancel it. Having studied the information in the article, you can find the perfect solution for yourself.

How to delete a comment on Instagram?

If you need to remove a previously selected comment from a post, there will be no problems with this. It is allowed to perform an operation of this direction from any available gadget. It can be a smartphone running on any OS, a tablet or a stationary PC. There is a standard procedure for deleting a statement:

  • The record should be found and activated;
  • A small blue field will appear at the top of the application window;
  • In the right corner you can see the trash icon.
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After pressing the button, the previously selected texts will be erased. The operation is allowed to be carried out on your own page or in the account of another user that left a comment under the photo. If a person has dramatically changed his mind or realized that his statement is no longer relevant, he has the opportunity to instantly remove it.

How to delete someone else’s comment on your page?

There is a desire to delete statements of other users much more often than your own. It’s real to do it. The scheme of actions in such a situation directly depends on which device is on hand, from where the photo network is entered and what functions are available.

To remove the words of another person under your own post from the message feed, you don’t have to do anything special. Each owner of a photo has the right to carry out all possible operations with it. You will need to swipe comments aside and activate the basket option.

There is a way to delete a left opinion via. You need to make the following instruction:

  • The required message is selected;
  • The cursor or finger is hovered over it;
  • Activation of the menu;
  • Choice of a cross or a basket;
  • Click on delete function.

Doing this will automatically delete the message. If the user’s words are offensive in nature, you can report them. As soon as the system receives many such complaints about the presence of bad comments, it will erase the written itself and, if necessary, can completely block the author of the written.


On the gadgets of this OS, the photo network is also used through a special separate application, pre-downloaded through the App Store. To solve the question of how to delete someone else’s comment on Instagram, you will need to perform the following manipulations:

  • A publication opens with unwanted texts.
  • Comments are opened under the post.
  • The required text is found.
  • According to the message, you need to swipe from right to left until the icon depicting a basket opens.
  • After touching it, a response appears on the screen that the unwanted message has been deleted.

Following this scheme of actions, it is allowed to remove your own statements and the words of other visitors to the photo network. In the latter case, the programs will allow you to delete comments only under the post written by the owner of the social network.

On Android

Using an android OS smartphone, you need to delete texts as follows:

  • The selected publication with an unnecessary entry opens.
  • Finger pinches message.
  • The icon with the pictured basket is selected, which is in the upper right corner.

In your posts, you are allowed to put things in order among other people’s messages on your Android phone. In this case, the post where the comment was left opens, the notification is selected and the finger is held until the menu appears. The basket option is also activated.

The advantage of working with messages from other users is the ability to activate the item for deleting or appealing messages. This will allow the administration to pay attention to offensive or vuLGar text, began to show increased attention to violators.

On the phone

On smartphones at our disposal, it is allowed to eliminate comments of your own or other people. This is an ideal opportunity to remove unnecessary text if it is irrelevant or does not correspond to the theme established in the post.

The scheme of action for deleting a statement is general and understandable, but it differs slightly depending on which OS smartphone is on hand. Each option of how to delete a comment on Instagram from a computer, it is advisable to study in more detail.

From computer

It is allowed to remove what is written in Insta not only on the smartphone, but on the PC page. To achieve this goal and resolve the issue of how to delete your comment on Instagram from a computer, you need to perform SIMple operations:

If you need to not just remove the entry, but punish the commentator for offensive behavior, you should contact the moderators or Support. Quite a lot of complaints are received on such users per day, respectively, after a while they are necessarily blocked and denied access to their account.

Summing up

Today Instagram is the most famous social network. It is ideal for sharing videos, photos and other types of content. On the pages of the photo network, it is allowed to communicate with each other through personal messages. Instagram is constantly evolving. Less time wasted from users. Account message filters are updated, and many of them are deleted immediately after posting as spam.

How to delete someone else’s comment in I nstagram

Someone else’s comment from your account page is deleted depending on which device you logged into Instagram from. If the entry was made from a personal computer, the deletion principle is standard. How can you delete a comment under a photo on Instagram? You need to log in to your page, then find the photo under which you need to remove the comment from public access:

  • After the listed actions, we find the comment, next to which there is a cross for deletion;
  • Click on this icon and erase the comment you do not need, which was left by another user.

Others’ comments on other pages discrediting your honor and dignity, unfortunately, cannot be deleted, you can only complain about the comment to the administration of the social network.

Video for deleting a comment on Instagram

In this video you will receive additional instructions for working with comments on instagram.

How to delete a comment in I nstagram on Android

To delete someone else’s or your own comments through a device with the android system installed on it, you must perform the following procedure:

  • Go to your page from a mobile device with Android OS by entering your credentials.
  • Find an uploaded photo with a comment for later erasing.
  • Open all comments under the photo.
  • Hold your finger on the touchscreen in front of the comment to be deleted until appears under the menu with a choice of actions.
  • In the submenu that appears, select the item “delete comment”.
  • You can also select the item “delete and complain” in order to apply the measures provided by the Instagram network to the user who has left an impartial comment. You can complain by selecting one of several items in the submenu: fraud, spam. Prohibited materials.
  • After that, click on the “delete” button, thereby confirming all the actions performed.
  • Also this seizure operation. Comments can be made under your uploaded videos and other posts.

Of course, there is a drawback, when you delete on instagram from applications with android and iPhone systems, you can delete only one comment at a time. There is no such function that can combine all spam comments and delete them in one click. At the moment, Instagram only has the function of hiding inappropriate comments, which can be activated in the settings of your personal account.

How to delete a comment on Instagram

Commenting on Instagram can be both negative and positive. Instagram users resort to such functions as completely hiding comments, which leads to the fact that the account becomes completely uninteresting for users.

Every user who uses this network and has a large number of subscribers is faced with a negative attitude towards his photos, videos and stories in the comments. In order not to pollute your account with humiliating or insulting comments, there is a function for deleting comments on Instagram.

How to delete a comment in I nstagram on iPhone

With an open profile on Instagram. Spammers seep in comments. Bots and fraudsters leave spam links and other contaminating information under posts and photos. To combat such comments on Instagram, there is a function to delete comments.

Comments are deleted manually, there is no automatic spam detection feature on Instagram. To start deleting such comments on iPhone, you need to go through the following steps:

  • You need to log into Instagram from your iPhone using your account.
  • After entering your page, find a photo or post that contains comment spam.
  • Click on the “open all comments” icon and find the comment you need to delete.
  • On the iPhone touchscreen, hold down an unnecessary comment with your finger and scroll to the left side of the screen until the trash can icon appears, highlighted in pink on the right side of the screen.
  • On the right side of the screen, opposite the comment, two buttons will be highlighted: “reply to the comment” and “delete”.
  • You must click on the pink button in the form of a basket.
  • After clicking, select one of the two actions “Delete and complain” or SIMply “delete”.
  • In the first action, indicate the reason for the complaint and click delete, in the second action, SIMply delete the comment

The function of erasing (deleting) comments is necessary not only for Instagram users. But also to users of other social. Networks, since Internet trolls spam adequate comments not only with rude statements, but also with various links, after clicking on which you can catch a virus on your mobile device.

How to delete a comment on Instagram

Deleting comments on Instagram can be done through a computer, phone or tablet with the Android or ios operating system installed. To delete comments, you must activate the floor with your account by entering your username and password. After logging into your Instagram account, select an unwanted comment that requires deletion.

After selecting a comment, the “trash can” icon will appear on which you must click, after clicking the comment will be erased. You can delete a comment on Instagram under any photo and video content both from your page and from the page where you yourself left a comment.

Instagram users can also delete self-written comments on another user’s page or on their own page. Since you can write different comments on emotions, and then, on reflection, want to delete it:

  • To do this, you need to click on your comment;
  • Then a blue field will appear in the upper window of the program;
  • In the right corner of the field, you must click on the trash icon and your rash comment will be deleted quickly and without a trace.

Remove instagram comments from computer

The method of deleting comments from a computer is an easy way for not very advanced users, since it is standard and does not require complex actions; deletion is done with the mouse. In order to proceed to deletion, you must perform the following procedure:

  • You need to go to the official instagram page and log into your profile with your credentials.
  • On your page, select the required photo, publication, post or video. Content to remove comments.
  • To get into your published data in the right corner of the screen, click on your profile, and go to the profile editing tab.
  • Hover over the comment required to be deleted, a cross will appear next to it, which must be clicked, after which the “delete” button will be highlighted.
  • After clicking on “delete”, the comment will be erased.
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On Instagram, the number of accounts and subscribers has long exceeded half a million, so it became much more difficult to keep track of “bad” comments, and for this, the function of automatic removal of spam comments was introduced.

You can also configure a filter that will search for and hide comments that contain obscene words or words that you specify in the filter.

All of the above methods help to deal with insults and humiliation that users can leave behind your photos. You need to know that comments for deletion will have to be viewed manually and then deleted, depending on the device on which you use Instagram.

Comment settings

In order not to constantly learn how to delete a comment on Instagram from an unpleasant or intrusive person, you can use special filters. The developers have added settings and filters to the Instagram social network. Thanks to them, you can create only friendly, positive communication between users without messing up the author’s personal profile. Filters allow you to automatically hide messages that contain potentially offensive text. That is, the user will then have to independently monitor all comments and messages, delete them. The system will get rid of them automatically. How to enable such filters:

  • You need to go through the application to your personal Instagram profile;
  • Then go to the settings section;
  • Select the item “confidentiality”;
  • In the section “interactions” click on the inscription “comments”;
  • In the settings, you can restrict access to some people by blocking their comments. That is, they can leave them. But no one will see the text, except themselves;
  • Another section is filters. Next to the inscription “Hide offensive comments”, you need to move the slider to the right so that it is activated and turns blue.

Additionally, you can customize a manual filter, adapt it to specific words.

How to delete a comment on Instagram: is it possible to remove a comment on Instagram to your-someone else’s photo, from a phone, on Android and iPhone, from a computer

Sometimes it’s helpful to know in advance how to delete a comment on Instagram. It happens that people leave bad or inappropriate comments without thinking. Or after writing something, they decide that it would be better not to comment on the post at all. Therefore, getting rid of your comments, both in your personal and in someone else’s profile, in almost all cases can be real.

Initially, the social network Instagram was created for the exchange of photo content. People could only express their reaction in the form of likes. Hearts under posts. Now the format of the Instagram service has changed significantly, including the opportunity to comment on user posts, stories. The more comments appear under posts, the more successful the author’s profile becomes. But not all comments are considered tactful, appropriate, generally necessary.

How to get rid of other people’s comments not on your profile

Often people are interested in how to delete a comment on Instagram from another person not on their page. This function is not provided on the social network. No matter how a person tries, he will not be able to delete someone else’s message. But there is another way out of the situation. All a user can do is leave a complaint about another person’s text. If he employs, attracts other people, and they also leave complaints about a particular comment en masse, then the administration will most likely delete it on its own. There is a high probability of deletion in the event that the text is spam, contains an insult, the actions of scammers.

Delete on iPhone

If a person wants to know how to delete a comment on Instagram on an iPhone, he will not be able to use the instructions for Android in this case. Here the delete icon is hidden a little further. And a person unfamiliar with the functionality of iOS cannot easily, quickly and independently find it.

Before deleting a comment on Instagram on iPhone under your photo, you need to open the service and go to your personal profile. Then follow the instructions:

  • Find the desired post in your own feed and open it;
  • Go to the comments below it;
  • Then find the one that the author does not like, needs to be removed;
  • There will be no identification marks, badges with a cross and the like near him. You need to gently slide your finger over the comment to the left. This action will open multiple icons;
  • You need to select the image of the urn on a red background and click on the icon.

If a person makes a mistake or changes his mind after clicking on the urn icon, he can still recover the deleted text. Immediately after completing the action, a window will appear prompting you to cancel the deletion. You can take advantage of this opportunity. If the author misses it, he will no longer be able to restore the comment. The owner of the iPhone will be able to use the same instructions to delete personal comments under other people’s publications.

How to remove comments from other people’s pages

If a person wants to understand how to delete his comment on Instagram to someone else’s photo, he can quickly figure it out. But this is only if the author did not decide to hide them after a while. The delete function is available both on the user’s personal Instagram page and on someone else’s. However, if a person who wants to delete his comment from someone else’s page is not among the subscribers, and the profile is closed, he will not be able to realize his idea. He will have to wait for the author to open his profile. Or you just have to put up with having your own commentary. If nothing bothers him, comments and a profile are open, he needs to act in the same way:

  • Find the profile of the right person;
  • Find the required publication in his feed;
  • Find your statement in the list of commentators;
  • Pinch the text with your finger to see the delete function on android. Or swipe left on a comment to see the trash can icon and delete on iPhone.

Android smartphones

If a person uses an Android smartphone or tablet, he can delete a comment on Instagram using the following instruction:

  • Open the Instagram application on your gadget.
  • Find a specific post in the service under which he spoke unsuccessfully.
  • Pinch the text that the author does not like with your finger.
  • From the icon options that appear, select the trash can to be removed.

Thus, the user can destroy any mentions that he does not like on his page from other people, his own comments on his and someone else’s page. When performing such actions, instead of deleting from the list, you can choose the “Complain” option. It helps draw the attention of the administration to provocative, offensive texts that contradict the rules of the Instagram service.

How to delete your own and other people’s comments via a smartphone. Delete comments via PC

It will be useful for all users to learn how to delete a comment on the insta via a computer. Of course, most users access the social network through their gadgets, mobile phones, tablets. But sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that only a laptop or computer is at hand. And the action needs to be done urgently. Therefore, this instruction is useful:

  • First you need to open any browser on your computer and go to This is a version of the service that has almost the same functionality as a smartphone app. The option to delete comments via a computer is also available here;
  • In any convenient way you need to find the publication that you unsuccessfully commented on. This could be your post or another person’s photo;
  • Open a post, find next to it in the column on the right your message or the text of another person, if this is your page;
  • Move the mouse cursor over the text. An icon of three dots will appear to the right of the comment, which should be clicked;
  • A list appears with options such as “complain”, “delete” and “cancel”. You need to select delete and this text will disappear.

If you too often receive unpleasant comments from a particular person, you can complain about him to technical support. Moderators will consider your appeal. If complaints are frequent, this person’s account will be blocked.

How to delete comments in Stories

Storis is a relatively new, very convenient and actively used tool by many bloggers, commercial pages and ordinary users. It has a variety of options, including commenting. But it’s slightly modified. The user can comment on your story, give his reaction to the line below it, which is called “Send message”. This comment will only be available to you and the person to whom you sent it. Sometimes users accidentally send or write something without thinking, and then urgently try to find out how to delete a comment on Instagram in Stories. For this you need:

  • Go to Direct;
  • The reaction to stories will be displayed in the list of dialogs with this user;
  • Open it, hold down the message you sent while viewing the story with your finger;
  • Select “Cancel sending” from the list that appears.

But you cannot be sure for sure that the author did not have time to see the notification or read this message.

Sometimes a person, before deleting a comment on Instagram, wants to see all the messages he has left before to someone else’s or his publications. However, there is no such possibility in the service. They are not stored in the archive, including previously deleted comments.

If a user wants to know how to delete a comment from another user on Instagram, then this will be possible only in his personal profile. Over, he can perform this action from a smartphone, tablet, and from a computer or laptop. Otherwise, he can either send a complaint, or write to Direct to the owner of the profile, or contact the author who commented on the post directly with a request to erase his text.