How to delete facebook forever from the iPhone phone

How to delete a page from the phone

Account can be quite useful. With the help of this social network, you can maintain contacts with relatives, read notes of thematic communities and quickly resolve production issues. Page to often used to post news. At the same time, it is especially important to publish certain news before all on the Internet. But in some cases, the user has a desire to deactivate or even delete his account. Consider how to do it correctly, and what mistakes can be.

You can delete your account in different ways. The program can be temporarily suspended or completely removed. In the first case, all data remain on the servers of the company, and the account is automatically activated immediately after the user enters it. This option is optimal if the page needs to be blocked only temporarily and there is a desire to limit access to information in the profile.

The second option, that is, the complete deletion of the account provides for the irretrievable deletion of all the exhibited photographs, reports of the user and posts.

Deactivation of the account

To temporarily disconnect your account, you first need to go to the application. Here we move to the settings menu (this is a black arrow in the upper right corner), in the left column we select the Safety tab, there we click on the line deactivate the account (this line is at the very bottom of the list of options). After that, the system gives a warning of this nature:

The deactivation of your account will lead to the blocking of your profile and the removal of your name and a photo from most materials that you divided into some information can still be visible to other people, for example, your name in the lists of friends and messages that you sent.

We read carefully and delve into the meaning of what is written. If the intentions have not changed, then you need to click on the link “deactivate the account”, this link is posted immediately under the text of the warning.

But the system will just not lag behind the user. The question once again appears on the screen whether you are sure that you want to deactivate your account. After that, a list of friends will come up, who may be bored for you. A list of reasons why the user wants to say goodbye to the social network is given. Here you need to choose something suitable and refuse to receive a newsbox from by e-mail. In the last window that appears, they click on the item disconnect now.

If you are the only admin of your account, then it is deactivated immediately. Otherwise, the administrator’s rights can be transferred to someone else, choosing a suitable candidate in the administrator settings.

With this method of deactivation, the page is very easy to restore in the future. To do this, just go to it.

Preservation of the archive and subsequent removal of the account

If it is decided to remove your account irrevocably, then the algorithm of actions will be slightly different.

First you should understand which data is stored on a page. Just in case, you should save certain data that may be needed over time.

  • We go into settings, this is a black arrow in the right corner from above.
  • Choose a section of the General Account settings and here we click on the link “Download your copy of your information to” at the very bottom of the village.
  • Here they press the green button to start creating an archive.
  • Before this, the system will ask for a password again, here you need to enter it and press the button again.
  • Next, you have to wait a few minutes, while the system combines all the necessary information. After the copy is completed in the “Download copy” section, the green button “Download Archive” will appear. Click and after that load.

Then the system will transfer you to the special page “Delete my account”. Here you may need to enter your username and password, and then press the active button.

Full removal of the account will occur only after 14 days. All this time the page will simply be deactivated and inaccessible to viewing other users. Within two weeks, if desired, you can quickly restore your profile.

How to delete a business page on

The method of removing a business page on PC or mobile devices is completely identical. There are minor differences in the intese, otherwise. The actions are the same. For example, how can you do it on the phone.

Enter your profile, click on the button with the image of three horizontal strips on the right at the top of the screen. Section of settings will appear. Choose “pages” and click on it.

All functionality is presented under the banner. This applies to both PC and the phone.

Click on the item “Still”. You need to find “settings” and enter this section.

How To Delete Your Account (2022)

After that, choose the removal. The actions are completed.

Removing the group

Sometimes for business, is created not a page, but a group. It can also be removed by performing the following actions:

  • Enter the community participants and delete them.
  • Now you need to go to “Settings”.
  • Find the removal section and confirm the action. The group will be removed in a few days.

It is important to consider here that if you are an administrator, but not the creator of the community, it will not work to delete the group. This feature is available only for the user-creator.

How to temporarily deactivate profile

The temporary removal of the account has advantages that allow the owner to return to the social network and restore data at any time. Other features of temporary deactivation:

How to delete account on iphone

  • Visitors will not be able to go into profile and add to friends;
  • Inaccessible to viewing the owner’s record, photographs;
  • Entrance to the Related Service: Instagram, Spotify is available,

To restore the page, it is enough for the user to enter his account again and confirm new confidentiality settings.

The tab will be updated and an authorization page will appear. The owner of the profile will be able to visit an account for recovery within 90 days. After. The account will be deleted.

How to delete accounts on the network

  • Visit https: // wwwcom/head/delete_account
  • If necessary, enter the system with your accounting data
  • Click delete my account
  • Follow the instructions to forever delete your account

Here are a few more important details about what entails the deletion of your account:

When you delete your account, people will not be able to see it from the start of the deletion process can pass for up to 90 days to delete all the data you published, for example your photos, status updates or other data stored in backup systems. While we delete this information, it is not available to other users

How to remove from a phone through a mobile application?

, Unlike most other social networks, leaves the user the opportunity to remove the account through a mobile application. How to do it?

Go to “Settings”.

In the settings, open the section “Settings and Privacy” and select “Settings”

The next page Proskrilta to the “Your Information on” block and click on the “Account Management” item.

Next, follow the section “Deactivation and deletion”.

Make a choice between deactivation and the complete removal of the account. Since in this section we are talking about the removal, let’s go along this path. Having selected, click “Continue with account removal”.

Before finally saying goodbye to. It is recommended to download a backup copy of information from the profile to the phone’s memory. The social network provides such an opportunity (1). You can also check in which applications you were recorded using an account on Access to these applications will be lost.

After you check and download everything, click on the “Delete Account” button and say goodbye to the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg forever.

Deactivation of page in with phone

So, let’s look at how to deactivate your page on a smartphone.

  • Launch your mobile application “”;
  • Activate its menu by pressing the corresponding button (menu with three horizontal lines);
  • In the option “Settings and Privacy” menu, select “Settings”;
  • It will open the submenu “Your Information on “. Here, select the option “Account Management”;
  • In the “Account Management” page, click on “deactivation and deletion”;

After that, your account will be deleted. Information from it will be washed gradually, the full procedure can take up to ninety days. At the same time, at the request of the developer, you can restore your account within thirty days after its removal. Therefore, if you suddenly changed your mind, then the sooner you try to enter it again. The better.

How to delete page on

A person can get rid of the page in. Using any device available for this. This includes smartphones, tablets and computers. In addition, deletion is carried out both through the account settings and through contacting the Help Center. There is also a special software that allows you to perform the operation.

Delete a page from a phone or tablet

The vast majority of owners of smartphones and tablet computers use through a mobile application. It is available both on Google Play and the AppStore. Regardless of the operating system, removal is carried out according to the similar principle:

In the process of performing the operation, it will be necessary to indicate the reason why the user no longer wants to visit this information is needed only by the site itself in order to create favorable conditions for visitors to the social network.

Delete profile with PC

Features of the page deletion on the computer are that people use a browser to access the social network, not the application. The FB browser version is noticeably different from that which is relevant for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the instruction is slightly different:

The account will be completely wiped over the next two weeks. Before the expiration of the user, the user will have the opportunity to restore the account, including photos and a list of friends.

How to retire from through the reference center

Another way of removal implies contacting the Help Center. But this does not mean that a person will have to call somewhere or write to the email address of the support service. The entire operation is performed through the integration at the same time such an option is available only to PC owners. On mobile devices, it will be possible to remove the account in this way only if the full.Screen version of the site is opened.

Thus, the actual appeal to the reference center is not required. Simply these actions are performed through the special section of the integral page of the social network.

The use of special software

Those who want to limit access to the social network, but do not want to completely delete the account, is recommended to use special. For both a smartphone and a computer, many parental control programs have been developed. Among the most popular, the following can be distinguished:

In fact, the child’s page will not be blocked, but he will not be able to open it to communicate with other users. To perform the operation, open a loaded software and set a restriction. It can be both the COM website and the official mobile application.

How to delete the application

After removing the page, the application will no longer come in handy, which means that it can be removed.

Click on any icon that is located on the “home” screen and hold it until all the icons start shaking. Click on the cross in the upper left corner of the icon, and then select “Delete” in the dialog box. At the end, click the HOME button or click on the “Ready” item if your iPhone or iPad model is deprived of the TOUCH ID scanner.