How to Delete Deleted Photos from Phone

How to Delete Deleted Photos from Phone

The Android phone Samsung Galaxy, Duos, Lenovo, LG, Nokia Lumiya, Asus and others often show a paradox.

Some owners cannot recover deleted photos, others delete deleted ones. An interesting situation.

Completely and permanently delete the photo and all personal data everyone wants, for example, before selling an Android smartphone.

The trick is that if you even do a full reset of the phone, this will not be enough, since all files can be restored. How to get rid of them forever without the possibility of recovery?

By the way, there was a way to delete photos (and not only pictures) faster and more efficiently. Here is the description.

Why recover deleted photos on android

There are several reasons why deleted photos are restored on an android phone, and not everyone knows that deleting from the gallery, and even restoring the phone to the factory settings, in fact, does not permanently delete your data.

All files deleted in this way, you can very easily recover using a file recovery program.

Over, the android has synchronization, for example, in the Google photo application, where everything can be restored automatically.

The same goes for the onedrive cloud, backup auto, hangouts, picasa, hotmail or auto-backup, but you can still permanently delete it.

The standard way to delete photos from an android phone

Wherever your photos are, on the memory card, in the internal memory, they are displayed in the gallery.

You can delete from the photo from the gallery with android tools. To do this, open the gallery and click on the top right option.

Then click on the “Change” option.

Now, as soon as you put the birds in front of the files you want to delete, the “Delete” option will immediately become active

Click on it. A confirmation message appears. Confirm and all cases.

How to permanently permanently delete deleted photos from an Android phone without the ability to recover android

Permanent file deletion is not the best option, you are better off using special applications that make a special process of overwriting free space and thus, recovery will be completely and permanently prevented, except for synchronization.

In order to completely delete the photo, you must perform a standard deletion or restore the smartphone to the factory. This is always a good basis for deleting all personal data.

Then you can use the iShreddera 5 Standard application, otherwise your data can be easily restored.

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In fact, deleted photos are not deleted, but information about them is only erased, and they themselves are still in the internal memory and on the card.

IShreddera does not delete the current data, but overwrites the memory using special algorithms that will prevent the subsequent restoration of private information.

Using IShreddera is very simple. Just launch the application and click on the “Next” button. Then select the section and which algorithm to use.

The more repetitions, the higher the efficiency, but also more time takes rewriting. All available algorithms are popular and used by government organizations and the military to get rid of data. Ideally, select 3x repetition and start dubbing.

There is another program called Secure Wipe, which also performs similar operations on the phone.

This allows you to overwrite the free space on the memory card and internal memory of the smartphone. If you want to apply emergency photo deletion, you can use both applications.

Attention! The process carried out by iShreddera and Secure Wipe can take several hours, depending on how much memory you have on your phone. Therefore, it is recommended to connect it to the charger for this time.

How to delete photos from Picasa gallery in android

The Android phone is able to synchronize your photos with the gallery through picas or Google Photos. These albums can be deleted, but next time, during synchronization will be added again.

Fortunately, there is a way to completely delete Picasa or Google Photos albums from your smartphone. This requires minor changes to the synchronization settings.

To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet and select Accounts. Google

Select your Gmail address. If your phone has more than one Gmail account, you must repeat this process for each email.

After selecting an email, you will see the sync options for your account. Uncheck the box for syncing Picasa albums.

Go back to settings and select Settings Applications Gallery or pictures. Click delete data. This process may take some time.

Useful tips for removing photos from android phones

After deleting the photos, they literally in an hour can appear again as if nothing had happened.

This happens through synchronization with Google services or through the clouds, for example, in phones from Microsoft.

To check this, simply turn off the Internet. If you appear on your own, your data will cease, then it is certainly a matter of synchronization with cloud storage.

If the problem occurs on the memory card, then just try replacing it or formatting it on a computer.

That’s all. In the near future I’ll write how to delete a photo from a Facebook contact, in contact, through a computer, from instagram, in mamba, from vibera, from vatsap, from aiklaud, from bad, from avito photo, everything, in asuka, from vatsap, duplicates and all right away. Successes.

Learn how to delete unwanted photos ands, and how to recover photos if you accidentally deleted them.

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Free up device space

Before you delete anything, be sure to back up the photos ands that are still needed. When you use the iCloud Photos function and delete e photos ors on one device, these photos ands are also deleted on all other devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID. Learn how to delete photos ands in iCloud Photos on

To find out how much free space is left on the device, go to the Settings section “Basic” “Storage [devices]”. Learn more about managing photo storage on your device.

Keep only the right

Click the trash can to delete photos ands from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After deletion, the photos fall into the Recently Deleted album. Photos will remain there for 30 days in case you need to restore them, after which they will be permanently deleted.

Photos added to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a computer cannot be deleted from the device directly in the Photos application. Learn how to delete photos from iTunes.

Delete photo

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Click “All Photos” and select the photo or that you want to delete.
  3. Click “Cart” Delete photo.

Delete multiple photos

  1. Open the Photos app and click on All Photos, and then click Select.
  2. Click or swipe a few photos to select multiple photos.
  3. Click the trash can to delete multiple photos.

Photo Recovery

A photo that you accidentally deleted can be recovered from the Recently Deleted album within 30 days. When restoring photos ands are placed in the album “All Photos”.

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab.
  2. Open the Recently Deleted album and click Select.
  3. Click each photo or you want to leave.
  4. Click “Restore” and confirm your desire to restore the photos.

If any photo or is missing, try searching for it.

Permanent photo deletion

If you want to permanently delete photos ors within 30 days after deletion, delete them from the Recently Deleted album. It is not possible to recover a photo deleted from this album.

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab.
  2. Open the Recently Deleted album and click Select.
  3. Click each photo or that you want to permanently delete.
  4. Click “Delete” and confirm the deletion of the photos.

Delete all data and reset

Before selling or giving away the device, reset it and delete all your photos ands. Erasing content and settings on the device deletes songs,s, contacts, photos, calendar information and everything else. However, all this data is stored in iCloud. All device settings are restored to their original factory values. What you need to do before selling, transferring or exchanging an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for an extra charge.

To recover photos deleted from your phone, use one of the specialized applications available in the “Play Store”. Some of them work only with root access on the phone, others do not require activation of superuser rights. DiskDigger photo recovery software supports mixed mode of operation. When launched without root, a simple search for deleted photos is performed, and with additional rights, a full scan of the file system is performed.

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Among the advantages of the DiskDigger program, it can also be noted that it is free. Go to the application page in the “Play Store” and click the “Install” button.

When the download and installation are completed, click “Open” to launch the utility.

Search for deleted photos

Choose your search type. Simple or complete. In the absence of root, only the first option is available. It is not recommended to get root access after deleting files. Such actions significantly reduce the chance of a successful recovery. This is due to the fact that during the activation of the superuser information will be recorded on the internal memory of the phone. It can overwrite files that were deleted but were physically left in memory.

In the next step, the application will request access to the device’s internal memory. For correct operation, provide it by clicking the “Allow” link. No additional access required.

A fairly lengthy analysis process will begin. The utility will check both the internal memory and the SD card, if present in the smartphone. The duration of the search depends on the amount of memory and the speed of the phone. The number of image files found will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Recover Deleted Photos

If the photos you want to save are already found, stop the search. You can do this by clicking the “Pause” button in the upper right corner of the application. Mark the necessary photos and click “Recovery”. For single files, you can use the “Restore this file” item in the photo context menu.

Select the application through which you want to export the recovered files. This is required so that data is not stored in the smartphone’s memory. The ability to resume information directly depends on the number of write operations performed after deletion. The fewer there are, the higher the chance of returning data.

To save a photo to Dropbox, open the folder where you want to save it. Click the Add button in the lower left corner. After that, you can open your account and view the saved photo on any device, not just on the phone. When writing to the “Public” directory, access to the data can be obtained via the link, without authorization.

After saving the photos, the program will offer to upgrade to the paid version. It supports working with files of any type (not only images) and has the ability to download via FTP.