How to Delete Cache on iPhone 6

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

I’ll try to tell you about the cache in an accessible language. What it is eaten with and how to clean it in iOS. This will free up hundreds of megabytes (or even several gigabytes) of memory space. I’ll tell you how to clear the cache in Safari, the general system cache, and application data.

What is cache? Let’s take a look at the definition:

That is, the system (or applications in the system) saves some of the data to disk in order to get faster access to them in the future. Even our site uses a cache system. over, the cache is used twice.

Everything works like this:

  • The first user opens the article. The page is formed and added to a special file on the server. Then all other users no longer load the database and, when accessing the same article, receive the generated file.
  • Also, some of the files (which are constantly loaded: for example, a CSS file with styles) from our site are saved on your computer, iPad, iPhone. It is your browser that stores this data in order to load it faster in the future. Such caching allows, firstly, to open the site faster, and secondly, to save traffic.

Most sites on the Internet work on the same principles. How many do you visit them? How many of them do you return to? But the data is still stored on your disk (maybe half a year, maybe a year, maybe indefinitely).

This is why Safari’s cache gets clogged in the iPhone and iPad in the first place. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time and the browser slows down:

How to clear cache on iPad in Safari?

  • Go to Preferences-Safari.
  • Find the item “Clear history and site data”. Click on this button.
  • In the new window, read the message and click “Clear”

How to clear cache with Battery Doctor

I am skeptical about many of these utilities. But what cannot be taken away from Battery Doctor is that it cleans memory quite noticeably.

Before cleaning, there was 6.8 gigabytes of free space, and after 8.3. Miracles?

The app is absolutely free. Monetized by advertising that looms at the bottom of the screen.

We go into the program. Go to the Junk section. We see the amount of free space on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Click the Clean Up Cache button.

The program warns that the program deletes some temporary files, which may include game progress and some cached data. In fact, you should not be afraid of deleting the progress of games. all normal toys have progress stored inside the application folder and Battery Doctor will not affect it.

After a while, the program shows you the final result. As a rule, the bill goes to hundreds of megabytes, and even to gigabytes.

I do not recommend overusing the program. It is just one way to free up memory and optimize system performance. The greatest effect is visible when you have not used the program for a long time or never.

But Battery Doctor can be said to be a radical remedy. It should be used if you like one-click solutions and your system slows down. But that’s not all.

How to clear program data

Even Battery Doctor does not touch, and cannot touch program data.

Settings-General-Storage and iCloud. Click Manage in the Storage section. Now we manually view how much the data of various applications takes.

You don’t have to go far. Instagram and mine use almost 500 megabytes. Previously, flash drives 256 megabytes were considered happiness, but here. What for is this cached data to me now?

What can be done? Remove the program and reinstall. Documents and data will accumulate again over time, but it will be later, and we cleared the application cache here and now.

Have a nice day everyone and a lot of memory in your iPhone and iPad!

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

I always clear the cache and stuff, resetting and restoring from a backup. 20 minutes and the iPad is clean πŸ™‚

This is the most radical way, and not suitable for everyone)

There is another way:
go to iTunes and rent a movie in HD. which takes up more space than you have left. For example Godfather 2 (6-7 Gb). The money will not be withdrawn then, but you will be offered to be transferred to the settings to free up memory. This can be repeated several times, and eventually clean up to several gigabytes.
ONLY! You need to make sure that memory is always NOT enough

I mean, you don’t delete anything yourself, everything happens by itself

Other Ways to Clear Cache on iPhone

You can use third-party programs to remove unnecessary cookies on your phone. Users highlight applications such as:

  • PhoneCleaner
  • Clean master
  • Battery Doctor

[appbox appstore id1343754771] [appbox appstore id1452301483] [appbox appstore id1205387016]

The principle of operation of all programs is the same. They are designed to clear garbage from the phone. True, none of them can replace any of the above methods.

Another method to get rid of unnecessary iPhone overload is to clear the RAM. This is done very simply. First you need to press the Home button, and then drag all applications open in the background up.

Also, don’t forget that your phone has an album called Recently Deleted, which keeps deleted files but still takes up space on your iPhone.

In addition, it is useful to look at Settings. Data and Disk. Disk Usage. There is a function that is responsible for storing messages on the phone. You can change the storage period for such information so as not to overload the iPhone with unnecessary information that you no longer need.

How to clear cache on iPhone

Any technique requires careful use, including iPhones. They are distinguished by their reliability and stable performance. Despite this, from time to time the iPhone may crash, there are glitches, freezes and so on. The reason for this is the clogged phone memory. Temporary files and various data clog up the iPhone’s memory every minute. Therefore, it is periodically necessary to clear the cache on the device.

What are the risks of ignoring cache clearing?

  • iΠ hone will constantly reboot from lack of memory
  • Insufficient space to store important data
  • Music and videos won’t play
  • Glitches and freezes occur.

Of course, the consequences have now been listed, provided the situation is allowed to the extreme. Therefore, it is important to know how to clear other (cache) on the iPhone in order to regularly perform the procedure.

Clear cache without losing data

This is the most time consuming but most effective way to get rid of unnecessary information and files on your phone. To clean without losing this data, you need a computer, USB cable and iPhone:

  • Connect iPhone to computer
  • Launch iTunes and click on the iPhone icon
  • Be sure to check the box. Encrypt iPhone backup
  • Choosing. Create a copy now
  • On the iPhone, disable the function. Find iPhone (Settings. Apple ID. iCloud. Find iPhone. disable)
  • Return to iTunes and click on the item. Restore from a copy
  • Enter your Apple ID password after turning on the device
  • We are waiting for the installation of all applications.

The advantage of this method is far superior to all other options. Clearing the cache via iTunes:

  • Cleans entire cache without data loss
  • All passwords are saved
  • Contacts in messengers are saved.

What is cache?

Before providing basic information on how to delete cache on iPhone, you need to understand the concept itself. The phone system puts some files in a special quick buffer. This is done in order to reduce resource costs and increase the speed of the device.

This happens with the download of any files in applications or browser pages. The traffic is significantly saved, and the device works faster. But the memory of the remote source is gradually clogged, which we used to call. the cache. The definition of “cache” does not fully explain the essence of its work, until we look at it with an example.

For example, we installed Telegram or Instagram. Each time we visit, we view photos, videos, music and other media content. At this time, the system stores the data of all views in the cache. Thus, during a second visit to one of the programs, the iΠ hone will download data much faster, because it will download it from an intermediate buffer, and not from the server.

Among the main applications that clog the cache, we highlight:

  • Messengers
  • Browsers
  • Youtube
  • Cards
  • post office
  • Other Google services (drive, spreadsheets, photos, etc.)

Clearing the browser cache

The Safari browser is automatically installed on the iPhone, so we will use it for an example:

  • Launching the settings
  • Opening. Safari
  • Find. Clear History and Data
  • Confirm in a pop-up window.

This completes the cleaning, as a result of which the browser history, cookies and other data are deleted.

How to clear cache on iPhone?

To do this, there are several proven methods that will make your iPhone easier and free up phone memory.

What does clearing the cache give?

Gradually, collecting data from various applications, the memory on the disk fills up. Such files stored in the cache are often unnecessary. First of all, they slow down the speed and performance of the device. In order not to store unnecessary system and files yourself, the cache must be periodically cleaned.

Clearing the cache of other applications

On your phone, you will definitely have applications that take up little space by themselves, but the size of the cache files is several times larger than the weight of the program. To know how to clear other on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open. Settings
  • The main
  • IPhone storage
  • Select any application
  • Clear the data targeting the row. Documents and data.

The device offers two options for cleaning: “Download program” or “Delete program”. What both functions mean, the information below explains everything. To get rid of unnecessary garbage, it is best to uninstall the program, and then reinstall.

How to clear cache on iPhone 8?

As a result, the iPhone memory is full and there is not enough space for other content. To clear the cache of Safari iPhone 8, go to the Settings menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the option “Clear history and website data”.

Where is the cache on iPhone?

Go to Settings and select “General”, then “iPhone Storage”. Scroll down the list and you will see how much space each installed application takes up. Now, to understand the size of the cache, go to the application. The item “Documents and data” displays the size of the files stored by the application.

How to clear the application cache?

How to delete cache files on Android?

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps & notifications”
  • In the list that appears, click on the entry “Applications”.
  • Choose an application that contains many cache files.
  • On the app info page, tap the Storage option, then Clear cache.

How to clean iPhone junk?

How to get rid of junk and free up space on iPhone

  • Perform a forced reboot.
  • Delete the cache in the settings.
  • Delete the cache in the applications themselves.
  • Reinstall space-eating apps.
  • Start all over again.
  • Use apps to clean up space.
  • Use iOS capabilities.

How to clear the app cache on iPhone?

Go to Settings β†’ General β†’ iPhone Storage. Wait for the list of applications to load, then select the application whose cache you want to completely delete. All installed applications in the list are sorted by size, which makes it faster and easier to identify “pests”.

How to clear cache on iPhone in telegram?

Open Telegram. Go to Settings β†’ Data and Memory β†’ Memory Usage. Just like WhatsApp, there will be information about how much space is used by chats and channels. To immediately clear all data, you need to click the “Clear cache” button.

How to clear Viber memory on iPhone?

How to clear Viber on iPhone:

  • Message log. Settings β†’ Calls and messages β†’ Clear message history β†’ confirm action.
  • Call log (delete all calls to Viber). Calls β†’ All β†’ Trash (delete).
  • Chats with each contact separately.

How to clear cache on iPhone 10?

iPhone and iPad: How to Clear Cache on iOS

Safari: Open the Settings app and in the Safari section, click Clear History and Web Page Data. Chrome: In the application settings (the button with three dots), you should select the item “Settings” and then Privacy. Then select at the bottom “Clear Browser Data”.

How to remove cache from iPhone. What to do to save iPhone storage

  • Siri makes a lot of cache. To erase it, enable and disable the function every few days.
  • Check the album with deleted photos and delete them completely.
  • Disable background refreshing for most apps.
  • Remove video and photo attachments in Messages. Prevent your phone from saving original photos and videos.

Clearing the Safari cache

One way or another, cache data can be found in numerous add-ons for iOS.

Let’s say the Internet browser Safari is used to save data about popular websites, to quickly “extract” them from memory for secondary download.

This facilitates the most rapid interaction of the user with the system and saves free time.

But the information cache has the ability to become “overflowing” not only with information from Internet sites.

In addition to websites, all applications downloaded to the iPhone are cached. The system mechanically leaves all data about the download progress, updates.

For this reason, it is actually clear that the more software products are installed on your iOS device, the more cached files are in memory.

Despite the seemingly destructive cache, all stored information, without exception, does not harm application performance at all.

The cache of the device can be filled with this technical information, which is best removed from time to time.

First of all, let’s take on the virtual cleaning in the stock browser with Apple. There is absolutely nothing difficult in these actions, you just need to enter the “Settings” and scroll through the column of divisions up to the Safari Internet browser.

Having opened the necessary item, we notice the line “Clear history and site data” highlighted in blue. In this case, what is needed.

Another way to clean

By clicking a finger according to this point, the system, asking for the consent of the operation, will offer us to destroy the collected information.

When you open Safari the next time, you will find that all browser history is clean, and all data on the selected websites, in turn, is missing.

The Internet browser will appear as if it was opened to you the first time. Absolutely nothing else will remind you of past internet surfing sessions.

What is memory cleaning for??

Freezing and slow execution of commands is not necessarily a sign of technical problems, most often the reason is a banal cache overflow. The longer the phone operates, the more unnecessary “junk” accumulates in the memory. If you do not clear it in time, then the space will gradually fill up, the number of free gigabytes will decrease. You can easily clear the cache on your own.

Naturally, the fast loading of the pages cannot but rejoice, but the constant filling leads to a reduction in free space. Over time, the operating system ceases to cope with the volumes and cannot function as quickly as before.

Many users of iPhones and other devices, including Androids, try to completely clear the cache. In fact, experts do not advise doing this too often, because in some cases it can significantly help, will allow you to quickly get to some pages of different sites, or even just cope with the tasks set by the user.

If the memory on the iPhone is shrinking at a terrible speed, for the reason that the smartphone has not been cleared of unnecessary for a long time, it is necessary to immediately solve this problem, because otherwise you will not be able to save even some multimedia files to the phone.

The OS storage is filled with caching objects for various applications used on the iPhone. iOS immediately saves information about the processes that took place on the device, this includes downloads, updates, and more. So the more software you have installed, the more often the iPhone will be used, the higher the number of cached files stored in memory will be. Memory is loading. the speed of work decreases.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad Effectively Without Data Loss

Let’s start with the most optimal and efficient way to clear cache on iPhone and iPad using iTunes. This method does not completely delete the entire cache, but only removes real “garbage”. For example, after using the method, attachments to Viber or WhatsApp will not be deleted, since iTunes does not consider them “garbage”. However, there will still be a lot of free space on the device.

  • What is being deleted? It is the “harmful cache” that is not needed in the system that is removed from the iPhone or iPad.
  • How long does the cleaning take? 10 to 30 minutes depending on the number of applications installed.
  • Will anything important be deleted? No, all content on iPhone and iPad will remain intact.
  • Will I need to enter passwords in apps? No, after recovery you can immediately use any applications without the need to authorize.
  • How much space is freed up? 1 to 4 GB.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and select your mobile device on the main screen of the program.

Check the box next to “Encrypt iPhone backup” and enter the password for the backup. Important! Remember the password.

Click Back Up Now to back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Wait for the operation to complete.

After backing up your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings β†’ [your_name] β†’ iCloud β†’ Find iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone. This is necessary for later recovery from the just created backup. If Find My iPhone is enabled, iTunes won’t allow recovery.

Note: you will need to enter your Apple ID password to disable Find My iPhone.

In iTunes, click “Recover from a copy” and confirm the start of recovery by entering the previously set password. Do not disconnect your iPhone or iPad from your computer until the mobile device is restarted and appears in iTunes.

When the iPhone or iPad turns on, you just have to re-enter the password for your Apple ID account, and also wait until all applications are installed.

All applications will be reinstalled

Done! When the mobile device appears in iTunes again, you can immediately see how much space was freed up on it by deleting the cache. In our case, an additional 900 MB appeared on the iPhone. It is important to note that this is assuming the iPhone had a hard reset just a month ago. If your iPhone or iPad has been in active use for a long time, then the device will definitely free up much more memory.

Advantages and disadvantages

Free space after clearing the cache

Of course, everything is great when all sites are loaded quickly, with everyday use the memory on the phone is significantly reduced, so it almost disappears altogether. Therefore, the operating system cannot perform fast movements.

Anticipating this problem, users try to free up the cache as much as possible.

Professionals do not advise very often to clear the cache, as it can help to ensure quick access to some pages of Internet resources and resolve issues noted by the user.

If there is no memory on the iPhone at all, since the device has not been cleaned for a long time, then you should take action as soon as possible, while it is still possible to save photos and audio in the phone.

The special storage of the operating system is clogged with cache data even of independent applications installed on the iPhone.

The operating system successfully saves information about all operations that were carried out, including downloads.

Therefore, the more applications are installed on the device, the more often it will be actively used, the more cache files will be stored in the storage, respectively, the memory will load excessively quickly, and the speed will decrease.

What is cache

Some files are placed in temporary storage for the purpose of further production of applications and loading pages. This reduces the cost of required resources, increases the pace of the device, opening pages and programs.

In addition, not only browsers, but also applications store data. In some cases, “old stuff” goes there directly, which the system does not need in any way, but it captures its space.

Here you will need an understanding of how to clear the cache on the iPhone by cleaning this storage.

Clearing the cache in applications

The most garbage applications on the phone are various instant messengers. The easiest way to get rid of their cache is to simply uninstall and then reinstall the program. In this case, all photos, sounds and videos that the phone loaded before will be deleted from the hidden folders. It can be several gigabytes of information.!

If you do not want to uninstall the application, and there is no cache cleaning function inside it, use the cache cleaning program. Among the useful ones are Magic Phone Cleaner, Battery Saver. These apps allow you to clear your cache with one click, and then you can keep track of how full your memory is.

Delete cache on iPhone (cookies and cache)

also receives cached images and messages. Therefore, you will not regret clearing your cache.

Step 1 Launch the app on your iPhone and then click “” at the bottom.

Step 2 Select “Settings” and then “Account Settings” from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Click “browser” to the browser settings page.

Step 4 Click “Clear Data”.

Clear app cache from app settings (support for some apps)

Not all apps allow you to remove an app from app settings. Here we will only take a few popular applications that store many caches, for example.

iPhone Cache Cleaners to remove cache on iPhone (automatically)

Last but not least, third-party tools will be a helper if you want to clear your iPhone cache.

In this solution, we will put together two of the best programs to help you clear iPhone cache automatically.

(6 Effective Ways) How to Clear iPhone Cache to Boost Storage and Speed

Posted by Dorothy Collins August 03, 2020 09:34

When your iPhone is running slowly or running out of memory, it’s time to clear your iPhone cache. This page has a complete guide to 6 effective solutions to clear iPhone cache, cookies and history. Do it yourself with the step-by-step guide below.

iPhone is a portable communication and entertainment tool. However, when you find that your iPhone is experiencing problems from other users like the following:

“My level 7 battery is running low quickly, My iPhone 6 is not enough, My iPhone 5 is slow.”

It’s time to clear your iPhone’s cache.

This is what we will show you here. We are collecting 6 best ways you can ignore to help you erase iPhone cache, cookies and history so you can restore iPhone with fast speed and enough storage.

  • Clear Browser History to Clear iPhone Cache
  • Clear app cache from settings to clear iPhone cache
  • Clear app cache from app settings
  • Restart iPhone to Clear iPhone RAM
  • Reset iPhone to erase all content and settings
  • IPhone cache cleaners to remove cache on iPhone
  • How to Block All Safari Cache / Cookies on iPhone
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Clearing iPhone Cache

Generally speaking, a cache is temporary data that is stored by an application, usually for the purpose of speeding up loading. This can take many forms and different types of applications can cache data. However, while cache memory can help make your iPhone boot up faster, it also takes up a lot of space on your iPhone.

Deleting data from the cache will not affect the functionality of the application. The only drawback is that it will take a little longer to load the pre-cached data, but there is no difference in speed the next time the application is launched. In the following parts, we are collecting 6 best approaches to clearing iPhone cache from your iPhone.

Restart iPhone to Clear iPhone RAM

RAM is usually defined as volatile working memory, the space where processing takes place. This is one of those tricks that are rarely talked about. However, it actually stores the cache on your iPhone. To clear iPhone RAM, you just need to shutdown and restart iPhone.

Now let’s see how to clear RAM on iPhone.

For iPhone 8 or earlier:

Press and hold the top (or side) button until the slider appears.

Drag the slider to turn off your device completely.

After turning off the device, press and hold the top (or side) button again until you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone X or later:

Press and hold the side button and any volume button until the slider appears.

Drag the slider to turn off iPhone X completely.

After your iPhone X turns off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Block all Safari cache / cookies on iPhone (disable site tracking)

We take three commonly used viewing applications as examples: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Take Step by Step Guide to Disable Cache on Your iPhone.

Step 1 Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone Scroll down and click “safari”.

Step 2 Under “Security” Enable “Block all cookies”.

You can not only disable the cache in Safari, but also stop tracking in the “Security” section.

“Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Ask sites not to track me” options will help you with this.

This is a preliminary warning that you can easily stop caching data in Safari browser on iPhone. However, for a cache created in Safari, or a cache that cannot be disabled in apps, you need to manually clear the cache on your iPhone.

It’s your turn

This page is about clearing iPhone cache in 6, in fact, you can block iPhone caches with some settings.

Erase YouTube cache on iPhone (watch and search history)

If you’re a video lover, YouTube also offers more caches on your iPhone.

Step 1 Open YouTube app on iPhone, click “Menu” in the upper right corner, click the “Settings” icon.

Step 2 Click “Clear Watch History” and “Clear Search History” under “Privacy”.

How to Delete Cache on iPhone 6

Then you will delete videos watched while logged out on this device and YouTube search results performed on this device.

There are more applications that can maintain cache from their own settings. You can do this by following steps similar to the applications described above. Here you can quickly delete documents and data on iPhone.

Clear Browser History / Cache (Safari / Chrome / Firefox) to clear iPhone cache

Browser cache plays an important role on your iPhone. Let’s check out how to clear them. We will only take three commonly used browsers as examples.

Clear Instagram cache on iPhone (cache and history)

Instagram cache will take up a lot of storage space on iPhone. It is advisable to clear the cache to free up more space.

Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and log in with your password.

Step 2 Hit the “Profile” icon at the bottom and tap the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3 On the “Settings” page, tap the “Clear search history” option. Then you just need to confirm the operation and wait. Check out this post if you need more information on how to clear your Instagram search history.