How to delete applications from the Samsung Smart TV

Why are the applications on the TV stopped working?

Over the past couple of years, a situation has been increasingly observed when applications do not work on Smart TV. It is important to determine whether this problem concerns all services at once or occurs only with one of them. Whether the problem is accompanied by any error or not? In most cases, users write, applications stop working selectively and no notifications appear at the same time. Just a black screen or the program flies to the desktop. Although this is the most common problem, she has many varieties. In today’s guide, we describe the reasons why this can happen, and what can be done to eliminate the malfunction.

The main reasons why applications do not work on Smart TV:

  • The TV does not satisfy the minimum system requirements;
  • There was a random systemic failure of the operating system;
  • Incorrect cache is preserved;
  • An irrelevant version of the application;
  • User data damage;
  • Unsuitable network parameters;
  • Conflict with some other functions of Smart TV;
  • Violation of the integrity and serviceability of the operating system.

Check which of these problems is possible only experimentally. As specific problems excludes, the search circle should narrow to such a scale that the culprit of this kind of failure will become clear.

Correct removal of applications with Smart-TV

Choosing a TV, many users stop on devices with Smart TV. This technology expands the capabilities of the television panel, turning it into almost a full.Fledged computer. Over the long years of the existence of “smart” TV receivers, manufacturers were able to achieve the simplest integer that does not raise special questions about the use of inexperienced owners. However, sometimes not everything is clear. Most often, buyers are interested in how to delete the application with Smart TV. In some cases, the program simply ceases to be necessary, but in some situations, the removal of software is necessary to free the memory of TV and thus improve its speed.

Software removal from SMART TELL SAMSUNG

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of TV receivers. For Smart-TV, she uses her own operating system called Tyzen OS. Its advantages are: high speed of work and simplicity, but the most important thing is already “out of the box” the platform is ready for use. As a rule, everything necessary is established here. However, many users decide to remove the available software and try something new.

Removal algorithm

To delete the application from Smart TV Samsung, you must do the following:

  • Find and press the Samsung Apps button on the remote control;
  • In the menu that appears, find and select the “loaded” item;
  • By pressing the yellow button on the PDU (with the letter “C”), open the editing mode;
  • Having selected the right software, click on the “Delete” button and confirm the action.

But there is a second way to remove software. It is convenient when the user noticed in the process that he did not need the program, and decided to remove it. In this case, you can click on the “Tool” remote control button on an unnecessary application and select the “Delete” option.

Cleaning the cache

Old TVs with Smart TV have a frequent problem with a cache memory, which excluded the possibility of installing new applications and watching films in online mode. In the models of 2017 and above such difficulties are no longer observed.

If the TV is older than 2017, and the user was faced with the question of a crowded cache, then you should try to carry out several manipulations to clean it.

  • The first step in cleaning memory on TV samsung is to remove all unnecessary applications and widgets. How to do this was described above.
  • Then, in the browser, you should enter the settings menu (right upper angle) → General → Delete the magazine → Delete the magazine data. These actions clean the browser cache, and in most cases after this procedure, films begin to play.
  • If the above recommendations did not help, then you need to turn off the TV and press the buttons on the remote control: Info → Menu → Mute → Power. This sequence of actions launches the engineer menu of TV, in which you need to find the Smarthab Reset or FactoryReset item. If there are both inscriptions, it is better to choose the first option and discharge. After such a procedure, all data on the use of the application store will be reset, including the cache. However, to continue the work, you will need to again enter your account.

In some cases, the problem of a crowded cache is solved only by the installation of the last update of the operating system, if any. The TV itself will offer to do this if it has not been updated before.

Advice! You can check the availability of updates in the TV menu in the “General” “Update”.

Removing software from SMART TELIETERS LG

Another competing giant company that offers high-quality TVs and equips their own OS, this is Korean LG. Its operating system is called Webos, and by 2019 there are already three of its versions. That is, the most relevant platform that is installed in modern models is Webos 3.0. It differs a little from Samsung OS in terms of ease of use, but has features in the intense. Like the previous company, there are standard applications here, but nothing prevents the installation of third.Party programs.

Removal algorithm

To delete applications from the LG Smart TV TV using a conventional remote control, you must do the following:

  • In the general application menu (opens with pressing the “House” remote control button) you need to find the “My Appendices” section;
  • Next, select the necessary for removing software;
  • After highlighting the required program in the upper right corner, accessible actions will appear, from the list of which you need to select “change” (“pencil” icon);
  • Then a list of possible manipulations will also open, in the list of which you need to select “delete”, and then confirm your effect.

LG TVs are often equipped with Magic Remote remote controls, which are equipped with a gyroscope and can successfully replace the mouse. With their help, deleting the application is even easier. It is enough to put the arrow on the required software and highlight it with pressing on the control wheel. After that, a cross will appear in the corner above the application icon, pressing the program on which the program. This procedure can be carried out even in the general application menu. It is not necessary to go to the list of installed.

There is another method using the Magic Remote or a computer mouse remote control, you can remove unnecessary applications by dragging the icon by the working area. To do this, select the required icon by pressing the button, and then drag it to the side, without releasing the keys. The basket icon will appear. The icon should be sent to it. Everything, the application is deleted.

Cleaning the cache

LG TVs, like Samsung, have a tendency to clog the cache, which leads to inhibition of the entire system. In this case, when watching films via the Internet, the OS loads the data for a long time or does not do it at all. Such a process may be accompanied by the inscription “On your device is not enough free memory”. In addition, with a crowded cache, it will be impossible to put a new application. The problem is corrected depending on how it manifests itself.

How to delete the application from the LG Smart TV TV?

There are several ways to delete the application with LG Smart TV Webos. Which depend on the version of the TV and the type of remote control.

How to delete the LG Smart TV application through a standard remote control:

There is an alternative method of deleting applications on the LG Smart TV TV. It is applicable in cases where we use Remote Magic LG.

How to delete the application with LG Smart TV by means of Remote Magic remote control:

  • Open the application menu and point out to the one that we wish to delete.
  • We bring the cursor, and then. Click on the arrow up.
  • We click on the pop.Up image of the cross and agree with the launch of the procedure by click on the “Delete” button.

How to delete the application from the TV

Users of modern Smart TV are often interested in how to delete the application from the TV. After all, the software contains a large number of different applications. But the memory of television equipment is not limitless and over time is full of unnecessary information.

Why the memory ends

The question of how to delete the application from Smart TV Samsung occurs when the memory is filled to capacity and the built.In browser does not reproduce content. On TV, the program when launched is loaded in the storage of the TV, only then it begins to function. After completion of work, the memory is cleaned in automatic mode. If this function acts correctly, then the place will be enough.

Incorrect cleaning will lead to clogging cache. The speed of filling out the memorable device is due to the frequency of using the television receiver.

The annoying moment in filling out the storage medium is that the departure of the program can happen at any time. This factor is often preceded by the phrase “Service will be restarted to free up the place”. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance how to delete the application on Smart TV.

The reasons for the removal

Factors that encourage users to get rid of widgets:

  • I don’t like the topic;
  • The material has not been used for a long time and in the future it is not planned to be used;
  • The desire to restore order in the system;
  • In order to free up the storage space, because television screens have a limited volume of internal drive.

Features of space storage space

It is useful for consumers to find out the specifics of television memory:

  • The volume of storage is insufficient for the correct functioning without regular cleaning of the cache;
  • Storage space cannot be expanded using auxiliary drives;
  • With low.Speed loading, the media storage is cleaned automatically;
  • Software departure occurs only while working on the Internet.

To solve problems with the volume of storage, it is recommended to update it to the latest version, but this does not help in all cases. Therefore, you need to learn how to delete the application from the LG TV (or other brand).

The principles of removal

It is very easy to install applications on Smart TV, but the equipment on the equipment is not infinite. If you forget to remove them, then the storage will gradually fill up to the limit. As a result, fresh programs are not installed, and the old ones are constantly collected. When the stroke of the cache did not bring results, you need to learn how to delete the application on Smart TV LG or on another brand of a television receiver.

First of all, rarely used content, including even those that take up little space will be found. If extensive software occupies a large space, then the expediency of its stay on the TV is considered.

To prevent capital purges, there is enough regular revision of content with subsequent cleaning of useless material.

How to delete applications on Smart TV?

Modern LG television panels have a difficult operating system, which is represented not only as a regular receiver of television channels, but correlates devices to smartphones. This means that the equipment must be regularly updated and cleaned of previously installed platforms. To do this, subscribers should figure out how to delete the application from the LG Smart TV.

Methodology of execution

At first, it is advisable for the user to decide whether to clean the internal drive, and then take measures. Ways how to delete the LG Smart TV application:

  • Through the remote control, go to the installation menu and mark the one that should be removed. Move it to the upper right corner, and wait until a message appears on the display with information about the removal. Without throwing a shortcut, drag it to the place where the hint is directed.
  • Go to the tab with Viddets, then with the help of remote control, press the “Change” key located right at the top right. Choose a shortcut of a file designed for extraction and activate the “Delete” option in the list of actions.
  • The easiest option is how to remove the application from the LG TV is to move unnecessary software directly to the task of “delete”. The place of its location is in the lower corner on the right.

How to uninstall non-removable apps on Samsung TV. How to enter Developer Mode.

Features of the process

Despite the installation of any program, you will need to perform a number of actions, you can delete the application on LG Smart TV quickly and simply. To install widgets, you need to visit a virtual store, sort them and select the necessary option. Further, the subscriber gets acquainted with the description, goes through the agreement of the agreement, downloads and sets software in manual mode. And to get rid of the material, you will need to make only a few actions using a standard remote control.

If there is Remote Magic LG PDU, then they open a list of applications, look for unnecessary and lead to it with a cursor. An arrow will appear at the top, after which it is pressed before the cross. Then the user will be asked the question of whether the content really needs to delete. The action confirms the key to remove.

How to delete the application on Smart TV Samsung? The main advantage of these models is the ability to watch content through the stream broadcast of the Internet resource. To do this, you need to click on pre.Loaded portals or add new elements. In addition to adding, sometimes you need to remove excess information.

The appearance of the screen list of actions (Samsung Smarthub) and the specific actions necessary to delete the Smart TV Samsung application are due to a series of models, the year of release and update the firmware. Prevented at the plant Software cannot be removed.

Method 1

  • Activate the “Home” key to the PDU to receive access to the menu.
  • Take advantage of the “directed ring” and PAD to select software. Its icon is reflected in the form of a square with 4 small rectangles, and may also have or not have the term “application” at the bottom or at the top of the icon.
  • On the program screen, select “Applications Settings” (in the form of a gear right at the top).
  • Choose a useless widget from the line “loaded applications”.
  • Click the choice key (panel in the middle of the remote device) until a pop.Up menu opens.
  • Click “Delete”.
  • For confirmation, you may need to activate the “removal” re

The reasons why you want to remove the application

  • You don’t like the application.
  • You do not use the application.
  • You want to reduce the mess in choosing an application.
  • You want to make room for storage (Samsung TVs have a limited memory volume for applications).

As with the addition of applications, the appearance of the screen menu (Samsung Smart Hub) and the exact steps necessary for removing applications on Samsung Smart TV differ depending on the series of models or year of release, as well as any applicable firmware updates. This article illustrates several examples.

Applications preinstalled by Samsung (for example, Netflix) at the factory cannot be deleted. This means that only those applications that you added yourself are completely deleted after setting up Samsung Smart TV.

Remote applications can also be reinstalled later from the Samsung app store.

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How to disable auto.Renewal on Samsung TV?

How to disable the Samsung TV auto.Renewal. Updates, as a rule, are added to Smart TV owners, this is not iOS or Android updates, after which interesting chips appear. Samsung TV updates, on the contrary, makes it slow, I think you noticed that the TV after buying works quickly, and after a series of updates, it starts to work more slowly. This greatly affects old models, which are already not very pleasing with high performance. Based on this, I recommend turning off the auto reinforcements, immediately after buying a TV. To turn off the auto reinforcements, click the “Home” button on the remote control and go to the “Settings” section. Choose the section “Support”, then go to the “Po.Update” section. We go to the “Auto Conference” point and see that an active circle is near this point. So you have auto.Renewal. Click the OK button on the remote control, thereby remove the active circle and turn off the Samsung TV auto reinforcements. Now your TV will last you longer and will work faster.

How to change the system language of TV. Russian language is installed on my TV. Let’s change it, for example, to Ukrainian. To change the system language of the TV, click the “Home” button on the remote control and move to the “Settings” section, select the “General” section, then go to the “System Dispatcher” section and go to the “Language” item (the Russian language is currently selected). Click the OK button on the remote control. In the list that appears with the help of arrows, we are looking for a language you need, I’m looking for Ukrainian. Choosing the desired language, I press the “OK” on the remote control. Now the system language of the TV has become completely in Ukrainian. To return the language, or change to another affordable, do the same actions.

How to delete standard applications on Samsung TV.

You probably faced a problem when TVsMsung writes that there is not enough memory, and you need to delete applications or games in order to free your memory. You deleted almost all the programs, but there was not enough memory and not enough. Then you decided to delete the applications installed by default when buying a TV. And you were surprised, like me. We cannot delete them, the button is not active. But I figured out this issue, and today I will tell you how to delete unsuccessful applications on the Samsung TV.

Press the “Home” button on the remote control. I have opened the main screen of applications, where there are many installed applications that are installed by the default on the TV. You, like me, do not use many of them, and they occupy memory. Now we have deleted such applications. We will delete Netflix applications. We go using the arrows to the Netflix application and press the arrow down. We have two points to “move” and delete. We go down the arrow on the remote control to the “Delete” item and click the “OK” button on the remote control. There were notifications that we deleted Netflix applications from the main screen. We cross the arrow on the “Delete” button and click “OK” on the remote control to confirm the removal of the application. The inscription “Successfully deleted” appeared. We removed the application from the main screen, but did not delete it completely.

We go to the “Apps” section and press the OK button on the remote control. Using the arrow, we go down to the installed applications and select Netflix from the list of the application. While on the Netflix application, clamp the “OK” button on the remote control and hold the menu items near the application, then release the OK button. We have opened menu items, and the delete button is not active. When pressing it, notifications appear “The main set of applications on your device cannot be deleted”. Well, let the Samsung TV think so. Click “OK” on the remote control to close the notification. Now while in the “Apps” section, click on the remote control “123”. We have a menu with numbers. Using the arrows to the left, go to the number one. Now we need to quickly press the numbers from 1 to 5. Being on the number one, click the “OK” button on the remote control, then quickly press the right arrow, go to the number 2 and click the “OK” button on the remote control and so to the number 5 inclusive. If nothing happens, we return again to the number one and try again. If you have done everything right, you should open a window of entering the development mode, like mine. Using the arrow up, go to the point ready and click the OK button on the remote control. We go up to the Developer Mode item with an arrow up, it will be in OFF mode (turned off). We go to the “ON” item (inclusion) and click the OK button on the remote control. After turning on the development mode, the status of Developer Mode will change to “ON”, and at the top where “Apps” will be written Developer Mode. Now we are in development mode.IP address does not need to be changed, using the arrow down, we lower the “Cancel” button and click the “OK” button on the remote control. We go up the arrow up on the remote control and move in the upper right corner to the gear in the “Settings” section and click the “OK” button on the remote control. We have opened all the installed applications on the Samsung TV. With the help of arrows to the right, we switch to Netflix applications. After the transition to the application, the menu opened, we see that the delete button is not active again, we go down to the deep Link Test point, we don’t press anything. Now, using the arrow, we lift it to the item to remove. Now the item “Delete” has become active. Press the OK button on the remote control. There were notifications about the removal of the application, go to the “Delete” button and click the OK button on the remote control. The notifications “removal performed” appeared, the applications were deleted. Let’s do the same actions with the removal of the Music application. We switch to applications, delete button, not active. We go down to the DEEP Link Test item, now, using the arrow, we lift it to the item to remove. Now the item “Delete” has become active. Press the OK button on the remote control. There were notifications about the removal of the application, go to the “Delete” button and click the OK button on the remote control. The notifications “removal performed” appeared, the applications were deleted. So you can delete all the applications you unnecessary. At the top it will be written how much memory is used and how much is available. I used 765 MB, and 51 MB is available. We leave the “Settings” point by the “back” button on the remote control. After removing applications, we need to get out of the development mode. To do this, in the “Apps” section, click the “123” button on the remote control. We go to the number one and press the “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, as we did earlier. The development window has opened. We go up to the point “Ready” with an arrow and click the “OK” button on the remote control. Then we raise the arrow up to the OFF (shutdown) item near the Developer Mode item and press the OK button on the remote control. Development mode is turned off. We go to the OK button and click, the OK button on the remote control.

Removing pre.Installed applications on Samsung TVs was possible

All new Smart Samsung TVs, have been stuffed with pre.Installed applications and advertising blocks for several years. Advertising cannot be turned off. Applications that the manufacturer imposes on us, basically these are online cinemas, you cannot delete. The “Delete” button is present, but it is inactive.

Installed applications

In addition, these applications take a place in the memory of the TV, which many models have a little. In the future, setting the necessary applications to the user, and when they are further updated, there is an error that reports that the memory of the device is crowded.

Apparently, due to a huge number of complaints and discontent of users, Samsung decided to make pre.Installed applications possible, without any dancing with a tambourine, releasing a new update / firmware for most TV models.

So, for example, for the Samsung UE43RU7400U TV (2019 model, Tizen OS), a new firmware on the official website and through the air update became available.

Update file version 1392.0

Update file / firmware for TV samsung / version 1392.0 / December 2021, list of changes:

  • Fixed error of the ECO sensor.
  • Improvements in the Netflix application.
  • Improved interaction with DEX.
  • You can no longer advertise on Netflix/Amazon through HBBTV.
  • Improved performance when starting playback.

Nothing is said about the possibility of removing applications. But it is (appeared) and the “delete” button opposite these applications became active.

The “Delete” button began to be active

We checked, applications are deleted. Hooray! Now you can delete all unnecessary trash, free your memory and establish only what exactly we need.

The lack of advertising in the lower Smart panel was also pleased. The advertising unit removed.

How to UNINSTALL apps on Samsung Smart TV completely

There is no advertising in the lower panel now

The firmware, although it is already available, but automatically began to report this only at the end of January 2022. Go to the Support Support Update software and click “Update now”. If there is an update, then install a new.

delete, applications, samsung, smart

Update through the menu for updating the software on the TV or by downloading the firmware on the flash drive from the official site, there is no difference!

Do not forget to check your Smart TV Samsung for the last update!

UPD 02.04.2022. As mentioned above, any application on the Smart TV Samsung can now be deleted. But they are miraculously returned back. They are installed on their own. Asked the technical support of Samsung. Waiting for an answer…

UPD 19.04.2022. Answered technical support: “Unfortunately, these applications are not deleted. When they are removed, applications are simply cleaned. Your wishes will be transferred to the developer.»In general, as always, another unsubscription.

For 3 years, we are already asking for Samsung developers, add adjustment of the sensitivity of the external eco.Attach of illumination (is responsible for automatic adjustment of the backlight level), which was on all TVs under the younger 2020. The answer is one:. “We will convey your wishes to the developers!””.