How to delete an iphone backup from a computer

We delete the backhone of iPhone from iTunes and icloud

All backups made through iTunes are stored in the computer’s memory. If you want to find them and copy them to a removable medium (or into a cloud), then you need to know where they are preserved. Therefore, then we will tell you how to remove the backhone of iPhone from iTunes from the computer and where to look for it.

By default, all data backups are preserved in a strictly defined folder on the computer. Their location differs depending on the version of the operating system used. Since iTunes can only be installed on computers with Windows or OS X, to access the backup, follow the following actions:

  • On PC windows. Backap can be found in the catalog at the following address \ user \ name_tea_pol.User \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ Mobilesync \ Backup \. You can quickly open the desired directory through the “Perform” utility. To do this, enter the Appdata command in an empty line and click OK. After that, go to the final folder.
  • On Mac. Open the “Search” menu and copy the following text (without quotation marks): “~/Library/Application Support/Mobilesync/Backup/” and press the “Introduction” key. After that, a list of available copies will be displayed.

On devices with Mac OX Backap, you can find a program through the itself. To do this, run itunes and go to the “Settings” menu. Available backups will be displayed on the “Devices” tab. Holding the Ctrl key, click on the right and in the list that opens, select “Show in Finder”. Next, the copy can be removed.

Where backups of the iPhone are stored on the Mac computer

In the old versions of the MacOS operating system in MacBook for the creation, management and restoration, the ITUNES utility was responsible for. To gain access to backup, you need to open the iTunes application, go to the “device” tab, where copies of all mobile devices on PC will be displayed. For a quick transition to specific data, it is enough to call the context menu and click “Show in Finder”.

The place where the reserve copies of the iPhone are stored on the Mac computer

When a new and more advanced version of the Catalina operating system came out, part of the iTunes application, which was responsible for interaction with conjugated devices, was transferred to Finder.

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In the last utility, there are no list of backups and settings, you need to look for all the necessary information in the built.In file manager. To take advantage of it, you need to simultaneously pinch the Comand Shift G key combination or select “Transition”. “Transition to the folder”. Go to the specified address:/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backupup/Backupup. All saved copies of the devices are stored here.

How to remove backups from iCloud on iPhone or iPad

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Frequently asked questions about the iPhone Backup Extractor

How long does it take to back up iTunes?

It depends on the situation with the Internet connection and file size. And please do not disconnect the iPhone during the procedure. Thus, you are recommended to try backing and restoring iOS data for backup iPhone data within a few minutes.

Is the iPhone Backup Extractor free?

How To Delete iCloud Storage / Free Up iCloud Space on iPhone

There are several free options such as iCloud, iTunes and finder. And we will recommend that you choose the recovery of Fonelab iPhone or Fonetrans data for iOS due to their convenience and efficiency.

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How to extract a backhone of the iPhone from Mac?

The MAC is available to both the iPhone data recovery and the iPhone data transfer to extract iPhone data from ITunes backup files. If you want to restore data from the icloud backup, select the front.

This is all about how to extract backups of the iPhone using the most effective methods and their detailed instructions. After the demonstration, you must find that both Fonelab iPhone restoration of data and Fonetrans for iOS can help you extract iPhone data without data loss. Why not download and try right now!

How to fix the iphone backup failure in iTunes

ITUNES update

The outdated version of iTunes on your computer may be one of the reasons for the failure of the ITUNES backup sessions. Itunes may not recognize the latest iPhone components. This is why you need to check from time to time to get rid of these problems.

Step to fix the IPhone backup failure in iTunes, upgrading iTunes:

Go to Microsoft Store and click loads and updates to check when it was updated for the last time.

If you uploaded iTunes from the Apple website, you should open itunes, and then press the tools in the toolbar and select the presence of updates.

Reset the lock folder

Problems with the error of backup ITUNES are usually caused by incompatibility and violation of confidentiality on your iPhone. You can reset the lock folder to solve confidential problems. The lock folder on the computer saves a certificate from your device so that iTunes can read your iPhone.

Step to fix the IPhone backup failure in iTunes, dropping the lock folder:

Step 1 Find the iTunes lock folder in the C: \ ProgramData \ Apple \ LockDown folder in your computer file conductor.

Step 2 You must click “View” in the upper line of the menu, and then install the “Hidden Elements” flag to display the folder. After that, you should remove everything in this folder and close the window.

Step 3 Then start the iTunes again, then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click “Trust” on the iPhone screen. Finally, you can try to use iTunes again to backup your iPhone.

Search in iCloud

If you have chosen a cloud program when creating a copy of the data, then you can find almost all the necessary information in the cloud storage, which is an online service that gives access to information located on remote servers of the company Apple.

All iPhones: How to Delete “Undeletable” Photos & Videos

You have the opportunity to get data in several formats, so if you are interested in contact from a phone book or record for some period, then you can access them using any Mac or PC device that will be connected to the Internet. Go to the site icloud.Com, and enter your Apple ID and password. After that, you will get access to:

  • Contacts from the phone book
  • Notes and reminders
  • Calendar and IWORK documents
  • Emails
    If you are directly interested in the backup file, then you can use the iCloud program for Windows (in Mac this possibility is built into iTunes), you can download it by clicking on the picture on the left. After installing and authorization, you will have the opportunity to view your storage and perform a number of actions with it. Below you can familiarize yourself with a short video about the possibilities of this program.

Alternative ability to search for a copy of iCloud lies in the iPhone itself. So, you just need to go to the “Settings”, then in “ICLUD” and in “Storage and Copies”.

Removing the iphone backup from a computer

There will be a table in which you need to select the “device” tab. There will be a list of all saved copies that are on this PC. To delete the information, only select an unnecessary backup and press the corresponding button (it is called. “delete a backup”).

  • If you want to personally delete data, you can do this directly from the folder on the computer. On Windows OS data are in the user folder located in the Documents catalog. Next, go to the Apple Computer Application Data directory, and the Backup catalog with all copies awaits you in the Mobilesync folder. When using the Mac OS, you need to go to the library catalog, then in the Application Support, and then the folders go in the same order.

Frequently asked questions about removing the backup iCloud

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Removing a backup removes a backup only from the ICLOUD storage, but not from the iPhone. So, there is absolutely no answer.

This is terrible if you do not make a backup copy of your iPhone?

Yes, however, if the device must be restored for any reason, a lot of data will be lost. Turning on Wi-Fi or connecting the gadget to the computer with which it is regularly synchronized, and the backup of the device on PC is two simple solutions. Nothing to worry about.

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