How to delete a photo from the iPhone through a computer

How to delete photos from the iPhone 13/12/11/x/8/7/6, iPad pro/mini and iPod Touch in a few simple steps

You can use iPhone or iPad to record the events that took place in your life. So there can be many photos on your iPhone or iPad. Photos on your iOS devices will take up a lot of space. At this stage, removing photos from iPhone. This is a way to directly free your iPhone. There are several ways to delete photos with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and you can find out about various approaches before washing photos from iOS devices.

Как удалить фотографии с iPhone загруженные с компьютера

In addition, the storage of images in the iPhone can be divided mainly into two parts. One part. This is the addition of photos on your iPhone, including the use of the iPhone camera, the screenshot function or removing them from the iPhone. Another. Adding images from your computer using iTunes. Therefore, different sources of images have different ways of washing. When you finish reading, you can find an effective way to delete a photo from the iPhone 13/12/11/x/8/7/6. And you can also apply a real way to delete photos with iPad or iPod Touch.

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Quick highlighting all photos in the gallery

It is very strange that Cupertinists did not provide for the possibility of allocating all the data at once from the photo application. To do this, you will have to resort to a certain trick.

▶ Open the media text in the photo application.

▶ Click the button to select in the upper right corner.

▶ Select a few pictures, but do not let go of a finger from the screen.

Transfer Photos From Iphone To Mac (and Delete from phone)

▶ Click on the status line with your other finger to go to the very first photo.

In this way, it will be possible to highlight all the data in the gallery, and then delete it using a special button in the lower right corner. Do not forget to clean the folder recently removed in the albums after removal.

How to delete a photo using the Image Capture program on Mac

To erase photos, you can use specialized applications. One of the most effective is Image Capture. After the program is launched, you can see a list of all photos available on the smartphone.

You need to select them all or just some to delete them. To do this, you can click on each of them. It is possible to choose all the images at the same time with one click. Before the data is erased, it will be necessary to confirm the implementation of the removal procedure.

How to remove albums through iTunes

Earlier, the material has already considered the iPhone Transfer program, which can be considered as an option for removing albums. It was unofficial in. But, as you know, a special program has been developed for the iPhone that ensures the conjugation of a mobile device and computer. It is called iTunes.

Official software is perfect for performing a variety of operations associated with the iPhone. As a result, the owner of the smartphone can delete all unnecessary albums that are stored in the device’s memory. Over, the operation will be performed from the computer screen.

To remove the folder with photos, you need:

  • Download and install iTunes on a computer.
  • Run the application and connect to PC iPhone using the complete Lightning-USB cable.
  • Click on the icon “Photo” in the program.
  • Run the synchronization process.
  • As soon as the data is synchronized, all available albums will be highlighted in iTunes.
  • Select the necessary folders with photos and press the corresponding button for deleting.

With the help of iTunes, the owner of the iPhone will be able to easily clear the memory of the device from unnecessary albums. But it should be remembered that after performing the operation, the catalogs will no longer be possible to restore the catalogs. All pictures will disappear.

Path 4. Delete photos from iCloud through settings

Launch the iOS settings application from the main screen and go to iCloud. Go to the “Storage” “Office of the Repository” “ICLOUD photo library.

You can click “Disable and Delete” to disable the function of the ICLOUD photo library on the iPhone.

delete, photo, iphone, computer

Then disconnect the “Photo Library” or “Photol of the ICLOD,“ ICLOD.

The final removal of photos

If you need to finally delete photos or videos within 30 days after deletion, delete them from the album “Recently removed”. Restore a photograph removed from this album is impossible.

  • Open the “Photo” program and go to the Album tab tab.
  • Open the album “Recent remote” and click “Choose”.
  • Click each photo or video that needs to be finally deleted.
  • Click “Delete” and confirm your desire to delete photos.

How to delete photos from iPhone to a computer

Some users noted that how to delete photos from the iPhone. Honestly, it is very easy to delete a few photos, even transfer all the photos from the iPhone to a computer using a third.Party tool.

Here we recommend the IPhone transmission so that you can transfer all your favorite images from the iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer. This is the best software for transmitting iOS files that will help you manage all types of iOS files. And with such good software for data transmission, you no longer need to rely on iTunes for data transmission. You can simply transmit almost all types of files between iOS devices and computer. If you want to know more about how to delete photos from iPhone to a computer, just follow the following detailed steps.

First of all, upload this powerful software for transmitting iPhone photos, and then install it in accordance with the installation guide.

When you successfully install this software on your computer, run it. Now connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.

Now click the photo that is on the left list of the main integration. You can choose your photos from Camera Roll, Photo Library or other folders.

Step 4. Delete photos on a computer

delete, photo, iphone, computer

Now just select photos that you want to move to your computer and click “Exporting V”. And then select the destination folder and the destination folder where the file will be exported. Wait a few seconds and successfully delete photos from iPhone to a computer.

If you want to delete photos from your iPhone, after choosing all the images of the iPhone, just click on the option to remove. Then all selected images will be removed from your iOS device. Here you can learn more about how to transmit photos from iPhone to Mac.

Removing on a computer

You can do this through the Photo program or the official storage site. The second option is an effective and simple way:

Important! By deinstaling on a computer, files are deleted from all devices, capturing several objects at the same time

Exemption of space from unnecessary data

Not only multimedia files are stored in the cloud, but backups, email correspondence. After some time, the data becomes irrelevant, so they must be erased.

Instructions on how to delete data from iCloud through the phone:

Some programs on the smartphone transfer data to a backup copy. It also takes place, so you need to periodically clean the information:

Correspondence through e.Mail does not take up much space, which cannot be said about attached files. The necessary materials are preserved, the rest are removed. To do this, press the “mail”, remove and clean the basket.

delete, photo, iphone, computer

If the cloud mail is used with other postal clients, then it is necessary:

  • To Mac: Go to the “Box” and select “Wipe the remote objects”. Next, the ICLOD account is selected.
  • On Windows Microsoft Outlook 2007: press two buttons “Edit” and “Clean”, select Apple ID. If the version of 2010-2016, then it is necessary to delete the correspondence and restart the program.
  • On a computer through any browser: you need to go through authorization on the cloud website.
delete, photo, iphone, computer

Solving a problem problem problem

First you can turn off the iCloud Drive, which allows you to store all applications. How to do this through the phone:

There is an option that does not involve the removal or disconnecting of programs. The user can increase memory. This can be done in the following way:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select Apple ID and ICLOD.
  • Press the button “Storage Management” and “Change Plane”.

The function provides on a paid basis. Start from 0.99 for 50 GB

Cloud storage for iPhone provides a limited free place for various data. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly delete unnecessary files that clog memory.