How to delete a group in Viber on iPhone

How to delete a group in Viber

One of the main advantages of the messenger Viber is the possibility of creating his own group chats. With their help, subscribers are united for friendly thematic communication or to solve business issues.

As an administrator, the user can make management, change the appearance of the conversation, adjust the number of participants, change the name. There are also a number of additional options to establish communication of several people at the same time.

However, often communities become irrelevant and require removal.

How to leave the group to Weiber

The Viber messenger implements the opportunity to create personal communities, to communicate several contacts at the same time. This function is very necessary for a number of users. Therefore, the developers have made the most necessary functions for group communication of contacts.

In the “Chats” section, select the necessary group that we want to leave.

It is necessary to press the “three vertical points” in the upper right corner of the integration, to call an additional list of options.

The main menu of the group settings will open (mainly global changes are available only to administrators).

We are looking for the item “Release and Delete“. It is in the lowest list of all settings.

Now it is worth confirming actions. Since a number of additional options will be provided to choose from.

  • Without sound. Instead of the exit, it includes the “without sound” mode, thereby the notifications of new messages, the latest actions cease to come.
  • Go out and delete. Full exit, with the removal of all relevant data.
  • Cancellation. Cancel the action.

If you need to get out, it is recommended to save all the information, since it will be deleted without the possibility of recovery (sometimes you can use the option, ask friends who are in the community, transfer data through Viber). Choosing the third option, we complete the actions.

After that, it will automatically disappear from the “Chat” section.

There are times when you need to go back. But there is only one option. In such a situation, one of the group members must be informed that he sends an invitation (invite).

As soon as the invitation is sent, such a notification will come.

You will be a participant in the old community. But at the same time without old correspondence data.

The main functionality of the capabilities of contact communities has such a small series:

  • Media files (music, video, pictures, photos).
  • Communication using correspondence, audio messages.
  • The transfer of real money, between users in this way, only certain persons will have access to it.

So you can remain in touch with your circle of communication 24/7. Therefore, this is a great way to discuss topics with a close circle of friends. Now information about the most important events, news does not need to be sent individually. You can discuss the topics of interest together, which is quite simple, comfortable.

How to retire from group chat yourself

On the mobile apparatus, the option is performed in several ways.

Directly from the screen of the Chat tab

  • Click with holding 2-3 seconds for the name of the group. In the context menu opened, perform the removal option.
  • The function, depending on the gadget’s OS, can be displayed in the form of a basket, cross or “Delete Chat” button.

Through the menu, the menu item “Information about the group”

  • While in an open conversation from which you need to retire, you should open the information and functional window. On Android, the window opens using a button in the form of a vertical troot at the top of the screen on the right, and on the iPhone, pressing the header of the group.
  • Scroll through the opening menu open and click on the “Release and Delete” button.
  • Confirm the desire to leave the group chat.

How to become a new group administrator

If the previous leader did not want to continue to lead the public, he decided to leave him, then if desired you can lead such a conversation.

Very often it happens that the topic of communication changes, goes to another direction, so the previous name of the chat loses its relevance. At the same time, the members are ready to actively continue to communicate

In this case, you can simply change the name of the community by noting everyone about the change of the subject of the public. The main audience has already been formed, and people who disagree with a new direction will always be able to leave the chat on their own. It is quite convenient and saves the time of the creator of the page and its participants.

How to remove a participant from group to Viber

In the parameters of the group, click by the name of the participant.

In the window that opens, click on the tab remove from the chat.

Everything is ready! You removed the participant from your group to Viber.

How to delete messages in group chat

You can easily delete your messages in the group. To clean the Viber chat from an unnecessary SMS, highlight it and in the spinning menu, select a suitable effect. Here you need to be careful. If you click “Delete for yourself” the message will disappear from your phone, but will remain in the history of the correspondence of other members of the group. In such a situation, he will not be able to erase completely. Therefore, immediately choose the option “Delete for everyone”.

How to Delete Viber Group || Delete Viber Group

To delete several messages in your messenger, act as follows:

  • Launch the messenger and go to the chat, where there are many unnecessary messages.
  • In the upper corner of the page, click on the icon with three points.
  • There will be a menu in which click “Select Posts”.

Group removal instructions

If a regular user of the Viber group chat is obliged to comply with the rules established in the community, then the administrator has a wider circle, and therefore more functionality, including in the decision to delete correspondence.

For the administrator of the group chat

The functionality of the creator of the group, he is also the following options:

  • Creation and publication of your own posts;
  • Moderation of messages from participants in the dialogue site;
  • Adding new contacts;
  • Removal of individual or all participants from the group;
  • Administrator appointment;
  • Remove from the group.

For a user with administrator rights, two group removal schemes are possible:

How to Delete Viber Group || Delete Viber Group

  • Leave the group chat and remove the site on your device. In this case, the group will continue to exist with another administrator.
  • Delete all participants, get out of the group yourself and remove the dialog site on your device. This method will completely stop conversations on the thematic platform.

In order to leave the group and not receive messages anymore, but at the same time save the site for other participants, the following manipulations are enough:

    Appoint an administrator to a group from among other participants.

Groups can be created to coordinate any project, the organization of a meeting, an anniversary, another holiday. After the coordinated event is completed, such sites are not needed. The administrator of the group is enough to perform the following actions:

    Consistently delete all chat participants.

For an ordinary participant

An ordinary group participant has the right to read and publish messages, exchange media investments and stickers. As such, the ordinary participant does not have rights to remove the community. He can only leave the composition of the uninteresting group, remove the chat on his phone.

To do this, open a boring association, go to the “Information” section and use the “Exit and Delete” button.

How to leave Viber?

Open the “Chat” tab, and then move to the “Group” item, where all group chats will be displayed in which you will be.

If you have an iOS device, make a swipe to the left by a group from which you need to retire, and then click on the icon with a basket. If you have an Android device, press the group for a long time, and then slip through the displayed icon with the basket.

Thus, you can easily leave any groups that are not interested in. If you are the creator of the group, then you can completely remove it.