How to Deal Wi-Fi Samsung J3

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy knows how to distribute the Internet simultaneously to several devices, phone, computer, laptop, tablet and others. The more devices connected to your smartphone, the lower the speed on other devices, since the speed is shared between all devices. You can connect a laptop or computer to the Internet from your phone wirelessly through a WI-FI access point on your phone.

Now let’s see how to make a Wi-Fi access point from Samsung Galaxy and distribute the Internet to another phone or other devices.
1) Open on Samsung Galaxy “Settings” and select the item “Modem and access point”. See the screenshot below, in it I highlighted this item in the settings.

2) Next in a new window we find the item “Mobile hotspot”. We look at the picture below.

How to Deal Wi-Fi Samsung J3

3) Next we see the menu as in the picture below, in it I also highlighted the place where you want to enable the Wi-Fi access point on the phone.

Also on Samsung Galaxy you can configure wi-fi access point. To do this, click on the three dots at the top of the screen on the right side, after which a menu should appear as in the attached screenshot below. Also in the screenshot you see how the included WI-FI distributor should look like. She changed color from gray to light green.

In the menu that opens, we can set the name and password of the WIFI access point in android. In the picture, I highlighted these points. In addition to the name and passwords, it is better not to touch anything. On the picture the name is wi-fi “AndroidAP” if without changing to search for an access point on Samsung Galaxy then you need to search for Wi-Fi under this name, if changed, then the one you specified. After you find WIFI to access it, enter the password that you specified. If you want to see the password, then in the settings enable “Show password”.

Also on some Samsung androids you can enable access point wai wai through the quick menu. To do this, pull the screen from top to bottom and you will see a panel with quick access icons for various functions. Next, by moving the socket to the left or right, you need to find the access point icon and activate it by touching it. Below in the picture I highlighted this icon, you can also immediately go to the settings of the access point and also change password and WIFI name distributor.

If you connected via wifi to android, but there is no internet Check if the Internet is activated on the Samsung Galaxy to which you connected via the WI-FI access point, if the Internet is not turned on, then there will be no Internet on the connected devices.