How To Cut Music On Huawei

Quite often, users have situations when system ringtones are categorically not happy and want to set their favorite melody on a call, or they just liked a specific piece of the composition. And the related question arises: how to cut a song on an Android phone simply and quickly, and what methods exist for this.

How to Cut Music On Huawei

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Why might this be needed

The most commonplace case is the installation of some part of the song to the sound of an alarm, notification or call. For example, you only liked the chorus, and by default, the sound signal goes from the first second. But this is not a problem, because any track can be trimmed: either online, or using special programs.

Another option. you just want to save a piece of music on your device, it does not matter to the ringtone. Third-party tools will also help here. Please note that most applications create just the ringtone, but you can simply download it to your smartphone. How exactly. read on.

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How to cut a song online from an Android phone

The easiest option is online services., working, as a rule, for a free and convenient scheme. You do not need to download additional programs and thereby take up space on the device.

Of course, using web-based versions of pages designed primarily for PCs is inconvenient on relatively small phone screens. To do this, select adapted resources. marked “m.” at the address.

Service # 1:

Excellent service, coping with the main function without problems: trimming tracks to create your own ringtone. It features support for almost all known formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG etc. But, alas, you can convert only in two permissions: MP3 and M4R.

First, download the necessary melody using the same name orange buttons, then we go down and, using markers, determine the beginning and end of the composition.

Once all the necessary parameters are set, click Make Ringtone. After a few seconds, a mini-window should appear, notifying of the successful completion of the procedure. It remains only to download the resulting track.

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Service No. 2: Ringtosha

Similar service, working in the same way. The only difference is more intuitive and flexible interface. Suitable for Apple products. We again need to select the music, upload it to the service, arrange the segment and download.

Service # 3: Mp3cut

But this is a completely different website, offering advanced features through an intricate interface. Let’s find out what this site can do:

  • Standard song trim. The most basic option that can be cut from any track, for example, only a chorus or a verse.
  • Audio Converter Changes the format of the melody. You need a track in extension m4a, but does he have the most banal mp3? Not a problem, it changes in a couple of clicks. over, quality selection available: economy (weighs approximately 64 kbps), standard (128 kbps), good (192 kbps), best (320 kbps).
  • Mix songs. It makes it possible to combine two completely different melodies into one common composition with a smooth transition and fading.
  • There are also tools for working with: connection and conversion.
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The process of cutting itself is as simple as possible, that’s just Requires the latest plugin. If the version is outdated. it won’t work, often the site doesn’t load from the Russian and Ukrainian addresses, need a VPN connection.

Another disadvantage should be attributed page size calculated purely on computers, laptops, or at least tablets. But on phones you will have to increase specific sections of the site, because the small print is simply unrealistic to make out.

How to cut a melody on Android through the application

There is another way to trim a song on an Android device. special programs which are downloaded from various sources (most often this is Google Play). What are their advantages over online services?