How to customize the keyboard on Huawei

How to restore the keyboard on the phone?

Replacing the standard keyboard with Xiaomi

  • Go to Google Play and download the Gboard keyboard;
  • Then go to the “Settings” of your smartphone, and click on the item “Advanced settings”;
  • Select the “Language and Input” tab and in the “Input Methods” section, click on “Current Keyboard”;

How to properly configure the keyboard on your phone?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open any application that allows you to type text, such as Gmail or Google Keep.
  • Click on the text box.
  • In the upper left corner of the keyboard, tap the Open Menu icon.
  • Select Settings.

How to return the standard keyboard to Huawei?

Click on “On-Screen Keyboard”. 6. Select the new keyboard you want to set as default. How to change the keyboard on an Android smartphone

  • Download and install the new keyboard from Google Play.
  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Find and tap Languages ​​& input.

How to customize the keyboard on your Huawei phone?

Go to Settings and select Advanced settings, then select Language and Input and tap the keyboard you want to customize, such as the default Huawei Swype. Here you will see settings that can be changed, such as language, layout and colors (i.e.

How to bring up the keyboard to the Android screen?

Another way to make the keyboard appear on the screen is to press and hold the menu button (usually the left key) for a few seconds. With this manipulation, you will get a keyboard for typing on your Android phone.

How to add Kazakh keyboard on Huawei?

How to add a language to Gboard via Android settings

  • Open your Android phone or tablet settings.
  • Press System Language & Input.
  • Under Keyboards, select Virtual Keyboard.
  • Tap Gboard. Languages.
  • Click on the option you want.
  • Select layout.
  • Click Finish.

How to switch keyboards on your phone?

  • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Press System Language & Input.
  • Select Gboard Virtual Keyboard.
  • Specify the option you want, such as Theme or Settings.

Possible problems

We figured out how to set up the keyboard for Samsung, but do all the operations go smoothly and without side effects? The most common problems are related to disappearing and freezing keys. The reasons usually boil down to two points. incorrect operation of the application and a system error. In the first case, a conflict with another program cannot be ruled out, but it is much more difficult to deal with OS failures. Problems can also apply to various options:

  • T9 mode (phrases and individual words are distorted);
  • spelling auto-check (red underlines are annoying);
  • the size of the text (sometimes the letters in SMS messages are too large);
  • keyboard performance (non-detachable set, which few know about);
  • feedback (annoying sounds).

All of the above nuances are smoothed out by systematic corrective work. Feel free to experiment. Install and remove various functions, choose the most comfortable solutions.

Keyboard customization

You can customize the input through the “Control keyboards” option. First of all, you should click on the switch, changing the standard application to what you downloaded from the Market. Actions are confirmed with the “OK” key. By clicking the button, you enable the software to collect information after launching the virtual keys. In the “Input Method” switch to the installed layout. Open the application access to all your contacts and go to the “Set permissions” section. Allow everything, fear nothing.

What to do if the keyboard is missing

There are several proven ways to get your missing keyboard back. The most radical is installing an alternative application. The two remaining ones involve operating a tuning panel. You already know how to change the keyboard to “Samsung”, now we will return the lost. Find a list of all the programs and do this:

  • Open the virtual keyboard.
  • Clean up the data.
  • Organize your cache.
  • Stop the program.
  • Restart your smartphone.

The next technology is related to the correction of input methods. Once in the “Input Methods” tab, activate the keys by ticking.

How to remove the vibration mode

Now you know how to change the keyboard to “Samsung”, all that remains is to deal with the annoying vibration mode. The problem for many users comes down to the fact that vibration is triggered every time you type. At first, this feature seems convenient, but soon the euphoria will give way to irritation. In the usual section of the keyboard editing, you will not be able to turn off the “vibration”. What to do? The instruction consists of several steps:

  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Move to “General settings”.
  • Select the option “Language and input”.
  • Decide on the type of layout used.
  • In the list of options that appears, find the parameter “Vibration when typing”.
  • Move vibration slider to the left.

These are standard recommendations for Android. But “Samsung” may have their own “troubles”. Therefore, in the “Language and Input” section, you need to find the “On-Screen Keyboard”, then tap on the “Samsung Keyboard”. You will be taken to the “Feedback” section, from where you can move to “Vibration”. It remains to make the usual manipulation of the slider.

This method works on all the latest versions of smartphones released by an Asian company. Old rulers have their own nuances, but the general train of thought is clear to you.

How to change the keyboard layout on your phone

It was already written about changing the input language and changing the keyboard type in the article “How to switch between different methods of text input on the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”.

The keyboard, being the main means of entering information into a smartphone, contains a number of other features that need to be taken into account. The point is that the layout of letters on the keyboard for different cases is different and sometimes it does not coincide with the usual arrangement of letters on the keyboard of your personal computer, to which you are already accustomed.

Here is a life story: “Hello. Can you please tell me how to return the standard layout of letters, that is, so that they stand in the same order as on all equipment? My letters were scattered, as it is convenient for them “.

How to install keyboard on Samsung

Virtual keyboards are applications that users can freely reinstall. It is enough to go to Google Play to find a suitable option there. Sometimes these programs have serious differences in key parameters:

  • layout;
  • support for themes;
  • a set of emoticons;
  • visualization of stickers;
  • sticking to the display frame.

In most cases, you will not need any special “Settings”. The main thing is to strictly follow our instructions. Modern utilities themselves throw users to the right windows. just have time to agree with everything. Let’s consider this algorithm step by step. We will act in the old fashioned way. through the Android settings menu.

Now you need the Language and Input tab.

You need to find the “Current Keyboard” tab. This section can be independent or hide in the “Input Methods”. It all depends on the version of the operating system.

Place a circle around the “Russian” option. And now you will learn how to configure the keyboard for “Samsung” through the option of changing the button configuration. Click on the item “Select layout”.

You will find yourself in the menu designed to activate the virtual keyboard. A wide field for experiments opens up. For example, you can select voice input and other, very peculiar, parameters of interaction with the system.

The English layout is activated in the same way. Everything, the operation was successful. Of course, before the manipulations described above, you should download the program you like from Google Play. You regularly take applications from this resource, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties. There are nice adaptations for any device. tablets, smartphones and phones.

And how to set the usual arrangement of letters on the virtual keyboard of the Huawei (Honor) phone?

The layout of letters is set in the Settings of the smartphone and it is not difficult.

It should be noted that in applications that are responsible for virtual keyboards, typical keyboard letter layouts are already defined and you just have to choose the option that suits you.

And they are designated as follows (for example, for English):

That is, in the designation of the keyboard (except for Colemak and Dvorak), the first six letters from the top row of keys are given. The keyboard layout familiar to us on a personal computer is designated QWERTY. This keyboard layout is also proposed to be installed on a smartphone.

Next, we’ll look at how to select a keyboard layout for the two most used keyboards: SwiftKey (which comes standard with HUAWEI and honor phones) and Gboard (Google Keyboard).

To select the keyboard layout for the SwiftKey keyboard on your HUAWEI (honor) phone:

Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone.

On the first page of the Smartphone Settings, find the “System” item and click on it.

Smartphone screen. go to Smartphone Settings. Smartphone screen. select the “System” section

On the next page, select the item “Language and input” and click on it.

Select “SwiftKey Keyboard” and click on it.

Smartphone screen. select the “Language and input” section. Smartphone screen. select “SwiftKey Keyboard”.

In SwiftKey Keyboard Settings, select Multilingual.

Smartphone Screen. View of the Settings for the SwiftKey Keyboard app. We select the section “Multilingual”.

In the “Multilingual” section, select “English (USA) / English (USA). Touch to change the QWERTY layout”.

In the “Available Layouts” section, select the keyboard you need (in our case, QWERTY).

Smartphone screen. select the language “English (USA”. Smartphone screen. select the keyboard layout “QWERTY”.

To change the layout of the Russian language in the “Multilingual” section, select “Russian”.

In the “Available layouts” section, select the keyboard you need (in our case, “Russian”).

Smartphone screen. select the language “Russian”. Smartphone screen. select the “Russian” keyboard layout

To select the key layout on the Gboard keyboard of the HUAWEI (honor) phone:

Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone.

On the first page of the Smartphone Settings, find the “System” item and click on it.

On the next page, select “Language and input” and click on it.

Select “Gboard” and click on it.

Select “Languages ​​Russian (Russian), English (USA) (QWERTY)”.

Smartphone screen 0. select the “Gboard” keyboard. Smartphone screen 1. select “Languages ​​Russian (Russian), English (USA) (QWERTY)”.

In the next section “Languages ​​and keyboard layouts” select “English (US)”.

On the next page selects the type of keyboard layout. QWERTY.

Smartphone screen 2. select the language and the keyboard “English (USA)”. Smartphone screen 3. choose the “QWERTY” layout.

To change the layout of the Russian language in the “Languages ​​and keyboard layout” section, select “Russian”.

On the next page, select the type of keyboard layout “Russian”.

Smartphone screen 4. select the language “Russian”. Smartphone screen 5. select the keyboard layout “Russian”

How do I change the keyboard to “Samsung” if the current layout doesn’t suit you? All tablets and smartphones with Android OS are equipped with a virtual keyboard, but this application can hardly be called ideal. The functionality and convenience of the standard solution, as users believe, need minor revision. Will the creators of Galaxy heed the voice of the people? Time will tell. In the meantime, let’s do our own modernization.

How to remove keyboard on “Samsung”

We will act through the settings menu known to you. We are talking about standard software removal, nothing complicated. To get started, go to the “Application Manager”. Find the software you need there. If your keys are set by default (additional programs were not downloaded), you will have to go to “Options” to open the subsection “Show system applications”. The button is located in the upper right sector of the display. Look through the drop-down list, select the one you need, and then tap on the “Memory” item. If there is no such parameter, immediately click on the “Clear data” button.

The cache will be automatically cleared. If you operate through the “Memory”, you will need to press the “Delete” button. This will end all your torment. After the operation, feel free to download the new software. We discussed in detail the question of how to set up the keyboard for “Samsung”, so set the parameters you need. And have fun with the Korean manufacturer’s smartphone.

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First of all, you need to decide what languages ​​you want to see on your phone. By default, a large number of languages ​​are installed on the Android operating system, which you may not need at all. They can be deleted without unnecessary problems and without fear that you will lose them forever.

In order to select the required languages ​​for typing, you need to go to the menu of your device and select the “Settings” item. Next, you need to go to the “Language and keyboard” tab, and then go to the “Keyboard settings” section. In the keyboard settings, you need to find an item called “Target keyboard settings” (in some devices this item may be called differently, but the point is that this is the main (target) keyboard). Next, you need to make your choice in favor of certain languages ​​that you want to see on your device when changing the layout.

After you have selected the required languages, you can try to go to the “Messages” item and check how the keyboard layout works.

Change keyboard layout

At the same time, in order to change the layout, you either need to find a special button for changing the language, or swipe the space bar with a sliding movement of your finger to the left or to the right. Remember that the space bar usually indicates the current language of the keyboard layout.

In some cases, you may notice that you have neither the language change button, nor the display of the language on the “space” button. This suggests that you need to repeat the setting with languages ​​more carefully, since you most likely selected only one setting language for the target keyboard. However, remember that the settings are retained until you change them again. Removing a language from the target keyboard setting does not mean that you have permanently removed that language from your device. You can always come back to it a little later. It shouldn’t scare you!

By the way, by default, in many devices with the Android operating system, which are produced for Russia by default, you can select only two languages: “Russian” and “English”. The rest of the languages ​​may not exist. In this case, if you only need the Russian language, then you can remove the English language from the settings and then, if you need it, simply return it back. Remember that there is no way you can remove the language itself from the phone itself. How to change the keyboard layout on Android

How to quickly change the layout and input method

You can change the input parameters not only through the “Settings” menu, but also in any other application. Instructions:

Launch any application for text input (for example, some instant messenger) and tap in the field for entering a message to bring up the keyboard. Click on the gear icon to quickly access the Settings menu. This is useful if you want to turn off word correction or change the way you enter text.

Press and hold “Space” on the keyboard to change the layout or language settings.

If necessary, you can change the way you enter text at any time. To do this, just start some messenger and go to the settings. This is useful if you are using different virtual keyboards.

How to set up the virtual keyboard

Any keyboard installed on a smartphone or tablet is configured through the “Language and input” menu. In our tutorial, we will work with the Gboard app. How to customize your keyboard:

How to Change Huawei Keyboard Settings | popup on keypress

Go to the “Settings” menu and in the “Personal data” section select “Language and input”.

In the “Keyboard and Input Methods” section, click on “Virtual Keyboard”. A list of the text input applications in use is displayed here. If you want to enable a third-party keyboard, then click on the “Manage keyboards” item and activate the desired one. You can read more about this in our guide on how to change the keyboard on Android.

Select Gboard from the list to see a list of available options. Here you can change the input language, enable or disable text correction, select a theme.

If you do not know how to turn off the keyboard sound on Android, then click on the “Settings” item. Here tap on the line “Sound when keys are pressed” to move the slider to the “Off” state.

Move the Vibration On Keystroke slider to Off to disable vibration feedback. Change other parameters on this page as needed.

Now you know how to turn off vibration, sound, and other settings for the onscreen keyboard.

How to customize the keyboard on your phone

Almost all modern Android smartphones have the Gboard on-screen keyboard by default. It is a fully customizable application that allows you to not only type text, but also send emojis, GIFs, search on Google.

Through the phone settings, you can change the input method, select the default language, enable or disable effects (vibration, sound), and adjust a number of other parameters. Below we will explain in detail how to customize the keyboard on Android.

How to set up a Bluetooth keyboard

On any modern smartphone or tablet, you can type text not only through a virtual, but also a physical wireless keyboard. You can read more about them in our selection of the best Bluetooth keyboards for Android. How to set up a Bluetooth keyboard:

Connect the device to your smartphone and go to the “Settings” menu. Here select “Language and input”.

Under Keyboards & Input Methods, select Physical Keyboard.

If you want to turn on the keyboard on the screen when typing, then move the “Virtual keyboard” slider to the “Enabled” state.

Click “Hot Keys” to configure the physical keyboard buttons for quick access. For example, changing the language, launching applications.

This completes the keyboard setup. You can change the keyboard shortcuts or other parameters at any time as needed. In addition, if your Bluetooth keyboard only works with the “native” application, then do not forget to install it.

Sleep mode

By default, the time is set to 2 minutes before the display turns off in case of no activity. To set the required time before disconnection, you need to go to the address:

  • main settings (gear icon on the control panel);
  • find the screen option and go into it;
  • find hibernation control;
  • set the right time.


How to set up your Huawei phone

The Android operating system, which all phone models are equipped with, has a rich functionality. A detailed guide will help you customize your Huawei phone according to your personal preferences. The instruction contains general recommendations that are relevant for most models of smartphones of this brand.

How to set up your camera

The camera settings in Huawei phones are in the application itself. The user can customize the camera performance according to their interests. MIUI camera applications are thought out to the details, so it is recommended to trust the factory settings. In case the user wants to change specific parameters (for example, exposure or light), he can easily find them using the pointers of the application interface.

Third-party camera apps have their own settings, so it is recommended that you study the developer’s recommendations in detail before making adjustments to color, exposure, or other photo and video settings.

Settings in IMUI

  • Language selection: You need to find the desired language and click on the “next” button.
  • Search for available Wi-Fi networks: find the network of your own router among the proposed ones and connect to it. At the initial setup stage, setting up Wi-Fi on Huawei is easy. If the user plans to use the Internet from a mobile operator on an ongoing basis, you can skip this step.
  • How to set up Huawei phone and mobile network:
  • Google account registration: required to gain access to all mobile applications. When the account has already been created, you need to enter its data in the login and password lines. If there is no account, the system will offer to create one directly during the initial settings of Huawei.
  • Date and time: You need to select the date and time parameters in the corresponding menu, save them.

Now the phone is ready for use and flexible settings for your own needs. By following these operations, you can quickly set up Huawei on first launch.

Lock screen

  • fixing the image when unlocking;
  • alternation of images with each subsequent pressing of the block key;
  • saving a randomly dropped image to your favorites;
  • sending the lock screen image in one and the available ways.
  • Settings. Security & Privacy. Screen Locks & Passwords.

Customizing the keyboard on Huawei

Each time the user enters text, an icon for switching between input methods opens in front of him, it is in the lower right corner and is indicated by a keyboard image. In order to get a list of possible variations of text input, press the key with the keyboard image. The system will provide a choice of 3 variations of text input:

  • Google’s standard keyboard.
  • Voice Command Input.
  • Special layout “Swiftkey”.

If the user wants to fix the most convenient text input option for him, he should go to the main settings of the phone, find the keyboard options and set the required default.


The activation of notifications in Huawei is allowed in the following way:

  • open the main settings;
  • select the control section and status bar;
  • find the notification manager;
  • find the required application in the list, touch the area with the program name, slide the button horizontally to activate notifications from a specific application.

In the same column of options, a mode is available that displays notifications on the lock display.

Language settings

  • settings. system. language and input.

In the “language and input” window, the settings for the interface language and input are available.

Chroom Keyboard

This application will quickly fix typing errors. You can forget about problems with grammar and punctuation. Chrooma resembles Google’s claudia, only it has more options for customization. All the necessary functions are presented here. There are also gestures, zoom, voice input, automatic replacement.

Chroom Keyboard app. simple and tasteful

Simple and stylish application. He has a modern design in the spirit of minimalism and convenient functionality with a decent set of functions. It is possible to install third-party plugins. For example, one will add a new color, and the other will complement the dictionary or replenish your favorite emoji collection.

How to customize the keyboard on Android

There are several customization options. Go to the “Keyboards Management” and click on the switch, activating it opposite the downloaded software from the Market. After this manipulation, the application will be able to collect the necessary data after starting the virtual keyboard. In the “Input Method” category, switch to the preset layout. You must also allow the software to access your contacts.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then click on “Language and input” or “Input means”.
  • Select “Current keyboard” and language, and then the layout. To select the latter, a list of available.
  • Choose one of your favorite input tools on Google Play. Download.
  • The keyboard will change automatically.

Smart Keyboard

Advantages in compact templates, T9 mode in Russian, the ability to change the design, the choice of the most frequently used phrases, voice input. Many emojis, the composition of which is constantly added with new ones.

Touchpal Keyboard

A distinctive feature is the T9 style inherent in push-button telephones. This is the old input method. However, there are improvements here as well. For example, voice input, the ability to control gestures, recognize the owner’s voice, different stickers, a whole gallery of gifs, and much more.

Adding language on Android 8 and 9

  • They enter the item “System” and from it into “Language and input”.
  • Open the Gboard virtual keyboard.
  • In “Languages” click on “Add keyboard”.
  • Choose a language.

How to change the keyboard on Android. install a third party

All touchscreen phones have an on-screen keyboard, and it is used for typing. It has several advantages, for example, you can change the design and even the functionality. The article describes how to change the keyboard on Android, how to improve the design, how to return the default one if necessary.


The utility is installed by default on most gadgets running on Android OS. Functions similar to the previous program.

How to change the keyboard on Android

Replacing the keyboard on an Android device is easy because any such keyboard is an app. But when the manufacturer of the gadget has installed his own, you will have to try pretty hard to remove it. But it is always possible to change the default by choosing a new color, key size, background.

The keyboard on the smartphone screen: differences between a touch-sensitive phone and a push-button

Note! If a third-party application is installed, you don’t even need to enter Settings. It is enough to mark the agreement with the terms of use.

How to change the keyboard on Android?

Every smartphone manufacturer tries to integrate its own virtual keyboard into its creation. But it does not always meet user requirements. In this case, the Android operating system allows you to replace the keyboard by downloading any other one. But not all smartphone owners understand how to change the keyboard on Android. If you are also asking this question, then today’s material was written just for you.!

How keyboards are distributed?

Any virtual keyboard for a tablet or smartphone is a regular application. If the manufacturer has installed its own keyboard, then it is impossible to remove it without special tweaks. But this does not mean that you cannot change the keyboard displayed by default every time you type.

When installing a new keyboard to activate it, most often you do not need to go to “Settings”, following our instructions. It is enough at the first start to agree with the proposal by answering it by pressing the “Yes” button. Or the utility itself will transfer you to the desired settings window, where you only need to activate the switch on the installed keyboard.

Changing the virtual keyboard

You can easily choose another keyboard on your phone. To do this, follow the steps described below:

Proceed to the “Settings” section.

Select “Language & Input”.

Here you should select the item “Current keyboard”. It can be located in a subsection or tab “Keyboard and Input Methods”.

Here put a circle next to the item “Russian”, then click on the button “Select layout”.

You will be taken to the section described above. Here you need to activate the virtual keyboard that you want to use. Here you can enable voice and some other unusual input methods.

Activate the keyboard for the English layout in the same way.

On more modern Android smartphones, the procedure will be slightly different:

In the settings, select “Language and input”. If there is no such item, then first go to “Advanced settings” or use the search.

From the Language & Input menu, select Keypad Management, and then turn on the desired.

Go back one step to the Language & Input menu and now tap on Current Keyboard. In the context menu that appears, select the desired keyboard.

After you enable the desired keyboard in the settings, you can change it at any time. To do this, call it through any application and make a long press on the “Select Layout” icon and select the desired keyboard.

That’s all. Installing the keyboard on Android is very simple. just download it from Google Play. There is nothing difficult in activating it. now you know how it can be done.

How to change the keyboard layout on Huawei and Honor

The keyboard layout on Huawei and Honor can be easily changed through the settings. In most cases, the system has two types of virtual keyboards installed by default: Swiftkey and Gboard. The set of layouts is usually the following: QWERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY, Colemak, Dvorak.

The keyboard designation is the first six letters from left to right in the top row. The standard layout in most cases is QWERTY. In this article, we will look at how to change the keyboard layout in the aforementioned virtual keyboards.

Change the key layout in the Gboard keyboard on Huawei (Honor) smartphones

Thus, you can choose the most convenient and familiar keyboard layout for you.

How to Change the Keyboard Layout on Huawei and Honor Phone

How to change the keyboard layout on Huawei and Honor. this question is of interest to users who have recently mastered smartphones or switched to Android. Modern devices are distinguished by advanced functionality and allow you to make changes not only in the design, but also to make other settings.

If you wish, you can download the program from Google. G Board, although it is standard in most gadgets. Next, we will consider the process of replacing the arrangement for all separately.

How to add / switch language to Honor and Huawei keyboard

How to change language on Honor and Huawei phones:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click “Language”.
  • Select the input tool you are using. It can be located in the “Keyboard and Input Features” tab.
  • Then mark the “Russian” tab with a circle, then click on the marked button.
  • On the next page, select the keyboard you will be using. Also in this section you can specify your preferred input method, for example, voice.

Activate the English layout in the same way.


To change the layout to SwiftKey, go to the gadget menu and:

  • Click “Device”.
  • Next “Enter”.
  • Then “SwiftKey”.
  • In the window that appears, first click “Languages”, and then “English (USA)”.
  • Following flipping back and forth, find and select the required arrangement of letters.

Keyboard customization tips

Customizing the keyboard on Android Huawei and Honor is easy. The background, theme, layout can be configured as desired. It is also possible to turn on / off the volume and vibration that accompany pressing the buttons.

G board

Changing the layout to G board is done identically to the above guide:

  • Click on the mobile phone on settings.
  • Press in turn “Device”. “Enter”. “G board”. “Languages ​​”.
  • Next, click the placement of which language you need to change “Russian” or “Latin”.

How to change the keyboard layout on Honor and Huawei: instructions for changing the language

How to change the keyboard on Honor and Huawei? Lately, many people prefer to use third-party input tools. In the article, we will consider how you can change the layout depending on the type of keyboard, as well as the nuances of using.

Types of layouts on Android smartphones

Today, many types of keyboards are distinguished, among the common ones we single out:

  • Colemak;
  • Dvorak;

The name is taken from the arrangement of letters on the keyboard. The exceptions will be Colemak and Dvorak. These are special input tools designed for specific intentions. Both are designated for speed and ease of typing English text. often experienced programmers use the Dvorak constellation.

The QWERTY layout is considered more popular. It is directly applied to the computer by default.

How to change the keyboard layout on your phone

For typing characters in the phones of this manufacturer, you can use the SwiftKey virtual keyboard, and you can also use Google voice input. The application responsible for voice typing is called Google. Gboard. If necessary, you can download and install it on your device. How to make changes on each of them is presented below.

What to do if the keyboard is gone

There are several problems that contribute to the keyboard not opening. But there is also a solution for every reason. The first option is to try to clean the add-on cache, or install a new one. If this method did not solve the problem, you can resort to a more complex option. reset your smartphone to the preset settings.

How to Change Keyboard Layout on Honor and Huawei

On phones of this brand, the physical keyboard is made as a virtual one. The placement of letters and symbols on it can be the same as on a conventional keyboard. But there are smartphone models where the layout is significantly different from the usual one. The second option is less convenient, and the first option does not require keyboard changes. Huawei devices are endowed with an option for keyboard settings. Here you can change the background. Its shade can be selected from existing colors, or you can create your own. It is also possible to activate or deactivate the sound and vibration signals that are heard when the buttons are pressed. In the article below, you can find questions such as: changing the keyboard layout, and some tips for changing its settings.

How to change the keyboard color

To change the key, you first need to open the keyboard. To do this, move the cursor to the character input line. Or you can simply open any add-on where this line is available (social media account, Messages, any browser, etc.). Then the keyboard color can be changed using the instruction below:

  • Click on the panel above the sign “Three dots”
  • Select the “Themes” section.
  • The first time you change the tone, you need to specify a personal Google or Microsoft record. Next, agree to the conditions under which you can use the themes (optional item).
  • After that, you can already select the required option.
  • The last step is to click “Download”. The key change will occur immediately after the theme has finished loading.

For SwiftKey

To change the character layout, you need to go to “Settings”, and then follow the instructions:

  • It is required to select the “System” section.
  • Then the line “Language and input”.
  • After the string “SwiftKey”. A window will open in which you need to select “Multilingual”, and then “English (USA) / English (US)”.

Here you can also change the Russian letter layout. You just need to click on the line “Russian”.

How to activate audible or vibration alerts when pressed

The way the keys vibrate on SwiftKey and Gboard are slightly different. Below are instructions for each one separately.

What is SwiftKey Keyboard?

SwiftKey Honor and Huawei is a dedicated app that makes it easy to use the onscreen keyboard. It includes:

  • smart auto-correction of words and text, adapting to a specific user;
  • a large number of emojis and bright pictures that enliven the conversation;
  • support for multiple languages;
  • predicting text input to speed up writing.

That is, the main purpose of the service is to help third-party users work with the on-screen keyboard and speed up the writing of texts and messages.

How to remove hints on Huawei and Honor keyboard?

It is not possible to remove tooltips regardless of the user’s wishes. They are an important part of the service, so you won’t be able to clear the app of annoying advice and vibration. But gadget owners are allowed to completely remove the SwiftKey keyboard on Honor and Huawei. To remove a service, you will need:

  • open the list of applications installed on the smartphone;
  • find a boring program;
  • delete the service by clicking the corresponding button.

Sometimes, to achieve the desired result, you need to click “uninstall updates” instead of the program itself.

How to Remove SwiftKey Keyboard on Huawei and Honor

How to disable SwiftKey keyboard on Honor and Huawei? A similar question rarely bothers users, because:

  • the use of this service greatly simplifies the work with a smartphone;
  • the developers carefully thought out SwiftKay and eliminated all significant shortcomings from it, which is confirmed by numerous awards;
  • few people think about why the mentioned Android application is installed and whether it can be removed.

How to turn it back on?

To restore the service after deletion, you need to:

Huawei Honor. how to change the keyboard layout

In different models of on-screen keyboards, to switch the input language from Russian to English or vice versa, you need to do the following:

  • On the “Gboard” keyboard. press the button with the globe (on other models it can be a button with the inscription En / Ru);
  • On the Swiftkey keyboard. swipe the space bar from left to right or from right to left.

How to Change Huawei Honor Keyboard Layout

Switching text input mode and keyboard layout on Huawei Honor

Modern smartphones have a very laconic look. it is a thin flat box, which at best has two or three keys on the side of the case. And all this is because the main place in modern phones is occupied by the screen. Now the usual keys have passed into the category of virtual ones and they are called “on-screen keyboard”. And the first question that arises for a person who picked up a modern “device” is where is the keyboard?

The developers provided that the on-screen keyboard appears automatically by itself: to start entering the text of a note or SMS, just poke your finger on the screen. it will appear.

On new HUAWEI smartphones with Android operating system, Swiftkey Keyboard is installed initially for text input using the on-screen keyboard, and the Google Voice Typing application is installed for voice text input. Therefore, before starting typing, you need to decide on the input method: the text will be typed on the keyboard or entered by voice.

Many smartphone owners, in accordance with their preferences, install additional programs for entering text. In our case, we installed the “Gboard” (Google Keyboard) program on our smartphone, which has the option of voice input with recognition of words in different languages.

Huawei Honor. how to change the text input mode

When you enter text in the bottom line of the screen, an additional icon in the form of a keyboard appears on the right side of the Navigation Bar. the “Select input method” icon. Click on it and you will be presented with a list of all the input methods installed on your phone. By choosing one of them, you turn it on.

In our case, there are three types of input methods on the screen:

How to Personalize Keyboard in Huawei P30 Lite – Change Keyboard Theme

  • “Gboard”. to enter text on the Gboard keyboard with voice input;
  • Google Voice Typing. for voice typing;
  • Swiftkey Keyboard. to enter text on the Swiftkey keyboard.

In order not to waste time switching between keyboards in the future, it is recommended to define “Default keyboard” in the smartphone settings.

Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone.

On the first page of the Smartphone Settings, find the “System” item and click on it.

On the next page, select the item “Language and input” and click on it.

Now click on “Default Keyboard”.

Select the default keyboard input method. (In our case, this device is the “Gboard” keyboard.