How To Create Your Own Game On Android

How To Create Your Own Game On Android

First you need to collect all the tools you can’t do without. This article will discuss the creation of an Android game with Unity 3D.

If you are a beginner, then for you at the end of this article there is a series ofs that detail the step-by-step development of your own game from scratch.

Create your Android game step by step, according to the main points:

Download the Unity 3D graphics editor for Android and install it on your computer. You can download the program for creating android games from the official Unity website.

You should get the Java JDK handler program from:
In the download window, select “download JDK.” You do not need to download the JRE engine, it is more complicated to work with and designed for professionals.

Next, you need the Android SDK debugger tool, you can find it at the following link:
Select in the table the download for your installed operating system.
It is advisable to read the step-by-step instructions for installing the application on this site.

Ultimately, the following settings still need to be completed:
Driver for android device.
Communication device with Android ADB.
Run USB debugging.

A driver for the android device is needed when you develop your game on a computer.

Add it through the item “Other devices” in the window “Device manager”.

If the drivers have already been installed from your android phone, you need to update them, following the steps:

Android phoneAndroid composite adb interfacePropertiesDriverUpdate driver.

A communication device with Android ADB makes it possible to transfer the application from the computer to your android device.

We go along the path C: \ Program Files \ android-sdk-windows \ platform-tools \ tick the files: adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll, copy them and paste them into the C: \ Program Files \ android-sdk \ platform-tools \

Open the Windows command prompt.

We go to the address:

If the installed utility is displayed as shown, then everything is done correctly.

Otherwise, repeat the driver update item for the android device and copy the ADB files.

We start USB debugging.

The setting takes place on your android device, click on the tabs in turn:

Now you are ready to start the graphical editor

Unity 3D user menu in English.

Create a new Android game project

We give it a name in the box with the address.
We import the type of application extension, just check the box below.
For Android phones. Standard assets (Mobile).unityPackage

Before creating a new animation, you need to configure the program for android devices.

In the “Build settings” settings, select the “Android” target platform in the list, then mark “Debug build”, and click “Switch platform”.

Having pressed in the same pop-up window “Player settings”, in the side menu “Inspector” it will be displayed:

the previously given name of the android game project;
set resolution;
default screen orientation;
the ability to select icons for the game;

Now about the tool for creating games for android.

A little about the structure of the main program window:

In the center of the screen is a viewport. the workspace.
In the top menu of the tab:
“Scene”. here we simulate the animation of the future game.
Game”. allows you to view a sample of the game in motion.
Tabs at the bottom of the screen:
“Hierarchy”. displays all your actions with the model in hierarchy in time.
“Project”. contains ready-made models for creating animations.
The Inspector side menu allows you to: control the movement of the created object; setting the view from the camera.

The “Main camera” sub-item of the “Hierarchy” tab includes, in the hotel window, a view from the camera.

Now study the menu items of the program for creating a game for Android Unity 3D.
Use ready-made materials in the “Project” tab and create your games on android.