How to Create Id On Iphone 5s

Congratulations! Now you have joined the ranks of the multimillion-dollar army of Apple device owners. It is safe to say that with some knowledge (available on our website) you can appreciate the tremendous potential of your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We recommend getting started with the device by registering an account Apple ID.

What is Apple ID for?

Apple ID allows you to access all of Apple’s online services, including: iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, Apple music, and of course iTunes Store and App store.

If described in simple words, then using Apple ID, You can:

We strongly recommend that you understand and test each of the items.


instruction. How to create an Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac or Windows (with / without credit card)

1. Open a browser, go to the official Apple website in the Apple ID section (link).

2. Scroll down the screen and click the link-button Create Apple ID.

How to Create Id On Iphone 5s

3. Enter Name and Surname.

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4. Select a country.

How to make App Store in Russian

5. Enter the date of birth. If you are not yet 18 years old, you have to cheat. Apple allows you to create an account only for adults. Write that you are 18 or more. When you turn 18, be sure to change the data to current.

6. Enter the working E-mail box to which you have access. This email address will be your Apple ID login.

7. Invent and enter the desired password twice in the appropriate fields.
Attention! The password must contain both uppercase (large) and lowercase (small) letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as numbers. Password must have at least 8 characters. Do not use repeated characters in a row. Alternatively, you can use someone’s name with a capital letter and a phone number as a password.

Examples of secure passwords:

8. Enter the security settings: select three questions and answer them in the appropriate fields. Approach your choice of questions and answers with particular attention. Try to choose the easiest options to remember. These questions are necessary in case of password recovery.

9. Items Announcements and Applications, music, movies and more Leave blank if you don’t want to receive mountains of spam from Apple.

10. Enter the characters from the image in the appropriate field and click “Proceed”.

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11. Check your mail. An email from Apple must be sent to the email address specified during registration (in paragraph 6 of this instruction) to confirm the account.

Open this letter, copy the sent code of 6 digits, enter it on the registration site and click Further.

Congratulations, you now have Apple ID! Now it remains to complete the registration procedure on the device itself.

12. Open the application Settings on your iPhone or iPad and go to iTunes Store and App Store or to the Apple ID section (at the very top of the application’s main screen Settings)

13. Press the button “To come in” at the very top of the screen and enter your Apple ID (full email address, which was specified in paragraph 6 of this instruction) and the password that you came up with in paragraph 7. Click “To come in”.

14. In the popup that appears, click Look.

15. Set the switch next to Accept Terms and Conditions in position Included.

16. On the page that opens, select a payment method.

If in the near future you are not going to buy anything in Apple electronic muggles (iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Music, etc.), check the box next to Not or Not specified. (None), If you plan to purchase, enter your bank card information in the appropriate field.

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Keep in mind that if you register a Russian Apple ID with a user, for example, from Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan, it may subsequently become difficult to link a local credit card to a Russian account.

Let’s give an example of our situation. is in Belarus, however, we use a Russian Apple ID account in Russian without a bank card. We make purchases in the App Store (replenish the account) using the method indicated below:

Since 2016, some Russian operators allow users to pay for purchases in the App Store from a mobile phone account. We talked about this in detail here.

17. Enter your mailing address, including zip code.

If you register a Russian Apple ID from another country (in order for it to be in Russian), you need to indicate the Russian postal code (for example, Moscow) and a phone number.

18. Press the button Further.

All! Your Apple ID is activated and ready to go. Press button Proceed.

How to make changes to an existing Apple ID (add a bank card, change phone, country, address, enable two-factor authentication, etc.)

1. Open a browser on your iOS device or computer and follow the link.

2. Enter your Apple ID and password.

3. Select the desired section to make changes.