How To Create Icloud On iPad

Surely, every more or less knowledgeable iOS user, realizing how difficult it can be at times to restore personal data (contacts, accounts, calendars), the first thing is to ensure their reliable backup.

How To Create Icloud On iPad

The rest is already for an amateur: who backups using iTunes, who uses tweaks or the iTools application and the like, however, in this article we will focus on the option of saving data using a standard cloud service iCloud.

What is all this for??

In your hands is a modern mobile device with a huge variety of functions. This device, whether iPhone or iPad, is designed to make your life easier. Throughout the day, you often turn to him: make calls, add new contacts, take important notes, use reminders in the calendar, save bookmarks in the browser, or simply play games. That’s not all your iOS device is capable of.

Over time, your iPhone or iPad becomes a repository of the most important information that you have accumulated over many months or years. Hundreds of contacts, notes, customized calendars, bookmarks and saves in games. Is it not true, this information is very dear to you?

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Unfortunately, in our life there are also unpleasant surprises, because of which we are often forced to part with our devices.

So, the bitterness of the loss of the gadget will be even stronger if together with it you lose all the personal data stored in the device, collected bit by bit over many months or years. Buying a new device is sometimes much easier than restoring precious personal data.

To prevent this from happening, and you would be as calm as possible about parting with your favorite device, you must periodically resort to backing up personal data.

As we noted above, there are many ways to save personal data by creating backups. We talked about how to create a backup in iTunes in one of our articles about saving data on a device with jailbreak using the utility iLex Backup You can learn from this article. Also, the third-party iTools application for Windows and Mac, which has truly huge capabilities, can be very useful.

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How to back up to iCloud on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Icloud. A standard cloud service available on all Apple devices with iOS 5 and above. Through iCloud You can set up automatic data saving of almost any application installed on an iOS device.

1. Register your Apple ID. An Apple ID account can be registered directly on the device or in iTunes. Detailed registration instructions.
2. Open the standard application Settings on your iOS device and go to the section iCloud.

3. Enter your account information (Apple ID) registered in pukte 1. 4. Select item Backup copy.

Five. Activate the item “ICloud Backup“.

A backup will be automatically created if the iOS device is connected to a power source and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Button click Back up will immediately back up.

You can view the created backup along the way Settings. iCloud. Storage. To manage.

You can read how to select applications whose data is saved in iCloud backup here.