How To Create An Apple Id

How To Create An Apple Id

If you are a user of at least one Apple product, then in any case you need to have a registered Apple ID account, which is your personal account and the repository of all your purchases. How this account is created in various ways is discussed in the article.

Apple ID is a single account that allows you to store information about existing devices, make a purchase of media content and have access to it, work with services such as iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. In a word, there is no account. there is no way to use Apple products.

Register an Apple ID Account

You can register an Apple ID account in three ways: using your Apple device (phone, tablet or player), through iTunes, and, of course, through the website.

Method 1: create an Apple ID through the site

So, you want to create Apple ID through your browser.

  1. Follow this link to the account creation page and fill in the fields. Here you will need to enter your existing email address, think up and double-enter a strong password (it must necessarily consist of letters of different registers and characters), indicate your name, surname, date of birth, and also come up with three reliable security questions that will protect your account

Please note that control questions must be invented such that you will know the answers in 5 and 10 years. This is useful in case you need to regain access to your account or make major changes, for example, change your password.

Next, you need to specify the characters from the image, and then click on the button “Continue”.

It should be noted that the expiration date of the code is limited to three hours. After this time, if you do not have time to confirm the registration, you will need to perform a new code request.

  • Actually, this is the end of the account registration process. Your account page will load on your screen, where, if necessary, you can make adjustments: change the password, set up two-step authentication, add a payment method and more.
  • Method 2: create an Apple ID via iTunes

    Any user who interacts with products from Apple knows about iTunes, which is an effective tool for interacting with your computer gadgets. But, besides this, it is also an excellent media player.

    Naturally, an account can also be created using this program. Earlier on our website the issue of registering an account through this program has already been covered in detail, so we will not dwell on it.

    Method 3: register through an Apple device

    If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you can easily register your Apple ID directly from your device.

      Launch the App Store and in the tab “Selection” scroll to the very end of the page and select the button “To come in”.

    In the window that appears, select Create Apple ID.

    The window for creating a new account will appear on the screen, in which you will need to first select the region, and then go on.

    A window will appear on the screen. Terms and Conditions, where you will be asked to study the information. Agreeing, you will need to select a button “To accept”, and then again “To accept”.

    The usual registration form will be displayed on the screen, which completely coincides with the one described in the first method of this article. You will need to fill out the email in the same way, enter the new password twice, and also indicate three security questions and answers to them. Below you should indicate the alternate email address as well as the date of birth. If necessary, unsubscribe from newsletters that will be sent to your email address.

    Moving on, you will need to specify a payment method. this may be a bank card or a mobile phone balance. In addition, you should provide your billing address and phone number below.

  • Once all the data is correct, the registration will be completed successfully, which means that you can log in under the new Apple ID on all your devices.
  • How to register an Apple ID without a bank card

    Not always the user wants or can indicate their credit card when registering, however, if, for example, you decide to register from your device, then the screenshot above shows that it is impossible to refuse to indicate the payment method. Fortunately, there are secrets that will still allow you to create an account without a credit card.

    Method 1: register through the site

    In the opinion of the author of this article, this is the most simple and optimal way to register without a bank card.

    1. Register your account as described in the first method.
    2. When you log in, for example, on your Apple gadget, the system will inform you that this account has not yet been used by the iTunes Store. Click on the button “View”.

    A window for filling out information will appear on the screen, where you will need to indicate your country, and then go on.

    Accept Apple’s Key Points.

    Next, you will be asked to specify a payment method. As you can see, there is an item “No”, which should be noted. Fill in other personal information below, which includes your name, address (optional), as well as a mobile phone number.

  • When you move on, the system will notify you of the successful completion of account registration.
  • Method 2: register through iTunes

    Registration can easily be done through the iTunes program installed on your computer, and, if necessary, you can avoid linking a bank card.

    This process has also been discussed in detail on our site in the same article on iTunes registration (see the second part of the article).

    Method 3: register through an Apple device

    For example, you have an iPhone, and you want to register an account without specifying a payment method from it.

      Launch the Apple Store on your device, and then open any free app on it. Click the button next to it “Download”.

    Since the installation of the application can be performed only after authorization in the system, you will need to click on the button Create Apple ID.

    It will open its familiar registration, in which you will need to perform all the same actions as in the third method of the article, but exactly until the screen displays a window for choosing a payment method.

    As you can see, this time a button appeared on the screen “No”, which allows you to refuse to indicate the source of payment, and therefore, calmly complete the registration.

  • Once registration is complete, the selected application will start downloading to your device.
  • How to register an account in another country

      For example, you want to register an American Apple ID. To do this, you will need to launch iTunes on your computer and, if necessary, log out of your account. Select tab “Account” and go to point “Log off”.

    Go to the section “Score”. Scroll to the very end of the page and click on the flag icon in the lower right corner.

    A screen displays a list of countries among which we need to choose “United States”.

    Again, pay attention to the right area of ​​the window where the section is located “Top Free Apps”. Among them, you will need to open any application you like.

    Click on the button “Get”, to start downloading the application.

    Since you need to log in to your account to download, the corresponding window will appear on the screen. Click on the button Create New Apple ID.

    You will be redirected to the registration page, where you need to click on the button “Continue”.

    Check the box next to the license agreement and click on the button. “Agree”.

    On the registration page, first of all, you will need to provide an email address. In this case, it is better not to use an email account with a Russian domain (ru), and register a profile with a domain com. The best solution is to create a Google email account. Enter the strong password twice below.

    Below you will need to indicate three control questions and give answers to them (naturally, in English).

    Indicate your date of birth, if necessary, uncheck the consent to the newsletter, and then click on the button “Continue”.

    You will be redirected to the link page of the payment method, where you need to set a mark on the item “None” (if you attach a Russian bank card, you may be denied registration).

  • On the same page, but just below, you will need to indicate the address of residence. Naturally, this should not be a Russian address, namely an American one. It is best to take the address of any institution or hotel. You will need to provide the following information:
    • Street. Street;
    • City. city;
    • State. state;
    • ZIP Code. index;
    • Area code. city code;
    • Phone. telephone number (it is required to register the last 7 digits).
    • For example, through a browser, we opened Google maps and made a request for New York hotels. Open any hotel you like and see its address.

      So, in our case, the address to be filled will look like this:

      • Street. 27 Barclay St;
      • City. New York;
      • State. NY;
      • ZIP Code. 10007;
      • Area Code. 646;
      • Phone. 8801999.

      After filling in all the data, click on the button in the lower right corner “Create Apple ID”.

      The system will inform you that a confirmation letter has been received at the indicated email address.

    • The letter will contain a button “Verify now”, clicking on which will complete the creation of the American account. This completes the registration process.
    • This is all I would like to tell you about the nuances of creating a new Apple ID account.

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