How to create a vote in WhatsApp in a group. Eventually

How to create a vote in WhatsApp in a group

The use of messengers over the past decade has gained unprecedented popularity. WhatsApp is a free service that allows you to instantly exchange messages. Share a photo with friends, contact a video or audio call, create a conversation for communication. the application satisfies users with wide functionality. Voting and polls are used in demand. For modern services, the ability to conduct online surveys among participants is one of the ways of development. WhatsApp does not have open access to create votes and polls, so users go along the bypass path.

For users, the function will be convenient:

Voting, polls are able to strengthen the connection between the entrepreneur and the audience. Information received from polls will increase the qualitative level of products and services.

WhatsApp questionnaires will open a number of opportunities for effective communication with the target audience.

  • contact directly with the public;
  • analyze the demand for the product through reviews;
  • develop the demand for the community;
  • use information about the client’s hobbies to develop their own business.

A questionnaire is an effective option for improving business for both a private person and a whole community.

The role of bots in polls and votes

A bot is an electronic “interlocutor” performing certain tasks. The program is designed to facilitate, improve the actions performed on the network. Bots, whose tasks include creating votes, perform the functions for identification:

  • conduct anonymous polls;
  • View personal material;
  • recognize the user;
  • send invitations to a survey to users.

These functions will help to develop the company and form marketing moves. Chat bots are easy to master, do not require the establishment of additional programs.

Bot adaptation for Messenger Wottsap is a difficult process. This is due to the lack of programming language developers. Even the IT specialist is not in force to connect the bot to the application. Therefore, you will have to order a chat bot that arranges surveys from specialized third-party organizations.

A virtual consultant recognizes the messages of the participants of the conversations using a pre.prescribed code. Developers of “smart” programs will facilitate the task of users. a program, without introducing algorithms, will be able to independently achieve certain goals.

What are polls for

Voting is considered popular and convenient types of social service, which allow you to establish strong contact with the audience. With the help of a survey, you can find out the opinion of people, about a particular organization, improve product quality or increase the level of service.

Votes in WhatsApp allow:

  • to figure out what is specifically interesting to the chosen audience;
  • create popular content;
  • engage in the development of the community;
  • increase blog or page attendance;
  • Find out timely and free reviews about the product.

And this is far from the entire list of the opportunities provided, thanks to which you can establish business and find out the necessary information for the further development of the project.

The value of the vote is undeniable. Today, a large percentage of businessmen uses popular messengers to accept optimal business solutions and determine marketing tasks. One of these messengers is WhatsApp.

Tips for creating perfect voting in the messenger

In order for the created survey to bring the expected result, you need to adhere to a simple algorithm:

  • Create votes that contain short headlines and, accordingly, will have short answers.
  • To analyze the chosen audience: what kind of issue can attract the attention of users and what will be interesting to discuss it.
  • Simplify the search for the right answer. Avoid repeating Комментарии и мнения владельцев and allow readers to offer additional answers if necessary.
  • Make your survey visually attractive for users. adding beautiful photos, interesting pictures or videos.

Adhering to these tips, when voting on the selected topic, you can attract a large number of people to participate in the created survey.

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How to implement voting and polls in WhatsApp

Make a vote mono using online services. From the smartphone, a transition to a specialized site is performed, and in the ‘Write/Ask Field. Enter the options for answers in the fields, press the ‘Create a poll’, then ‘share’, ‘copy’. Get a link and send it to the messenger chat.

On Android and on the iPhone, the same: after copying the link, start WhatsApp, select a group, send a link.

You can make a survey in WhatsApp using the program in this way:

  • Using a poll form, enter the text.
  • On the dashboard to find a survey.
  • Use the point ‘insert and share’, then click at the ‘link’ item. Copy the link that has appeared, and insert in the WhatsApp group.

Voting in WhatsApp can be created using WhatsApp Business. Used on adroide, in web versions, on iPhone. The program makes a newsletter on contacts using templates, supports work with chat bots, sends documents and automatic notifications, suitable for large business and small IP.

  • To use WhatsApp-Business, you need to download the application from the Play Market or EPP Store Enter it, accept the conditions of use.
  • Register and transfer the account. When transferring, you can not close the program and turn off the device.
  • Allow access to photographs, contacts, multimedia.
  • Create an account. At this stage, the name, type of activity, the image of the profile are introduced.
  • Create the profile of the organization.
  • After performing points, it’s time to start the chat.

A round green icon is pressed, with a message pattern or a square with a drawn pencil. Then the contact of the contact is performed. A text message is introduced. A round icon with a drawn paper aircraft is pressed.

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When creating a survey, you need to use short headlines, take into account the interests of the audience, in the answer options to set the item ‘your version’, add beautiful photos and pictures. This will attract the attention of users, and will allow you to collect the maximum amount of information.


The second answer to the question of how to create a poll in WhatsApp in a group is that an alternative service has a minimalist integration, a fairly large set of necessary functions and works without registration!

  • Click the “Create;
  • Enter the question and description, add the image of the cover;
  • Choose different answers. you can attach the image to each field.

Then you will find advanced voting settings in WhatsApp. you can do the following:

  • Add a few answers for each user;
  • Turn off the display of the number of votes;
  • Select the time to automatically close the survey;
  • Resolve anonymous answers;
  • Hide or reveal the names of voters;
  • Upon completion, redirect to another survey;
  • Voting is protected by password.

Click the “Save” button. now click the “Share” icon to take part in the WhatsApp poll in the chat. In the screen open, find the desired group and send a link there!

The peculiarity of this service is that each answer option has its own link! All available options will be visible in the WhatsApp group: just click to the right address, enter the name and vote! What to do and how to fix it if there is no sound in the video call, we will tell in another article.

Poll For All

Beautiful application for group polls in WhatsApp! Colorful, cute and quite functional.

You can choose one of the many ready.made options and change it if you do not have time to create an assessment yourself. It is possible to launch a survey by link to video / site or news. A very useful option to get the maximum return on your work: you can use your Google and Apple account, e.mail or account is also possible without registration!

  • Click the plus icon on the main screen;
  • Enter the question and add a link to the news / site;
  • Download the image from the collection or gallery of your smartphone, you can take a picture yourself;
  • Add answers: you can choose the standard “yes / no / possibly”, integrate the calendar or write them manually;
  • Add the type of response, view the name of the respondent, the ability to see the results of the vote and the ability to change the voice, set the validity period;

We told you how to make a survey in WhatsApp: all the services presented at your service! You can quickly and freely create a colorful information tool that allows you to collect user opinions and answers to questions in group chat. Below are instructions to change the name of the group WhatsApp.

How to create a poll in WhatsApp on Android smartphone

Love to create polls on Instagram and ask you why they are still not in WhatsApp? Yes, this messenger has all your contacts, with many of which you communicate in groups, especially if you need to find out the opinions of each on some issue. Is not it?

Now all this can be made much easier, since there is an application that allows you to create polls in WhatsApp, and today we will tell you about it.

Create polls in Voliz and share them in WhatsApp

We will talk about the Voliz application, in which you can create the desired survey, share it with contacts in WhatsApp, and they, in turn, will be able to choose your favorite answer without leaving whatsApp.

Polls can be absolutely any: vacation plans, preferences in films, beloved food, etc. D. In addition, these polls can be divided not only in WhatsApp, but also in any other instant messengers.

Voliz does not request strange access rights! He only needs access to contacts and notifications from you: Thus, the application connects the answers of your contacts with their names. Without it, you cannot find out who exactly answered.

Let’s deal with the application of the application:

  • Install Voliz, provide him with all the requested access rights and create the first survey by clicking on “”.
  • Write a question and all answer options.
  • Share it with your contacts in WhatsApp.
  • Your contacts will receive a survey in the form of a simple message and will have to press the option they like and send you a message that has appeared.
  • Now, going to Voliz and choosing this question, you will get access to the full statistics of the answers and you can see which of them your contacts have chosen most times.

As the developers assure, the application is safe and does not save the phone number, but there are no exact guarantees in this. You can download it for free by clicking on the link below.

And how do you make polls in WhatsApp? In the old fashioned way or using this new application?

The main ways to create a vote in WhatsApp

There is no function to open a survey in the messenger. Therefore, you will have to use alternative means. There are special online services that expand the functionality of the messenger.

Bots are also used. software that implements additional options. The developers of the messenger complicated the process of introducing the bot, but you can still perform this action. I propose to consider detailed instructions for the use of all funds.

Special services

The use of online resources is the easiest way to launch a survey. Some services work free.


The online service works with chat bots, instant messengers and users in a single window. This allows entrepreneurs to closely contact customers at all stages of sale of goods or services. The service works on a special issue: 79119554510. It needs to be entered into the phone book. You can also enter the chat with this contact using url wa.Me/79119554510.

Chat2desk allows you to contact customers.

How to make a survey at WhatsApp via Chat2desk:

  • Send the command “Create” to the above number. Set the topic of the competition or the question posed.
  • Enter the number of response options. If necessary, activate the possibility of choosing several points.
  • Indicate the texts of the answers.

After these actions are performed, the system sends a notification with voting data: the name, question, answers, link. The message is sent to participants through a private or group chat. After the crossing the link, the interlocutors send the number of the right point to the conversation. Through the “Report” function, you can track people voting for one or another option.

The “end” command is intended to complete the work. Automatically the vote ends after 23 hours.


The application is downloaded from official catalogs for free. You can start working with him immediately after installation. Registration is not required.

A survey in the messenger through Pollie is added as follows:

  • Press the “Create” key, marked with the icon “”. It is located on the lower toolbar.
  • Add a topic, description, if necessary, load the image. Indicate at least 2 answer options.
  • Send a finished link to a group or private chats.

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The Pollie application works after installation.

The service helps manage the functions of the survey: connect the ability to change the option, view the number of voters, set the duration. You can participate in the vote openly or anonymously.

Poll For All

This is another interesting resource that helps organize a competition in WhatsApp. Convenient integration and the presence of ready.made templates facilitate the use of the service. As a result, you get a finished link that can be sent to friends.

  • Press the “Create” key. Choose the type of survey: created from scratch or finished template.
  • Indicate the topic. Upload the picture, add a link if necessary.
  • Set the types of answers. You can use ready.made formulations, write your own texts or add dates using a calendar.
  • Determine whether the names of the voters can be seen, whether your own answers can be introduced after the survey is completed.
  • Stir options, place a vote. Links to social networks and instant messengers, the system issues automatically.

You can start working with the service only after registration.

You can use the “Google” account or Apple profile. It is possible to identify users through


The program works in the same way as previously considered services. It has a simple and understandable integration, so it will not be difficult to understand the program.

Make a competition or voting in “WhatsApp” on the phone using Voliz: as follows:

  • Launch the utility. Give the program access to the phone book and “Watsap”.
  • Press on the “” toolbar “icon on the icon. Enter the topic, description, add at least 2 response options.
  • Press the Share key. Choose a personal conversation or group to which the survey will be sent. Participants will receive a text message with reference. The answer will be counted after pressing the selected option.


A bright beautiful application can be installed through an official catalog. With it, the vote can be directly sent to the conversation. The program is downloaded for free, but registration is required.

  • Select the type of survey: competition or private. Download the picture (optional stage).
  • Enter the topic, formulate answer options, insert a hashtag (if necessary).
  • Finish the answers using the “” icon “. Choose a duration, configure additional options using the tips given by the system.

What are the voting in WhatsApp for

Voting voters serve as a special function that allows developers to make certain decisions in the field of marketing, make the calculation of financial data and statistics indicators. Questionnaires are popular with businessmen who need close relationships with subscribers, a constant response from them. They will learn with the help of them an opinion about the product, service, improve the quality of their work. Thanks to voting, administrators:

  • establish mutual contact with participants;
  • understand the user opinion about something;
  • increase the popularity of the community, the number of visits;
  • receive important information in order to subsequently develop their own business;
  • Determine the interest of the group.
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How to Create Polls / Survey in WhatsApp

Thanks to surveys, people are improving their business. Therefore, votes are useful to both large organizations and private owners.

How to arrange a survey in the WhatsApp group

To arrange a question in WhatsApp in a group, you need to download the program, order a chatbot. To launch a vote via OpinionStage, you need to find voting on the dashboard. Next, click “insert and share”, go according to the “Link” section. Then dig the link and place it in the group. For quick voting, the developers were introduced online programs-chat bots that are imprisoned to solve complex problems, conducting dialogs and polls.

How to arrange a survey in the WhatsApp group

To arrange a question in WhatsApp in a group, you need to download the program, order a chatbot. To launch a vote via OpinionStage, you need to find voting on the dashboard. Next, click “insert and share”, go according to the “Link” section. Then dig the link and place it in the group. For quick voting, the developers were introduced online programs-chat bots that are imprisoned to solve complex problems, conducting dialogs and polls.

Chat bots to create voting

Bots are called computer programs that have “artificial intelligence”. They communicate with people in WhatsApp on certain topics. There are many dialogue, group bots that perform different tasks. They conduct polls and votes. Despite the fact that in other services you can create chat bots without restrictions, it is difficult to do it in Votsap.

How To Create A Poll In WhatsApp

There is no special APL for the creators in the application, so it is impossible to achieve an official connection of the chatbot program, even an IT specialist. The only solution is the order of a chatbot from a special company.

Bots who know how to create votes in the messenger perform different functions. They are engaged in:

  • polls, processing, showing anonymous results for statistics;
  • reading user integrations of the messenger;
  • invitation of men, women from the target audience to the chat, which are registered in the phone book to conduct different surveys;
  • obtaining information regarding user interests.

It is interesting! The founders of the programs made sure that the use of their services did not cause difficulties. They competently thought out the programs so that the beginners did not address questions to technical support, do not think how the complex working algorithms of “artificial intelligence” work and did not set up anything on their own. Administrators made the programs smart, so the systems themselves solve important problems.

With the help of such services, it is possible to learn many new facts about the development of the company as part of the chosen strategy. This information helps to further develop the company, optimize the goal, make adjustments to the business programs and find a “common language” with users. Programs are simple in application, available for beginners, experienced users.

Today it is possible to find them on the Internet. It is easy to do this by setting the corresponding request in any search engine. Companies that offer voting services, as a rule, develop bots that understand user requests, prepare prototypes, make adjustments when forming them and support the product throughout the entire period of use.

Polls in WhatsApp

To create and start the WhatsApp-question, send the text to create a WA WhatsApp number.Me/79119554510. Next, you will be invited to take four steps:

  • Send a question for voting, for example, “Where will we go to rest?””
  • Indicate the number of response options. Allowed from two to ten options.
  • Enter the options for the answers for which the participants will vote. They need to send them one at a time in each message.
  • Indicate whether it is possible to choose several answer options.

Then you will receive a message with the topic of the survey and the response options with the prefixes. Copy or send this message to the participants to the group chat or to private messages. Participants will receive a link to go to the voting chat. If you create a survey in group chat, then you do not have to be an administrator

Keep in mind that after creating a new survey, the current survey will be completed.

By link WA.Me/79119554510 you can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll.

The survey participant must send the praofix of voting and the answer to the WhatsApp’s response to number 7 911 955 45 10 10. This information is contained in the message that the participants of the survey sends the participants.

If the survey was created with prefix B, then you should send B1, B2, etc.D. for the above number.

By link WA.ME/79119554510 You can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll in WhatsApp and vote.

The first method (if you have contacts of participants):

When starting a vote, the creator comes a message with a question, answer options and prefix. The creator sends this message to the participants to the group chat or to private messages. Participants are crossing the link to chat with number 7 911 955 45 10.

The second method (if you do not have contacts of the participants):

After creating the survey, you will receive information about it: the survey number, voting prefix and other data. This information, as well as the topic of the survey and possible answers, you should bring yourself to the participants of your survey yourself.

By link WA.Me/79119554510 you can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll.

You, as the organizer of the survey, will receive a summary of the survey in WhatsApp with each new voice received. All response participants will receive a report with the results at the end of the survey.

Our main product Chat2desk-business communications with clients through messengers, social networks and online chat. WhatsApp surges are made on Chat2desk and demonstrate our technologies to the general public.

By default, the survey lasts 23 hours. You can complete your survey ahead of schedule by sending the command to the end. Keep in mind that when creating a new survey, your current survey will be forced to end.

Polls have two settings that are set when creating a new survey:

The creator and participants of the survey can send the team a report to see who voted for which of the answers.

No, because we check the sender number. For one answer, you can vote only once.