How to create a folder on the iPhone desktop

How to create a folder on the IPhone 8 X XS and XS Max desktop

I welcome you dear friends on our website, in today’s article I would like to talk about a question that seems to be simple, but in fact it is not as simple as it seems. Agree, turning over several screens in search of the desired program for the iPhone is not very productive. Let’s try to put things in order on the desktop of our device and put everything in folders in the literal sense of the word.

In one iPhone folder there may be a maximum of 12 icons. The number of folders that will be created is also limited. No more than 180. On the iPad, the limits are less strict. 220 folders, each of which is placed up to 20 icons. You can get around these restrictions only if there is a jailbreak on the mobile device.

When creating a catalog, the mobile device analyzes its contents and independently assigns its name. However, the user can rename the iPhone folder. This is how it is done:

  • Open the folder, press it in its name and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. The icons will tremble, and on the contrary the name of the catalog will appear a cross.
  • Wash the name assigned to the iPhone and enter another. Then click “Home” to fix the result. You can also remove the application icon from the folder through editing mode. The user needs to open the folder, press the icon and, holding the finger, take it beyond the borders of the folder, placing it on the desktop.
  • To remove the folder, you just need to remove all the icons from it. In the usual way. By clicking on the cross. The folder with the iPhone do not erase.


Many are interested in the question. Is it possible to put a password only on some folders, with personal photos or documents, for example? Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such possibility, at least the forces of the iPhone itself.

Since any applications are prohibited from integrating into the iPhone system, this ensures praised protection against hacks and viruses.

The manufacturer only offers blocking the smartphone password as a whole. Either with a digital code, or through the Touch ID sensor.

However, there is one completely legal way that allows you to protect the data stored in a particular folder from third.Party access. True, for this you have to install a special third.Party application. When using them, it will be necessary to unload selected files into protected sections created by the utility.

How To Create a New Folder On iPhone

You can find such programs in the Apple official store, among them: Folderlock, BestSecretfolder, Secret Folder Icon Free and many others. After installing and setting them up, the user will have to enter the password he created each time to enter the protected subsection.

Consider, for example, one of them. Here is what one of the blocks. Folderlock. Flocker programs provides.It provides protection against third-party access of personal photo, video-and audio files, contacts, documents and data on payment cards. Previously, it will be necessary to copy the above data from the iPhone folders to the corresponding Folderlock subsections.Then they should be removed from the system folders of the smartphone and create a reliable complex password. Thus, access to the contents stored in Folderlock will only be possible after its introduction.

The utility additionally protects the iPhone during sewing on the Internet or when sending files. She also makes even safer payment through electronic services. It is almost impossible to hack a web pitch.There are many other similar resources, however, they will work only after Jailbreak, and its use in itself is already a threat to iPhone security.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to structure the home menu iPhone. Ordered subsections with folders selected on various topics, greatly simplify the search for programs.

There is no chaos, and there is an opportunity to additionally increase the degree of preservation of content.

Since no matter how much the Apple shell was protected, hackers regularly hack it even. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to additionally strengthen the “bastions”, packing the most important information for you. Yes, it is not very convenient to enter access passwords every time, but this way you guaranteed to minimize the risk of any leak.

How to create a folder on iPhone through iTunes

There are alternative ways to create a catalog. The owner of the Apple iPhone can use the iTunes program, which provides for such a functionality. The utility needs to be installed on the computer, after which you will be able to make a new folder as follows:

  • Connect the phone to PC using a complete USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and undergo authorization using your Apple ID, which is assigned to the iPhone.
  • As soon as iTunes finds the iPhone, go to the “Program” section.

The number of catalogs that can be created on the desktop is not limited. You just need to fit into the space of the main screen.

For the correct operation of iTunes, the MacOS or Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system should be installed on your computer.

Adding icons to the screen “Home

To create your own folder, first you need to add all the icons of the desired applications to the “home” screen.

Spend on the right on the right on the screen “Home”

In the search bar, write the name of the applications

create, folder, iphone, desktop

Press and hold the application icon, transfer it from the list, now you will automatically get to the “home” screen

How to create a folder in iPhone?

Let’s talk about a question that seems to be simple, but in fact it is not as simple as it seems. Agree, turning over several screens in search of the desired program for the iPhone is not very productive. Let’s try to put things in order on the desktop of our device and put everything in folders in the literal sense of the word.

So, in order to create a folder in the iPhone, you do not need to hack anything or come up with various tricks. And just do the following:

  • In order to create a folder, we need to determine for ourselves at least two applications that we would like to see in a common folder. As soon as you decide, go to the second point.
  • Well, they chose the application? Then we do the following: hold the finger clamped on the icon of one of the previously selected applications until the moment when all the icons begin to sway slightly. When the action described in the previous sentence will happen, I can congratulate you. We are in the mode of editing desktop and space.
  • Have not yet removed a finger from the application? 🙂 excellent, then just drag the icon of one of the previously selected applications to the other icon.
  • As soon as the areas of the icons are in touch, wait a bit and do not let go and the voila (here please. Fr.). A folder was created in which two applications you have already been located! But that is not all. Let’s bring the case to the end
  • When a folder will create from previously done actions, then its area will open, that is: the name of the folder and its contents in a detailed form. Accordingly, we can do several things: rename the folder and change its contents.
  • First, consider how to rename the folder in the iPhone. To do this, we need to click on a fishing line for a trimmer with an already created name (it is given automatically to simplify our use and the system is guided by the application genre in the automatic determination of the name of the folder). The keyboard will open and we simply wash the name issued automatically and introduce any of its.
  • To change the folders, just drag the selected applications to the folder area and they will automatically be streamlined there. Just remember: the folder is not rubber and has a limitation on the maximum amount of content. 20 applications.

How to Create Folders in iPhone 13 Mini. Organize Apps in Folder on iOS Home Screen

Also, you can add applications to the closed folder (we also hold the finger on the application and transfer it to the folder icon).

That’s it! The folder is created, its content is defined and the name is given. And now we need to get out of the mode of editing desktop. To do this, just click on the “home” button.

With a further change in the content of the folder, there are two options for the development of events: either you add/remove the applications in/from the folder (I), or you want to remove the folder (well or rename it). Briefly consider these things.

We make a folder on the iPhone

When creating the folder, the name will be given automatically, depending on which applications are stored inside. If you are going to change the name, just go to the directory, and then click in the name. The keyboard will open, with which it will be possible to specify any suitable name.

You can remove the application from there. To do this, click on the icon before swaying, and then drag it to the desktop. You can remove the folder, this is done in several movements, just remove all applications from it. When you remove the latter, it will not become. If you have a lot of folders, it is possible to remove all applications from them at once, for this you should visit the Settlement section. There are looking for the “Reset” menu, and in it the column, which is responsible for the grounding of settings for placing the desktop. All catalogs will be deleted, those programs that were in them will be transferred to the desktop, and then will be located in alphabetical order.

How to rename the folder

If you create several catalogs on the desktop, you can easily get confused in them. Sometimes their total number corresponds to the number of applications, which is extremely inconvenient. But it will be much easier for you to understand the variety of folders if you come up with a name for everyone. For example:

create, folder, iphone, desktop

You can set a name for the section at the stage of creation. But, if you did not perform the operation immediately, in the future it will not be difficult to repeat it again:

As you can see, renaming is really performed in two accounts. No need to have any skills of an advanced user. Similarly, you can do through iTunes:

  • Connect iPhone to PC.
  • Open iTunes and go to the “Program” section.
  • Select a working screen and press one of the folders.
  • Click in the name of the catalog.

For the name of the folder, you can use any available characters of the standard keyboard, but you need to fit in a certain volume.

Now let’s go back and recall how albums and playlists created for photo and music, respectively. Their names can also be changed. The operation is performed according to a similar principle, which means you just need to press the name of the catalog and come up with a new name for it.

You can create a folder on the iPhone in 2 ways: directly through the mobile device integration and through iTunes. To resort to the services of iTunes for the sake of creating a folder is illogical. It will be possible to perform this operation directly on the iPhone literally one touch.

Know how to form folders in iTunes is useful to the user who “pumps” the applications in Mediacubine and loads them on the iPhone by synchronization. In this case, grouping icons is more convenient directly in iTunes, because all the desktops of the mobile device are in front.