How To Create A Folder On Huawei

How to create a folder on Honor and Huawei so as not to clutter the workplace with unnecessary files? If you asked such a question, then a function review is for you. Most users find it convenient to group application and file shortcuts on the phone so as not to make a real mess on the sliders and menus. To do this, on the Huawei phone, like on any PC, the function of creating folders is available. In addition to practical advantages, it is also an aesthetic order, which is also important for modern subscribers.

Create a folder

What is a folder on a device? Universal free space where you can really put various files and applications, sorting them. For example, if you have the following items on your desktop, then this definitely takes up a lot of space:

  • 3 games;
  • music shortcut;
  • weather;
  • telegram dialogue link;
  • instant messenger Viber;
  • Facebook
  • Instagram.
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Using an example, it is possible to group it into a capacity Social networks, where to place the messenger, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram. Games tossed into another space, and in the “Other” section. the remaining positions. Thus, the place expands, and the search and orientation among the icons becomes more convenient.

By the way, the basic components of the phone are already sorted. However, the user can move any files between the registers at his discretion.

How to create a menu folder on Huawei

Step by step how to create a separate capacity for files on the Huawei desktop:

  1. Open the workspace of the smartphone.
  2. Immediately identify two labels that are similar in the direction of work that you want to put together.
  3. Click on one and hold.
  4. Move it to the second.
  5. A window opens in which two selected softwares are placed.

Next, to add, use the drag and drop option.

How to Create a Folder On Huawei

Pros of using such a function in the phone:

  • everything is grouped;
  • maximum information at hand;
  • quick orientation;
  • work optimization;
  • lack of a mess on the main screen;
  • more space to work.
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How to rename a folder on Android Huawei

Open the folder on your Android, click on the inscription at the top and prescribe a new name for it.

How to remove a folder from the desktop

To do this, it must be clamped and dragged up. to the basket. Note that the manual for creating such folders on phones is almost the same for all manufacturers and models. Therefore, to apply this instruction is real on other smartphones.

If for some reason the action did not work, check the memory first. If there are no free gigabytes, then the system does not allow the creation of new files.

We add that on the official website of the representative office of Huawei, each user has the opportunity to find a detailed description of the various operations performed on smartphones Huawei and Honor. This is basically described in the instructions, but more clearly shown on the site. If answers to questions of interest on the network could not be found, it is always realistic to write in support where they respond within 24 hours.