How to create a folder in the menu on samsung

How to create a folder on Android?

Contrary to the opinion of some users, not all smartphone owners understand at least something in the Android operating system. Often they do not even know basic things. If you also feel like such a “kettle”, then our material is written specifically for you! In today’s article, we will talk about how to create a folder on Android. This allows you to group several applications at once, which will simplify navigation on the desktop.

General characteristics

To streamline applications, their clustering on the desktop or in the gallery, it is convenient to create specific folders (catalogs, files). The overall cleaning of the working area on the screen is a productive measure of the structuralness of information and its quick search. You can create a folder on the Android tablet or smartphone almost the same.

Standard process

The creation of a storage of files for its purpose is considered a good idea of ​​saving a place in which applications are grouped with certain purposes. For example, only games are placed in the “Games” catalog, only documents related to the professional activities of the user.

There are several options for creating a folder, each of which has an individual algorithm of actions and involves structuring information:

For the convenience of location and in order to save RAM, files or shortcuts are grouped into storage catalogs on the desktop. This process is different from the launcher installed on a smartphone or tablet. To form a catalog, the label of the application is dragged to another icon, as a result of which the file is created automatically. The remaining icons can be added to it.

An anonymous catalog is set the name. To do this, click once on the words “folder without name”, after which the keyboard will appear on the screen. The actions are simple and light, when it comes to the standard shell Android.

For example, a shell for Samsung based on Android version 442 (Touchwiz) requires a different process of creating. The user presses to the empty place of the desktop, clamping the finger until the additional menu appears. Then you need to select an element with the word “folder”, and then set the name. Creating a folder on the Android desktop is easy.

In many launches (shells of the smartphone desktop), you can not only create a folder on the Android screen, but also on the lower panel, performing similar manipulations. The resulting catalog can be renamed and moved as a shortcut.

Other options

In addition to the working area of ​​the phone, you can create a folder in the Android menu. To open this section at the bottom of the panel, the central button of the main screen is pressed. The algorithm of actions:

  • The user presses the settings button located above the menu with applications.
  • In the window that appears, you need to select the element creation point.
  • The applications should be selected that must be moved to the directory, then click on the conservation.

The folder is formed, it must be renamed. It’s easy to create it in the application menu, but not on all smartphones there is such an opportunity by default. This is due to an atypical preinstalled system shell.

In addition to the working area and launcher, smartphone users can make the folder on the drive. The standard file manager is uploaded in new phones, but sometimes additional software is installed. In all guides, the process is the same. Main stages:

  • Open the manager and click on plus.
  • Select the type of element created (“new catalog structure”).
  • The folder was created and located in the open directory. It can be opened, renamed or transferred.

Any convenient application is downloaded from the Play Market website. After starting, the utilities go to the “device” section, where all folders are located. On the left on the lower panel, the “Create” button with a plus is pressed. In the dialog box, the item “Fold” is selected. Using the keyboard, the name is gained, and the button is activated.

To create a folder in the tablet, you need to clamp your finger on the screen on the screen. In the menu that appears, select the “folder” item and enter the name.

Using a computer

It is convenient to create file storages using a computer or laptop. To form on the internal drive of a smartphone or tablet, the gadget is connected through a USB wire to a computer. After a few seconds, a new device is identified, and the necessary drivers are automatically installed.

Through the “my computer” the device opens with a double click of the mouse. Access to folders appears in the file section. A click of the second key is pressed in the free field, and the point “Create a folder” is selected.

For a folder on the SD card, it is recommended to create a directory with a name on the screen. A device for viewing internal elements opens in the window that appears. The catalog is transferred from the working area to the right place of the connected device.

To check you need to open a removable device and find the created folder. The workload and mess in the operating system do not allow you to fully control the gadget, so it is periodically necessary to clean the smartphone from excess garbage.

Using a file manager to create a folder on Android

To sort music, videos and documents with which you work from the phone, you need to create folders directly in the internal memory. To do this, use the programs. File managers who can be standard or third parties. First you give an example of how to create a folder on Android using a standard utility. It is named in different versions of the operating system:

Go to the standard application through the main menu, select the place where you will create a folder. It can be an internal memory or microSD card (if it is installed). After you go to the right directory in front of you will appear a list of folders. Find a “” sign that gives a command to create a new section from above or below. It can be made both in the root catalog, and in any of the folders, for example, weed out files in Music or Books. When creating the folder, you can immediately set her name, as the keyboard and empty line will appear. You need to confirm your action button “OK” or “Ready”.

In third.Party file managers, work is underway according to the same principles. For example, in the ES Conductor application, to create a new folder, it is enough to press the “Create” button in any of the directory of internal or external memory. This utility also allows you to create an OBB folder in the Android catalog, which are used to store the cache games. The need to create such folders appears when you download games from third.Party sources, and not from Play Market. When you use the official application store, OBB will be created automatically.

File managers allow you to create folders in such applications as “Gallery”. To do this, it is enough to make a new folder in the Foto or DCIM folder, where you will transfer the pictures or pictures special for you. After making changes, open the Gallery application. It automatically determine the new folder and begins to display it.

Creating a directory for Android

Folders have different purposes. Depending on the place in which they are located, they can be divided into:

The first two points belong to the “visual grouping”, since physically, new elements are not created in the memory. They allow you to combine applications in accordance with their purpose to accelerate the search. Next, we will tell you how to add a folder to the desktop in the Android operating system.

How to make a group of icons on the desktop

To create a catalog on the desktop, you need to make a long press on the icon with the application. The working area will change the appearance, allowing you to move the label with the program.

We drag it to another icon. A folder of two elements without a signature is formed, we repeat the action for other applications.

To rename it, open and click on “without name”. A panel with a sympathetic input will appear.

Note: the catalog will be automatically assigned the corresponding, when adding programs of the same type. For example, it will be called “communication” if you add messengers and social networks.

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Folder in the application menu

The function of creating a directory in the menu with applications is not presented in the “pure” Android. It appeared only in branded shells from Samsung and LG. Therefore, the instruction is relevant only for some phones models.

We go to the panel “All applications”. On most phones, it opens by pressing the average button, in the “Favorites” section at the bottom of the screen.

On Samsung‘s smartphones and tablets in the upper right corner is a icon with three points. Click on it, causing a context menu. Select the line “Editing/removing applications”. Now you can move the programs of the programs. To create a folder, drag the elements on top of each other, using a long press.

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How to create a folder on the Android desktop

For grouping shortcuts on the desktop, in the Android operating system you can create folders. But, the process of creating such folders is very different, depending on which shell (launcher) is used on this Android device. Therefore, many users are confused and do not know how to create a folder on the Android desktop. In this article, we will demonstrate the process of creating folders using the example of the standard Android shell, as well as the Touchwiz shell.

First of all, we will consider the process of creating folders on the Android desktop in a standard shell. Here, in order to create a folder, you need to drag one shortcut on another. At the same time, a folder will appear on the site of the second label, in which both programs will be located.

By default, the folder will be without a name. If you want to give her a name, then you need to open her and click on the signature “Untitled”. After that, the folder can be renamed.

If you use Touchwiz (shell from Samsung), then you can create folders on the desktop in two ways. The first method is a long press on an empty place on the desktop. After that, a pop.Up menu appears on the screen in which you need to select the “folder” item.

The second way is to call the context menu on the desktop. After that, select “Create a folder” item.

When creating a folder on a phone with a Samsung shell, the system will ask you the name of the folder.

It should also be noted that you can create folders not only on the desktop, but also in the memory of the Android device. In this case, you need to use the file manager. You can install any Play Market file manager you like. We will demonstrate the creation of the Android folder using a free file manager File Manager HD (Explorer).

First you need to open the folder in which you want to create a new folder. Then you need to press the icon in the form of a plus sign.

After that, a pop.Up menu will appear in which you need to select the “folder” item.

In order to finish the creation of the folder, enter its name and click on the OK button.

Or just transfer the icons from the folder to the desktop and it will disappear (this method does not work on all shells, so you will have to use the method described above).

How to create a folder in a gallery on Android

There are several proven ways to create a new folder on the phone or tablet. Depending on the version of the operating version of Android, the sequence of actions may differ. The main ways to form an album without additional programs:

In the article, the Android 9 version will be taken as the basis.0, but the instruction will be relevant for the 7th and 8th release of the system.

Creating an album through a gallery

In old models, a system gallery was built into viewing photos. Later it was replaced by the Google Photo service with different functionality and appearance of the application. It has synchronization with a cloud storage and allows you to make backups in the “Google disk”. Consider how to create an album in a built.In gallery on Android.

The program is installed on a smartphone with the name “Photo” and, often, posted on the main screen of the desktop. If it is not, we enter the name of the application in the search and open it.

The panel with the latest saved images in memory will open. Select the “Albums” section at the bottom of the screen. The window is divided into several parts. On top are catalogs created automatically using the service. Below are local user directors. Click on the “Create Album” button.

Enter the name and add new photos to it. They can share with friends and family by clicking on a special button on top. To complete the creation, we click on the icon with the arrow “back”.

Creating a folder in a gallery directly in the file system

Built.In file manager does not have a separate icon on a smartphone. To enter it, you need to go into the system settings. We make a swipe down at the top of the screen to open a notification panel. Click on a thicket icon.

System settings with several points will open. Choose the item “Storage” responsible for the number of space on the device. Scroll down and click on the line with the signature “File”.

A file manager will appear. It is better to make a new catalog in a special directory, for example: “Photos” or “DCIM”. These are generally accepted names for places with photos and pictures. Press the button with three points in the upper right corner. The context menu will open, select the “Create folder” line and give it the name.

Creating albums using a computer

This is a priority way if you need to throw a large number of files on the phone and immediately sort them. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable. In the notifications panel, the connection method will appear. Choose the item “File transfer”.

On Windows, the smartphone will appear in the “Computer” panel. Double press open the device.

To add a new directory, click with the right mouse button in the free area. In the context menu, select “Create a folder” and give her a name. It will automatically appear on a smartphone.

How to create a folder in a gallery

To create an album for photos in the smartphone gallery, it is enough to create a catalog in the folder where the photo from the smartphone camera is stored. Launch any file manager and go to DCIM folder. If you create a new catalog for photos or media, it will also appear in the Android gallery.

To do this, you will need file managers supporting the Root-right. Each of them has similar control, so the creation of the folder will not be difficult.

Root File Manager

Root File Manager is a standard Android smartphone file manager. The application allows you to view all files available on the smartphone. You can download free from Play Marketa. Peculiarities:

  • Cut, insert and copy;
  • Add to the archive or unpack;
  • Change permission and owners;
  • Access to all types of files, including game data files.

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Root Browser

Root Browser is a very popular Android conductor management application. The manager gained the most popular due to the function of hacking games. Peculiarities:

  • 2 control panels;
  • Cut the games for Android;
  • All types of registered Android extensions;
  • View and edit any file.

Ez File Manager

Ez File Manager is also a good free conductor compatible with most versions of Android. Peculiarities:

How to Create Folder in Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Easy Trick

  • Control files on Android mobile phones for free;
  • Copy, insert or remove;
  • Search and exchange of files directly by mail or for other devices;
  • Support ZIP and RAR for compressing and unpacking files.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager. An excellent application for users of Android mobile smartphones. The utility has unique and remarkable functions inaccessible in other file managers. For familiarization, a free version is available for 14 days, after which you will need to purchase a license. Peculiarities:

  • Intuitively understandable and pleasant integration;
  • Access to all types of extensions for games;
  • Control documents with dragging;
  • Compression and unpacking.

Root Spy File Manager

Root Spy File Manager allows you to access the secure data of Android mobile phones. Available for free in Play Market. Peculiarities:

  • Move, rename, copy or delete;
  • Simple and functional tasks dispatcher;
  • Create new elements;
  • Zip;
  • Search.

With the right approach, create a folder and use it for its intended purpose will not be difficult. If you know other effective methods, describe them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Perhaps your method will get with this list when updating.