How to copy WhatsApp with Android on Android

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How to transfer Vatsap correspondence to another smartphone: step.By.Step instructions

Watsap users who change the phone ask the question of how to transfer chats and not lose them. They are afraid that correspondence with colleagues, relatives and relatives will be lost in the World Wide Web forever. It turns out that in WhatsApp you can transfer chats from one phone to another.

In the article, we will consider all the methods of postponing oldsApp from one phone to another.

How to send WhatsApp chat to the post office

I propose to start from the simplest, although not the most convenient way to transfer correspondence in WhatsApp. It is to just send it by mail. This is not very practical, but generally available, because everyone can use this method, regardless of which smartphone and on the basis of which OS they use.

Whatsapp allows you to send chats one by mail in a text format

It is uncomfortable that every chat will have to be sent manually

This method is inconvenient in that it involves quite a lot of manipulations, demanding from you to transfer correspondence with each interlocutor individually and without sending all the default media. You definitely need to clarify if you want to send them. In some cases, this creates certain difficulties, because many simply forget to send investments or lose their own on a third or fourth chat.

Is it possible to transfer the application without loss of data

Transfer WhatsApp to another phone without data loss. To do this, you need to copy all the information. Correspondence and a list of contacts. In a cloud storage or on Google Drive.

The messenger itself creates backup copies of chats. This is convenient for the user: you do not have to go into “settings” every time and activate the function.

To go to the “backup” section:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • We click on 3 points in the upper part of the screen to go to the “settings”.
  • If the phone based on Android, select “Account”. If the user prefers iOS, you should select “Account”.
  • We find “backup” and set up it. Choose how often a copy of all chats will be created and where they will be saved.

Now, even if the user loses access to the account, he will be able to read his correspondence in WhatsApp.

The second method of transferring WhatsApp without data loss is a change of phone number. The user updates the number tied to the account. After that, he will be able to use the messenger on the new device and not lose important information (for example, a chat with colleagues).

After changing the number, the user will be able to use the Watsap for another device without loss of data. A new phone number will be tied to the account.

How to recording WhatsApp data to another phone through local backup

In order to use this method, the user must copy the contents of correspondence and investment in WhatsApp. To create a backup on the old device:

  • Go to WhatsApp;
  • Choose “Menu”;
  • Next, click “Parameters of calls and chats”;
  • Launch “Reserve Chats”;
  • Find the folder “WhatsApp /Database” On the internal memory of your phone. In it, select the latest backup. It has a format “MSGSTORE-2021-06-30.DB.Cryp “. Copy backup on a computer.

Next, you need to transfer the backup file to the new phone. After that, you can run data transfer to a new phone.

  • Install the application on a new device, but do not start;
  • Find the folder on the new device “WhatsApp /Database” and transfer backup from a computer there;
  • Run the application. Pass the verification, including confirm your phone number. It must coincide with the one you used to enter the application on the old device;
  • Agree to restore the history of correspondence when the system will offer to do this.

How to tie WhatsApp to another number

But sometimes we change not only the smartphone itself, but also the phone number. Despite the fact that it is now quite easy to move to a new operator with an old number, from time to time some of us have the need to start. What is called. From a clean sheet. Therefore, it is logical not only to transfer the chats, but also to re.Ify the account to the new phone number. To postpone WhatsApp messages when changing your phone, you can use the Icarefone For WhatsApp Transfer application.

You can also use this instruction:

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone to Android | Wutsapper

  • Insert a new SIM card into your old smartphone with WhatsApp (re-raising the number on the new smartphone will not work);
  • Launch WhatsApp and go to “Settings”. “Account”. “Change number”;
  • Enter your new number in the lower field and click “Next”;
  • Click “Ready” and confirm your phone number with a code from SMS, which will come to a new number.
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How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone Free without PC

After you re.Re.Ify the WhatsApp account to the new telephone number, users from your notebook will not know about it automatically, so it will be better if you inform them yourself. To do this, at the stage of the WhatsApp number attachment allows you to send all or selected subscribers a notification that you are changing the phone number and now you will only be available on it.

Why I do not like sensory smartphones, so this is for their outright unreliable. Any, not even the most serious fall, is almost always fraught with negative consequences. The best that you can count on in such situations is dents and burrs on the frame of the case. But you can run into larger problems. Either the display will crack, then the back panel, then the camera lens will split. In short, there are a lot of problems with them, and the solution is only one. To roll the device into films, protective glasses and covers. But why go half measures if there is a ready.Made decision?

copy, whatsapp, android

Smartphones have already become more powerful than PC. These are not speculation, but facts. And they are more compact and more convenient to use, do not discharge longer and it’s easier to figure it out. Who would have thought, for example, 10 years ago, that smartphones would replace computers to us? Already, many of my friends do not even use PC in work, limited to a smartphone. Perhaps some tasks are not so convenient to perform on the phone screen, but in most cases it copes well, helping out in the most difficult situations. In 2021, performing tasks with a smartphone is much more convenient than using the same laptop.

Do you protect your smartphone? I. Must. Despite the fact that I do not glue neither film nor glass on the screen, I use the case without fail. He solves two problems. Firstly, the apparatus protects from damage, which there would be countless ones without a case. And, secondly, it makes the appearance of the already nonsense a little more interesting. Another thing is that choosing a normal cover is still the task. After all, the vast majority of decisions available in the market are complete gloom.

We use special software

There are several specialized services for the full transfer of information. We liked the Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer from the Tenorshare developer: it allows you to carry out a cross.Platform transfer (for example, with Android on iPhone). This will need a laptop or computer and, in fact, two smartphones.

We connect both gadgets to the computer and click the “Transfer” button.

The program will create a backup copy of the data. Then you will need to click “Continue”.

To make sure the WhatsApp account belongs to you, you will need to enter the phone number to which it is attached.

If the number is entered correctly, the data will begin to copy. Usually the process takes several minutes. After the end, you will see about such a window.

copy, whatsapp, android

How to transfer WhatsApp chats

You can also use third.Party applications like iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer.

  • We connect two phones to the computer (Android and iOS);
  • The phone to which the transfer is carried out should be on the right;

Mortgage of the backhone backup from the iPhone to Android

My favorite way is to postpone a backup of WhatsApp from iCloud to Android. But for starters a little preparation. It is to delete WhatsApp from the Android Smartphone if it was previously installed. This is a prerequisite, the implementation of which guarantees the movement of a backup of WhatsApp from one smartphone to another.

Connect both smartphones to the computer at once and follow the instructions on the screen

For successful data transfer, you must definitely verify your account with SMS code

This is what the data transfer procedure looks like

When the transfer ends, you will see such a screen. Focus on it

In the process of copying, the program may ask you to confirm your phone number, to which the WhatsApp account is tied. This is necessary to identify a copy that will need to be transferred to another smartphone. The fact is that in this way you can transfer copies between different smartphones with different accounts.

How to restore messages in WhatsApp

After completing the backup procedure, download the WhatsApp app of Google Play on Android. This must be done without disconnecting the smartphone from the computer, so as not to stop the data transfer procedure. As soon as you download the messenger on the new smartphone, you need to go through an authorization with the same number to which the WhatsApp reserve copy with iPhone is tied.

  • Launch WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone;
  • Pass the authorization and accept whatsApp rules;
  • Agree to search for a backup and wait for its location;

Restore the copy without turning off the phone from the computer

  • After a notification appears on the screen that a backup is discovered, click “Restore”;
  • Wait for the recovery of the backup of WhatsApp on Android.

The whole procedure for copying WhatsApp with iPhone on Android takes no more than five minutes. Over, you need a minimum of actions. Connect both smartphones to the computer by pressing a couple of buttons and wait. In my case, it took the most time to search for a cable because the complete Lightning cable from the iPhone 12 due to the USB-C connector simply did not approach my MacBook Air 2017.

Let’s be honest: installing third.Party software is not what we usually want to do, especially when we are talking about such a primitive procedure as the transfer of chats. But, on the other hand, if this is not done, you risk being left without your correspondence at all or spend a lot of time to transfer each chat separately, because the rest of the WhatsApp chat transfers proposed by the creators of the messenger are absolutely stupid.