How to Copy Videos to iPhone

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How to Transfer Videos to iPhone Using a Cable

For this method, you need iTunes.

  • Connect your device to your PC with a cable.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Find your device in the list.
  • On the left, click on “Programs”.
  • Now on the right, find VLC.
  • Drag the videos, series and other files you need into the “VLC Documents” field. You can also click on “Add file”.
  • It remains to wait for the files to download.

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How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone with VLC

In the battle to win the title of the best operating system against iOS, there is always the argument that it is very closed. Data transfer is possible only in the ways provided by the developers. In fact, these restrictions can be circumvented. Today we will tell you how to transfer videos, movies and TV series to your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes.

VLC is a famous video player that has conquered half the world due to its availability and wide compatibility with various video formats. In iOS, it had its pros and cons, it appeared and disappeared from Apple’s mobile operating system.

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With VLC, you can transfer files using iTunes or using Wi-Fi technology. In both cases, the very first thing you will need to do is download the VLC program to your iPhone or iPad.

How to Transfer Videos to iPhone over Wi-Fi in VLC

In addition to transferring videos to VLC using iTunes, you can transfer them over Wi-Fi, bypassing other programs.

For this method, you need to fulfill some conditions:

  • A web browser must be installed on the computer
  • Your computer and iPhone or iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Movie, TV series, audio, video or other file must be saved on your computer

Then follow this instruction:

  • In the VLC app for iOS, select Network. Access via Wi-Fi “.
  • This will bring up two addresses, one of which will be “http: //192.168.1.XX” and the second “http: //NAME-YOUR- DEVICE.local/”.
  • Enter one of these addresses into your web browser.
  • You will see a web page showing the files already downloaded to your device. As well as a large button to download new content.
  • Now drag the files you need into the window or click the button and select the files in the pop-up window.
  • The files will now appear on your device.

VLC is available for free on the App Store. This file transfer option is good because it can be done from any computer. The only thing that is required is a browser and a Wi-Fi network. Now you know that the fastest and easiest way to transfer TV series, movies and videos to iPhone or iPad without iTunes is VLC.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

The complexity of the iPhone lies in the fact that, like a removable storage device, when connected via a USB cable, it works with a computer in an extremely limited way. only photos can be transferred through Explorer. But there are many other alternative ways to transfer videos, and some of them will be even more convenient.

Wi-Fi sync

If your computer and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it is the wireless connection that can be used to transfer video. In addition, we need the VLC application (you can also use any other file manager or player equipped with a Wi-Fi sync function).

  • If necessary, install VLC for Mobile on your iPhone by downloading the app from the App Store.
  • Launch VLC. Select the menu icon in the upper left corner, and then activate the “Access via Wi-Fi” item. Next to this item, the network address will be displayed, which must be accessed from any browser installed on the computer.

A window will appear on the screen in which you need to click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner, and then select the video in the opened Windows Explorer. Also you can just drag and drop the file.

  • The download will start. When the “100%” status is displayed in the browser, you can return to VLC on the iPhone. the video will automatically be displayed in the player and will be available for playback.
  • iTunes

    The standard method for transferring clips using iTunes. The disadvantage of this method is that the standard Video application supports playback of only three formats: MOV, M4V, and MP4.

    • First of all, you will need to add the video to iTunes. This can be done in several ways, each of which was previously covered in detail on our website.

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    Once the video is added to iTunes, it remains to move it to the iPhone. To do this, connect the device to your computer using a USB cable and wait for your gadget to be detected in the program. Now open the “Movies” section and select “Home Videos” on the left side of the window. This is where your videos will be displayed.

    Click on the video that you want to transfer to iPhone, right-click and select “Add to device”. “iPhone”.

  • The synchronization process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the size of the transferred movie. As soon as it is completed, you can watch the movie on your phone: to do this, open the standard Video application and go to the Home Videos tab.
  • Cloud storage

    If you are a user of any cloud storage, you can easily transfer a video from your computer using it. Let’s consider the further process using the example of the Dropbox service.

      In our case, Dropbox is already installed on the computer, so just open the cloud folder and transfer our video to it.

    The video will not appear on your phone until the sync is complete. Therefore, as soon as the sync icon next to the file changes to a green checkmark, you can watch a movie on your smartphone.

    Launch Dropbox on your smartphone. If you don’t have an official client yet, download it for free from the App Store.

    The file will be available for viewing on the iPhone, but with a slight clarification. it requires a network connection to play it.

    But, if necessary, the video can be saved from Dropbox to the smartphone’s memory. To do this, call the additional menu by clicking the button with the ellipsis in the upper right corner, and then select the “Export” item.

  • In the context menu that appears, select “Save Video”.
  • iTunes and AcePlayer app

    The main disadvantage of the first method is the scarcity of supported formats, but you can get out of the situation if you transfer the video from your computer to a video player application that supports a large list of formats. That is why, in our case, the choice fell on AcePlayer, but any other player for iOS will do.

    • If you do not have AcePlayer installed yet, install it on your smartphone from the App Store.
    • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. To get started, go to the smartphone control section by clicking on the corresponding icon at the top of the program window.

    On the left side, in the “Settings” section, open the “Shared Files” tab.

  • The program will start copying the file to the application. As soon as it is completed, the video will be transferred to the smartphone and available for playback from AcePlayer (to do this, open the “Documents” section).
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    Ways to Transfer Movies to iPhone from Computer

    Below we will try to consider the maximum number of ways to add video from a computer to an iPhone or other gadget running iOS.


    iTools is an analogue of iTunes, in which the process of working with files transferred to or from a device is simplified as much as possible. You can also use any other program with similar capabilities.

      Launch iTools. In the left part of the program window, select the “Video” section, and in the top. the “Import” button. Next, Windows Explorer will open, in which you will need to select a video file.

  • When the sync is complete, the file will be in the default Videos app on the iPhone, but this time in the Movies tab.
  • As you can see, despite the closed nature of iOS, there are a lot of ways to transfer videos from a computer to an iPhone. From the point of view of convenience, I would like to highlight the fourth method, but it will not work if the computer and smartphone are connected to different networks. If you know other methods of adding videos to apple devices from a computer, share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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    iPhone cannot “read” AVI clips. If you’ve downloaded just such a movie, your Apple device won’t open it. It only plays MP4, M4V and MOV with h.264 codec. Here’s how to view information about a video:

    • Click on it with the right mouse button.
    • In the context menu select “Properties”.
    • The file type contains the extension.
    • Go to the “Details” tab to see other characteristics: bit rate, bit rate, frame rate, picture size.

    Most of the films are distributed in AVI. Although there are movies in FLV, MKV, 3GP, VOD, OGG. Therefore, before transferring video from computer to iPhone, you need to convert the file to a suitable format. This can be done using the following programs:

    • Any Video Converter (AVC). A convenient utility. just indicate on which device the movie will be played, and it will set the necessary settings by itself.

    Just changing the extension is not enough. The characteristics will remain the same. And the iPhone won’t be able to recognize it. Therefore, it is better to use a converter.

    Different programs have different settings and interface. But no special knowledge is needed. Just set the following settings:

    • Format: MP
    • Video codec (Video Encoder): h.264.
    • You can change the rest to whatever you want, or leave it as it is.

    If you want to do without conversion, download any player from the App Store that recognizes the files you need (for example, GPlayer). After that, you can figure out how to transfer video from your computer to iPhone. There are several ways to do this.

    How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone with FoneTrans

    This is one of the direct methods of transferring video recordings. FoneTrans is an alternative to the well-known iTunes application, with which you can easily transfer any file you need. To do this, you need:

    • Download the program through an official source on a PC. As a rule, the program automatically turns on and asks to connect the desired phone. The software is designed in such a way that it automatically recognizes all devices in a close range. iPhone will connect to PC by itself;

    It turns out that there are a lot of ways to transfer video from PC to iPhone. The user is presented with a large selection. He can choose exactly the path that is convenient for him. Transferring videos is easy and simple even with the iPhone operating system.

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    What can I do to prevent this in the future?

    If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

    If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

    How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone (and iPhone to Windows!)

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    How to transfer video to iPhone from PC using the cloud

    The most famous cloud is Dropbox. Of course, there is a huge amount of storage where you can keep files and transfer them from one device to another. As a rule, they use the most popular ones, so using this application as an example, we will analyze how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone using cloud storage.

    The cloud is such a base where you can upload various files and not clog the memory of your computer device. The only drawback of such applications is the memory limitation.

    Having installed the cloud, in this case DropBox, on your computer and phone, you can start transferring video.

    • First you need to open the program on your computer, and then transfer the video file to it. This can be done, as well as by throwing from the desktop into the application itself, or through the menu.

    How to stream video over Wi-Fi via VLC

    This method will only work if your computer and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Not every user knows that video files can be transferred wirelessly.

    You can transfer not only various videos, but others as well. For example, photo or audio files.

    Transferring over Wi-Fi is impossible without the help of the VLC program. It is specifically designed for wireless file transfer. Its functionality resembles the aforementioned programs such as iTunes or iTools.

      To stream video wirelessly, you need to make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi. After that, the VLC program is downloaded to the iPhone.

    How to install d3dcomplier_43.dll

    Let’s move on to reviewing all the methods for fixing DLL errors

    It is important to respect the bitness of the file and the operating system, otherwise the installation will not help fix the problem. Let’s start by installing the complete DirectX package:

    • Download the DirectX installer from the developer’s site. Then run the installer with a double click of the mouse. Accept the terms of the agreement and click on “Next”.
    • The program will start checking for missing components. You will see the total size of the files. Click “Next” to continue.
    • Then the necessary files will be downloaded from the official servers. The procedure will take up to 2-3 minutes. Then close the program and restart your computer.

    Check the functionality of the problematic application or game. If the method did not resolve the error, go to the next method:

    The described methods will help if the file is completely missing. However, the problem may be related to damage from viruses and other malware. It is recommended to perform a deep scan of the system partition and move all found threats to quarantine.

    How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone via iTunes

    iTunes is a universal application from a well-known Apple company. With it, you can not only download applications, control a computer device via iPhone, but also send video data from your phone to your computer! This application allows the user to perform all unavailable operations very quickly and efficiently.

    In order to transfer from PC to iPhone, you need to open iTunes on your computer and drag the converted video into it. This can be done in two ways:

    • Drag and drop from the desktop into the program;
    • Open via the program menu.

    For the first option, it is enough to send the converted video to the desktop, open the application and add the video by dragging and dropping. It will automatically go to the necessary section in the program itself.

    • In the program, click on the button called “File” and find the section “Add a computer file to the library”.
    • Next, select the video you want to upload.

    Data transfer and synchronization will take place, after which this video can be viewed on the device via iTunes.

    Method: Purchase a YouTube Premium Subscription

    This method is legal, safe and very convenient, but keep in mind that YouTube Premium will need to be paid for 12 every month. However, in addition to downloading videos, you get the advantage of watching all videos without annoying ads.

    To save a video from your YouTube Premium account, you need:

    Open YouTube app on iPhone 2. Go to the desired video 3. Press the “Download” button located under the video. 4. Select the folder where to download the video. 5. Wait for the video to load.

    How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

    Let’s talk about how to legally (and not quite) save YouTube videos to your iPhone so as not to lose your favorite videos from bloggers, music videos or reviews.

    In fact, uploading video content streamed to YouTube is a very simple operation if you know what is what. But, nevertheless, we must warn you that, if you are not the owner of a YouTube Premium account, it is not entirely legal to store other people’s videos and distribute them without specifying the source or link to the channel.

    There are only two ways to save YouTube videos to iPhone.

    Method: Using the service

    There are many services on the network that can help save videos from YouTube, but we recommend what we use or have checked ourselves. Yes, it’s illegal, but if you’re just going to watch the video a little later on the road or show a friend, you can use the service.

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    Attention! Before following the instructions, download the Documents app from Readdle. It is available at this link on the AppStore.

    • Unlock your iPhone.
    • Open YouTube.
    • Find the video you are interested in.
    • Copy the link to it using the “Share” button.
    • Minimize YouTube app.
    • Open Documents app by Readdle
    • Open the compass sign in the lower right corner.
    • In the link field write
    • When the site opens, paste in the required field your link to the video.
    • Next, you need to click “Download”.
    • After that, select the desired format, size and folder for downloads again, click “Download”.
    • We are waiting for the video to be saved.
    • Go to the already downloaded video in the program and drag it to the “Photos” folder.

    Unfortunately, these are all proven ways to download YouTube videos to iPhone / iPad. We strongly advise against installing any applications from unreliable sources that promise fast downloads, because they can harm your smartphone and cause your data to leak.

    Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

    How to save a document

    The next step is to save the video to the “Gallery” of the phone. Take Storage as an example Thanks to a high-quality program, any information is downloaded and saved without problems. You can view it using iPhones on iOS and gadgets with OS “Android”.

    Saving is done as follows:

    • We enter the personal mailbox, find a message with a file for download.
    • Open the letter where the attached document is located.
    • Click on the video and hold.
    • A menu appears listing the options for the selected file. We select “Save to files” and wait until the download is finished.

    File upload features

    How often we are let down by the speed of the mobile Internet or its lack at all. But there is a way out: download the zip file on the iPhone to the “cloud” warehouse, then save it to the “Gallery”. The document will be available regardless of the presence of the Internet.

    Many people face a problem when downloading, storing video content on iPhone from mail. To do this, you need special programs, applications that can open a document for the further possibility of loading it and saving it in memory. The utilities are selected from several of the most proven and popular. Information in e-mail is downloaded and stored on any available “cloud”.

    Consider the most popular among advanced users. iCloud Drive and

    iCloud Drive

    The iPhone needs to have an active “cloud”, or iCloud:

    • Select the letter where the downloaded information is located.
    • After opening the message, click on the attachment, holding the button for a few seconds.
    • We are waiting for a small window with standard options to pop up, where the “Save attachment” function will be.
    • We click on it, a “cloud” warehouse opens. There are options for where to save the document.

    Content is quickly downloaded to the cloud. Thus, the user gets access to viewing from any device where the program is installed to contain information.

    In addition to video, this method is also suitable for other files.

    How to download video from mail to iPhone and save to Gallery

    It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone. The device is, of course, versatile, but the gadget, “crammed” with all sorts of data, often has an overflowing memory. To offload devices, cloud storage was invented. With their help, it is possible not only to download, but also to “store” various information. Let’s figure it out in this article with the question of how to download video from mail on iPhone.


    The presence of the installed mail “cloud” from allows you to quickly and easily download various files. Saving a video to the Gallery is easy.

    An important plus: applying. there is a significant savings in Internet traffic: MBs are saved. Downloading information from the “cloud” is also possible when using Wi-Fi.

    The cloud warehouse is free of charge. The saved mail document is always available for viewing not only from the phone, but also from other devices.

    Due to the constantly updated versions of the “cloud” from the mobile phone, new opportunities become available. You can share a direct link to a video file with friends via or.There is a special function for this.

    The use of the “cloud”, saving files in the “Gallery” provides the user with the ability to watch films, entertainment programs, training programs at any time, regardless of the presence of the Internet, its transmission speed.

    How to Download Videos to iPhone via iTunes?

    • In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File, Add File to Library, or Add Folder to Library.
    • Specify a file or folder, then click Open. If you add a folder, all the files contained in it are added to the library.

    How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 11 to Computer?

    • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable.
    • Open the Photos app.
    • In the Photos application, the Import screen opens, showing all the photos and videos on the connected device.

    How to transfer a movie to iPad?

    Select your device from the list, and then under Settings, select Applications. Scroll down the program page and select VLC. Drag the video files to VLC Documents or click Add Files, select the files you want and wait for them to finish copying to the device.

    How to Transfer Movie from Poppy to iPad?

    Click Shared Files, select an application from the list, then do one of the following.

    • Transfer file from iPad to computer. In the list on the right, select the file you want to transfer, click “Save”, select the location of the file and click “Save”.
    • Transferring a File from Computer to iPad.

    How to Transfer Books from iPhone to Mac?

    Sync books from Mac to iPhone or iPad

    • Connect your device to your Mac.
    • In the Finder on your Mac, select a device from the Finder sidebar.
    • In the button bar, select “Books”.
    • Select the “Sync books to [device name]” checkbox to enable syncing of books.
    • To sync selected books, select the Selected Books checkbox.

    How to share an ePub from iBooks?

    Open a book, click File Export and select iBooks. If you want to submit a file to the iBooks Store, click the advanced options triangle (located next to iBooks Store Options), then follow the onscreen instructions. Click Next.

    How to sync between iPad and iPhone?

    First of all, set up iCloud on your iPhone. To do this, go to the iCloud Settings section. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to your account. Select all the data you want to transfer to iPad by going to the tab next to each data type and toggling it to “On”.

    How to save videos to iPhone

    IPhones have always been famous for their closeness. So many of the recommendations that are valid for some phones or tablets did not always work for Apple devices. This also applies to how to save video to iPhone. Sometimes it can be really difficult to do this. However, there is always a way out in any case.

    When going on a long trip, every traveler must have thought more than once about what to do on the way? A safe option is to watch funny movies, funny videos or educational documentaries on the way. And in order not to worry once again about the speed of the Internet and the spent gigabytes of mobile traffic, it is best to download everything on your iPhone in advance. And this can be done in many different ways.

    Video Saver PRO Cloud Drive

    To do this, you need to place the address of the video for downloading in the clipboard (how to do this has already been mentioned above). Then you need to download the Video Saver PRO Cloud Drive program and click on the globe icon. The built-in browser will be launched.

    A link to the video is copied to the address bar of the built-in browser, on the virtual keyboard you need to tap Go.

    The video will start playing, immediately in full screen mode. In the action menu that appears, you need to specify the name of the video under which the file will be downloaded to the iPhone. and click Download.

    The next screen will open the file manager, where you will need to specify the directory where you want to save the movie file. You can leave everything at the default value, or you can specify your own path. In the first case, the download is made to the My Files folder.

    To start uploading a video, you need to tap the checkmark icon at the bottom right of the screen.

    Now you need to close the player, and on the browser screen, click on the triangle icon next to the address bar. You will be taken to the download list.

    In the future, to access the downloaded video, launch Video Saver PRO, go to the My Files section, or open the folder specified as the location for saving the content at your discretion. To start playback, you just need to select the desired video from the list.

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    Application Name Free Convenience Versatility
    Video Saver PRO Cloud Drive No Quite simple Almost any video content

    Using cloud services

    They often use cloud storage to download videos. To do this, you need to have an application on the iPhone that corresponds to a particular cloud storage.

    All that remains to be done is to download the video to your computer, place it in a folder in the cloud. and open it already on the iPhone.

    Well, to download, you just need to select the item. Save to gallery.

    How to save videos from the Internet to iPhone via Safari browser

    The Safari browser is native to iOS, so it’s not surprising that users have introduced ways to download videos for it. For example, you need to do the following:

    • Copy the link to the downloaded video from the browser address bar;
    • Launch Safari and go to the site of any downloader in it. For example, can be recommended for YouTube;
    • Paste the copied link into the text field of the site;
    • Select one of the video download options and click on the on-screen button next to the desired option;
    • In the upper right corner, click on the arrow icon to open the Downloads menu;
    • After downloading the video, you need to click on it;
    • The built-in player will start, in it we select the Share. Save video option.

    Ready! Now the video will be available in the standard iPhone application. Photos.

    How to download videos with iTools

    It is quite easy to work with the iTools app. Of course, you need to download it first. Then open and go to the Media tab, in the right menu select. Video.

    You need to select videos to download to iPhone, drag and drop them into the iTools window. The application will ask you to install the converter, with which you must agree. Immediately after that, the transfer of the video to the smartphone will begin.

    How to Save Videos to iPhone with iTunes

    To download a video through iTunes, you need to open it on your computer, then select Files. Add file to the library on the top left. Next, they will offer all the videos that are available on the computer, it remains to select the desired one and then. Open.

    Now the iPhone is connected to the computer via USB, in the iTunes application you need to click on the phone logo. The settings menu will appear, where you need to go to the Movies category.

    Here we check the box next to the Synchronize movie item. All that remains is to select the Apply and Finish items. After a while, the videos will be downloaded from the computer to the smartphone.

    How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

    The situation with downloading videos from YouTube is a little more complicated.

    First, it is completely legal to purchase a paid YouTube Premium subscription. And then the user will have access to the option to download video content completely legally.

    Secondly, you can use the universal service After going to this site, all you have to do is type in the text field the link to the file downloaded from YouTube. If multiple format options are supported, then you need to choose the optimal one. and click on the download button.

    The video will be placed in the standard iPhone Downloads folder.

    How to Download Videos to iPhone via iTunes from Computer

    For experienced users, and for Apple itself, this method is the most obvious. You just add the video to iTunes and sync it to your device.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and turn on iTunes. Wait until everything is decided and the synchronization ends.

    Open the video section on iTunes in the drop-down menu of your smartphone. This section will list all the videos that are in iTunes and on your iPhone.

    Open the folder with the video you want to transfer. Drag it to the center of the iTunes window to other videos and make sure that after processing there is a checkmark next to it confirming the synchronization.

    To download a video from your computer to your iPhone, go to your smartphone information section and manually start syncing. After its completion, the videos will be on the iPhone.

    This method has a significant drawback. ITunes must be installed on your computer, and with your PC this is often not a problem. over, if you are an Apple user of a mobile device, you have definitely installed iTunes for yourself. But, there may be problems with someone else’s computer.

    How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone with iCloud

    If you don’t have iTunes on your computer, but you have the Internet, or you don’t want to search for a cable lost somewhere, then iCloud is the best solution to send video from your computer to iPhone. All you need is the Internet on your computer and iPhone, as well as registering your Apple ID.

    On your computer, go to the iCloud website. Log in using your username and password.

    Go to the file storage itself.

    Drag and drop videos from your computer into it. Directly into the browser window or just follow the instructions for downloading files.

    After you have uploaded the video to iCloud, go to the iCloud app through your iPhone.

    Now you can download video to your smartphone from cloud storage.

    This method is extremely convenient at the present time. Rarely in any house there is no good Wi-Fi, and unlimited mobile Internet is no longer a novelty. But, there is a problem with the iCloud service itself. The maximum amount of free space provided is 5 GB.

    This problem is solved by using the direct competitor of iCloud. Google Drive. Cloud storage from Google is a little more supportive and already provides 15 GB of free space. All you need is a registered Gmail mail. The transfer instructions work exactly the same.

    Both iCloud and Google Drive allow you to transfer videos to Android smartphones in the same way.

    Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone via iCareFone

    The quickest and easiest way to add videos from your computer is using the iCareFone utility from the developer Tenorshare. It is extremely easy to use and does not require an understanding of syncs and other features of iTunes. You just work with the memory of your smartphone as with a regular flash drive.

    Install Tenorshare iCareFone by downloading from the official site. For a start, the free version will be enough.

    How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC (and Windows to iPhone). UPDATED

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and run the utility. Wait for your iPhone to decide.

    Go to the video section in the utility. Or select the video section in the file system tab.

    Now all files and videos on your iPhone are shown in front of you. Just select “Import” and drag the videos you want from your computer to the iCareFone window. Once downloaded, the videos will be on iPhone.

    To transfer video folders, select Import Select Folder, then select a folder and click OK.

    Tenorshare iCareFone is built with ease of use in mind. Thus, you can transfer any files with just a few clicks. In addition, the application itself has a wide functionality including the ability to download any files up to applications. Also, with the help of the utility, you can create backups of your smartphone, restore it, update the firmware or repair the firmware in case of critical errors. In general, iCareFone is an easier-to-use version of iTunes, but without a licensed media teka and linking to an Apple ID.

    Three Ways to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

    Sooner or later, every owner of Apple devices faces the question of how to transfer video from a computer to an iPhone. And this issue is solved very easily and in several ways. Although, each of the methods will be more convenient for different cases.

    For example, you can easily sync videos to your iPhone from your computer using iTunes. It’s another matter if the computer does not belong to you, but it contains the video you need on the iPhone. In this case, iCloud will help. a cloud storage that will allow you to transfer video over the Internet.

    But, if this is someone else’s computer and there is no Internet connection, or you just do not want to understand the intricacies of iTunes, then it is better to use the iCareFone utility from the developer Tenorshare. Now in more detail about each of the listed methods.

    Final part

    Utilities from Tenorshare, namely iCareFone, is a one-stop solution. It works with any computer, except those on which the operating system Linux is installed. Also, the utility supports any version of iOS and iPhone model.

    The developer Tenorshare itself produces other utilities for working with the iPhone. All of them are as easy to use as possible, they are universal and fulfill their function in just a few clicks. For example, Tenorshare UltData allows you to recover deleted files on iPhone. Other utilities allow you to back up or transfer files or the entire system from one iPhone to another.