How to copy the IPhone application on the iPhone. How to transfer your apps for an iPhone to a friend

Sberbank and Alfa-Bank application transfer to a new iOS ⁠ ⁠ device

Recently, the applications of Sberbank and Alfbank disappeared from the AppStore, and many people who after that change the phone for a new cause a lot of inconvenience inability to use banks on new devices.

Applications are not transferred through all three available data transfer methods to the new device of the proposed Apple, but there is a “roundabout” path that will allow you to install applications removed from the AppStore on a new device, Use one Apple ID account.

As I have already mentioned. the method is not “official”, all manipulations at your own peril and risk. About fears and risks. At the end of this opus =)

I will describe the procedure for a computer on Windows, for computers on MacOS, the procedure is most likely similar.

First of all, we install iTunes on a computer if it is not installed, then connect the old phone (in which the applications of Sber and Alfa are installed) to the computer with a lace and make a local backup copy of the phone, preferably protecting it with password.

After we made a nursery copy, we turn off the old phone from the computer, we transfer to the air mode, optionally turn off.

Then we download and install the Imazing application from the developer’s website, I do not leave the link just in case, but upon request Imazing Google gives the correct link first. The application is paid, but for our task there will be a fairly free version with limited functionality.

After the installation, we start Imazing, tell the application that we use a trial period and fall into the application integration, on the left side of the screen we see a backup copy of the old phone. We open it, when opening, attached will ask the password from a backup, it must be entered.

We move to the “Applications” menu and see a list of all applications that were installed on the old phone

We select the application that must be postponed and at the bottom of the screen, click the “Copy on PC” button, then select the folder into which we save the unloaded application and click “OK”

We repeat the procedure for all applications that need to be transferred, to wait for the transfer optional. you can start unloading several applications at once. The status can be seen in a small window in the upper left of the screen, if the window is closed to it seriously, by pressing a small button with an icon of two shooters also in the upper left side of the screen.

While the applications are unloaded, we remove the labels of the applications that we want to transfer from the new phone. Click on the label, wait for the error report, click “Delete”. This is the desired step if the labels remain in the new phone. magic will not happen =)

After the transfer of all applications is completed, connect a new phone to the computer with a lace and unlock it. The phone will appear in the Imazing application in the menu on the left, next to the backup of the old phone.

Open a new phone and go to the “Applications” menu. A list of applications installed on a new phone will open

Click the button “Copy on the sheet” in the lower part of the screen, click “File”, select one or more (with a clamped Ctrl key) applications previously unloaded to the computer and click “Open”

After that, the process of installing applications on a new phone begins. In the process, the Imazing application will ask for the password of the rush copy, login and password Apple ID and confirmation of two.factor authentication. Also, during the transfer of applications, it will be necessary to turn off the “Find iPhone” function on the new device.

At some point, the new phone will reboot and will look what it looks like when buying. inscriptions “hello” in different languages, a request Wi-Fi network and so on. No need to be scared, all the data remained in the device. Just pass all the steps, enter the password from Apple ID on the phone when they ask about transferring data, select “not to transfer data” (this is important), perhaps the reloading procedure will be repeated again and after completing the new applications will appear on a new phone. You need to go to all transferred applications (phone numbers, maps, codes from SMS. Everything as with fresh installation Only applications are transferred, settings and data are not tolerated, banks limit the functionality of the appendices for the first day or two after transfer. This is a normal practice when installing a new device without data transfer.

Be sure to turn on the function “Find iPhone”.

Now about risks. The Imazing application seems to be quite legitimate and with history (it appeared many years ago and is not on the Internet of all kinds of terrible stories about how, after using the application, the data or Apple ID has taken), but nevertheless it asks the Appleid password and can technically make manipulations with applications which tolerates. It is advisable to change the password from Appleid after the transfer procedure and check that new devices did not appear in the account.

At the beginning of the procedure, we translated the old phone in the flight mode so that in case of failure, the installed applications would not be removed from the old phone when the shortcuts are deleted on the new phone.

You can transfer applications only to the device with the same Apple ID as in the old. transferring to the phone with another Apple ID will not work. The installed application is protected by a signature, which is valid for only one account, but probably if the need to transfer the transfer, you can temporarily enter the new phone into the Apple ID account from the phone from which the applications were unloaded, install them and go back. I did not check it myself.

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Yesterday I suffered all day in an attempt to postpone the alpha application from a colleague’s phone to my Imazing. Honestly, it succeeded in a miracle (in the process even accidentally demolished the Sber)). But I learned and want to share a simple and understandable instruction on this case.

So we have:- an application-donor phone (a)- a reicipant phone (b)- credits from Apple ID from both devices (login and password)- downloaded and installed on the computer Imazing (google easily).

Downloading installation file of the We connect the phone to the iMazing of the cable, enter the passage from Apple ID, the password code, the code for the two.phactor and everything that they ask for the connection. Choosing an application control item2. There in the Media Text tab we find the right application and click on the cloud icon to the right. Or PKM and select in the context menu the item is downloaded to the library.3. After loading next to the ticking application, it will become green. After that, PKM and in the context menu export.IPA. Choose the place of conservation and save.

The travel agent threw a ticket to Sochi. How to be?⁠ ⁠

In early February of this year, the wife found a travel agent in a legal instagram and began to correspond with her through VotsApp.

Here is an excerpt from the contract:Turagent IP Kazantseva Valentina Fedorovna (TC “Feelworld”) represented by the director of Kazantsev Valentina Fedorovna, acting on the basis of the Charter (hereinafter. the Contractor), acting on behalf of the tour operator of PEGAS Yekaterinburg LLC, the register number RTO016577 on the basis of an agreement on the promotion and implementation of the tourist product.

How to Move from Android to iPhone (Complete Guide)

All screenshots of correspondence are saved. They discussed the hotel, the dates of the race and departure and tickets for the aircraft, after which they entered into an electronic agreement. That is, she sent a document with a very similar frame of the signature of the EDS, where it was indicated:


Сертификат: 486C46001CAE85BB4998F3EB68B3FD9F


Действителен: с 13.01.2022 по 13.04.2023

I don’t know how to check the EDS, knowing only the certificate number.

All the data of our family were indicated in the specifications of the contract. And we were going to fly on the plane by one by one (my wife and I and two children are 4 and 1.5 years old), a double room, a transfer were registered, and a flight with a date and time there.

Payment was also registered. 50% on the day the contract is concluded and the remainder no later than 21 days before the date of the trip. Price. 159 119

We paid half of the amount immediately by transfer through the SBP to the card specified in the conversation of the VOTSAPP (recipient of the client of Sberbank), then we also sent the rest of the amount by transfer, but already to the card of the IP head (recipient of the client Tinkoff Bank) with which we concluded an agreement. Here, doubts originated and rang the first bell in my head.

Everything went on as usual, until 10 days left before leaving. We contacted the operator via VotsApp, she said that the documents and the voucher would send for the settlement three days before the date of the tour. Here the second bell rang. Okay, waited. Three days before the trip, she said that she would send it today. Of course, I did not send. We went to the office, where the watchman told us that they work on the remotes and mainly by phone. It was the third bell.

The day before departure, I already morally resigned to that we were thrown and we would not go anywhere. My wife called this travel agent and in high colors required our tickets and a voucher and a place where we could drive up to pick up these documents. The travel agent was still frozen and said that she sent everything. Indeed, a piece of armor for settlement in our hotel came to e.mail, but the number was indicated. We were not too lazy and called this hotel, where we were told that these are fresh reservation, the rooms were not paid, payment for settlement, and the amount for payment is 235 thousand. We again contacted the travel agent, for which she assured us, that everything was paid, she is in touch with the hotel. Actually, we also periodically called for the hotel and we all repeated the same thing. Payment for settlement.

That is, this travel agent wanted to send us with young children so that we were looking for money for settlement in fact.

She did not answer our calls anymore, but wrote to WottsApp: “Then let’s return the money to you for Tour and cancel the hotel reservation. Nobody was going to throw you, everyone is resting “. It was at 18:00 the day before the alleged departure.

We wrote the details where to send money. Only the next day, she sent some payment order with the correct details of our part and her, except for the empty field of the Inn recipient. Payment order in electronic form through Alfa-Bank with status is executed on September 7.

We were not too lazy and went to the Alfabank office, which was indicated in the payment, they told us that the payment was similar to the correct one, only the TIN was not indicated by the recipient.

After 5 business days, we did not receive money, sent a request to Sberbank (Recipient), we were replied that there was no money on the specified details. Turned to a hot fishing line for the trimmer of Alfabank. We were told that we are a third party and we must contact either our bank or the sender. Of course, she answered us that funds were written off from her account.

How to check whether such a payment order was at all? Does the bank really not maintain a log of operations where the payment number can be said. Yes, there was such an operation, or not, there was no?

How to send a photo from iPhone

We are sure that you are probably often sharing photos stored from the browser with friends: for this, many save them in memory of the iPhone, take screenshots or simply send links. But if we are talking about several images at once, then the interaction with the smartphone is instantly more complicated, and the phone gallery is clogged with screenshots. In any case, you can send a photo from the iPhone in another way. Look.

You can share pictures in one touch

  • In the search engine or on the site, click your favorite image with the thumb of the right hand.
  • After the context menu pops up, swip it up or down so that it disappears, but continue to hold the image.
  • Highlight the rest of the images on the site with the other finger: they will be added to one “pile”.
  • After choosing the necessary ones, click “Home” or turn the browser if you have an iPhone with Face ID.
  • Open IMessage, Telegram or any other application you need, and drag the image of the text entry field.

You can also highlight several photos on the phone and drag them to the right application

Ready! Thus, without unnecessary presses, you can send several images. You can also choose images of the media text and drag them to other applications.

How to send a screenshot from the iPhone

Many take a screenshot and send it using the “Share” button. But if there are several of them at once, for example, screenshots of correspondence, then the task is a little complicated. You need to go to the gallery and highlight them. You can make it easier. remember!

Screenshots can be pulled into the application or hold to share

  • Make one screenshot on the iPhone or several at once.
  • Click on the miniature in the lower left corner and hold until the white frame disappears.
  • Holding the screenshot, open any application and move it there.
  • So you can throw screenshots not only into instant messengers, but also in cloud storages or albums in the gallery, saving a little time.

You can also highlight several pictures in the gallery and quickly transfer them to another application without pressing the buttons. By the way, if you want to send a few screenshots, just hold them until the “share” menu appears: then you just need to choose a subscriber from the proposed.

3D Touch

One of the useful technologies implemented in the iPhone, starting with version 6s, is 3D Touch. Now, using a stronger press on the icons and menu items, you can call a special window with additional settings and quick access to the functions. If you need to quickly share the application with another iPhone user, here you can use this opportunity.

  • Find the application on the desktop that you want to convey. Tap with some effort on its icon, after which an drop.down list will appear on the screen. Select “Share”.

In the next window, select the right application. If it is absent in the list, select “Copy the link”.

Launch any messenger, for example, WhatsApp. Open the dialogue with the user, select the message input line for a long time, then slip through the “insert” button.

App Store

If your phone is not equipped with 3D Touch, you should not be upset: you can share the application through the App Store store.

Having opened the page with the application, click on the right on the icon with a trootiness, and then select “”.

Today these are all methods that allow you to send an application from one iPhone to another. We hope this article was useful for you.

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Data transfer program to a new phone

Anytrans works like iTunes, only better

However, this does not mean that there are no options to circumvent these restrictions. In fact, they are. It’s just that you have to use a utility called Anytrans, the developers of which, apparently, thought about you and you better and more than Apple itself. Because with its help you can even transfer the data that the transfer application to iOS for an unknown reason cannot transfer.

  • Works with a variety of smartphone models, in t.h. iPhone 14;
  • Supports the latest versions of iOS, in t.h. iOS 16;
  • Supports the widest spectrum of devices on Android;
  • Does not require preliminary activation of the device to which data is transferred;
  • Allows you to transfer data even to already activated iPhone;
  • Misses repeated types of data, and does not duplicate it;
  • Transfers photos to the form grouped in albums, and does not dump them into one pile;
  • Transfers a wider data spectrum than the transfer application to iOS.

How to copy data to the new iPhone

If you decide to transfer data from Android to the iPhone 14, perhaps Anytrans is an ideal solution that will help you make it. In fact, all that is required of you is to connect both smartphones that participate in the transfer, to your computer, run the utility, select the necessary data for transfer, and then press the confirmation button and wait for the procedure to complete the procedure. As a result, you will receive the whole range of the necessary information, which was possessed on your old device, but in the vestment of a new device.

    and install Anytrans on your computer;

  • Open the data exchange tab between the devices;
  • Select the Phone to Phone transfer and click Migrate Now;

If the PC does not see the smartphone, turn on the data transfer mode

  • Connect the Android Smartphone and iPhone to the computer;
  • Open the notification curtain on Android and turn on the data transfer;
  • If there is no such possibility in the curtain, go to “Settings” and turn on the USB debugging mode;

Both smartphones need to be connected to PC by cable

Select data for transfer at this stage

  • Select the data you want to transmit by setting a checkmark opposite the Skip Duplicates and click Next;
  • Wait for the transmission to complete and turn off the devices from the computer.

This method is good not only with the ability to transfer data between devices based on different platforms, choosing those that you need, and skipping duplicates, but also a high transfer speed, coupled with safety. Despite the fact that the rate of information exchange depends on the USB cable and the port that you use, on average it will still be higher than when transmitting Wi-Fi. At the same time, you do not risk the loss of data due to an unexpected break in the connection, as often happens with wireless networks.

Fast data transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Quick start is a convenient thing, but not very universal

And what to do if you transfer data from the old iPhone to a new? Here, of course, it will be simpler at least at the expense of the “quick start” tool, which is built into all iPhones by default. It allows the Apple smartphones to determine each other if they use one Apple ID account, and quickly and without wires to transfer data from one device to another. A thing, undoubtedly, cool, but not without flaws.

  • “Quick Start” does not work if the new iPhone is already activated. That is, to transfer data from the old apparatus, you will have to drop a new one and activate it again.
  • This tool allows you to transfer all the data from the old iPhone, without leaving the user the opportunity to abandon unnecessary.
  • The transfer of applications that are removed from the App Store is impossible even if they are installed on the old iPhone, and in the case of banks applications, this is very relevant.
  • Despite the fact that the “quick start” transmits the entire image, not all data are transferred in fact. for example, downloaded from the outside, and not purchased music is not tolerated.

Transfer of banking applications to iPhone

Anytrans will solve these problems. Due to the fact that the utility transfers the image of an old smartphone to a new one, you have much more options for a maneuver. With its help, you can transfer only the content that interests you, to convey, among other things, music loaded from the outside, as well as download Sberbank online to the new iPhone and all those applications that are no longer from the App Store:

  • Sberbank Online
  • VTB online
  • Alfa Bank
  • Sberbesburg
  • Opening
  • Combank (Halva)
  • VTB business online
  • Sberingvestations
  • ICD online
  • Novikombank
  • Promsotsbank
  • Promsvyazbank
  • PSB business
  • TKB Bank

How to transfer Sberbank to a new iPhone

These and many other applications will remain with you if you transfer data from the iPhone to the iPhone via Anytrans, but lose them if you try to carry out the transfer directly using Apple tools. And since there is nowhere to take these types of software on iOS, you will be left without the usual convenient tools for interacting with your banking accounts.

Anytrans allows you to move even the apps remote from the App Store

  • Unlock both smartphones to activate the data transfer function;
  • If the devices are not determined, turn them off and connect them again;
  • Open the data exchange tab between the devices;
  • Select the apps to iPhone and click Migrate Now;

Just connect both iPhone to PC by wire

  • Select the data you want to transmit by setting a checkmark opposite the Skip Duplicates and click Next;
  • Wait for the transmission to complete and turn off the iPhones from the computer.

It is convenient that Anytrans also transfers “banned” Apple data, such as cuttons chopped tracks and applications that are absent in the App Store. Thanks to him, you will not only save a time that could spend the data transfer manually, but you can actually replace it with an uncomfortable ITUNES utility. After all, Anytrans, if necessary, can help you update your iPhone, save a backup and even create new ringtones.

How to prepare for data transfer from Android to iPhone

Launch the command “Transfer data from Android”

  • If the iPhone is already activated, open “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset” → “Wipe Content and Settings” and confirm data removal.
  • Turn on the iPhone and click “Manually”.
  • Select the language, Wi-Fi network and follow the tuning wizards.
  • On the screen “Programs and Data” click “Transfer data from Android”.

Transfer content

  • Wait until the inscription “Data transfer” appears on the Android Smartphone.
  • Choose what information you need to copy.
  • Wait for the end of the transfer on both devices.
  • When the inscription “Transfer completed” appears on the iOS gadget, click “Continue the iPhone setting”.

How to complete the setting

If the process breaks up and the re-launch does not help, try to pull out the SIM card from the old smartphone before starting, turn off the Bluetooth and place both devices closer to the router. Also, if possible, try not to tolerate everything at once, but to choose only the most important. For example, contacts, calendars and messages.

If you can’t copy the data through the application in any way, then skip the transfer and configure the iOS gadget as new, and then export the content manually. For synchronization of contacts, mail, calendars and notes, open “Settings” → “Post” → “Accounts”, go to the Google account and include the appropriate toggle switches.

Photos and videos can be transferred in the same way through “Google photo” or other cloud. Make sure that all files are unloaded from Android devices, and then install the application on the iPhone or iPad and enter the data synchronization account for synchronization.

This material was first published in June 2019. In December 2021, we updated the text.

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How to transfer data from one iPhone to another

In addition to creating a backup in iTunes and the subsequent restoration of the new iPhone from the backup of the old phone, there are at least two more ways to transfer all the information. Firstly, you can restore the iPhone from the backup of iCloud or, even easier, use the Fast Production function, which first appeared in iOS 11.

Quick start in the iPhone

  • To transfer data from one iPhone to another, turn on the second (new) phone, select the tongue and region and reach the setting stage.
  • You will be invited to use the Fast Protection function to transfer the information to the new iPhone.
  • Bring the old iPhone from iOS 11 and is closer to the second phone, after which a notification of readiness to transfer data will immediately appear on the new iPhone.

Notification will appear both on the old and new iPhone

Before that, you will be offered to enter the password from the Apple ID account and set the fingerprint or face depending on the smartphone model. Be prepared: this process can take from several minutes to several hours. As a result, all photos, contacts, applications and even notes will be transferred to a new phone.

You cannot interrupt this process, otherwise you will have to run data transfer again.

How it works? In iOS 11, the second smartphone was needed exclusively for verification, while all the data was postponed from the backup iCloud. However, starting with iOS 12.4 Data transfer is carried out directly from the memory of the smartphone by Wi-Fi.

Recovery from the backup icloud

In this way, the owners of the iPhone used the “quick beginning” function. To take advantage of the recovery from the icloud backup, you first need to make sure that the old iPhone created backups there. To do this, open the settings on the old phone. the Apple ID. iCloud profile and pour up to the “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD” menu. It must be turned on; If not, turn on. over, if you want to postpone all the data, make sure that the “ICLOD applications” menu includes all the toggle switches. For example, I have a SMS, which means that when transferring data using iCloud messages from the old iPhone will not appear on the new.

Turn on the backup in iCloud before restoring the new iPhone

If earlier the backup in iCloud has never been created, it will take time before information from your iPhone is loading on the Apple server server. After that, it will already be possible to configure a new device.

To transfer data from one iPhone to another using iCloud, while setting up a new phone on one of the stages, you will need to choose “restore from a copy of the iCloud” instead of “setting the iPhone as new”. After entering the Apple ID data, the transfer of contacts, applications, photographs, SMS and other information will begin. After a certain time, you can start using a smartphone, but the recovery will continue. you will see this according to loading applications and the appearance of photos in a film in real time.

IPhone data transfer using iTunes

The oldest way of the listed, which many find uncomfortable, because when using iTunes, errors can periodically pop up, and you can even be left without your data. Nevertheless, this method can be applied when you need to transfer data from one iPhone to another, if, for example, you have a reserve copy of 300 GB, and you do not want to buy an additional storage in iCloud (although it is better to use a “fast start”).

On Mac iPhone will be displayed directly to Finder

In this case, connect the old iPhone to the computer, run itunes (or finder in MacOS Catalina), open the page of the connected device and select “Create a backup now”. The process is not bad, especially if you have a lot of data on the phone, so you can have time to have lunch and go about your business.

You can encrypt a backup if you strongly take care of security

The backup will be created on your computer, so make sure that you have enough free space for it. After the backup is created, connect the new iPhone by selecting “configure it with iTunes” on it. or iTunes will find a new device itself and offer further steps to configure. The bottom line is that the backup from the old iPhone will be deployed to the new phone. Perhaps, before restoration from the backup, iTunes will invite you to be updated to the latest version of iOS.

We would not recommend using recovery using iTunes, direct data transfer is a more preferred option.

The fact is that the backup copy that was created earlier may not take into account the last changes that you made with your old iPhone. For example, you made a copy last night, and you decided to transfer the information this afternoon. then the story of calls, SMS and fresh photos will not be taken into account. With a direct method, all information is transmitted in the form in which they are on the smartphone at the time of conjugation. In addition, this method does not limit you in the volume of transmitted information, unlike icloud.

File manager for iPhone

Transfer information from the old iPhone to the computer, and then restore it on the new iPhone, can also be using software. There are special file managers like icarefone for this. It allows you to selectively copy data from the iPhone to a computer or just photos. in case you do not need a full backup copy. Also in the application there is a separate section for backups and recovery so that you can start using the brand new iPhone 12 just like your old iPhone.

How to transfer a phone number to a new iPhone

If you insert your SIM card into the new iPhone, it automatically recognizes your phone number. And as soon as the device caught the network, you can receive calls and go on the Internet, the conditions of your tariff at the mobile operator will not change.

Another thing is if your SIM card is too small and does not fit the SIM card tray in the new iPhone. In this case, do not try to cut it yourself-it is better to contact your operator, where you will be given a SIM card of the right size. As a rule, in cellular operators this service is free, but someone can take money for this.

Modern iPhone uses Nano SIM

How to transfer applications to new iPhone using iTunes

iTunes is useful when iPhone users need to transfer applications to the new iPhone. It not only allows users to deliver a specific application to the new iPhone, but also saves these applications. Before synchronize the application with the new iPhone, you need to synchronize and create backup copies of applications.

  • one. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. It will be more compatible with the new iPhone. The menu and layout may differ slightly from different versions of iTunes, but the steps to transfer the application to the new iPhone are similar.
  • 2. Connect the old iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. If you have already installed SYNC, applications and their data will be automatically created after a successful connection. And you can also create backup copies of purchased applications manually. Option transfer purchase is under the file menu. And then the devices.
  • 3. The backup process may take several minutes depending on the volume of data.
  • four. When it will be completed, turn off the old iPhone and connect the new iPhone using a USB cable.

How to transfer some applications to the new iPhone

When you create a backup copy of the application or transmit the applications to iTunes, you can connect the new iPhone to iTunes. And then you can use the joint use of iTunes to copy the application and data for the new iPhone. Just translate certain applications to the new iPhone with the following methods.

  • one. After Itunes learns about this, the new iPhone will appear on the main menu. Click on the new iPhone to open the settings panel.
  • 2. Click “Applications”, the main screen of the new iPhone and installed applications will be present on the right panel.
  • 3. All applications available on your computer are on the left. And applications that were not installed on the new iPhone will have a button. Click the button, this application will be transferred to the new iPhone with data.
  • four. Remember that the new iPhone and the old should enter the same Apple id. Otherwise, you will lose a backup copy.

How to restore all applications in package mode

You could delete the iPhone applications to free up more space, and then you can restore all applications in package mode. Below is the method of obtaining all applications to the new iPhone in package mode.

  • one. If you want to restore the entire ecosystem of the application on the new iPhone, you can use the recovery function of the backup also.
  • 2. After the appearance of the new iPhone with iTunes, select a conclusion in the settings.
  • 3. Click the recovery of a backup called “backup copies”, all applications for backup will be transferred to the new iPhone in package mode.

How to transmit iCloud applications

icloud. An alternative option for transferring applications from old iPhone to new iPhone. ICLOUD will connect two iPhone via an Internet connection, so it does not ask users to prepare USB cables.

  • one. The first step is also backing up applications on your old iPhone in iCloud. You can find the “backup” parameter in “settings”, and then “icloud”. Click upward and wait for the completion of the process. Make sure that there is enough free space to backup.
  • 2. Then go to the new iPhone and enter the same Apple id. If you want to clean the new iPhone and copy the entire application of the application, you can choose to erase the content and settings that are in the settings are general discharge.
  • 3. After that, select “Restore” from the backup iCloud. Then all applications and their data will be transferred to the new iPhone. As soon as the entire process is completed, the new iPhone will show you the HELLO screen.

How to copy the IPhone application on the iPhone

All iPhone owners asked this question at least once. “Can I share the iPhone application purchased in the App Store?””

Yes, you can! In this article we will tell you how to do it. You will also learn how to betray licensed media files from one computer to another through the iTunes program. Follow the instructions that will tell you how to copy applications from iPhone to iTunes, and from there to another iPhone.

In order not to get confused, we will conditionally call your iPhone with the licensed program that you need to transmit, “iPhone”. Another device to which we transmit the file will receive the name “iPhone”.one. We launch the iTunes program installed on a computer used for synchronization with iPhone If you decide to do it on your own computer, get ready to rake a mess in your own library.2. We go to the store (Store) Computer Authorization (Authorize Computer). So we will create a new account on this computer, different from the one that is used for synchronization with iPhone, each device can be tied to five different computers.3. You will be invited to enter the iPhone accounting data enter the Apple ID and password.four. Connect the iPhone to the computer via cable. He should appear in iTunes.5. Click on the iPhone icon with the right button and select “Transfer Purchasses”. be careful! At this moment, the device will offer you updating, restoration or backup. Do not let nothing of this!6. The synchronization process will start, it will take some time.7. Disconnect the iPhone after the completion of synchronization.eight. We connect the iPhone, wait for it to appear in iTunes.9. On the application tab (Applications), find the necessary and run synchronization.

New licensed applications will be transferred to your iPhone!

how to transfer applications from one iPhone to another using iCloud

This should be another simple solution for transferring the application from the iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. The method should be excellent if you just bought a new iPhone that you can copy all files without rewriting the initial data. Instead, you cannot selectively tolerate applications.

Step 1: If you need to move the application from the iPhone to the new iPhone, you should first configure the tongue, Wi-Fi and other parameters for the new iPhone.

As for the other iPhone, click the “reset”, and then click “Delete all the contents and settings”. After that, you must click the “erase iPhone” icon to confirm.

Step 2: Select “Restore the ICLOUD backup” when you are at the site of the assistant installation. Then you can enter your iCloud account and choose a backup copy of the old iPhone.

Step 3: Click “Restore” to transfer it to a new iPhone. In a few minutes you can find applications transferred from the old iPhone to a new.

how to selectively transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone

Is there a way to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or icloud? What do you have to do to selectively transmit applications only? When you need to transfer applications only to another iPhone from your friends or relatives, iTunes, iCloud or Apple ID may not work for you. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best choice to postpone the iPhone iPhone application selectively. Here are the detailed features of the program.

  • one. Compatibility with the latest version of iOS 16
  • 2. Copying data or files on iPhone / iPad / iPod with one mouse click
  • 3. Transfer agreement, photo, video and music files selectively
  • four. Transmit data or files between iOS devices directly and easy
  • 5. Backup of all your iPhone data, files on your computer

How to Share Apps using Airdrop

How to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone

Download and install the latest version of the Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate. Run the program and connect both iPhone to the computer. And then you can transfer files between two programs.

Both devices will be shown on the left. Click the device you want to export. And each type of file is indicated on the left, you can choose one category to find files reasonably.

Go to “Export V”, and then select “Export to another device”. And a few seconds later you can find target files on your new iPhone.

The article presents 4 different methods for transferring applications from iPhone to iPhone. If you use the same Apple identifier, iCloud account or iTunes account, you can always easily translate applications between different iOS devices. When you just need to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud, Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best solution that you should take into account.

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