How to Copy Music to Iphone From Computer

Users who previously used Android smartphones and now have an iPhone often have problems transferring various files from the computer to the iPhone and vice versa. For example, very often users do not know how to transfer their favorite music collection from a computer. This is what you will learn in this article.

Transfer music through iTunes

The easiest way to transfer music from your computer to iPhone is to transfer it through iTunes. If you do not already have iTunes, then first download it from and install it on your computer. After installation, launch iTunes and go to the “My Music” section.

How to Copy Music to Iphone From Computer

Most likely, in your iTunes the section “My music” will be empty. This is normal because you haven’t uploaded anything there before. In order to fix this, open the menu “File. Add Folder to the Library” and select the folder with the music that you want to transfer to iPhone. You can also add music to the music library one song at a time using the File. Add File to Media Library menu.

After selecting the files, the process of adding files to the iTunes library will begin. This may take some time, depending on the number of files you add. At this point, you just have to wait until iTunes has added all the files.

After adding, the music of your choice will appear in the iTunes library. You can view the contents of the library using the links located on the left side of the window (Recently Added, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres).

After filling the library with the necessary music, you can proceed to transfer this music from the computer to the memory of the iPhone. To do this, connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click on the iPhone icon in iTunes (this icon will appear in the upper left corner of the window).

This will take you to the iPhone settings. Here you need to go to the “Music” section and enable the option “Sync music” there.

Also here you can choose what kind of music you want to synchronize. If you select the option “All media library”, then all the music that you have downloaded to the media library will be transferred to the iPhone. If you select the option “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres”, then you can choose which music to transfer and which not.

In order to start transferring music from the library to the iPhone’s memory, you need to click on the “Finish” button, which is located at the bottom of the window.

After that, a warning appears about making changes to the iPhone’s memory. Here you need to click on the “Apply” button.

Then you just need to wait until the synchronization is over. At the top of the iTunes window there will be an indicator that indicates the synchronization process.

Transfer music via iTools

In addition to the above method, there are other alternative methods of transferring music from a computer to an iPhone. For example, you can use the program iTools. This program is not official, it is developed by Chinese programmers. Both advantages and disadvantages follow from this. On the one hand, the iTools program is much simpler than iTunes, and on the other, it has compatibility problems, sometimes it just refuses to work.

You can download the iTools program on the site or on the forum There you can get more information about this program.

In order to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone using the iTools program, you need to connect an iPhone, launch the iTools program and go to the “Music” tab. Here you need to click on the “Import” button and select the desired music.