How To Copy Contacts From Sim To Android

How To Copy Contacts From Sim To Android

How to copy contacts from a SIM card to an Android phone

Perhaps you still do not know how to copy contacts from a SIM card to Android. You need to be able to do this if you often change smartphones, because at the same time every time there is a problem of number transfer.

The best way to transfer numbers

When you copy numbers manually, you have to enter each separately. Such conservation is completely unsuitable if there are several hundred rooms. One of the easiest ways to save contacts and move them from one device to another is to copy to a SIM card. If you insert a completed card into a new device, then you can import all numbers from it.

The methods for importing contacts may vary depending on the gadget model used, but in most cases the differences are not significant. The procedure is quite simple and does not require special skills.

It should be borne in mind that the Apple iPhone uses a different scheme for transferring data from a SIM card, which has nothing to do with the method for Android.

This manual is only suitable for smartphones that are equipped with an operating system from Google. This guide is not suitable for specific devices such as the Blackberry Phone.

Instructions for transferring numbers from SIM cards

You can transfer contacts using this instruction:

  1. Move the SIM card from the old smartphone to the new device. Usually, to remove this plastic card, you must first remove the battery from the device. In this case, it is advisable to perform a preliminary shutdown of the smartphone just in case, in order to prevent the occurrence of a software malfunction.
  2. Open the menu on the new Android gadget. Find the “Contacts” application and launch it.
  3. Click on the button with 3 dots in the upper right corner. In the options, select “Import / Export”.
  4. Click “Import from SIM card”, “To phone”, “Select all”. Click on “Finish” or the icon at the top right.

If everything was done correctly, the import process will begin. You must wait until all data on the SIM card is copied and uploaded to the device. After the process is completed, the task can be considered completed, the numbers will be moved. You also need to keep in mind that there are other options, how to save a copy of contacts, among them. the Gmail mail service, a file with the CSV extension.

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When changing the old push-button telephone to a smartphone, the question arises of transferring contacts from the SIM card to the internal memory of the new device. Storing contact entries not on the SIM card, but on the smartphone itself expands the phonebook functionality (it becomes possible to add new data fields, put photos on the contact, set up a personal ringtone) and does not have a limit on the number of contacts. In this article you will learn how to copy contacts from a SIM card to a smartphone running Android OS.

Copy contacts from a SIM card to the smartphone’s memory

  1. Launch the “Contacts” application, the icon of which, as a rule, is located in the dock bar.
  2. Open the application menu by tapping on the icon in the form of three dots in the upper right side of the application screen or by clicking on the “Options” button.
  3. Select “Import / Export” from the menu.
  4. In the next menu, select “Import from SIM card”, since we copy the contacts from the SIM card.
  5. In the window that opens, select the storage location for imported records, select “Device” and the contacts will be copied to the smartphone.

However, there is a significant drawback in storing contacts in the device’s memory. this is the risk of losing all phonebook entries in the event of loss of the device or its breakdown. To protect yourself from loss, synchronize your contacts with the Google Contacts service.

Import contacts from a SIM card

“How to import contacts from a SIM card?”. such a question is asked by a person who has become the owner of a device based on the Android platform. The word “import” means “transfer”, i.e. How can I transfer all contacts from a SIM card to the memory of a mobile device? This is pretty simple. A good example for such an operation is a smartphone with the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean system.

To carry out these actions, you must:

1) You need to open the “Menu” and find the “Contacts” section.

2) Go to “Contacts” by touching this item and then click on “Options”. Then the user will be offered actions that he can perform in this section.

3) In the list that appears, select the name “Import / Export”, touch it and select from the proposed names where to copy from. To answer the question posed at the beginning, you need to select the item with the name of the mobile operator and click on the word “Next” below.

4) Then the device will offer to select “target storage”. In this case, you need to select “Phone”.

5) Then you should touch on the contacts that really need to be transferred to the device’s memory, and after selecting you need to click “OK”. Now the selected contacts will be transferred from the SIM card.

So, the process of importing contacts from a SIM card into the device’s memory on an Android platform is a fairly simple and easy way to copy, accessible and understandable to absolutely everyone. It should be noted that copying contacts is easy to make on any Android device of various versions. These operations will not differ from each other by any complicated options. Therefore, this instruction applies to all modern devices on the currently popular Android platform.

How to import contacts from a SIM card

After purchasing a smartphone based on a mobile operating system, many users ask themselves: How to transfer (import) contacts from a SIM card? After all, past pleasant acquaintances, phones of friends and relatives remained on the same SIM-card. However, do not be very upset, because transferring contacts from a SIM card in Android takes a matter of seconds.

Today we’ll try to explain how to easily and quickly import contacts from a SIM card. As a visual aid, as in the previous FAQ, the ZTE V880H smartphone with the pre-installed Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean mobile operating system will be used.

So, in order to import contacts from the SIM card, you need to perform a series of simple steps:

1. Go to the menu and find the standard Contacts application there.

2. Then you need to click on the Contacts application icon, and after opening it, click on the Options item, which displays a list of available operations with your contacts.

3. Click on the Import / Export item in this list, and then pretend, there we want to import contacts to our new device. from your phone’s memory, SD card, or Google’s email account. In our case, the import of contacts will occur from the SIM card (in the example it is designated as Megafon). Click Next, and go to the next item.

4. We select the target storage where we are going to import contacts from the SIM card

5. Check off the contacts we need and click OK. After copying is complete, the marked contacts will be imported from the SIM card.

This completes the process of importing contacts from the SIM card. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this operation. Therefore, do not be afraid to buy new devices (smartphones or tablets) based on the Android mobile operating system, and import-import-import and import again 🙂