How To Copy A Link On An Ipad

How to enter Discord using the link

Link to Discord is an invitation that is generated by the creator of a channel or chat to invite friends or acquaintances to the server with the correct settings. Below we will consider the subtleties of the formation of such a URL, the features of the transition and the basic rules for setting.

How To Copy A Link On An Ipad

How to make a link

To expand your channel users, you first need to link to Discord. To do this, go through the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the app.
  2. Click on the “Plus” button to create a server.
  3. Select Create Server.
  4. Set a name and click on the create button.

The next step is to copy the link and share it with other users. If the Discord server is already ready, the situation is even easier. Go to it and click on the Invite people button. A window appears indicating the required URL to invite other users.

How to transfer a Discord link

After a server or channel is created, users distribute referrals. There are several ways to share your Discord link with another person. As a rule, the invitation is sent on social networks, forums, thematic sites or e-mail newsletters. An alternative way is to transmit information personally during communication through different instant messengers. In all cases, the result is the same: a person receives a link to a profile, channel, server, chat or group.

Extension of terms

Once created, the Discord URL is valid for 24 hours. But there is a method of how to make a permanent link and set the parameters of interest. For this:

  1. Log in to the server and click Invite people.
  2. Check the box Make this link perpetual.
  3. Copy the URL and pass it.

precise settings can be made if desired. For this:

  1. Click on the gear symbol next to the indefinite discord link.
  2. Specify how long the link will expire. The system offers several options. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, day or never.
  3. Set the maximum number of uses (transitions). From 1 to 500 times.
  4. Move the temporary membership toggle switch to the right if needed. After the transfer, the participants who did not receive the role are kicked out after a certain time.

At the same stage, you can generate a new URL to Discord.

How to enter the link

After receiving the URL, you need to know how to enter Discord using the link. Take the following steps:

  1. Copy the URL you plan to follow.
  2. Enter the program.
  3. Click on the plus symbol in the circle on the left side.

Click on the Join (Join Server) button.

  • Paste the address you copied in the first step.
  • Click the Join button.
  • After that, the Discord channel or community is added to the list of available for further connection and communication. All that remains is to configure the microphone and other parameters for full operation.

    Why I can’t sign in by invitation

    There are situations when you cannot enter the specified address. In such circumstances, it is necessary to understand the possible cause. There may be several of them:

    1. Expired. The URL may have trite expired period of activity. If it has not changed, by default, this period is 24 hours. To avoid deactivating the invitation, it must be made indefinite.
    2. Invalid code. It is possible that the specified character set in the prompt is incorrect. In such cases, check the code and try adding the URL to Discord again.
    3. Ban. One of the reasons for the difficulties that have arisen may be a ban regarding the IP address. In this case, you need to contact the administrator and clarify what is the reason for the ban.
    4. Limit for 100 servers. A user cannot participate in more than 100 servers. To add a new invitation, you will have to leave the old Discord server.

    In other cases, there is no difficulty in creating and transmitting a URL link to Discord. It remains to use a useful tool to get invitations from other participants. And remember the expiration dates. If you need an unlimited invitation, these settings must be configured immediately.

    Universal clipboard

    Well, in conclusion, I would like to remind you of the wonderful Universal Clipboard function that works between devices based on iOS and macOS. Thanks to it, you can copy or cut text, image or any other supported content on Mac and paste it into iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and vice versa. We wrote more about the work and configuration of this function in this article.

    How to copy a link to an Instagram photo from an iPhone?

    Imagine a situation that you are flipping through the news feed on this social network and, unexpectedly, you really liked the photo, and you wanted to share it with a friend.

    If a friend is on this social network, then of course you can share it via Direct. But there is also a method when you can simply copy the link of the publication you like.

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    This action can be reproduced in this way:

    1. Select the desired publication and click on three dots on the right;
    2. We press Copy link;
    3. Go to the desired program, insert the link.

    By following these steps, you can share almost any post with your friend. But there is one point, if you are subscribed to an account and it is closed, then your friends will not be able to see the post.

    How to copy, cut and paste with the enhanced keyboard on iPhone or iPad

    The landscape orientation of the 5.5-inch iPhone and iPad has an extended keyboard with an additional set of keys to make it easier not only to type, but also to copy, cut and paste text.

    1. Highlight the interesting piece of text.

    2. Use the next button to copy

    Or this one for cutting

    3. Place the cursor in the desired place and press the special button to insert

    How to Copy Link to Instagram Photo or Profile from iPhone

    Instagram has long taken one of the top positions in terms of the number of users. Therefore, using Instagram, iPhone users often have questions.

    Versions are constantly updated and sometimes you just don’t have time to keep track of what exactly has changed. Today we will consider how exactly you can copy the link to the photo and profile referring to the version of Instagram on iPhone.

    The steps are simple enough, but sometimes we need a little push to figure out exactly how to do a particular action. We will understand the details and screenshots.

    How to copy, cut and paste text, photos and links on iPhone and iPad

    Using the copy and paste options on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is as easy as using your computer. With the help of them, you can easily move texts, links, images, drawings and even. In this article, we will show you how to copy, cut and paste information using context menus, the enhanced virtual keyboard on the iPhone and iPad, as well as using the Smart Keyboard.

    What is the difficulty?

    Problems begin at the moment when you need to support both the mobile version and the desktop, that is, in 99% of cases. The fact is that the application for phones and the application for the computer work with different links and it turns out that if you specify a link for the smartphone, the application for the PC will work incorrectly or not work at all. This applies to the Viber messenger, while WhatsApp and Telegram do not experience similar problems.

    In addition, not everyone knows exactly how a link should look in order for it to open applications. So that you do not have to search on different sites, I made this article with instructions on how to correctly put an active link on the site so that when you click on it, the messenger opens and immediately sends the user to a chat with you.

    Let’s figure out how the “href” attribute should look like for links to a particular messenger.

    How to link to your profiles in messengers

    Hello friends. Today we’ll talk about how to make an active link to Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber, that is, to your profiles or groups in these wonderful (and not so) messengers.

    We are talking about links, similar to telephone or for mail, when clicking on them opens your application for working with mail or a dialed number.

    A similar operation can be done with instant messengers. Many people actively use them (links to instant messengers) in building auto funnels and say that such mobile landing pages have incredible conversion.

    How to link to your WhatsApp profile?

    There are no problems with putting a link to your profile in the WhatsApp messenger. In addition, it is even possible to add a default text that will already be typed and the user will only have to send it.

    The link should look like this:

    • “380950000000”. Your phone number,
    • “? Text =”. Parameter containing the default text,
    • “% 20” is a space character in a message.

    Here, as you can see, everything is also quite simple.

    Why make an active link to the messenger?

    Messengers are very popular. Many people start channels and publics, since information can be delivered directly to the target audience’s phone, and even with a push notification, which means the user will definitely see your message.

    In addition, by leaving such a link on our website, we allow you to write to us, because for many a call is stressful, writing a message is much easier. But that’s not all, because it is not profitable for some to call from region to region, or from country to country, and messengers will make the call free.

    How to link to your Telegram profile?

    As I already said with this wonderful messenger, there are no problems in terms of linking. The main thing is to correctly register the value in the href attribute. To do this, just use the template:

    “NikName” is the name of the user that you specified in the Telegram. The one with the @ symbol. In my case it is @Dimadv

    How to link to your profile in Viber?

    To put the correct link to Viber, you will have to use PHP to identify the device. If your page is saved in the html extension, you will have to re-save it in.php. This will not affect the performance of the page in any way.

    So, I wrote above that the Viber desktop and mobile applications are opened using different links, which creates certain difficulties when adding such a link to the site. For mobile devices, the following approach of link formation is used:

    In order to determine the device using PHP, in the simplest case, you can use the simplest function that determines the USER_AGENT of the device, and then, depending on whether the function has preceded the device as mobile or not, show this or that link.

    You can place the function, for example, at the very beginning of the page, before the ‘doctype’, or put it in a separate file and include it there.

    After that, in the place where the link to Viber will be displayed, use the following check:

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    Now, if a person logged in from a PC, then a link for a desktop application will appear to him, and if from a mobile device, then a link for a smartphone or tablet.

    Of course, there are more reliable ways to identify the device. If for some reason you did not have enough devices in the function that I gave, then you can use the Mobile-Detect PHP class, which is specially created for these purposes (detect the device).

    Using it is quite simple:

    • We connect the file with the Class.
    • Create a new instance of the class.
    • Checking.

    Sounds scarier than it actually is.

    Hopefully, now you will not have any problems adding links to the site that lead to your profiles in messengers. If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

    How to copy a link to Telegram: to an account, group, channel, someone else’s profile, post

    In Telegram, each profile, group, channel and post is assigned its own link. From time to time there is a need to copy it, for example, to post it on social networks.

    In the article we will tell you where to look for links in Telegram, how to copy and share them with others.

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    How to share a link to someone else’s profile

    From a PC, open a chat with the right person, on the right is information about his profile. If he specified “Username”, then we will see the login with the dog.

    If, in addition to the login, we also need a clickable link, then we need to add a username without the @ sign to the link https://t.Me/.

    • Username. @blablabla
    • Link. https://t.Me/blablabla

    Important: not all users specify a login. If there is no login, then you can provide the user’s phone number (then he can be found in the TG by number) or click “Share contact” (the button is located below the login and phone number).

    Next, select the recipient from the list of contacts with whom we will share the profile.

    P.S. The Share function is available only if the contact is added to the address book. It only works inside Telegram.

    Open a chat with the user from the phone, then click on his avatar.

    Profile information opens. If there is a username with a dog, save it. Similarly, to get a clickable link. Just add the username after https://t.Me/

    If you want to share a contact, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. An additional menu opens, there we find “Share contact”, then choose who to forward the contact to.

    Link to someone else’s group / channel / chat

    Here everything is done by analogy with the previous paragraphs, only instead of the username in the link there is a unique name of the group / channel / chat.

    To copy a link to a group, channel or chat in Telegram from a computer, go to the group / channel / chat menu (the menu is on the right, as well as the information panel about a user or a bot). There should be a link at the top. We copy it and send it wherever needed.

    From the link it is clear what the channel has a unique name. For example, to find the Postium channel in the Telegram search, you need to take the word postiumru from the link t.Me/postiumru and add @ before it, it turns out @postiumru.

    Open the group from the phone, click on the avatar. There will be a link under the description.

    Bot link

    You can find it in the same way as the link to the profile. We open the bot, on the right in the information panel we find the username. If you need a link, for example for an article, insert the bot’s username after https://t.Me/.

    P.S. We have prepared useful material about 10 Telegram bots for Instagram. We recommend reading.

    Why you need to copy links in Telegram

    Why do we need links: to send an interesting post to a friend, share information on social networks, invite to your or someone else’s group, place a link on an external resource (for example, on a personal website or in social networks), download a file via a direct link, promote a profile.

    Link to a closed group / channel / chat

    If the channel, chat or group is private, then only admins can invite new members there using a special invitation link.

    P.S. If you were invited using a secret link, then you can also distribute it. The link remains working until the admin replaces it with another.

    Where to get the invitation link. Written below.

    How to copy a link on an iPad

    How to copy a link from YouTube on a computer, android and iPhone? There is nothing difficult. This article contains detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you cope with copying links from YouTube without any problems.

    How to copy a YouTube link?

    There are three ways to copy a link from YouTube to your computer:

    First way. You need to click once with the right mouse button in the browser window with the link. The link will be highlighted in blue, and in the drop-down menu, select the “Copy” item. Link copied.

    Second way. Underneath, find just such a curved arrow with the inscription “Share” and click on it 1 time with the left mouse button. In the drop-down menu, a link will appear in a square window. Then right-click on it and select “Copy”. Link copied.

    Third way. When playing in full screen mode, you need to pause and find a curved arrow in the upper right corner. Click on it once with the left mouse button, a link will appear in a square window. You need to right-click on it and select the item in the drop-down menu “Copy link”.

    For smartphones and tablets, the same methods are suitable, except for the first.

    To copy a link from YouTube on Android, you need to click on the curved arrow below. In the menu that opens, select the icon that says “Copy link”. Link copied.

    Also, in minimized or full-screen mode, you can press pause. In this case, a curved arrow will appear in the upper right corner. You need to click on it and in the drop-down menu, select the item “Copy link”. Link copied.

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    To copy a link from YouTube to an iPhone or iPad, you need to do the same. You need to click on the curve arrow below. In the menu that opens, select the shortcut labeled “Copy”. Link copied.

    When playing in full screen mode, you need to pause. A curved arrow appears in the top right corner. By clicking on it, in the drop-down menu, select the “Copy” item. Link copied.

    On all devices presented, after copying, the link is in the clipboard. Therefore, it can be inserted into any text document, into the chat window in any messenger, sent by mail or message. On a computer, this can be done by clicking in the required place 1 time with the right mouse button and, in the drop-down menu, select “Paste”. The link is inserted and appears in the right place.

    On smartphones, you can do the same by pressing your finger to the screen, in the required place, and also select the “Insert” item.


    The Instagram application has the ability to quickly copy links to the pages of other users of the service. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for your own page.

    However, you can get out of the situation by simply copying the link to any publication posted in your account. Through it, the user will be able to access the page.

    1. Run the application. At the bottom of the window, go to the first tab on the right to open your profile. Select any image posted on the page.

    In the upper right corner, click on the ellipsis icon. An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which you should select “Share”.

    Copy the link to your own Instagram profile

    Each of the proposed methods will allow you to quickly get the address to the page on Instagram.

    How to copy a link to your Instagram profile

    Web version

    You can get a link to the page through the web version of Instagram. This method is suitable for any device with Internet access.

      Go to the Instagram service website in any browser on your computer or smartphone. If necessary, click on the “Login” button, and then log in to enter the profile.

  • You just need to copy the link to the profile from the address bar of your browser. Done!
  • Manual input

    You can independently make a link to your page, and, believe me, it’s not difficult to do this.

      The address of any Instagram profile looks like this: [username] Thus, to get the address for your profile, instead of [username], you should substitute the Instagram username. For example, our Instagram account has the login lumpics123, so the link will look like this:

  • By analogy, make a URL to your Instagram account.
  • Each of the proposed methods is simple and easy to implement. We hope this article was helpful to you.

    Save a link to your computer

    It only takes a few steps to save the web page you want. This article will describe two methods that will help you save a link to a web resource from the Internet using the Google Chrome browser. If you use another Internet browser, don’t worry. This process is the same in all popular browsers, so the instructions below can be considered universal. The only exception is Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, you cannot use the first method in it.

    How to save a link to your desktop

    Saving a link to the desktop or pinning it to the tab bar in your Internet browser is very easy and can be done in just a few clicks. This article will show you a way to solve this problem using the example of the Google Chrome browser. Let’s get started!

    Create a site shortcut URL on the desktop

    This method requires literally two clicks of the mouse and allows you to transfer the link leading to the site to any place convenient for the user on the computer. For example, to the desktop.

    Shrink the Internet browser window so that the desktop is visible. You can press the key combination “Win right or left arrow” so that the program interface instantly moves to the left or right, depending on the selected direction, the edge of the monitor.

    Select the site URL and move it to free desktop space. A small line of text should appear, where the name of the site will be written and a small image that can be seen on the tab open with it in the browser.

    After the left mouse button is released, a file with the.Url extension will appear on the desktop, which will be a shortcut link to a website on the Internet. Naturally, it will be possible to get to the site through such a file only if there is a connection to the World Wide Web.

    Taskbar links

    In Windows 10, you can create your own or use the pre-installed folder options on the taskbar. They are called panels and one of these may contain links to web pages that will open through the default browser.

    Important: If you are using Internet Explorer, the “Links” panel will automatically add tabs that are in the “Favorites” category in this web browser.

      To enable this function, you need to right-click on an empty space on the taskbar, hover over the “Panels” line and click on the “Links” item in the drop-down list.

    To add any sites there, you need to select the link from the address bar of the browser and transfer it to the “Links” button that appears on the taskbar.

    As soon as you add the first link to this panel, a sign appears next to it. Clicking on it will open a list of the tabs inside, which can be accessed by clicking the left mouse button.


    This article covered two ways to save a link to a web page. They allow you to quickly access your favorite tabs at any time, which will help you save time and be more productive.