How to convert video for iPad via iTunes

How to convert video to iPad compatible format(updated 2021).)

When you play your own videos on the iPad, some of them will play smoothly, and others will not play due to an incompatible video format.Generally, you can convert video to iPad video format to solve this problem.

In 2021, converting video files for iPad will become really easy with various iPad video converters and online converters.Then we will share the whole process of converting videos to iPad-supported format for playback with a powerful iPad video converter.

How to Transfer Movies from Computer to iPad | (Stupidly) EASY

Set save folder

  • Click Settings button. It is in the lower left corner of the program window.
  • Click the button in the Target Folder list.
  • Choose the folder where you want to save the converted files.

Working ways to dump video to iPad

There are four known ways to copy movies or videos from computer to iPad (or even iPhone or iPod. The algorithm is basically the same, and supported formats are similar) to the world. Using iTunes standard methods, via iTunes, but using any suitable formats, via cloud storage. The last option is to take advantage of the special tool Waltr 2, which makes downloading any files a three-second affair (hard to believe, especially with Apple’s complicated media library, but everything happens the first time, right?). So, four instructions:

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Using iTunes

  • Before starting the procedure, of course, iTunes must be downloaded from the official site, and the tablet, if possible, must be updated to the latest version of iOS. The next step is to find movies, TV shows, and videos in the right format (m4a, mp4, mov, and avi. On how to convert quickly. In the last section of the text!);
  • The next step is to turn on iTunes, connect the tablet to your PC using a USB cable, and use the built-in “Add Files to Media Library” function;

The method using iTunes and third-party apps

If for some unknown reason you fail to find files in a suitable format, or previously prepared videos are not added to the media library even if you really want to, then you need to change slightly the way of saving the information on your tablet. You need to take the following actions:

    Find any movie, TV series or TV show. Save all the information on your computer’s hard drive;

The way with Waltr 2

Probably the easiest and fastest option to add absolutely any information to smartphones, tablets and players of the company Apple. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes the first time, and then everything will go even faster.

    So the first step is to download and install Waltr 2. If you want to support the developers and pay for the functionality, it is better to go to the official website. If you want to try it first, why not use a slightly different source? In the second case, it is important to remember. No updates are allowed (will fly temporary license), and before installing it is worth to download and install NET Framework 4.5 (all other details are hidden in the Install text file.Txt, which is located inside the archive);

Using cloud storage

And the last, but quite convenient option associated with the use of standard cloud storage. Dropbox, Google.Drive or Yandex.Disk, or even iCloud (but if you have enough space).

How to Add Video Files to iPhone/iPad via iTunes. HINDI

  • The instructions describe a way using Yandex.Drive, and therefore, first of all, you will have to register in the system. Secondly, download the appropriate application from the App Store (this allows you to save files you’ve added to the cloud on your smartphone or tablet for later use and offline viewing. If you want to watch online, Yandex.Disk can be accessed all the time from Safari);
  • The necessary programs are prepared, registration is complete? It’s time to get down to business;
  • Open the cloud in the browser on the PC, click on “Download” or drag and drop the necessary files directly to the tab. Wait until the necessary conversion and downloading in general is complete;

Each of the above methods is up to the task. Somewhere things are easier, somewhere you need a thorough preparation and attention to details. The main thing is to understand and remember that difficulties can always be solved easily!

Downloading mp4 movies to your iPad

How to start a video if it is in mp4 or m4v. That is, the formats that are understandable to the iPad by default.

Open My Movies in iTunes. That’s where the mp4 movies you downloaded from your computer or the iTunes Store (Apple’s digital store) will be stored.

Open the mp4 movie folder on your computer and drag and drop the movie onto the iTunes window. As you can see, the movie appears in the Home Video section, not the Movies section. The movie may also go in other sections, such as TV shows, by default.

  • My Movies will show videos you’ve purchased on the iTunes Store
  • Under Television Shows, you’ll see soap operas
  • In the Home Videos section will be the rest of the video files (converted on your computer, captured with your iPhone camera, etc.).П.)
  • You also need to know that video clips go to music and video podcasts go to podcasts

Right click on the file. In the drop down menu, select “Information”. In the window that appears, select “Options”. And there will be a list where you can change the type of video file and move it to another section.

Next, go to the section of our iPad. Movies and check “Synchronize Movies” as shown in the screenshot.

You can specify a specific movie to fill in, or you can choose “Automatically turn on”. In the drop-down list select the synchronization parameters that suit us.

You can do the same thing with the TV Shows tab.

Then click the “Apply” button in iTunes. In the future, after dragging and dropping files on the iTunes window, you can go directly from the 2nd item to the 4th. Because the video synchronization settings will be saved.

This is considered the main way of uploading movies. Although not the most convenient, I prefer not to depend on a particular format. After all, iTunes by default only supports the Mp4 format. That’s why I prefer the second way to download movies.

  • Open the desired video file in QuickTime;
  • Open the File menu and select Export;
  • In the submenu of formats select iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Time of conversion, of course, depends on duration and resolution of the video. If you want to convert a format not supported by Quick Time, you can use the free Handbrake utility.

How to convert MKV to MP4 with VLC Player

VLC player is not only a free product that supports a huge number of formats (there is also a version for iOS), but it is also able to convert video.

convert, video, ipad, itunes

Open the File menu → Convert/Transfer or press Shift (⇧) Command (⌘) S.

Drag and drop the file you want to convert to the special area of the window or press “Open Source” to select the file from Finder.

If you do not have the default “Video. H.264 MP3 (MP4)”, then select it from the list.

convert, video, ipad, itunes

In the settings, you can personalize the video, audio, and subtitle options.

All that remains is to select the destination. Transfer directly via “Stream” or local location “Save as file.

How to download video to iPhone or iPad via local network using Wi-Fi

Of course, video from computer can be downloaded to iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi network without using cable. The most convenient way to do it is to use a media player such as: OPlayer Lite, AVPlayer, PlayerXtreme, etc.Д.

Let’s consider the process of the latter example.

First, you need to install the free app PlayerXtreme from the App Store and make sure that your iPhone or iPad and your computer are connected to the same network. Next, start the player, in the main menu find the section Wi-Fi and switch the status to “Enabled”.

Now copy the IP address from the “Web” line and type it into your computer’s browser address bar. On the page that appears, click “Add files” and download the desired video,

After that, press “Start” button, and soon the selected content will be available in the application on your iPhone or iPad.

Other similar applications work the same way.

You can download videos in any format without any conversion. The main disadvantage of using this method is the relatively low bit rate.

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Of course, video conversion for iPad became easier with this program, but I’m not satisfied with the quality a little bit

I have this problem. I want to watch a video, and I’m writing I need the latest version of flash player, but on many websites, they say that it’s better not to download this application. What to do? Please advise.

Hello! Advise if there are free sites with movies ? Or advise me on a paid, trusted one. Thanks

Rootracker. It’s in the useful links. There is everything)

Thanks for the quick response i found this article and use it as a guideline :)) When I connect the iPad to iTunes, it wants to update to 4.2. I turn on the update, it loads and then the old version again, what can it be?

I don’t know. I haven’t updated like this. I just downloaded the operating system as a separate file and uploaded it.

Maybe your i-product does not support the new version

And the conversion should last for how many hours I have half a day already? It’s normal (1 movie)

This is not normal. But it depends entirely on the power of your computer. A weak computer can take a couple of days to convert.

Hello, I downloaded the converter but it needs a key or only 5 minutes of free download maybe I had to download it from a site ? Thank you

I downloaded, but when synchronizing it says. That the transfer of the movie is not possible, because it can not read

Apparently they saw the popularity of the converter and made it paid) Runet is full of free and hacked alternatives. The conversion principle remains the same