How to control your tablet via smartphone

Control your tablet remotely from your phone

Fortunately, there are several apps, tools, and services that allow you to remotely control your Android device efficiently and without too much hassle. Today we’re going to look at some of the most popular remote access options for Android devices. All of these tools work fine with virtually any version of Android on most devices and gadgets. The apps are ideal for those who work away from home or travel frequently but often need to access their Android devices left at home from anywhere. So, let’s take a look at these useful and powerful applications for remote control of Android devices from PC or Mac.

On the Android device, you have to install the Team Viewer QuickSupport utility for remote control from afar. The app gives full control of the device as if the user is holding it in their hand. The program supports secure file transfer, as well as a chat operation to quickly communicate with the owner of the device during the initiated session. You can also capture screenshots in natural color from the remote Android device for further analysis on a PC.

The AirDroid suite of apps and what they are for

All of the Android apps from the developer of AirDroid can be found on PlayMarket. Applications include:

  • AirDroid remote access and files. is required to be installed on the phone, which we plan to manage from a laptop, computer or other phone. Official page:
  • AirMirror. allows you to connect from one phone to another phone (with AirDroid installed) and support users with the following app. Play Market app:
  • AirDroid Remote Support is an application that a user can install to get quick support and help with solving problems on Android from another user,
  • AirDroid Business. the business version of AirDroid, will not be discussed in this article.

If you are only interested in being able to access your phone from a computer or laptop, you only need to install the AirDroid app on your phone, no additional applications are required. But later in the review, AirMirror and AirDroid Remote Support will also be briefly reviewed.

On your computer, you can use one of the following connection options:

  • AirDroid Web. a web version of the AirDroid, works in a browser, in Russian.
  • AirDroid program for Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7, available for download on the official developer’s website

How to set up

Before you can activate control of your Android device remotely, you need to choose the connection scheme that’s right for you.

Depending on exactly how you want to remotely control your Android cell phone, you should use the appropriate tools.

If you have decided to learn how to remotely control your phone, which runs on Android, it is worth considering all the available ways.

How to control one Android device with another

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In this article you will learn how you can use one Android phone or tablet to control another Android phone or tablet. You can use the free version of TeamViewer for Android, or if your Android device has been reflashed, an app called RemoDroid.

  • Tap the search bar.
  • Enter teamviewer
  • Select the “TeamViewer” application. remote access”.
  • Tap on “Install”.
  • Tap “Accept” when prompted.
  • Tap the search bar.
  • Type teamviewer quicksupport
  • Select the application “TeamViewer QuickSupport”.
  • Tap on “Install”.
  • Tap “Accept” when prompted.

Read the instructions on how to. Swipe to the left until you get to the homepage of TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Find your device ID. A nine-digit number will be displayed. This is the ID you need to enter on your main device.

Launch TeamViewer. To do this, tap the application icon (double-headed arrow) on the device that you want to control the other device from.

Enter the ID of the second Android device. Tap the “Partner ID” field and enter the nine-digit number from the second device.

Accept the connection on the second device. Tap the “Accept” or “Connect” button on the device you want to control. Now you can control the second Android device. All actions performed on the main Android device will be duplicated on the controlled device as well. [2] X Source of information

  • Tap the search bar.
  • Enter remodroid
  • Select the RemoDroid application.
  • Tap the “Install” button.
  • Then tap the “Accept” button

How to control your tablet from your Android phone

Thanks to a special program, you can easily turn your Android smartphone into a remote control for your tablet.

A tablet computer is great for web surfing and reading books, but for watching movies (unless you’re on the road, of course) its screen area may not be enough. For the movie, it is appropriate to connect the tablet to a large, and preferably very large TV as a multimedia set-top box. You’ll need an HDMI cable, it’s not expensive and you can buy it everywhere.

But there is a reasonable question: how to control playback? The length of the HDMI cable can hardly allow you to reach the sofa, and running to the tablet every time is not an option at all. But if you could control it remotely, like with your smartphone It’s easy to do.

Tablet Remote is designed specifically for controlling your tablet with your smartphone. The signal is exchanged via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It’s not a remote access system like TeamViewer where you get full control over the device. Tablet Remote lets you control just the brightness, volume, and playback for YouTube, MX Player, and the like.

But the program is completely free and doesn’t require administrator rights, plugins or registration. As a result, it can be set up and run quickly, which distinguishes Tablet Remote from its more sophisticated counterparts.

To use the program, install it on both devices. Then launch Tablet Remote and open the SETUP section on each of them. Check both options there on your tablet and smartphone. As a result you will allow the program to be used as a remote keyboard.

Next, go to CONNECTION on your smartphone and click on the radar icon. Wait for the tablet to detect your phone. If necessary, confirm the connection on your tablet. After that you can open the REMOTE section. where the video control buttons are located. and use your smartphone as a remote control for your tablet.

This setup may seem overly complicated, but it only needs to be done once. Subsequently, all you have to do is launch the Tablet Remote and with one swipe connect the devices under CONNECTION. To go back to typing you’ll have to change the input method in the keyboard switching menu.

It is worth noting that the developer of Tablet Remote has not updated the program for a long time. So it may not work correctly on some new devices. In addition, its interface is also long outdated. But it’s unlikely you’ll find an easy-to-use, free alternative to Tablet Remote that will replace it.

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How to control your tablet with your phone

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular as a great way to consume digital content, giving you unlimited access to almost any book, movie, and game. And while it’s perfectly natural to read on a tablet’s small screen, watching movies (unless you’re on the road, of course) requires a larger screen area. In this case, you can connect your tablet to a big, or better still, a very big TV set-top box.

It is not difficult to do, the corresponding HDMI cable does not cost a lot and is sold everywhere. But there’s another problem. How to control the playback, because the length of this cable is unlikely to reach the couch, and running every time to the tablet is not the best. What if you could control it remotely, for example with your smartphone? Turns out you can. And the free Tablet Remote utility will help us with that.

Tablet Remote is a special program for controlling your tablet with your phone. It has a few important features that you should know. First of all, it’s not a remote access system where you get full control over the device, like TeamViewer. Tablet Remote works by transmitting keyboard shortcuts via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Therefore, only a limited number of actions are available to you, such as controlling playback, volume, and brightness, and then not in all programs. Secondly, the program does not require administrator rights, i.e. it can be run on virtually any device, which makes Tablet Remote different from other similar programs.

You must install the program on both devices in order to use Tablet Remote. Then launch it on your tablet and you will see an unusual animated interface.

You need to go to SETUP and check both options there. This allows you to use the program as a remote keyboard. Then open the second section CONNECTION. Here you need to click on the radar icon and wait for the Tablet to detect your phone. Pre-launch the Tablet Remote program on your smartphone as well.

On the device that will play the role of a remote control, everything is much easier. You just start the program and then go to REMOTE. Here you will see the controls, which are in the form of buttons to control the media player, volume, brightness, and so on.

Note that the remote control has two modes: portrait and landscape. In normal position your smartphone is used to control music or video playback on the tablet. When you change orientation, it turns into a game controller. I haven’t tested this mode so I can’t say anything about its functionality, but it works fine for PowerAmp, DoubleTwist, MX Video Player.

So, thanks to the Tablet Remote program we have a real possibility to control remotely the tablet, connected to the TV set-top box. This method may not be as convenient as a specialized remote control solution, but it is free and allows you to use your existing equipment without having to buy new devices.


Go to the settings section CONNECTION click on the radar icon, wait until the tablet will see your cell phone. Now you can open REMOTE and see all the control buttons. You can use it. In general, the setup is quite simple, but some people may find even this quite a complicated process. Such users can be consoled by noting that the setting only needs to be done once, then everything will be automatic. Just run the program, connect the devices and that’s it.

The application is updated infrequently, however, and you may experience lags on very new devices. But on the plus side of the obsolete interface we can add intuitiveness and simplicity.