How to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi router

Connecting a router to your TV

We know that a router is a device that provides Internet access to computers and mobile devices. It’s been that way for a long time, but now routers have a wider range of uses. Since recently TV sets have been connected to it as well. Why? About this we will tell in this article.

Smart TV is smart TV. Which isn’t really TV at all. It’s a set of extras that expand the features of your TV:

  • A complete replacement for over-the-air TV. When you connect your TV to the Internet, you can watch movies and shows from all kinds of resources, of which there are many on the web.
  • Watch YouTube videos and social networks right on your TV.
  • A wireless mouse, keyboard, and webcam turn it into a PC-like experience.

Open and directly from your TV! Skype on the big screen! It’s all Smart TV.

Internet connection settings on the Smart TV

The easiest way to connect to the Internet on a Smart TV, because this modern device is oriented to work in the global network thanks to the built-in module. Difficulties with the connection usually do not arise, but there may be differences in the setup of different models. Modern TV-panels are so functional that it is difficult to call them simple TV-receivers. They act as a media player, thanks to the USB-connectors, which are equipped with.


The main difference between Samsung Smart TVs is that the operating system Tizen is installed on them. It, of course, has its own individual features when debugging the Internet on Samsung, which should be taken into account. First of all you need to update your operating system to the latest version. To do this you will need:

  • Go to the TV-panel settings and find the “Update” item;
  • Enter this item and search for available updates;
  • If the latest version is detected, selecting it on the screen will automatically install it.

You can configure the Internet on Samsung in two ways:

If you are using a cable, then do the following:

  • Connect the cable to the corresponding ports;
  • Turn on “Settings” and click on the “Cable” option, then enter the IP address assigned to you by your provider, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.

If the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then connect via it. If not, you need to buy a wireless network adapter. Perform the following steps:

  • In automatic mode. You don’t need to enter anything, but only under “IP settings” turn on “Obtain automatically”. The system will make the connection by itself and the user will have to enter a unique password.
  • In manual mode. If the TV panel is below 6 series, then press the “Network” option, then “Setup”, “Type”. Then in the “Cable” tab, click on “Wireless”.

Older LG models run on the old OS. To connect the network on LG TV via Wi-Fi, you need to:

  • Turn on the TV-panel and enter the settings “Settings.
  • Next, enter the “Network” tab and click “Network connection”.
  • Next, you can choose to connect with or without cable. Press “Set up the connection.”.
  • In the list find your Wi-Fi, select it and enter the password.
  • Press “Ok” and wait for connection.
  • Press “Done” when done and you are ready to use.

Connecting your TV to the Internet

If you have a new model, it works on the operating system webOS, so the setting will be different:

  • In “Settings” enter the item “Advanced settings”.
  • Then go to the item “Network” and click “Connect to Wi-Fi network”.
  • Choose your network from the list and enter your password.

If there is no your TV among the listed models, then proceed with the connection by analogy with the above mentioned ones, as all menu items are practically the same for all manufacturers.

You can connect the Internet on your Sony in two ways:

Set up the Internet on your Sony TV using a cable:

  • From the remote control, enter the “Menu”.
  • Go to “Settings”, then click on “Network” and “Connection settings.
  • Press the “Connection settings” option, and in the window that appears, select “Simple”
  • The devices will sync.


Setting up your Sony TV wirelessly via Wi-Fi:

  • Press “HOME” and then “Network” and “Network Settings.
  • After that, click on “Wireless Setup”.
  • Search by clicking on “Scan”.
  • Select the home Internet and enter the password, if necessary.


To set up an Internet connection on your Philips TV, you must:

  • Press “Home” button on the remote control, which looks like a house.
  • Select “Configuration” and “Network Connection”.
  • Choose wireless type if setting up via Wi-Fi, and wired type if via cable.
  • If via Wi-Fi, then select the home Internet and enter the password, and if using a cable, then connect it to the router and the TV.

Pros and cons of this connection method

What can be good about a cable Internet connection in principle? Why bother with a bunch of wires when you can use Wi-Fi?? Yes, you can, but first, not all TVs have built-in Wi-Fi modules. If you are a fan of wireless connection, but don’t have a TV module, you have to buy one separately.

If you need to use internet not only on TV, but also on PC and phone, connect TV to the internet with cable via router

Secondly, the data is transferred much faster over the wire than over the “Wi-Fi“. Almost all routers cut speed. Plus they have to distribute the signal to several devices at once. The signal and speed are divided between the members of the local network.

Thirdly, a cable connection is more stable than a wired one. Failures in data transfer will occur less often.

Connect two wifi routers. Tp link wifi router. Dlink wifi router. (Tutorial)

A network cable can be connected directly to your PC

The minus of the method, of course, in the number of wires. They do not always fit into the interior. In addition, it is inconvenient. If the router and TV away from each other. Even more so. You either have to buy a long cord or move the router closer to the TV.

connect, your, wi-fi, router

If you do not have a router and do not want to use it, but you have a cable from your provider, you can plug the cord directly into the TV. You won’t have to buy a router. If your TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module, a direct cable connection will be the only budget option.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on your TV

Almost all devices have the typical algorithm:

  • In the menu look for the subsection “trimmer line”;
  • Move to the “parameters” block;
  • Go to the “automatic setup wizard”;
  • Choose the actual connection option.

The system will display the IP address. If the procedure failed and the equipment refuses to receive the signal, then you will have to make adjustments in manual mode.

Switching on the wireless connection

connect, your, wi-fi, router

If there is no Wi-Fi module?

Sometimes your TV is equipped with Smart-TV, but doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in. Here we will use an ordinary router, which will be a Wi-Fi receiver. You only need to set up your router in adapter or bridge mode, connect your TV to the router and enjoy the Smart-TV functions.

Wi-Fi allows you to connect your TV to the internet and access all the associated services. The main thing is to perform the appropriate manipulations. Then configure the TV channels, watch videos, listen to music and enjoy all the features of the Internet on your TV.

What you need to connect your TV to the internet over Wi-Fi

Generally speaking, Smart TV can be connected to the Internet in two ways:

Since the first option usually does not cause much trouble for users, it is worth detailing the Wi-Fi connection. You will need a router that is already connected to the global web and configured for Wi-Fi, as well as a Smart TV that supports the appropriate connection. You can find out whether your receiver is equipped with Wi-Fi support, by looking through the technical documentation for your TV (including the manufacturer’s official website).

Connecting your TV to a hidden network.

If your wireless network is hidden, select “Configure hidden Wi-Fi” network in the connection menu.

Enter the network name, then select the security type and enter the password if the network is password-protected.

How to connect a set-top box to the Internet via cable

  • After connecting the Internet cable, open the menu of the device and find the section responsible for network settings. For example, it could be “Internet Options,” subsection “Settings,” then “Device” and “Network. There, look for the wired connection option (cable, Ethernet).
  • Follow the steps suggested by the service. Many of these will connect automatically, but sometimes you need to enter your ISP’s details. In the latter case, you’ll have to look into your contract with your provider or contact them by phone.

Here, as in the case of the TV set-top box, there are options. Your TV may or may not have a Wi-Fi module. In the second case, you can buy a TV set-top box with a built-in Wi-Fi module or a device called Wi-Fi-adapter, which we wrote about selecting above. Consider these options.

How to connect a TV with built-in Wi-Fi

If your TV has its own Wi-Fi module, you only need to connect it to the wireless home network, which is distributed by your router. To do this, follow the steps described below.Connection algorithm:

  • In the TV menu, go to the section which is responsible for configuring the network settings. Here is an example: in Settings, Network tab, Network Options. Another example: “Wired and Wireless Networks” tab, Wi-Fi item.
  • In the wireless networks section, wait until the list of all those networks that are available for connection is displayed. Your home network will appear, provided that your router is configured and giving out internet. Select your network and enter the password for it. If you’ve forgotten it, read the section above on “How to connect your TV set-top box via built-in Wi-Fi. Save your changes.

How to connect your TV through a Wi-Fi adapter

  • Insert the Wi-Fi adapter into a suitable port on your TV.
  • Using the TV remote control, go to the menu and find the section responsible for network settings. It could be “Settings” and “Network”, “Network” and “Open Network Settings”, or something similar.
  • Select the wireless network option (“Wireless”, Wi-Fi) in the list of network types and in the constructed list of available networks select your home Wi-Fi network (the one that your router gives out). Enter the password for it, and click “Done” or “OK. You should now see a message telling you that your TV is connected to the internet.

How to connect a TV set-top box to the internet

If your TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi, then it may be more practical to buy a TV set-top box with wifi rather than a Wi-Fi adapter. This is mainly due to the fact that many smart set-top boxes provide a wide range of functionality, which an adapter cannot do. In addition, many adapters are priced comparable to smart set-top boxes.To provide the TV with the Internet via TV set-top box you need to follow its instructions for setting up. Usually, when you enter the menu of the device for the first time, the Setup Wizard starts, and you need to select the proposed operating modes. At one of the steps of the wizard you also configure the Internet, following the same principle, as described in the other algorithms of this article. That is, you need to find the network of your router in the list of networks and connect to it with the password. But you can always set up the network separately by going to the network settings section.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via cable

  • After plugging the cable into the network jack, go to the TV menu and find the network settings section. Choose the “Wired connection” or similar and activate the connection.
  • If necessary, set the requested provider settings.