How to connect your phone to the recorder

How to connect the phone to the LG music center

Almost every smartphone owner stores his favorite music tracks and audio recordings on it or listens to music via streaming services (Spotyfy, Apple Music, Yandex Music, and others). But even modern smartphone’s loudspeakers can’t be enough to play your favorite songs loudly enough without losing sound quality. And then it’s quite logical to connect your phone to external speakers, for example, one of LG music center models, which can brag of deep sound. There are various ways to do it.

Connecting your phone to the music center: step by step instructions:

Wired ways to connect your smartphone to your music center LG

For this way to connect your smartphone to the LG music center you’ll need a standard cable with 3.5 mm plugs. One end of the cable connects to the smartphone via the headphone jack. The other end is to the music center. Look for the output labeled Aux or Audio In on the back of the unit. After successfully connecting the AUX cable, you will need to select the mode for playing music from external media in the settings of the music center. Depending on your model of music center, this could be a dedicated button labeled Aux.

The advantage of this method, which is worth mentioning separately. this method of connection allows you to control the audio tracks directly from the music center. You will need a USB-MicroUSB cable (most modern smartphones come with such a cable). Once connected, select the USB signal source in the settings of the music center, and activate “Synchronize data” mode on the phone.

If the phone is successfully connected to the LG music center, then the folder with music from your smartphone will appear on the screen of the center, and you will be able to select tracks or albums, rewind songs, add and decrease the volume and make any other actions.

Wireless ways of connecting your smartphone to the music center LG

Modern models of LG music centers support not only a wireless connection of your smartphone but also the possibility to control it. You can control your speaker settings from your smartphone and play music files from your phone memory. For this you need to download the special application on Google Play Music Flow Bluetooth app and install it on your smartphone, then turn on the Bluetooth function and synchronize your phone with your LG music center.

Important: When you connect your phone to the stereo using this method, make sure the distance between your phone and the stereo is less than 15 meters, or your music may be disturbed.

The way of connecting your phone to the music center via NFC has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it provides a better quality signal and is able to cover longer distances (compared to Bluetooth). But this method requires both devices to be equipped with the appropriate module.

Connecting your smartphone to the music center via NFC is easy. For this purpose you should turn on both devices in synchronization mode NFC.In the music center, this mode is in the signal source settings. Then just attach your phone to a special NFC pad on your music center.

Whichever way you choose to connect your phone to the music center, make sure you keep your smartphone charged, as it uses up your battery faster when syncing.

Why connect your smartphone to the stereo

It’s likely that you already have a specific goal that you want to achieve by connecting your smartphone to your stereo. over, you will probably find it in the list below. Since with the help of “synchronization” of the phone and radio you can solve several different tasks, we suggest you to get acquainted with all of them.

You can connect your phone to your stereo for the following purposes

  • Charging your phone without a charger.
  • Using your smartphone as a flash drive.
  • Playing back the music stored in your phone on the boombox.
  • Playing the formats which are not supported by the boombox.
  • Playing analog radio broadcasts.
  • Playing internet radio stations.
  • Watching video clips on a big screen of the radio.

Let’s briefly review each item, starting with charging. After all, the boombox can really help you out if your phone’s battery is dead and you need a connection. In this case, the charger for the cigarette lighter. were not at hand. If your radio has a slot for a USB-flash, it is quite realistic to recharge the dead battery. However, do not count on much in this case, since the current which is able to give the USB-connector of the radio is rather modest.

The second, third and fourth items at first glance may seem the same, but it is far from it. You can use your phone as a “flash drive” when your boombox does not support full synchronization with external devices. That is, you can play music files stored on your phone, as from a normal “flash drive”.

If your head unit supports full synchronization with external devices (there are several ways of synchronization), you can play music directly on your phone, and your head unit will only act as a sound amplifier in this case.

And the fourth point. Many motorists think too much about quality and powerful sound system, spending a lot of money for good speakers and other extravagances. And almost everyone forgets that the sound quality of car audio largely depends on the format in which music is played. And so popular today MP3 format is very far from high quality. If after that you try to play back on an inexpensive system, for example, FLAC format, it may well turn out that the quality of your speakers is good, and the bass and treble appeared. The limit of distortion-free sound will also change fundamentally.

connect, your, phone, recorder

So, not all boomboxes “can read” music formats other than MP3. And in order to play high-quality FLAC in the car, you have to connect your phone and play the music on it. And the boombox can only be used as a sound amplifier.

Radio in the car is a problem, and many are familiar with it. Sometimes it doesn’t play at all, or “catches badly”, or not everywhere, or with a terrible interference But with the phone connected to the radio, without any antennas and antenna amplifiers, you can easily listen to both analog broadcasts and Internet radio stations. And the latter to date, there are more than 70,000, while the usual way with a good dislocation can choose from a dozen or two, no more.

How to Connect a Smartphone in a Car via Bluetooth

This is the best way to connect if you just need to listen to music, receive voice guidance on the route and be able to speak on the phone.

Bluetooth now allows you to do almost everything.

To do this, you need to find in the settings of the head unit item “Bluetooth”, and in it “Create a pairing”, “Connecting devices”, “Pairing” or something along these lines. Press, agree to put your car radio into pairing mode and open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. You may need to enter a code from the screen, but the devices will tell you everything you need to do.

Once connected, you can turn your car into a big headset on wheels. You can enjoy the benefits of pairing without draining the battery.

How to connect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth

Connection via Bluetooth can be arranged when both your phone and boombox have the appropriate functions. You can check whether the car radio has such a function in the menu.

You should also check that both devices have the same Bluetooth communication protocols (including A2DP). In modern boomboxes usually support this protocol, older smartphones may not support streaming.

connect, your, phone, recorder

If your radio does not support Bluetooth, you can buy a Bluetooth-dongle (adapter), in which case, the connection is made with this additional device.

Bluetooth connection between your radio and phone can be established either from your phone or from your radio. Both devices must activate Bluetooth. Then you need to search for all Bluetooth devices within range of one of the devices. Then select the appropriate device, give a connection request, exchange the code.

Advantages of the Bluetooth connection: no cable needed, wireless connection.

Disadvantages: difficulty in setting up the connection, the possibility of interference.

Pairing of telephone and car radio via USB

The universal way. Fits nearly all phones and car stereos, except the oldest. You need to find the USB port on the head unit (in new models it is located on the front panel). You will also need a USB cable. Recognizable as a USB cable: one side has a USB connector, the other one connects to your phone.

Classic USB cable. On one side there is a port for connection to the radio, on the other side. to connect to a smartphone

Connect the cable to both devices. After that go to the settings of the phone, find there the item “USB-connection” (the name can vary depending on the model of equipment) and select the sub-item “Data transfer. Done! Now your head unit can use the built-in memory and memory card of the phone as storage media. This type of connection uses the head unit itself for control.

In the new car stereos, you can control playback from both devices. For example, you can play music right on your smartphone and the head unit will be used as an amplifier. This is often more convenient because you don’t have to switch songs and can select the one you want immediately.

The USB cable connection also has the advantage that the phone charges while it is in use (although not as quickly as with a standard wall outlet). The disadvantage of this method is the presence of the cord, which takes space and can get caught on something.

Connecting AUX

With this type of connection, the telephone is used to play music. Your boombox also serves as an amplifier. If you wish, you can play music from the Internet, or listen to online radio. No additional configuration is required. You only need to have AUX adaptor.

You can connect not only the phone, but also any device with an appropriate jack. The disadvantage of this connection is the high power consumption. During operation, the phone battery will run out rather quickly. Also, the large number of wires will not always be convenient.

Special emulator for head unit

There are devices such as CD changer emulators for car stereos. This device is connected to a special slot (on the back of the radio) and allows you to read music from SD cards, USB drives, to receive it from the phone via AUX, or Bluetooth. And the boombox “thinks” that it works with a regular CD changer. Everything connects and works beautifully, no kolhoza. Fits into older, original car stereos.

It is connected via the CD changer input. Or through a special adapter.

It is usually displayed somewhere in the glove compartment or other convenient place. Your head unit detects it as a CD changer.

Nothing difficult, but be careful when choosing this device. On the same AliExpress there are a lot of them. Be sure to find out whether a particular model is suitable specifically for your car. Certain protocols that are supported by emulator and head unit must be matched. Read reviews, ask the seller, google your car model information.

Precautions and possible problems

We have already mentioned that simultaneous connection to the phone cassette through AUX output and charging it is undesirable. in the presence of any faults in the car radio or electrical wiring is not excluded the probability of failure of the amplifier phone.

It is also not recommended to turn the volume on the phone too high when using the AUX cable, as it may cause rattling at the peak of the sound. Another precautionary measure is related to the use of USB cable. Check that the voltage at the corresponding jack on the car stereo does not exceed 5 volts, otherwise either the USB-port on your smartphone or its charging module can be damaged.

Testing is carried out with a multimeter, the findings of which are connected to the first and fourth pin of the USB-connector on the car radio.

And now let’s list common problems and possible solutions: