How To Connect Your Philips Tv To The Internet And Set Up Smart Tv

Smart TVs from Philips are equipped with a significant amount of functionality, but using them sometimes causes difficulties for new owners.

The following guide will help the user to independently not only correctly connect and configure the operation of modern equipment, but also provide access to a huge number of Internet resources.

Feature Overview

This model combines the functions of television and Internet technology.

Philips TVs operate on the WebOS and Android platforms, which allows them to effectively interact not only with World Wide Web resources and traditional analog broadcast sources, but also with local media servers.

As a result, the owner of the TV gets at his disposal:

  1. The ability to work on the Internet on a TV screen;
  2. Install and use numerous programs that greatly expand the capabilities of the device;
  3. Without using a computer, watch content online;
  4. Use widgets;
  5. Get access to Google services;
  6. Communicate with relatives and friends through the Internet through communication applications;
  7. The presence of USB and HDMI connectors greatly expand the possibilities of using the TV;
  8. Convenience of work thanks to the intuitive interface and proprietary recommendation system.

Next, we consider the basic functionality of TV from this company.


Thanks to this function, TV and PC (laptop), tablet, smartphone are synchronized. To connect devices for matching with TV, a Wi-Fi wireless connection is used.

Philips smart TVs can play and play audio using the same files that a user is used to opening on a PC.

This became possible due to the use of special technology in their Smart TV, which was called “SongBird”.

She herself identifies files and installs the missing codecs.


After the appearance of such a function, the owner of the TV got the opportunity to control and manage television through a mobile device (using a laptop, tablet or smartphone).

For this purpose, it is enough to install the My Remote application on the gadget.

Now, to adjust all the parameters of the TV, it is not necessary to reach for the remote control, since if the user has, for example, a smartphone with the My Remote program installed, it turns into a full-fledged TV remote control.

Net tv

For quick access to the global network, the developers have provided a separate function “Net TV”.

Thanks to it, you can quickly turn on the broadcast, for example, from Zoomby, Vimeo, YouTube, Tunin, Picasa and other similar services.

It should be noted that you do not need to configure this function separately, as it is performed automatically immediately after connecting to the World Wide Web.

The Net TV information tab displays not only world news and exchange rates, but also weather, traffic jams, etc.

USB recording

This is a simple feature, but it is most often used by owners of modern TVs.

For example, if a person does not have time to watch an interesting game, show or film, he can watch it later, when free time appears.

To do this, using this function, you just need to record to an external USB-drive.

Connection Procedure

You can connect the TV to the Internet via wi-fi. This option is the most popular at the present time, since you do not have to pull the Internet cable to the TV.

Access to Internet resources will be through a wireless network.

To this end, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the router broadcasting Wi-Fi is turned on;
  2. If the TV does not have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, then insert the external adapter into the USB port of the TV;
  3. Further, to make a connection with the router, you can click the button on it, which is specially provided for quick connection of home devices to Wi-Fi. The key on the router is marked with the letters “WPS”;
  4. On the TV menu, click “Easy Access” and then click “Ok”;
  5. Or, you can connect by entering the password for the wireless network, which you must dial using the remote control.

In the case when the user has selected a connection through a wire, as it is not subject to external interference, unlike a wireless connection, you will need to perform the following steps:

Using a cable, connect the TV to the LAN port of the router.

For example, on a Philips TV model 43PUS7150 / 12, the jack into which you want to insert the cable is labeled “Network.”

The main thing is that the cable length is sufficient to connect the two devices.

On a LAN router, the connectors are usually highlighted in yellow:

  1. Press the “House” on the remote control;
  2. Enter the “Settings” section, where click on the “Wired and wireless networks” tab;
  3. Click “Wired or Wi-Fi”;
  4. Click “Network Connection”;
  5. Klatsat “Wired”;
  6. Click “Finish”;
  7. Done. The connection to the global network is established.

At the end of the connection procedure, an agreement will be displayed with which you must agree. Then register with Philips Club:

Click “Create Now.”

In the menu that appears, print using the remote control your personal data and click “Create Account.”

After that, click “Login to My Philips”. Enter your personal name and access code for the club. Click “Register Product.”

Through the search, find the TV model.

In the next menu that appears, indicate the day, month and year of purchase of Smart TV and click “Register”.

Done. These steps allow you to connect to your Philips server and provide access to all the features of your Philips Smart TV.

But just connecting the TV to the network is not enough. Next, go to the solution of the question of how to properly set up smart TV.

Setup procedure

The manufacturer has tried as much as possible to simplify this process, so setting up a Philips TV, even for novice users, will not cause significant difficulties.

Before proceeding directly to the configuration, it is recommended that you upgrade your smart TV software. To do this, click the “House” key on the remote control.

Next, in the menu that appears on the TV screen, enter the “Configuration” column and start the upgrade process.

Wait for it to complete.

Done. Now the old software has been replaced with new and you can start setting the configuration parameters.

Channel setup

To set up television reception you must do the following:

  1. Press the “House” on the remote control;
  2. Go to the “Configuration” section;
  3. Click “Channel Search”;
  4. Next, click “Reinstall channels”;
  5. Mark the state where the user resides;
  6. If it is not in the list of your country, then it is allowed to indicate another, for example, “Finland”;
  7. Further, for example, if a connection is made via a digital wired network, then mark “Cable”;
  8. In the next menu that appears, titled “Run Channel Search”, click “Settings”;
  9. Then click “Automatic”;
  10. After that, open the tab “Quick Scan”;
  11. In order to be able to broadcast television by receiving an analog signal, set “On” in the “Analog channels” column (make sure that the cable from the antenna is inserted into the corresponding plug on the rear panel of the TV);
  12. Click Finish.

Note: It usually takes about ten minutes to search for channels.

To configure Smart-TV after connecting to the Internet, you just need to click “Browse Net TV”. Then the user can views and websites directly from the TV screen.

Online applications

Thanks to the flexible ability to select and install applications to the personal taste of the user himself, the Philips smart TV is maximally adapted to any requirements and preferences.

Programs make available a huge number of films, musics, special programs for communication and communication, and also provide quick access to news from around the world.

To install the application, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Open the “Application Store” section;
  2. Choose the application you like;
  3. Install it on the main screen of the TV menu;
  4. Then at any time, run the application and use.

For example, to watch movies and shows, experienced users often install Stream Interactive. And for quick access to Yandex services, they use the utility of the same name directly from the screen of their TV.

The program “Video” and “” is very popular, where not only clips and movies are concentrated, but also many cartoons for children.

Mobile App

The lucky owner of a Philips smart TV should first install the Philips TV Remote app on your mobile device.

It alone will provide access to a significant amount of interactive entertainment for Philips Smart TV.

Plus, there is no need to use a complete remote device, since the TV will adequately respond to control via a smartphone or tablet.

It should be noted that the typing procedure from a mobile gadget is more convenient than using a standard button remote control, and this is often done on Smart TV.

The application has a function for exchanging files, as well as all the standard features of a simple remote control, for example, setting sound, switching programs, etc.

The search for channels and TV shows of interest to the user through this application is much faster than with the remote control.

If you are too lazy to press buttons, then you can use voice search, since the application adequately perceives the Russian language.

The compatibility of the program with a mobile device can be seen on the page “”.

Install widgets

If the TV model is not the most modern, then installing widgets is only possible through the built-in “App Gallery”, and new Philips models already support working with third-party developments.

To install the widget, perform just a few of the following steps:

In the case when the desired application needs to be delivered from an external USB-drive, the following actions must be performed:

  1. Format the flash drive in “FAT32”;
  2. Next, open it in Explorer and call the context menu on an empty field (clean formatted USB flash drive);
  3. Move the cursor over the “Create” column and click on “Folder”;
  4. Name the new directory “userwidget”;
  5. Save archives with widget distributions in it;
  6. Install a flash drive into the TV;
  7. Then, in automatic mode, smart TV recognizes the medium and installation of the programs begins;
  8. Wait for the process to complete;
  9. Done. Icons appear on the TV menu through which widgets can be launched.

Install widgets using “ForkPlayer”

If it is impossible to use the first two methods for installing widgets, the special application “ForkPlayer” will help to eliminate this drawback.

The following few steps need to be completed:

  • Open the network connection settings in the TV;
  • Change DNS to;
  • Wait for the end of the process (approximately five minutes);

Note: If there is no reaction and the connection is not established, then restart the TV.

  • Open the Megago application (run Tvigle on old TVs);
  • Install the desired widgets.

The latest Philips models run on the Android platform. In this case, even the installation instructions for the programs become redundant, since everything is done by analogy with mobile devices and is installed from Google services.

Google Play offers a huge variety of widgets, among which even the most discerning person will choose the most suitable option for themselves.