How to connect your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV

Ways to connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV wirelessly

Regardless of what model you have an Apple device, the diagonal of the display can never match the practicality of the size of the TV screen. Especially when it comes to watching TV shows at home, family videos, vacation photos, etc.Д.

Smartphone owners most often connect their gadgets to an external monitor. What makes it possible to comfortably view any content.

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How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV? There are a couple of ways to sync your devices.

Next, let’s look at the instructions and recommendations for connecting a smartphone to a TV device using wireless technology, various physical interfaces. How you can simplify watching your favorite videos and photos.

Special programs

To synchronize two devices from different companies, you can use various cross-platform utilities. Before you start the connection, they must be downloaded and installed on the devices. For this role perfectly suits the utility AllShare. It is integrated into the basic TV software and can be downloaded from the AppStore.

The main task of AllShare is to use the Samsung TV display to display user content that is stored on your smartphone.

Other free-licensed Wi-Fi applications can provide a similar option. For example, iMediaShare.

The only rule. Both devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network and not hidden by the settings for successful synchronization. In this case, you can display the broadcast of any media content:

  • Go to AllShare TV-Cast and click on the desired media file.
  • Select the option to watch on the big screen.
  • Done, the file will be shown on the TV.

The easiest way to display the iPhone screen on TV is to duplicate the screen. The Apple TV set-top box is organically linked to smartphones of the same company using AirPlay. But if you do not have it, you can connect a Miracast adapter to the TV. With it you can display a picture from absolutely any device. Via Intel WiDi from PC or laptop on Windows, from macbook on MacOS or Android-smartphone.

How to Connect AirPods to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless Bluetooth Connection)

There are many models of such adapters. I use Rombica SmartCast, which is universal and works with all of the above technologies. That is, it can both simply display video or photos on the TV and duplicate the screen.

To do this, simply connect your TV and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Pull the bottom curtain on the iPhone and select “Screen Repeat”

Via USB-Connect

You can connect your iPhone to LG TV or any other TV using a USB cable. Please note that it is necessary to use Lightning, which is usually present in the package, along with the device. With a cable connection:

Iphone to TV, with this connection option, will not provide a repeat of the screen on the latter, but will act as a drive. To pair:

  • Plug the Lightning one end into the phone jack and the other end into the TV. The USB-port in the TV is usually located on the back or side edge.
  • Turn the TV on and open its “Menu” options. Select the USB port as the picture playback source.
  • Wait for the synchronization to complete. The TV screen will display the library from the iPhone and be available for viewing.

NOTE! It’s worth noting that not all TVs will be able to recognize your iPhone as a storage device and display information from it.

Using an Apple TV

Apple’s Smart set-top box allows the “apple” gadget to connect to any TV. Performs an intermediary role, equipped with the proprietary AirPlay protocol mentioned above.

To use the trio “iPhone set-top box-TV”, you need to carry out a number of actions:

  • Set-top box is connected to the TV via the appropriate interface (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).
  • A utility is installed and launched on the iPhone, which controls the operation of the AirPlay set-top box.
  • Pairing goes through the “Screen Repeat” button in the app.
  • The phone searches for the set-top box installed in the house via home Wi-Fi.
  • The AirPlay Mirroring notification appears. Activate the found device by entering the code displayed on the TV screen.

It is important to remember that the following pairing sessions are automatic.

The mentioned player cooperates with the phone models not older than the fifth generation. The main condition: the presence of high-speed connections (3G, 4G) and the latest updated version of iOS.

How to display photos and videos from iPhone to TV to watch movies?

What to do if your TV or set-top box does not have built-in AirPlay support? We will work via DLNA. To connect your iPhone to a Samsung, Sony, or LG TV, you need to install a separate app. Many of them you can find in the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

Then this video will start playing on your TV directly from your iPhone.

In the same way you can upload photos or music that you have on your iPhone.

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Wired connection

This option is less troublesome, because you can do without complicated settings of wireless protocols and downloading of third-party applications. You can connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV in two ways: via USB or HDMI interface.

To synchronize the iPhone with the Samsung TV equipment, you will need a special adapter. Here it is necessary to take into account the specific smartphone model. Generation 1-4 iPhones work on 30-pin interfaces, while later devices use Apple Lightning. That is, to connect the TV and the smartphone you need the appropriate adapter: 30-pin AV Adapter. USB or Lightning Digital AV Adapter. USB.

Tip! It is better to use the original adapters. Otherwise successful synchronization is not guaranteed.

The procedure itself does not take much time.

  • Connect the devices with the adapter: one end is the charging port of the iPhone, and the other is the USB-interface of the TV set.
  • Open the menu on the Samsung Smart TV and go to “Settings”.
  • In the tab “Signal Source” select the USB mode.
  • Accept the connection of an external device.

Sometimes you might need to reboot your TV.

Here a similar scheme works. To sync iPhone and TV you need an adapter that corresponds to your gadget’s generation: AV Lightning. HDMI or 30-pin AV Adapter. HDMI. In a good half of cases, synchronization happens automatically, but sometimes you need to manually.

The latter is described above with the only difference that in the third item instead of USB mode you need to select the HDMI port.

Important! This way you can connect your iPhone and TV as a mass storage only. To watch the content you need to choose the necessary file from the manager and play it.

Wireless connection

Wirelessly syncing iPhone with a Samsung TV allows the user not only to consume content in real time (watch YouTube videos, watch series and movies) or listen to music, but also to duplicate video games on the TV screen. This is the case with absolutely all files and even with your desktop. They are first launched on your phone and then broadcast to the TV screen.

It’s silly to argue with the fact that this method of iPhone synchronization and the subsequent consumption of content is more convenient and faster than a wired connection. At least simplicity speaks in favor of wireless connection, after all the user needs to press only some buttons.

Despite all the advantages of wireless synchronization, it has one major disadvantage. In order to make the connection, your devices must meet some requirements.

These days, most modern TVs from Samsung can connect to Wi-Fi network. The presence of this function will be a nice bonus for those who want to synchronize with the TV via Wi-Fi.

In order to connect, the user will need:

  • Connect both devices to the same wireless network;
  • Then activate a special smart TV app on your phone (for example, Smart View)
  • Once you’ve done all this, all you have to do is wait for the TV to automatically connect to your smartphone.

Once your devices are in sync, you can use the full potential of this connection.


This feature is a unique development of Apple, which allows you to duplicate the image from the iPhone screen to the TV screen. However, in order to use the “AirPlay” function, the user must have a special TV set-top box from Apple. “Apple TV”. It creates a great ecosystem (which is what Apple is famous for), combining with devices from the same company (macbooks, iPhones, iPads, etc.).

However, if the user doesn’t have one, they can purchase an analog that supports airplay, which also connects to the TV and helps synchronize the phone with it. The Miracast adapter. In addition to “apple” phones, the user can synchronize both Windows and Android devices with the TV. One of the most popular AirPlay-enabled adapters is the “Rombica SmartCast”.

In order to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV using this function, the user needs

  • Connect both the smartphone and TV to the same Internet network;
  • Just pull the bottom curtain on your smartphone with the settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modem mode, etc.) and tap on “repeat screen”;
  • In the menu that opens, select your Apple TV (each has its own name).

Once you follow the above steps, your TV will duplicate the iPhone desktop.

If you can’t figure out how it works, be sure to watch this short video from YouTube. In it, the author explains quite clearly how to connect the iPhone to your TV via AirPlay.

Google ChromeCast

You don’t have to buy an Apple TV set-top box to sync your TV with your Apple phone. Google have created their own special device that allows you to watch videos and listen to music in real time on your TV, while playing it all on your smartphone. This device is called the Google Chromecast. It looks a lot like the USB flash drive you’re used to. However, instead of a USB connector, Google Chromecast has an HDMI connector. It is not difficult to guess that this device must be connected to the TV in its HDMI connector.

In order to start a connection, the user needs to do the following.

How to Connect and Mirror iPhone 12 to Samsung Smart TV

  • First, once you’ve connected the Google Chromecast itself to your TV and activated it, install the special “Chromecast” app from the AppStore on your iPhone;
  • Second, once it’s installed, go to your phone’s settings and activate Wi-Fi;
  • Once you have done this, find among the available wireless networks the one with “Chromecast” in its name (then there may be a set of numbers);
  • Connect to that network and then go to the “Chromecast” app. It should automatically synchronize with the device after connecting to the network;
  • Then you can choose any other name for your wireless network and determine which network you wish to work with.

Don’t forget that your Chromecast and your smartphone must be connected to the same wireless network. After you perform the above steps, make sure that the device works properly and can start streaming.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that explains in detail how the iPhone, TV, and Google Chromecast interact.