How to Connect Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones

The new development is delivered in a miniature box from the company: the device itself is painted on the front, the key differences of the new product are shown on the sides, and on the back there are specifications, device parameters, as required by production standards. The entire description is written entirely in Chinese. How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones, read the article below.

On the sides of the headphones there are holes that suppress noise from outside, from above, initially imperceptible, due to the layer of plastic, a white diode indicator. Below you can see several contacts, they are needed to charge the headphones and connect the main microphone.

Mi True Wireless Earphones Connection Instructions

If you are interested in the question “How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones?”, Then everything is easy. To connect, you need to open the case, then hold down the button on it, literally for 2-5 seconds, after that the headphones will appear in the list of available devices for your smartphone. Then everything is simple: press the desired line of headphones, and they connect very quickly.

In the future, the connection will be even faster, it will be enough just to get one of the headphones from the case.

Headphone control is very simple:

  • if you hold on to their touch zone for 3 seconds, the sound suppression system will turn on,
  • if you touch the headphones in this way again, the system will turn off.

If you touch the headphone 2 times from the right ear, the music will either turn on or stop, however, when a call comes to your device, the same double-touch allows you to talk to the caller when the conversation ends, you must also double-touch the right headphone.

  • If you were interrupted by listening to music, then after the song finishes, the song will start playing from the same place.
  • When you double-tap the headphone on the left, you will call the voice assistant, each operating system has its own.
  • If you wear only one of the headphones, he will always be responsible for music and talking with people.

The downside is that the headphones can not be controlled by voice and there is no way to switch songs. Although you can understand the manufacturers, because they were limited by control options. only 2. However, you can switch songs using the same Mi True Wireless Earphones, there are several Android programs for this.

However, do not worry so much: at the same presentation where the Mi True Wireless Earphones were shown, another novelty was presented. Mi Smart Band 4, but they already had the opportunity to control their music by voice and switch songs using the headphones. This is a great commercial move.

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