How To Connect Xiaomi Ip Camera

About Xiaomi

A Chinese company produces many models of cameras, and the features of the configuration will depend on their functionality. Most devices of this manufacturer are constantly in the ranking of the best cameras, they are equipped with infrared illumination, night vision, microphones, and support all data transfer protocols. Their additional advantage will be the ability to integrate into the Smart Home system. In addition, the camera allows you to:

  • remotely view the image from a remote device on a phone or smartphone;
  • listen to the recording made by the built-in microphone, the same remotely;
  • Receive on your phone notifications of possible danger transmitted by the motion sensor.

In addition, the camera is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, easily connects to any iPhone models.


Xiaomi‘s standard package includes the camera itself, a stand for it, a power supply, instructions. You need to be prepared for the fact that the instruction will be completely written in hieroglyphs, and the software necessary for installation will need to be downloaded independently.

To connect, you need a phone or tablet that works with iOS and Android operating systems and a Mi account or account to synchronize all Xiaomi services, it requires authorization.

Additionally, you will need to download one of two applications. Mi Camera or Mi Home, the second gives more opportunities. Connection is made as follows:

  • a Mi-account is created if it was not there before, while entering the question about the region. mainland China, it is better to choose English. The Russian language will provide simple control of the device, but if the user plans to reprogram it according to his requirements, he will need exactly English;
  • power is supplied to the camera, the indicator lights up in orange;
  • the application is downloading;
  • the application starts;
  • in the upper right corner, click on “”, a list of available devices and instructions in Russian or in pictograms appear;
  • The login window and password from the home Wi-Fi network are entered in the proposed window.
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Xiaomi IP camera can have two indicator lights, if orange lights up. it is ready to connect the network, if the color turns blue. the work on connecting to the network is completed successfully, the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

If security requires this, in the settings there is an opportunity to turn off the indicator lights, then the device will be more difficult to detect.

Mi Home app

After connecting, you can begin to configure the camera; in the Mi Home application, almost all actions will be clearly illustrated with the help of pictures.

Selecting the desired icon from the menu, you can solve the following tasks:

  • change your own camera name;
  • update software (firmware);
  • determine the time of camera activity;
  • set the quality of information transfer by choosing a convenient format, HD or SD;
  • restrict access to device management to third parties previously provided through their account using the Share button;
  • disable or activate the operation of indicators;
  • turn off or on the motion sensor;
  • switch to full-screen image viewing mode;
  • enable recording on circuit carrier, or vice versa, stop it;
  • enable sound recording if the model has a microphone;
  • determine the transmission mechanism of the danger signal, for example, in the form of SMS;
  • when a danger signal is received from the motion sensor, enable recording.

Management looks very simple, on the touch screen it is carried out with a light finger movement and the choice of any of the proposed solutions. With the same movement, you can take a photo of the image currently being broadcast by the camera and save it to the gallery. Logging into the image storage is also possible directly from the application. The program will also offer information that may be necessary for the user:

  • connection speed;
  • Spent traffic
  • date and time of recording and others.
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When owning Linux, the user can change other settings by reflashing or reprogramming the camera, for example, allowing her to speak Russian, disconnecting it from servers located in China, manually controlling infrared illumination and various filters.

Watch the setup of the Xiaomi IP camera.

Setup via PC

If you want to watch from the camera from any computer, regardless of its location, you need to configure its connection through the computer. This will allow you to see what is happening in the house or in the office, even in a situation where a mobile device is not at hand. The manufacturer did not provide this as a general functionality, a number of additional settings will be required.

For them, you will first need to set the correct time zone, the products of the Chinese manufacturer default to the time of the Middle Kingdom. For this setting, you need to download the archive, available at the link: The archive is downloaded to the memory card, the camera turns on and then it works already according to Moscow time. This is convenient enough, sometimes you may not be in a hurry to understand in what period the events were actually recorded if the time was set incorrectly. In addition, with its proper exposure, it becomes possible to work with ftp, telnet, http and rtsp and through any computer. If the user does not live in the Moscow time zone and has sufficient knowledge in computer and mobile devices, the time can be reset. For this:

  • calculate the change parameters using the formula 8 minus the time zone time, for example, for Kaliningrad (2) the time will look like this: GMT6;
  • activate telnet and enter the formula. echo “GMT6” / etc / TZ.
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Time has changed. Next, you can start connecting the camera through a computer. This will require changing the IP address of the camera, you can recognize it both in the control program installed on the mobile device and in the manual. The need for changes is due to the difference in the numbering of the network in which the camera is running and the local area network available for the computer, their incompatibility leads to conflict and the image is not displayed on the monitor screen.

Algorithm of user actions for setting up work through a computer:

  • on your workstation you need to download the program VLC media player;
  • specify the IP addresses of the camera, in the programs Mi Camera or Mi Home it will be searched along the path: “Camera Settings”, then “Network Information”, then the address itself;
  • the address is copied to any file or notepad;
  • open the VLC media player program;
  • enter the program, in the Media section;
  • Find a button that says “open URL”;
  • enter an entry of this kind: “rtsp: // previously saved camera address: 554 / ch0.h264”.
  • after entering this combination on the workstation screen, a picture from the camera will appear in the open player.
How to Connect Xiaomi IP Camera

Please note that this configuration system changes the existing security policies, because of which many of the necessary plug-ins are simply not in the program, therefore it is not recommended for use.

The system of controlling cameras via mobile devices proposed by Xiaomi allows you to always know what happens in the house in the absence of owners and easily control the settings and features of the recording.