How to Connect Xiaomi Band 3 to Phone

Finally, fans of the Xiaomi series of fitness bracelets waited for the release of a new version of the gadget. Mi Band 3 differs significantly from its predecessors in the expanded functionality, which provides even more new features to its owner. So, the new device is purchased and pleasing to the eye, it remains only to find out how to connect Mi Band 3 to the phone and enjoy using it. But how to do this as quickly as possible. Now we will take a step-by-step look at it.

The main features of the bracelet

But first, a brief look at the main features of the fourth modification of the popular bracelet from Xiaomi.

  1. Much increased capsule size, whose height is 12 mm.
  2. Screen design changed. It has become more rounded, which is dictated by fashion trends.
  3. High moisture resistance. The bracelet is able to withstand depths of up to 50 m.
  4. Sturdy strap, which perfectly captures the tracker itself. The material of the strap is soft, elastic and moderately hard. The number of cells is also increased, which allows you to wear a bracelet in a free version.
  5. 0.78-inch monochrome OLED screen with 128x resolution
  6. Convenient touchscreen display control.
  7. New screen features, in terms of the information displayed (starting a stopwatch, activating silent mode, viewing device information).
  8. Ability to change points menu vertical and horizontal swipe.
  9. Now you can change the design of the main screen. There are three different variations to choose from.
  10. Added smartphone search function.
  11. Notifications from various applications are displayed. You can, at your discretion, choose from which particular messenger the message will come, the text of which is displayed on the screen.
  12. There is a new weather view function for three days (synchronization only with Xiaomi phones).
  13. Management ability incoming call (deviation).
  14. Increased battery capacity, which means the device can work without recharging up to 20 days, but depending on the activity of using additional functions.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to Android

The application will offer two options:

  • “To come in”.
  • “Registration”.
  • Mi;
  • We Chat;
  • Google
  • Facebook

You select the option you need and enter the Mi Fit.

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Create a Mi account in the Mi Fit app in 10 steps

If you do not have an account, then you will need to create one. The application offers to register in two ways, at your choice: through an email address or by phone number. When choosing the first option, you will need to perform the following steps.

Email Registration

  1. Choose current location. The first line suggests your recommended location. If it does not suit you, then select the one you need and click “Next.”
  2. To accept“. Agreement with privacy policy.
  3. Create an account“. Here the program offers you several options, as is the case with the login methods (described above). Choose the option you need and get to the “Login“.
  4. Country / Region“. Choose your place of residence.
  5. Email»Enter your email address.
  6. Then click “Create Mi Account“.
  7. Next, you will need to enter a password. Important. Password must consist of letters and numbers. The maximum number of characters entered is 16.
  8. After you need to duplicate the entered password.
  9. In the “Captcha” field, exactly repeat the signs and symbols depicted opposite this line.
  10. Then click “Login” and activate your account.

Registration via phone number

If you chose the option of registering by phone number, then repeat all the above steps from No. 1 to No. 4, inclusive. Then select the line “Register by phone number” and enter your number. Behind the line of the telephone number there will be a field for entering captcha. Repeat all the steps described above starting from point 9.

Then, after entering all the parameters, you will need to choose the number of steps that you must go through in a day (8000 recommended, but the best option is 5000). Subsequently, the application will daily monitor the execution of a given digit.

Further, the program suggests choosing the device that you want to connect:

  • Smart sneakers;
  • Bracelet;
  • Xiaomi watch.

Choose “Bracelet”And bring Mi Band 3 to your phone so that the synchronization process can begin. At the end of the tracker will vibrate and you will need to click on the touch screen control button. The connection process has been successfully completed, and then the gadget can be configured to your liking, more about this on the site Mi-Hand.Ru.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to iPhone. review Mi Band 3. What to do if the fitness bracelet does not synchronize with the smartphone

At the connection stage, problems may arise with the synchronization of Mi Band 3. This happens for various reasons, which we will now sequentially analyze and consider all options for solving them.

BlueTooth Connection

When connected, the bracelet should be as close as possible to the phone. When connecting, bring the tracker as close to your smartphone as possible. You can also try the following solution to this problem: go to the bluetooth settings and delete Mi Bend. Then we return to the application and give permission to connect.

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Phone reboot

Sometimes you just need to reboot your smartphone, and the problem will be solved. Give it a try.

Mi Fit has two bracelets

The problem is that another tracker can already be attached in the application. This option is possible if before that you used Mi Band 2 and did not untie it.

Go to the “Profile” tab, then Mi Band 2. “Untie”. After we click on “Add device”. “Bracelet”. “Connect”. The phone is synchronized with the new bracelet.

Charging problem

Before connecting, be sure to charge your Mi Bend 3.

Not original Mi Band 3

The problem is fake. The official application will not connect Chinese fake. Verify the authenticity of your fitness tracker.

Answers to popular questions

The new Mi Band 3 is able to not only please its owners with significantly improved functionality, but also become a real helper. Connecting it to the phone will not be any problem, but it will take a minimum of your time. Both the owners of Androids and those who use iPhones will be able to use the official Mi Fit app.

Before you connect Mi Band 4 to your phone, you need to look at the characteristics of the smartphone. The manufacturer indicated the parameters of the mobile device, in which it is possible to connect the fourth device from the Xiaomi Mi Band family:

  • OS support. Android 4.4 version and higher, IOS. 9 and later modifications;
  • Bluetooth is version 5.0, although earlier versions are supported.

How to Connect Xiaomi Band 3 to Phone

How to connect to a Mi Band 4 phone: step-by-step instructions

The information provided will be useful for owners of mobile devices on the Android and IOS platforms, since the official application for the fitness tracker supports these platforms.

Instructions for connecting and configuring

Mi Band 4 is connected to a mobile phone using the Mi Fit application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play or AppStore markets. And also. By scanning the QR code, which is available in the instructions for connecting and setting up the bracelet.

If the application is being installed for the first time, you must create an account. In addition, the program, in addition to standard parameters (such as username and password), will request data on height, weight, and of course the gender of the owner of the portable device. Monitoring the indicators of activity, heart rate and activity of the owner of the tracker, as well as monitoring the phases of sleep, depends on the reliability of the entered data.

Via bluetooth

Once the application is installed on your smartphone, you must do the following steps:

  1. Turn on “Blue Tooth” in the phone.
  2. Go to the Mi Fit app.
  3. Register by creating a new account, or log into an existing one.
  4. Initiate a device search (it’s better to place the bracelet next to the mobile phone).
  5. Choose a bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 by clicking on the image of the bracelet.
  6. Wait until the synchronization of the two devices is completed (the process is displayed on the smartphone screen and tracker display).
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After the connection is completed, the gadget is ready to use.

How to connect a fitness tracker to another phone

In the case when you need to connect the Mi Bend 4 smart device to another phone, you need to interrupt the contact with the connected mobile device. Otherwise, the bracelet will only “see” the phone to which it is initially attached. You can untie the fitness tracker in the following way:

  1. Go to the Mi Fit app.
  2. In the profile tab, select “Settings.”
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Disable” button.
  4. Confirm your decision.

After disconnecting the portable device, it can be connected to another phone, following the instructions for connecting and configuring the gadget described above.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to a computer

Directly connecting the device via a USB cable does not work, since the gadget does not provide support for Windows and other operating systems installed on the computer. But still there is the possibility of tying the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker. There are several ways.

  1. Using a smartphone. Connect the mobile phone to a computer or laptop to recharge via a USB cable. When connected, the phone displays options for using a USB connection. You must select “Transfer data to PC”, after which the device appears in the connected devices on the computer. Thus, the user gets access to the phone’s memory and its functionality. After that, you should find the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet in the connected smartphone on the computer.
  2. Using emulators such as Bluestacks and Nox App Player. After downloading one of them on the computer, and installing this program, the owner will have access to all applications of the Android or IOS platform that are installed on the smartphone, including Mi Fit. This allows you to use your computer to control your fitness bracelet.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to Samsung Health

Before connecting the fitness tracker to Samsung Health, you need to make sure that the following applications are installed on the smartphone:

  • Mi Fit.
  • Google Fit.
  • Health Sync.

Connecting a portable device to Samsung Health can be done by performing the following manipulations:

  1. Log in to all three applications.
  2. Synchronize all three programs, providing access to data.

Thus, Mi Band 4 connect to Samsung Health.