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Why are the headphones do not connect to the phone. iPhone and Android?

So what to do if the wireless headphones are not connected to the smartphone? Since 2016, Bluetooth models have become popular thanks to the convenience of using. Today a lot of people have TWS. Nevertheless, such progress of Bluetooth models does not mean that there are no shortcomings in them.

Often there are errors and problems that are not so easy to solve. Knowledge and skills are needed here. In the article, I listed the possible reasons why the headphones are not connected to the phone or the smartphone does not find a wireless headset. Of course, along with decisions!

Wireless headphones are not connected to the phone: the main reasons

Problems with connecting to a smartphone are often very simple and solving them on your own is no difficult. Here are some common problems with quick solutions for iOS and Android smartphones.

One of the devices is not turned on

Yes, I know that this is obvious. You probably think that this should not even be mentioned. But often the simplest things are the reason for the impossibility of connecting. Make sure wireless headphones are included. Most headphones have a button on/off on their case.

Also make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your smartphone. Again, this is a very obvious thing, but it is easy to forget about this step when you are trying to deal with the headphones. To enable Bluetooth, run up the screen and an iPhone control center will appear with the ability to connect headphones. For Android, draw a finger down (the notification panel appears) and tap the Bluetooth logo.

Both devices are too far from each other

Despite the fact that most wireless headphones have a fairly good range of Bluetooth work, your gadget still cannot connect to the phone. If both devices are located too far from each other, this may make it difficult to conjure. Your smartphone is easier and faster to scan and contact the devices nearby nearby.

Therefore, always keep the phone next to wireless headphones when you are trying to carry out the conjugation. at least 1 meter from each other.

Interference for Bluetooth signal

The common cause why your phone cannot recognize Bluetooth headphones is the interference of Bluetooth. This means that the presence of Wi-Fi routers, other Bluetooth devices and even microwaves can lead to Bluetooth signals will become weak or interrupted.

Therefore, when you are trying to connect your wireless headphones and phone, make sure that there are no such devices next to you. In addition, try that the signal does not have obstacles in the form of concrete and brick walls. Keep them close to each other, and will allow you to connect wireless headphones to the phone.

connect, wireless, headphones, phone

Headphones and smartphone are weakly charged

Often you cannot connect wireless headphones to the phone, because both devices are not enough charge. This problem is especially characteristic of wireless headphones, since they need a large amount of charge to conjure with a smartphone.

iPhone or Android phone can disable Bluetooth when it works with a low charge or energy consumption. This is why you should charge both devices. Otherwise there will be difficulties with connecting wireless headphones to the phone.

Headphones are not compatible with your phone

As you already know, Bluetooth has reverse compatibility. This means that, for example, old models with Bluetooth 2.1 will not be connected to a more new phone that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.

However, if you have a smartphone with a more old Bluetooth version than your gadget, you cannot connect them. For example, the iPhone 4 supports only Bluetooth 2.1, so he will not be associated with headphones supporting the Bluetooth version above

Therefore, make sure your phone has a higher Bluetooth version than your Bluetooth wireless headphones. Otherwise, you can’t avoid problems with connecting headphones to the phone!

Glitches in the software

Sometimes your smartphone software has glitches and some problems. Even the best Bluetooth headphones will not be able to connect. So what to do if the headphones are not connected to the smartphone? You can try to solve this problem by turning off and turning on Bluetooth again on your smartphone.

If this does not work, try to restart the smartphone. On the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 and on most Android devices, press the side button until the shutdown/reboot symbol appears. After that, connect the smartphone to wireless headphones again. If the conjugation has not yet passed, then turn off and then turn on the headset.

Energy saving and flight modes

If you turned on the energy conservation mode on your phone, most likely you cannot use Bluetooth, as this mode often turns it off to save energy. Turn off the savings of energy to connect the smartphone to wireless headphones again.

Go to the control center or notification panel on your smartphone. Then click the battery logo to turn off the energy conservation mode. If the logo is absent here, go to “Settings” and find the battery and energy saving mode to turn it off.

In addition, some phones automatically turn off Bluetooth when they are discharged, so make sure your phone is charged. In addition, if you turned on the aircraft mode, Bluetooth automatically turns off in smartphones.

connect, wireless, headphones, phone

Therefore, make sure that the flight mode is disconnected. You can do this by going to the control center or a notification panel and by clicking on the symbol of the aircraft. Now try to connect wireless headphones again, there should be no problems.

Headphones are already connected to another device

Currently, many wireless headphones can be connected to several devices at the same time. However, others can simultaneously work with only one. If you have just such a model, check if there are other smartphones nearby that are already connected to your headphones. Disconnect them from the device and try to connect to the smartphone.

Or you can leave the signal area so that there is an automatic shutdown. Everything is very simple and the question “Why are the headphones are not connected to the phone?»Will no longer arise!

Learn the instructions

If you just bought a wireless gadget, it is recommended to first familiarize yourself with the user guide. You didn’t read the instructions? What to do if you can’t connect the headphones to the smartphone?

Before lowering your hands in attempts to conjure, check out the user’s leadership. Find the iOS or Android section and follow the written instructions to connect the headphones to the smartphone.

Problems with headphones

You have completed all of the above tips, but nothing helped you connect wireless headphones to the phone? Most likely your gadget has a problem, and only repairs will help in this. Therefore, do not forget to check the operability of the audio card.

How wireless headphones work

The headset receives a sound signal from the source “by air”. Three technologies are used to transfer data:

    . Technology for creating wireless personal networks. With its help, you can connect headphones to any device that has Bluetooth. Thanks to individual coding, it prevents interception of audio.dedicated equipment.

  • IK port. Devices transmit data using high.frequency pulsating signals. This is an outdated technology that is most often found in Chinese smartphones and on TVs. In addition to connecting wireless headphones, IR port is also used to manage home equipment from the phone.
  • Radio compound. This technology provides a stable data transfer from the sound source. Radionstarks are usually used only indoors. Despite the high quality of communication and the extended range, they are very difficult.

To start using wireless headphones, they must be charged. The controller will not allow the headset to a deep category during operation.

How to connect wireless headphones to Android phone: instructions

General Bluetooth connection scheme.headphones to the smartphone are the same for all phones. For this you need:

  • Turn on the headphones and transfer to the mating mode.
  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Select connected headphones from the list.
  • Install the connection with the Bluetooth lungs.
  • Provide the headset necessary for work permission.

Wireless headphones are connected to the phone instantly. But first they need to be prepared for work.

connect, wireless, headphones, phone

Inclusion and preparation of headphones

The activation procedure for the headset depends on the manufacturer. To turn on the headphones, you need to use the touch buttons on the inserts or on the charger. Some gadgets turn on automatically when the user takes them out of the case. This is indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer.

Before connecting wireless headphones to the Samsung or iPhone phone, you need to charge them. Otherwise, they can turn off when conjugating or during operation. You can start connecting the headset after the charging indicator is lit up with even light or disconnects. This moment depends on the headphone model.

Connection via Bluetooth

To connect a wireless headset to the phone, you need:

  • Activate Bluetooth on a smartphone. To do this, open the fast access panel or section “Wireless Networks” in the settings of the device.
  • Turn on the headphones. This moment is described in detail in the manufacturer’s instructions. Some models are turned on by pressing the button on the charger case, while others are kept by holding buttons on inserts. headphones should flash.
  • Run the search for devices on Bluetooth.
  • The smartphone will find all the devices available for connecting. The wireless headset will affect the list named model.
  • Click on the name of the model in order to combine headphones and smartphone.
  • After the process of connecting the headset to the phone ends, it can be used to call and listen to music. In the Bluetooth connection settings, you need to set the necessary resolutions.

By this algorithm, you can connect any Bluetooth.headphones. But first it is better to study the instructions from the manufacturer.

Connection of headphones with NFC chip

JBL, Razer, Sony and other manufacturers equip NFC chips headphones. Thanks to this element, synchronize the headset and smartphone can simply be attached to each other. The phone must support NFC technology. To connect headphones you need:

  • Activate NFC chip on the phone.
  • Turn on the headset, bring it to a smartphone. There is a special icon on the headset. It is this side that you need to lean the liner against the phone.
  • Activate Bluetooth after receiving a notification. In some models of mobile devices, it turns on automatically.

How to connect AirPods to Android

AirPods connection to Android phone is no different from synchronization with the set of any other company. Some functions of the Apple wireless headset (Siri, interruption of audio playback when extracting an insert from the ear) will not work on a smartphone, as they are designed specifically for iOS.

Airpods connection algorithm to Android OS:

  • Activate Bluetooth.
  • Open the charger cover Airpods.
  • Press the button on the back of the case until a blinking white light appears. Headphones will appear in the list of available devices.
  • Install the connection with Airpods.

Step 2

After charging, pay attention to the case from headphones. If it has a button (in the center)-without taking out the headphones, click it for 3-4 seconds. (relevant for the first.).

Note: this is necessary so that the headphones “forget” the previous connections (the operation is done “for any” case. ).

For phone

Next, you need to open the phone settings, go to the “Connection / Bluetooth” tab and check that the flag stands in “enable” (“Enabled” (“Enabled”. in English.). Cm. An example below.

Note: Do not close the Bluetooth settings on the phone, until the end of the conjugation with headphones.

For a laptop

You need to click PKM on the Bluetooth icon in the tria (if it is not, or after clicking on it nothing happens. then read this) and select the option “Add the device. “. Agree to the subclaire. wireless device.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Android?

After you have connected the headphones for the first time, you no longer have to press the scan button. When the headphones are included and are in mating mode, they will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Now you know how to connect wireless headphones to Android. If you are not happy with your Bluetooth headphones, look at our rating of the best wireless headphones here.

How to connect wireless headphones to Android phone? Conjugation of Bluetooth headphones with Android. FAQ from EARPHones-Review

How to connect headphones to Android phone? The article describes in detail and connection of wireless Bluetooth headphones to Android smartphone. Tips and reviews, FAQ from Earphones-Review. The answer to the question “How to connect wireless headphones to Android?”Characteristics ratings conjugation with Android

Conjugation of Bluetooth headphones with iPhone

It is no more difficult to connect wireless headphones and smartphones from Apple than with devices on Android OS.

In the quick settings menu you need to find the Bluetooth icon
Activate the connection
In the list of available find the right device, click on the connection button.

If the necessary headset is not displayed in the list of available devices, the following actions must be performed:

  • Press the “Add new device” button.
  • If after that the gadget has not appeared in the list of available ones, restart one or both devices.
  • Repeat the actions of the connection and search for available devices.

How to connect Honor wireless headphones to the phone

The specified headset for phones like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi is connected in this sequence.

one Find on the headphones the power button. Turn them on
2 Long press on the Power button Activate Bluetooth headphones. The blinking LEDs will indicate a successful connection. red and blue
3 Find in the phone settings. Bluetooth connection
four Activate it
5 Click on the Bluetooth menu. a list of devices available for connecting
6 Find the right device, press the “Connect” button
7 With a successful connection, the red LED goes out, the blinking of a blue signal stops (depending on the models of headphones). The LED is constantly glowing

Important! If at the beginning of the settings on the headphones only a blue LED caught fire, they are not available for search, but will be connected to a device associated with headphones before that.

How to connect JBL headphones to the phone

Bluetooth JBL headphones are connected according to the standard scheme:

  • On the smartphone you need to open “Settings”.
  • Select “Wireless Networks”.
  • Activate the Bluetooth module.
  • Wait until the system finds the device available for connecting.
  • If the headphones have already been connected to the phone earlier, the connection will be in automatic mode.

Connection of headphones of the TWS IS series

The instruction is relevant for modifications TWS i11s, i7S, I12.

  • Activate Blutez on Headphones.
  • On the phone, choose a model by name, resolve the conjugation.
  • The blinking blue indicator will notify the successful connection.
  • If the conjugation was not possible, the headphones should be reloaded. press and hold the power button.

After re.turning on, you need a long.term pressing of the button or touchbone panel until the red blink of red and blue sensor.

How to connect wireless headphones to the phone phone number

Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. How to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.ten.2021

15 Sep. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. About how to connect wireless headphones to the ktelphone via Bluetooth, how the headset for Android and Apple works and what the main problems are found when connecting Wireless headphones to a smartphone via Bluetooth in the material of RIA Novosti.How wireless headphones work?Today, wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most convenient way of listening to music, changing voice or watching a video with sound. First of all, due to the lack of extra wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such headphones is to receive a signal “by air”. Technologically this works as follows: how to use headphones?The operation of wireless headphones is much easier than in the case of wired ones, but here it is worth adhering to several rules: what is needed to connect?To connect a wireless headset, a device for receiving sound and smartphone are required.Requirements for the telephone number of audio listening through wireless headphones are suitable for any phone model, but with one condition. it must support the work of Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was selected). In order to make sure of this, even in the store you can ask the consultant to check the possibility of connecting and configure the devices.How to connect headphones to Android phone?Before setting up the wireless headset on Android, it is important to make sure that it is charged, and then contact the connection scheme recommended by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is standard for most devices.The inclusion and preparation of models are turned on automatically as soon as they are extracted from charged boxing. After the device has entered the mating mode with the phone, you can start listening to music.Connection via Bluetooth to install the connection, you need to perform several actions: connecting headphones via NFC NFC for Android requires only a few actions: the connection permit to the telephone so that the devices can connect, it is important not to forget to consent to connect the headset.How to connect AirPods to AndroidarPods are universal headphones that are connected even to a laptop. In the case of the Android system, the setting process is almost no different from the iPhone: how to connect headphones to the phone on iOS?The action algorithm when connecting wireless headphones to the device on iOS is similar to the connection with Android.The inclusion and preparation of the headphones of the dependence on the headset model you need to make sure that the device is charged and ready to work.Connection via Bluetooth to establish a connection, you need to perform several actions: features of setting up headphones of different branding that different brands of headset have the same principle of operation, the operation process may have their own characteristics.AirPods.assinants from the Apple brand can be controlled by gestures that the user sets at his discretion. The device is also successfully activated by voice and double touch, and turns off the sound when one of the headphones is taken out.The JBLBC.wire set of this brand also supports the control control. In addition, the case is equipped with an LED indicator, which displays the charge level, the absence/presence of the connection and turn on/off the device.TWS ISSNOUGHTHING OF THE FAITHERS OF THIS brand implies a similar procedure for action. But if, for example, the user wants to drop all the settings, for this it is enough to hold the touch button for 30 seconds, waiting for the appearance of the red-blue indicator color.Xiaomiairdots implies a separate connection of each headphone, which can cause difficulties. To configure the headset, you need to get the headphones, reset the settings, holding the button on the box until the light indicator appears, then insert the headphones back again and take it back again. With the right order of action, the device should be available for connection. It is recommended to connect the right headphone first (in the Bluetooth phone section), and then the left headphone, holding the button on it until the signal appears. As soon as the devices are synchronized, all indicators will go out.Samsungartarting from Samsung maintains an automatic phone connection, so setting does not differ from AirPods.Possible problems and solutions to wireless headphones is a fairly simple procedure, however, difficulties can occur when setting up and synchronizing devices.There is no connection if the user did everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “Available Devices” section on the phone. In this case, you need to perform the following actions: the device does not find the fact that the phone “does not see” the headset can be several: to install the connection, you need to charge the gadget with the headphones, bring the headset closer to it and, just in case, restart both devices.Only one headphone problem works often if the headphones were not taken out of boxing and, as a rule, is solved by the following simple actions: the sound of sound can be lost: it is worthwhile to make sure that the option of obtaining an audio signal is chosen through the headphones, delete new programs that can be removed, which can be removed that can be selected. became the cause of problems with sound transmission, and restart both devices. If this does not help, contact Support users or send a gadget for diagnostics.

How to connect wireless headphones to a tablet?

  • We translate Bluetooth on the tablet into an active state. The fastest way is to look like the upper curtain with the menu down and clamp the Bluetooth icon. If it does not work, then go to the main menu. Press the gear with the settings, then the “connection” and at the point with Bluetooth we move the slider to turn on. Turn on the Bluetooth on the tablet
  • We take out TWS from the case and turn on them. Some models are automatically activated when extracting from the cover. But most often to turn on, you need to clamp the button on one or two headphones at once. The light indicator on both devices will tell you about success. Synchronization of headphones
  • Headphones should synchronize among themselves. A few seconds after turning on, the light indicator should blink only on the right headphone. In some models, synchronization is accompanied by the sound command “Connected”. Mating with a tablet
  • In the “connection” in the Bluetooth settings, the tablet is launched by the search for new devices nearby if they were not found automatically. From the list of available, we choose our headphones. They should be called as indicated on the box. Budget and non.branded models may have an incomprehensible name: assembly of numbers, hieroglyphs or punctuation marks. Search for devices
  • A few seconds should pass for the technique to identify and connect the headphones. At the first fraud, the gadget may clarify if you want to connect to the selected accessory. we answer “yes”. Near the name of the headphones should be updated with the status of “connected”. After you can safely check their work. turn on your favorite song or launch the video in the tickto.

All points of the instructions are carried out during the first connection. Further smart gadgets will be connected automatically. You just have to turn on TWS and Bluetooth on the tablet. Conventional wireless headphones have a separate “Bluetooth” button, which you need to click.

The compact TWS has a small feature. only one right headphone is connected to a tablet or another device. Therefore, there should be a synchronization between them: the left is connected to the right, and it already connects both with the tablet.

Synchronization occurs automatically. You can only observe this process. Usually the indicator lights up at once on two devices and quickly flashes. After connecting in a couple on the left, the backlight goes out, and blows slowly on the right. So the device is completely ready to connect.

What can go wrong?

Instructions for connecting simple. But sometimes problems may arise. Be sure to check that the headphones are charged. Then we will figure out the most frequent problems of connecting to the tablet:

Headphones do not connect to the tablet

The problem is the solution
Bluetooth is included and works, but the tablet does not see headphones. In this case, check that the gadget is turned on and ready to work. It is important that the indicator blows on the right headphone TWS. Reload them. Try with other devices. whether your smartphone recognizes them. Do not forget that you need to be near the device to which you are connected.
Headphones are found, but not connected Make sure they are not used by another device. After the first connection, the headphones are automatically connected to the tablet, computer, phone. You need to turn them off in the settings of the devices.
TWS handgles are connected, and the sound comes from only one. Most likely a couple of headphones was not synchronized. Disconnect them from the tablet. Reload and check synchronization. Then everything is according to the instructions. turn on Bluetooth and connect.

How to connect headphones to a tablet? Instructions for the conjugation of wireless headphones with a tablet. FAQ from EARPHones-Review

How to connect wireless headphones to a tablet? In the article, we analyze in detail the methods of conjugation of headphones with a tablet, as well as the main problems that may arise when connecting. instructions and recommendations of FAQ experts advice ratings reviews

Connecting Bluetooth headset to the phone (on Android): why he might not see her and not get involved

good time!

Bluetooth headset has recently become very popular (whether to say a joke, today Bluetooth has been supported by almost all smartphones and laptops, and even a budget category).

It would seem a simple multimedia thing, however, it is it that allows you to be in touch and not take your hands when driving a car; helps not to be distracted during training; negotiate in the winter, when the phone in the cold could quickly discharge.

Today’s article will be in the form of step-by-step instructions for connecting such a Bluetooth headset to the Android phone (some points may not be so obvious to an inexperienced user). I hope that walking along it. You can easily configure and figure it out.


If you started to slow down your phone, try to clean it from garbage and temporary files.

Connection of Bluetooth headset

charge the headset

I will still believe that you have a new headset. And it is usually discharged. In addition, if the battery is not used for a long time, it loses its charge (this is to the fact that the headphones would be discharged to zero!).

Turn on the headset and transfer to the mating mode

After charging, turn on the headset and transfer it to the mating mode. As a rule, for this you need to keep the power button for a few seconds (or the response button to the call. Depends on the headset model).

If the headset has moved to the pairing mode, you will see how the LED (indicator) began to blink on its case: blue-red-blue-red. (in some cases, colors may vary)

Turn on the Bluetooth module on the phone and start searching for devices

To turn on Bluetooth go to the phone settings to the “Connection of the/Bluetooth” section (for Android 8.0/10.0).

Settings. Connection of the device. Bluetooth

After moving the slider to the “v.”. The device should start looking for near-following devices (place the headphones next to the phone).

Ideally, literally a few seconds later, among the Bluetooth devices found, you will see a model of your headset. It remains to press it and begin the process of conjugation.

Choose wireless headphones and connect them

(optional) Enter the PIN code, if necessary to connect the headset

In many cases, the headset is associated with the phone automatically, and nothing needs to be introduced.

However, there are some models of headphones, when connecting which you need to introduce a PIN code (special will appear on the phone. Window with a line for entering):

  • PIN code, usually always indicated on the packaging (in a brief instruction) of headphones (headset);
  • If the PIN code is not indicated in the instructions for the headset, try using the most popular options: 0000, 1234, 9999, 0001, 1111.

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I note that in some cases, you can not enter anything into the window with the PIN code at all and continue the connection (and, of course, the phone is associated with the set).

You can start working with the set.

Ideally, that’s all. After conjugation of the headset, you can start using.

If suddenly you could not connect (for example, an error occurred during the conjugation process) Repeat the steps 2 ÷ 4 again. I note that the headphones during their search are recommended to put closer to the phone (no further than a meter, but better closely!).

Why can a smartphone not see or connect to a Bluetooth headset

This is one of the most popular reasons (especially, many people fall into disabilities with new devices that go discharged to zero. and the user believes that this is not the case (or that the device is altogether)).

Pay attention to the indicator: when the headset is turned on. It should burn (red/blue). Cm. Screen below. Almost all sets are equipped with such indicators.

Is the headset enabled. Pay attention to the indicator

2) The headset was associated with another phone

If you took the headset that worked with another phone (and to which it was connected in automatic mode). it can become so that the conjugation function will be disconnected immediately after turning on the device.

Try to start the conjugation manually: hold the power button until the indicator begins to blink with blue-red color.

Be sure to double.check the phone settings: whether Bluetooth is turned on (otherwise suddenly I have turned off) ? In some cases (for example, after updating the system). The shutdown of the module could happen without your command.

Settings. Connection of the device. Bluetooth

Check the headset on another device to make sure that everything is in order with it.

To help!

By the way, you can buy a new headset in Chinese online stores (the best of them indicated here)

How to understand where the problem is: in headphones or phone

First, it is advisable to determine the problem in the phone or in headphones. The best option is to try connecting the headset to another device. For example, to a laptop, if there is Bluetooth there. If everything worked out, it’s about the smartphone settings.

For the purity of the experiment, try connecting your mobile phone to another Bluetooth device. And if the situation does not change, the phone is definitely to blame.

If the headset does not work with a computer or other smartphone, roll up with the instructions. Maybe you incorrectly activated the interfacing mode or did not turn on Bluetooth. In the case when everything is done correctly, but the headphones do not work with any device, most likely they are faulty.

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Now we will analyze in detail why the phone does not see the Bluetooth headset and how to fix it.

Possible reasons

The reasons because of which it is not possible to carry out the conjugation are usually the following:

  • not turned on Bluetooth;
  • The headphones were discharged;
  • Other devices create interference;
  • headphones and phone are incompatible;
  • headphones are connected to another device;
  • hardware or software failure.

Not activated by Bluetooth in a smartphone or headphones

Check if Bluetooth on headphones is included. Depending on the model and manufacturer, it may have an additional Bluetooth button. If it is TWS headphones, you need to include each separately. Although there are models that are activated immediately, as soon as you removed them from the case. Another activation button can be on the case, and you need to press it before you get the headphones.

After that, check the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone.

Put down the panel at the top of the screen. You will see the Bluetooth icon there. It must be highlighted. If not, click on it.

On the iPhone, we look up from the lower edge up.

If Bluetooth headphones still do not connect to the phone, try to connect manually. Open the settings on the phone. Find the item “Connected devices”.

Click on it and in the next window select “Add the device”.

Wait for the smartphone to find all available devices and click on the right. Headphones of some manufacturers require a password. It is usually indicated in the instructions. If it is not there, then these are the numbers 0000, 1111 or 1234. In the case when the password is not suitable, look for the information on the manufacturer’s website or contact the seller.

Wait for the completion of the conjugation and check if the sound works.

On the iPhone, check if Bluetooth is disabled programmatically in the gadget settings. Then he may not be displayed at all.

Headphones are not included or discharged

Maybe you just didn’t turn on the headset. Indicators should burn on the headphones. Click on the power button again. Perhaps for your model you need to hold it for a few seconds. the instructions carefully, everything should be described there step by step.

It happens that Bluetooth headphones are not connected due to the low charge of the battery. The indicator can also signal this. to blink or burn in red. In this case, the mating regime is not activated. If the headphones worked normally, and then suddenly stopped connecting, you can try to charge them. Put the device for charging for 2-3 hours, and then try to connect to the phone again.

Interference from other devices

Trouble of wireless devices. limited capacity of communication channels and sensitivity to interference. Perhaps your phone does not find a Bluetooth headset due to the fact that you have too many devices working at the same frequency in your apartment. Sloks can also create wired devices due to the fact that they also create an electromagnetic field affecting the transfer of a radio signal.

Try turning off all Bluetooth devices in the radius of your smartphone. Or go to another room where there is no electronics. If you manage to carry out the conjugation, in the future the headphones should work normally.

Device incompatibility

Manufacturers are trying to make their devices universal, but this does not always succeed. Typically, the equipment of the new version can make friends with old iron. But outdated devices do not always work correctly with their more advanced colleagues. This is one of the reasons why wireless headphones are not connected to the phone.

There are several versions of the Bluetooth hardware module. Some are outdated and not produced, but are still found on devices produced several years ago. If you have a smartphone with Bluetooth 5 versions, and the headphones of one of the previous ones should not arise. But if your headset is version 5.0, to the phone with Bluetooth 2.0 She won’t connect. Read the documentation. Perhaps your devices are simply not compatible. There’s nothing to do here. Option one. use another, newer smartphone.

The headset is connected to another smartphone

Such a problem arises if you have already connected headphones to another device. Your smartphone does not see the headset because it is already associated and works with another phone or computer. Try turning off the headphones and turn on again. This can correct the problem. But work in this case will still be unstable due to the fact that the headset will try to connect with one or another device.

To solve it once and for all, on another smartphone, cancel the conjugation with headphones. Open the list of Bluetooth connected devices, find the headphones and click “Cover the conjugation”.

Now complete the conjugation on the smartphone to which you want to connect the headset.

Headphones are faulty or fail

If the diagnosis has shown that the problem on the side of the headset is probably wireless headphones. That is, a software failure occurred. Когда выключение и повторное включение не помогает, следует сбросить настройки наушников до заводских. There is a special button for this. Or you need to press the combination of buttons. The keys can be located on a headset or on a case if it is TWS. The reset procedure should be in the instructions.

If after zeroing the parameters the phone does not find headphones, this indicates a breakdown. Could fail, for example, the antenna of the headset. In this case, if the headphones are under warranty, contact the store to replace. When the warranty period has already expired, take the device to the service center for diagnosis and repair.