How to connect wireless headphones to a TV

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your TV

For a long time I did not want to sit down to write this article, and not even because I was lazy, but simply the topic of connecting Bluetooth headphones to TVs with Smart TVs is very “dark”. It all started when I bought myself Bluetooth headphones and connected them to my Philips TV, which runs on Android TV. Everything was connected very easily and without any problems. I thought, why not write detailed instructions on how to connect wireless headphones to TVs. over, many modern TVs have Bluetooth support.

But somehow I didn’t really want to write only about Philips TVs, I decided to make a general instruction and show how you can connect Bluetooth headphones also with LG, Samsung and Sony TVs. There, as I do not have these TVs, and I cannot check everything from personal experience, then I started looking for information on the Internet. And then it began. If Philips and Sony TVs that run on Android TV connect without problems with wireless headphones, then LG with webOS and Samsung Smart TVs have a complete mess there.

It is clear that the TV must have a built-in Bluetooth adapter. But you probably know that almost all TVs work only with original devices (cameras, adapters, remotes, etc.). It’s about the same story with headphones. You can easily connect an original Bluetooth stereo headset to LG and Samsung TVs. But ordinary headphones are unlikely to be connected. But it depends on the TV model, series, firmware version, year of production and what the hell knows what else. The porridge is such that after studying this topic for several hours, my brain boiled.

It seems that in the new models of Samsung TVs, you can already connect any Bluetooth headphones. There is also a service menu in which you can try to enable support for this function. But again, it all depends on the series and model. LG has pretty much the same story. And if you believe the support of LG, then only original headphones can be connected. But again, not on all models.

To avoid confusion, I will divide this article into three sections. I’ll tell you about each manufacturer separately. I’ll show you how you can try to connect Bluetooth headphones in the TV settings.

If your TV does not have Bluetooth, or it flatly refuses to see the headphones, then you can use a special Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the TV’s 3.5 mm output (it is also possible to connect via RCA (tulip), or an optical audio output). and headphones are already connected to it. I will tell you more about such adapters at the end of the article (or read the article about Bluetooth transmitters at the link above).

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung TV

Moving on to Samsung TVs, which are in complete confusion about this topic. As I already wrote at the beginning of the article, it seems that new models of some specific series support the connection of Bluetooth headphones from any manufacturer. At least I saw a video where Beats headphones were connected to the J series TV without any problems.

I don’t know what Samsung TV you have, what firmware it has, Smart TV version, etc., but I advise you to try it. What if everything works out and will work.

We connect: Open the TV settings. Go to “Sound”. “Speaker Settings”. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and place them next to your TV. They must be online. The blue indicator should be blinking. Select “Bluetooth Headphone List”.

The appearance of the menu may be slightly different.

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to any TV �� How To With Kristin

Next, the TV should find our wireless headphones.

We select them and the devices will be paired. The sound from the Samsung TV will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the headphones. If you turn them off, then the sound will come from the TV speakers.

In the settings you need to open the “Sound” section, then “Select speaker” and “Audio Bluetooth”.

Connecting bluetooth devices via LG TV Plus app

For Android and iOS there is an application called LG TV Plus. It is designed to control LG TVs that run on webOS.

It seems to be where this application is, right? But I found a video that shows how almost any Bluetooth device can be connected to an LG TV through LG TV Plus. Including headphones and a speaker. But I just can’t say for sure, starting from which version of webOS there is such an opportunity. It looks like as of webOS 3.0.

How it works: install LG TV Plus on a smartphone or tablet. We go into the application and connect to your TV. There is a “Bluetooth Agent” section in the application settings. Through this agent, you can connect wireless headphones to your LG TV.

Here’s a video (about the “Bluetooth Agent” feature from 3:48 a.m.):

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV

I wish I had an LG TV on webOS to check it out myself. There is not a lot of information on this topic on the Internet. But as far as I understood, LG is still more difficult with connecting Bluetooth devices. Only original devices can be connected. That is, original LG headphones, soundbar, etc. You can do this in the settings, in the “Sound” section. “LG sound sync (wireless)”.

And even if your TV model has built-in Bluetooth, then it is used primarily to connect the LG Magic Remote and other branded devices.

You can also try to connect your headset according to the following scheme:

This is an instruction from the official site. But as far as I understand, only branded headsets are connected this way.

Bluetooth headphones Philips and Sony TVs on Android TV

Since I have a Philips TV (model Philips 43PUS7150 / 12 on Android TV). and I successfully made friends with my JBL E45BT headphones, first of all I will tell you about this platform.

Go to the Android TV menu and at the very bottom select “Wired and Wireless Networks”.

Then turn on Bluetooth and select “Search for Bluetooth device”.

The TV will display a message that you need to turn on the device and place it at a distance of up to 5 meters. We turn on our headphones and press the “Search” button. The headphones must be in pairing mode. The blue Bluetooth indicator should be blinking. If it does not blink, then most likely you need to press and hold the power button, or a separate button with the corresponding icon.

The TV should see our headphones. Select them and click “Connect”.

Next, you need to select the type of device. We select “Headphones”. And I got a message that “Connected to JBL E45BT”.

The sound from the TV started to sound through the headphones. You can control them in the TV settings. Item “Delete device”. There you can turn off or remove the wireless headset.

After turning on the power of the headphones, the sound from the TV speakers immediately goes to them. When I turn off the headphones, the built-in speakers sound.

With these TVs sorted out. If you have something to add, or if you have any questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, or your headphones won’t connect: solution

There are devices like Bluetooth transmitters. They can be used not only with TVs, but also with other devices. Their task is to take sound from the TV via a cable (from a 3.5 mm, RCA, or optical output) and transmit it via Bluetooth to any wireless headphones.

This is a universal solution for almost any TV, even an old one. It is enough to connect the cable from the transmitter to the TV output under the headphones, and connect your headset to the transmitter. These adapters are usually powered by a built-in battery. USB cable for power / charging is included. If your TV has a USB port, you can connect an adapter to it.

There are a lot of such transmitters on the market. There are many Chinese, cheap devices out there. Read more about them in this article: Bluetooth transmitter for TV (headphones). What is it, how it works and how to choose?

Activating the “List of Bluetooth headphones” section in the service menu

I will not describe the whole process, but simply add a video in which the author tells and shows everything in detail. There you can see the whole connection process.

If you managed to turn on support for Bluetooth headphones on your Samsung TV using the service menu, then write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article, and do not forget to say thanks to the author of this video.

Let me remind you that a lot depends on the series and model of your TV. If it does not work, then you can describe your case in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or use the solution, which I will discuss at the end of this article.

Coaxial digital SPDIF

Orange or black cinch with AUDIO OUT mark, not to be confused with CVBS VIDEO IN analog video input

Remember that on many TVs, volume control is not available on the digital outputs, so you will need to adjust from an adapter or directly from speakers / headphones.

Wired speaker and headphone connection

Headphones or speakers are usually connected with a minijack wire:

4 ways to connect wireless headphones to any TV (CNET How To)

At the same time, the TV often does not have such an output at all. How can you get it:

HOW TO pair Bluetooth Headphones to your TV / SmartTV / Television (HOW TO)

Step 1. See what other audio outputs (labeled AUDIO OUT, do not confuse with. AUDIO IN) the TV has:

How to connect regular or bluetooth headphones and speakers to a TV via HDMI ?

Many modern TVs do not have a headphone output (minijack) and / or the ability to connect existing wireless headphones (bluetooth). In addition, sometimes it is required to connect external or computer speakers with a standard stereo wire to the TV. 3.5mm jack. This article will show you how to do it.


HDMI special version. ARC (Audio Return Channel), not to be confused with regular HDMI IN. which is only “at the entrance”:

Remember that on many TVs, volume control is not available on the digital outputs, so you will need to adjust from an adapter or directly from speakers / headphones. By the way, there are adapters that support sound control with a “native” TV remote control using the HDMI CEC protocol, a very convenient function if the TV works with HDMI CEC.

Optical SPDIF / TosLink output

Remember that on many TVs, volume control is not available on the digital outputs, so you will need to adjust from an adapter or directly from speakers / headphones.


Two “tulips”, red and white, should not be confused with the same AUDIO IN through which the TV receives sound “to the input”:

Step 2. This connection can be turned into a minijack with a simple adapter:

Types of wireless headphones

The method of connecting wireless headphones largely depends on the pairing technology that is used in a particular model:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Radio channel;
  • Infrared port;
  • Optical.

It is she who is most often used to connect with a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, players). Can also be used in conjunction with TV. In this case, the wireless communication range is up to 10 meters. There are two ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV:

  • Via built-in Bluetooth adapter. Some modern TV models already have it. In this case, it is necessary to activate the operation of the wireless transmitter in the TV settings. After that, you need to start a search for devices that are possible to connect and enter a confirmation code. Usually it is 0000 (sometimes 1234), but in any case, you can always clarify the code in the operating instructions;
  • Via an external bluetooth adapter. Connects to TV via USB port, rarely via HDMI.

Since Bluetooth headphones are the most common type, the following discussion will focus on connecting devices in this way.

If the TV is not equipped with a Bluetooth module

If your device does not have a wireless transmitter, you will need to purchase it separately. Such a device will also come in handy for connecting with other wire-free devices. If the TV does not have a USB input, you will need to purchase a special transmitter that connects to the TV via an audio cable. So, to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV through a transmitter, the following algorithm must be followed:

  • Connect the transmitter via an audio jack or an adapter to the “tulip”;
  • Turn on the headphones and search for pairing in the headphones;
  • Set up a search for a new device in the transmitter.

The connection should be established without problems.

What you need to connect

The list of equipment required for connection is determined by the characteristics of the devices. If your TV is equipped with a wireless transmitter, then you do not need to purchase anything extra. It will be enough just to set up the equipment. If your TV is not equipped with Bluetooth, then you will need an additional wireless adapter. This is a small device that looks like a flash drive.

Connecting wireless headphones to an Android TV

The Android operating system is used mainly in TVs from Sony and Phillips. Connecting wire free devices usually does not cause any particular difficulties. The algorithm of actions is the same:

  • First, turn on the pairing mode in the headphones. Usually, for this you need to hold down the power button for a while, some models have a separate key. They must be within Bluetooth range;
  • In the TV control menu, go to the “Wired and Wireless Networks” section, here you need to activate the wireless adapter. Turn on the search for devices available for connection;
  • We pair the devices by pressing the “Connect” button;
  • Sets the type of connected device by selecting the “Headphones” item. Everything, you can use.

Please note, these instructions are approximate and may vary slightly for different TV models.

Connecting wireless headphones to a TV

Connecting wireless headphones to your TV is sometimes just necessary. This allows you to watch TV even if you have a small child or just someone relaxing. It makes no sense to pair wired devices with a TV, if only because it will not be very comfortable to sit. So how do you connect wireless headphones to your TV? Let’s try to answer this question and analyze some of the most popular cases.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to LG TVs

You can connect wireless headphones to your LG TV only if the latter is an original device from the same manufacturer. The company uses a proprietary operating system for its devices. WebOS, which is why certain problems may arise. The algorithm is simple: in the menu, go to the “Sound” item, where we select the line “LG Sound Synchronization (wireless)”.

You can also use the LG TV Plus smartphone app to set up the connection. There are versions for Android and iOS. In the application, you can connect headphones to TV through the menu item “Bluetooth Agent”.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Samsung TVs

How to connect headphones to a Samsung TV? This question is difficult for many users. Smart TV devices are quite popular. However, pairing Wire free gadgets from other manufacturers with them can cause problems, it is advisable to use devices from the same Samsung. It is worth noting that in the latest TV models from the South Korean manufacturer, this problem has been solved, they can be paired with wireless gadgets from any brands.

connect, wireless, headphones

So, connecting wireless headphones to a Samsung TV in general boils down to the following sequence of actions:

  • In the settings, open the “Sound” section where we select “Speaker settings”;
  • We activate the pairing mode on the connected device, do not forget to place it nearby;
  • We select the item “List of Bluetooth headphones”. If there is none, you should look in the service settings;
  • After the devices have “seen” each other, we establish pairing.

Connecting TV related to the “K” series from this manufacturer is somewhat different. In the menu, you need to go to the “Sound” section, here we select the “Select speaker” item, and activate the headphones through the “Audio Bluetooth” line.