How to connect to Wi-Fi in the subway.

Why Wi-Fi in the subway constantly turns off and works poorly

Hi all! I recently arrived in and ran into one very popular problem for namely-why doesn’t Wi-Fi connect in the subway or it works poorly. The question is quite interesting, but let’s try to deal with it in more detail. First of all, you need to understand that everything that is free. does not always have good quality.

Of course, you can subscribe to the subway and get Wi-Fi in good quality. But you have to pay money for this, but our common people simply do not want this. like me. And who knows what the Internet will be there. And so imagine that there are several dozen modems and routers in the subway and each of them distributes the Internet. Imagine now how many people ride in the subway and uses this Internet.

I say this to the fact that at the peak hour, you can not even wait for good speed or stable connection. Also on all such routers, each user is cut. And one more important point, unfortunately, but such equipment has a restriction on the number of users. Therefore, at rush hour, you can not connect to a wireless network at all.

All the information that I presented should be kept in mind a little higher. Next, I will tell you several ways to help you connect to Wi-Fi in the subway. If there are additional questions or additions, then we can safely write in the commentary.


Setting up the automatic entrance

Above, we examined how to connect to Wi-Fi in the metro in one of three ways. The disadvantage of these methods is that it is necessary to constantly enter accounting information. This step can be avoided if you install a special application called the Wi-Fi Auto-Film in the subway. First you need to find and install it on a smartphone.

Also available on 6PDA = 585387.

To configure the automatic entrance to the Wi-Fi Metro, enter the application and indicate the login with password. At the next visit, the program independently scans the network. If the information is the database, the application uses account information. After that, you must go to the Internet metro without constant identification and data entry.

According to a provider providing Wi-Fi services in the subway, when errors or failures appear in the work, information is sent to Maxim Telecom. Taking into account the information received, the provider takes steps to improve the quality of service. In addition to the specified program, you can use other utilities for connecting Wi-Fi in the subway, but they do not provide for the sending of statistics.

Possible problems why Wi-Fi does not connect to the subway

Many users ask why Wi-Fi does not connect in the subway, and what can be caused in the operation of the network. Conditionally, all problems can be divided into two categories. simple and specific. Consider them separately.

  • The funds have ended in the account. To connect to Wi-Fi in the subway, the user must have money on the user’s account. If the amount is not enough, replenish the balance.
  • Outside the zone of action. One of the reasons why Wi-Fi does not work in the subway is the lack of a signal. Before connecting, pay attention to the availability of a connection.
  • Module malfunction. There is a situation where the inability to connect to the network is caused by malfunctions of Wi-Fi. In this case, try to restart the device.
  • Narround programs interfere. Sometimes interference can create other applications. In this case, an error appears 129. Try to delete problem programs from the phone.
  • It is not possible for the authorization page and in the personal account of Wi-Fi in the subway. Restart the smartphone or Wi-Fi module.
  • Authorization has not been completed. At each entrance, you need to enter account data. The exception is cases when a program for automatic input is installed on the smartphone.
  • I can’t enter the start page. Pay attention to the correct entry of the address. It should start with http, not https.
  • Too many devices are connected (more than five). In such a situation, you need to contact the technical support by number 8-903-254-598-4 and ask to remove the “extra” equipment. MAC addresses of devices may be required. At the same time, it takes up to 24 hours to activate.
  • Advertising lock is installed. If error 1310 is caught, you must turn off the lock. After a day, access will be returned.
  • Redirection to an extraneous link to the opera. In this case, you need to try to connect to Wi-Fi in the metro another browser.
  • Error mt_free. The problem takes place if too many people are connected to the network.

Knowing how to configure Wi-Fi in the subway, you can avoid many errors that are considered above. When any of the problems appears, you can always contact Support and get qualified assistance.

Registration by mobile phone number, public services or home PC

The procedure using a cell phone consists of the following consistent steps:

  • Activate Wi-Fi module in the smartphone;
  • Having waited for the end of the process of searching for accessible points, find and slip along the metropolitan wi-fi;
  • Next, start the Internet browser, for example, Chrome, and go to VMET.RO “.

Note: When performing a point under the number “3” of this instruction, it is allowed to use any browser, except for the “Opera”. In the future, having successfully completed the registration procedure, you can safely use this Internet responder to work on the Internet. In the “Opera” browser, there is an error of connection only during authorization.

Note: for sending SMS-ki from the balance of a mobile phone, the amount provided for this service is a mobile operator providing mobile services services.

  • Indicate the number of cellular and slip “OK”;
  • Send SMS-ku with the text “OK” to “79154445444”;
  • Wait until the end of the short message processing process;
  • Ready. Now you can start using a free access to the World Wide Web.

Important retreat: to one mobile number, a binding of no more than 5 devices is allowed to use wireless technology for connecting Wi-Fi. For example, the user can register at the mobile phone number: a smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop and another mobile gadget equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is not permissible to connect more than 5 devices, even if it will be five identical smartphones of the same company, the 6th phone will not be able to register, since the technology provides for fixing the unique mashed equipment of equipment.

The procedure using the “State Services” page consists of the following consistent steps:

  • Activate a Wi-Fi Module in the device (in a laptop, tablet, phone, etc.P.);
  • Having waited for the end of the process of searching for accessible points, find and clat on the metropolitan wi-fi;
  • Next, start the Internet browser, for example, Chrome, and go to VMET.RO “;
  • Climat the entry link through the account on the resource of the “State Services”;
  • Perform the authorization of Esia, that is, indicate the personal name and code of access to the service;
  • Ready. You can start sewing in the vastness of the global network.

Wi-Fi input and authorization in the subway

Once, having completed the entry and authorization procedure in the metro Wi-Fi, as described in the previous paragraph of this leadership, re-finding in the subway this process is a little simplified.

For the purpose of re.entry, the following actions must be performed:

  • Activate a Wi-Fi Module in the device (in a laptop, tablet, phone, etc.P.);
  • Having waited for the end of the process of searching for accessible points, find and clat on the metropolitan wi-fi;
  • Next, start the Internet browser, for example, Chrome, and go to VMET.RO “;
  • Clas “enter the Internet”;
  • Wait for the end of the process;
  • All!

In order to simplify the entry procedure, it is recommended to install the Wi-Fi program on the subway, which will not waste time execution of the above six points of the instructions. The utility is described in the latest paragraph of this leadership and allows you to automate the manual process for this protracted time.

Is it possible to connect Wi-Fi without advertising

To connect for free to Wi-Fi in the SPb metro, you will have to endure the provider’s commercials. They can be disabled if you pay 99 per month. With frequent use of the network in the subway and the desire to save money, you can immediately pay 444 rubles for six months. As an option, use alternative methods:

  • When a banner appears, go to the advertiser’s website, and then close the advertising link;
  • Use special software or web faces to block advertising information (high risk of suspension of the connection service to Wi-Fi);
  • Disconnect JavaScript through the browser in the settings, but in the future do not forget to turn on this function again.

If you changed your mind to use the connection to the Wi-Fi Metro of St. Petersburg without advertising, enter the Wi-Fi, go to your personal account, and then specify the phone number. A message that needs to be entered in a special line will come to him. Next, enter the device and services section, select your option, and in the bookmark as at home, click on the Delete button. From this moment, the is no longer carried out. If the execution of these steps did not help, and the money continues to withdraw, write to and specify your phone.

Security tips

Before using Wi-Fi in the St. Petersburg metro, it is important to learn potential risks, because we are talking about a public network. To save personal data and protect against scammers, follow the following tips:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi in the subway only through authorization so that the attacker cannot receive personal data;
  • Install the antivirus on a smartphone and upgrade the program in a timely manner;
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi if wireless communication is not needed at a certain moment;
  • Do not enter the Internet banking and electronic wallets through the metro network due to a higher risk of hacking;
  • Before connecting, carefully check the correct name of the network to avoid connecting with the profile of a fraudster;
  • Use two.factor authentication;
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi Metro via VPN to maintain confidentiality and protect yourself from hacking from the scammers;
  • Turn Bluetooth in the subway when it is not needed;
  • deactivate the option of overall access to the phone.

Remember the threat of security and take measures to protect yourself from attackers. Keep in mind that cases of wi-fi hacking in the subway are a frequent phenomenon. Fraudsters use the fact that in the crowd a person loses vigilance and can make irreparable mistakes in the security issue.

Repeated input. authorization

The easiest case if you have already identified earlier. Everything can be configured very quickly:

  • We connect to Wi-Fi in the carriage.
  • Open the browser and go to the site “VMET.RO “or
  • “Enter the Internet”. Everything, you are authorized! But you need to do this every time.

For those who have a MT-Cabinet application, if you get into the network of the network, a notice will jump out, clicking on which you can immediately go to the network.

Why Wi-Fi in the subway is not safe?

Now we will now discuss the safety of using public Wi-Fi networks. It is very important to understand here that in addition to you, hundreds of people use the network. And within the framework of one router, a local network is already formed, in which all connected can “see” each other.

poco x3 pro. x3 network error wifi problem connected but no internet bluetooth problem solve

Some scammers use open networks. What can be done? The worst thing:

  • Interception of unprotected passwords. Prevention. the use of sites with HTTPS (now the majority, even ours) or the purchase of VPN (through it all the connections are encrypted). The attacker will still be able to intercept your encrypted traffic, but there will be no sense from this.
  • Site change. you download. and you have an outwardly identical site, but already on the server of the attacker. And here are still flowers. The attack method is “man in the middle”. Possible prevention. all the same use of VPN.

If you just like to read something on the network, without using personal data, passwords and payment funds-use health. Nothing threatens you. I will give more general safety recommendations:

  • Always get the latest updates to your phone or operating system. this will prevent direct access to your device. All updates close such vulnerabilities.
  • Do not ignore the antivirus. it saves perfectly from basic strange behavior.
  • Do not think that macOS is a panacea. Recently, the vectors of attacks are increasingly boiling to Apple model.
  • Do not make any purchases on the public network! Only at home or on your mobile Internet!

Why doesn’t Wi-Fi connect in the subway?

Popular connection problems and ways to solve them:

  • Sometimes at the first connection the authorization page does not open. In this case, turn off and turn on Wi-Fi again.
  • If the starting portal does not open, make sure you open the site starting with http: //, not https: //.
  • The authorization process described in the “Repeat Connections” section must be held every time when connecting. Including in the case of communication break or when transplanting to another car.
  • Gives an error “too many devices are tied to one number”. Maximum can be tied to 5 devices. You can write in those. support to remove excess devices. Send SMS to number 8 (903) 254-59-84 with the text “I ask you to untie all devices from this number”. If you need to untie certain devices, indicate their MAC address. The process takes about a day.
  • When using the opera opera, there are problems when authorizing (it is transferred to reference To fix it, use another browser. After passing the authorization, you can return to the use of the opera.
  • If the Internet does not work on the subway, remember the wagon number. It is indicated outside at the entrance doors at the beginning and end of the car, as well as on the remote control with the driver. Send a description of the malfunction, the wagon number and the movement section to the Wifisuport@maximatelecom

Why do users arrange an Internet speed check? Provider companies providing network connection services say about

For the past two months I have been traveling on the covenant without inernet. When connecting to Wi-Fi “Mosmetro_free” in Opera and UCBROWSER writes that the connection is blocked for me. Why? And how can I unlock?

A completely cheap scheme: they throw a bait (free Internet)-the people are sitting which a day with a dull look I look at the metro on the beginning of the commercial it lasts 7 seconds, but at the 6th second the black screen constantly hangs completely.

There is a bunch of forecasts for android and IOS, which bypassing advertising

Which, for example? I know only one “Avtophod in the Wi-Fi Metro”. Tell me please.

I have Windows background says that there is no application that could connect the VEFI

Learn. write in Russian the word “windows”

Learn. write in Russian the word “windows” and after that connect the wipes?

But what if I have a telephone connection in my metro at all, t. e. It is not possible to send SMS, on the state portal. I am not registered with services, and in the MAC address in the phone is “inaccessible”? It turns out I can’t use the Internet in the subway?

my wi-fi is turned off in a few minutes connection. The entrance icon does not disappear and after 3-4 minutes it is written mosmetro_free disabled

I have the same for a month, on the tablet. I go from a smartphone without problems

I have not been using 2 months now, but for the service they remove 99 how to disable the service without advertising?

The same thing, the service without advertising is connected and do not know how to get rid of it.

Call your mobile network operator and ask him to turn off this service.

And where is the mobile network? I have written off my card

Here’s the same problem, write off the card without my confirmation when the deadline for use comes. I don’t know how to turn it off either

Find the phone number of Maximelcom Call them and tell me to turn off the service “without advertising”

Contact the company they will return the money and turn off the subscription automatically.

I don’t see Mac in my phone to connect the second device, and indeed the Internet has been working very poorly recently, there were almost all the problems that have been described here earlier

I cry for auto-storage but I have to turn off and turn on Wi-Fi ten times while I drive the network after entering five minutes and this is for about two months this situation!

It turns out that owners of tablets without SMS cannot use the Internet in the subway. It is not right! MTS users already have Internet access.

I’m going to the subway, connect the Internet, and here I am launched by advertising condoms for the entire carriage. I think I need the Internet so much in the subway?

At least one guide, in which it is written in explanatory language how to connect right from home thank you, a kind person.

Tell me if I don’t remember the login and the password how to find it?

For three months I try to undergo identification by sending SMS but no answer. At first it came to wait for identification now in general silence

You can normally describe the identification procedure through the computer. If you do as you write, then not a damn thing. First, when entering the browser address: = FC-C2-F5-D9-20org = MacForceauth = True. A bunch of sites are opened that are related to identification to the Wi-Fi Mosmetro_free network. The site appears only after And there are actually two of them. One with the address: http: // Where is the identification itself with the address itself: http: // where a variety of information is presented, without any identification. It seems to me that this service mosmetro_free developed by Maximelcom is only aimed at pumping out as much money as possible from suckers and everything. Mobile Internet in the subway is overloaded with advertising. First you are shown an advertising video for 15-20 seconds. Then one or two pop-up advertisements for a whole screen. And then you get on a page clogged with advertising banners.

Made at home as described in the article. Everything turned out the first time. Registered at home through a phone number and sent SMS-OK. I am writing from the wogh))) I am very happy))) thanks to the author.

How to connect to: metro, bus, trolleybus

You can also use the special application “MT_FREE”. Go to Google Play or App Store. Or you can download the program for direct links from our site:

NOTE! If links do not work, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will fix everything.

How to connect to free Wi-Fi

How to connect Wi-Fi in the subway

In order for Wi-Fi to function normally in the metro, it is necessary to have support for the specified network on the gadget used. The connection is available for smartphones running Android or iOS, tablets, laptops.

But it’s impossible to just enter the first wishes for the fishing line for a trimmer, the following steps are preliminarily performed to complete the task:

  • connection with the mt_free grid through registration from a mobile phone. even if in the presence of a laptop or tablet, the operation requires the use of cellular;
  • passing authorization using an official resource.

In general, public Wi-Fi in the subway is free, but it is impossible to enter the net without looking at annoying advertising.

Methods of connection and conditions

To obtain access, the user must perform a number of actions:

  • register;
  • carry out Wi-Fi activation on mobile;
  • Find the profile “MT_FREE”;
  • undergo identification;
  • Go to the web browser and drive into the search line “VMET.Ro “.

In the window that appears on the display, there will be a proposal to choose the right option for authorization: with the help of public services or phone.

Registration procedure

The system offers to choose the simplest for the user a method that allows him to register.

Through the portal of public services

You need to select the first item, indicate the accounting information from this site.

Authentication takes no more than a few minutes, after which the user connects to one of the available points in the Wi-Fi metro.

Through SMS

The client must enter his cell number and after a couple of minutes a message with the code will come to him, which is entered into the window. After introducing a password, access to the public line will be allowed.

Настройка Wi Fi адаптера с чипсетом Realtek (настраиваем точку доступа)

Through a special application

The client can download the MT Free application in advance at home: there are options for both Android devices and for Apple corporation gadgets.

The application itself opens access to your personal account, where you can store all settings, access, active subscription.

It is very easy to manage access to Wi-Fi through the application, it is made qualitatively, the Inte-intuitive integrates.

Wi-Fi input and authorization in the subway

After passing the identification procedure, the user gains access to the World Wide Web in Public Transport (both in the metro and by the bus):

To debug the automatic connection to Wi-Fi in the domestic metro devices with android, the freely distributed software “Wi-Fi mesh MT_FREE” is used. You can download it from the Google Play application store:

  • After downloading and installation, you need to go to network settings;
  • Pull the slider to the right side near the block Auto.Divorce in the “ground transport”, “CPPK”, “MCC”.

There is no need for equipment on the Mac OS platform in additional applications. The user must enter the main menu, move to Wi-Fi and click on the “Exclamation Sign” label, which is located nearby. An additional submenu will appear on the display, in which you need to drag the sliders to the right side. the automatic “entrance” and “connection”.

The Auto Wi-Fi system is convenient, it does not need to be introduced to identifiers again every time, keep the main passwords in memory.

Is it possible to connect Wi-Fi without advertising

You can officially use the services of a wireless line in all modes of transport for free, but during activation, an advertising video appears on the screen. So that he disappears, it is enough to pay the supplier of the services “Maxim Telecom”.

The material reward of the operator of the communication for half a year is 444 rubles, for the calendar month. 99 rubles.

If the client does not want or cannot turn off the advertising messages for a fee, then you can find another approach to the problem. Only a banner arises on the display, you need to click on it. The system in automatic mode will redirect the user to the advertiser page without mandatory viewing. After that, you should close the tab with the web resource of advertising and use the Internet at your own free will.

An additional option is the use of specialized software or web faces with built-in locks. In the latter case, advertising stops in the online mode automatically, without the intervention of the owner of the gadget.

Views of advertisements are obligatory conditions for entering the World Wide Web. Banner blocking is considered a violation of the Offer agreement.

Clients can disable JavaScript functionality in browser parameters. This option is located in the main menu, there you need to find the unit of the same name. After the end of the identification, this option will be required again. many resources will be reflected incorrectly.

The possibility of disconnecting advertising messages with a public connection through the provider is included in the service “As at home”. It is issued during the initial connection to the metro line, with an advance payment of 99 monthly.

At any time it can be configured. refuse to further use or pay for half a year, in order to save money.

To turn off auto payments, you can use one of the proven methods. If independent disconnection failed, then it is necessary to write to the provider at the email address indicated on the site and write down the following information in the body of the letter:

  • the number of the cellular, which is used for identification when joining the World Wide Web;
  • The physical address of the mobile gadget, to which the service was originally tied;
  • the time when the client managed to connect, and the way to pay was made.

If the calculation went using a bank card, then the user in the message indicates only the last four numbers.

Why does Wi-Fi not work in the subway and how to fix the problem?

Sometimes, when trying to connect Wi-Fi, error 128 may appear. To eliminate it, it is enough to close the used browser and enter through another. If this did not help, then you can remove the observer, and then install it again. Also, users may encounter such problems:

  • Connection is not carried out through the Opera Touch browser. This is due to the fact that he incorrectly processes the web resource. In such a situation, you should log in through any other browser, and then return to the opera.
  • The identification window is not displayed. In this case, it is worth checking the address line. it is important that it is https that is written at first. This is necessary, since a secure communication channel is used to access the wireless network.
  • In some cases, improper Wi-Fi module is possible on a smartphone. To fix this, you need to turn it off, and then turn it on again.
  • An error with information about too much active gadgets. You can fix this by sending a message to the technical support with the text “I ask you to untie the devices from this number”. It is also worth indicating the MAC address of the gadgets. However, the application processing time takes about a day.

How to disable Wi-Fi in the subway?

Today, society is directly related to technology. Humanity goes forward, and the metro follows them. Wi-Fi в метро хоть и имеет свои недостатки, но это будущее беспроводного подключения. You can connect to it both from your smartphone and from a laptop without much effort.