How to Connect to Smart TV Samsung

Modern TVs with the Smart TV function give their lucky owners many additional features. In addition to all available viewing of cable, analog and digital channels, such televisions give access to Internet resources, in particular to Internet television and social networks. But in order to use all the capabilities of Smart TV, it is not enough to purchase a TV supporting it, you must be able to connect this TV correctly.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet?

In order for the TV with the Smart TV function to work correctly, and the image does not crumble in front of the squares, the Internet connection should be quite high quality, namely, its speed should not be lower than 20 Mbps. Suppose that the provider that provides your home is able to provide the necessary quality of connection. Then the thing is small. to connect the Smart TV to the Internet. There are several ways to do this, the most reliable of which is a wired connection.

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How to connect a Smart TV using a network cable?

We look at the rear panel of our TV and find there a connector labeled LAN. In this connector and connect the network cable. Connect the other end of this cable to the router, thus ensuring the smooth operation of several more Internet devices: computer, laptop, etc. The disadvantage of this method of connecting to the worldwide network will be the additional costs of buying a cable and laying it around the apartment.

How to connect Smart TV via Wi-Fi?

If a router with Wi-Fi function is installed in the apartment, and the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, then it will be possible to dock the TV to the Internet much faster and at a lower cost than in the first case. In this connection option, you only need to activate Wi-Fi in the TV and configure it on the router. If there is no built-in Wi-Fi in the TV, then the connection can be arranged using an external receiver. In this case, there is only one minus, but a significant one. the TV will work only with a “native” branded Wi-Fi receiver, but it costs quite a lot.

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How to connect Smart TV on Samsung TVs?

For the TV to connect to the Internet to function, you must enter the correct settings. To do this, press the “Menu” button on the remote control, select the “Network” menu section and move to the “Network Settings”. In the window that appears, select the type of connection, for example, “Cable” and click the “Next” button. After the TV receives automatic settings, you will see a message on the screen about a successful connection to the Internet.

In the event of an error message, all settings will have to be entered manually. To do this, select “IP Settings” in the menu. In the window that appears, set the value to “Manual” on the items “IP Mode” and “DNS Mode”. The thing is small. manually enter all the connection settings. You can find them from your Internet operator, or on your home computer in the “Local Area Connection” tab.

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How to connect Smart TV to LG TVs?

Connecting to the Internet and setting up a connection in LG TVs is carried out similarly to Samsung TVs. The names of the menu sections will be slightly different. So in order to get to the menu you will need to press the “Home” button, and then select the “Installation” item. In the menu that opens, select the “Network” tab, and then move to the “Network Settings: Wired” item.

How to connect Smart TV to a computer?

If you want to watchs and photos in good quality on a large television screen, then Smart TV has the ability to connect to a computer using DLNA technology. For the TV and computer to work correctly in this mode, it will be necessary to connect them using a cable or wi-fi, having previously installed special software on the computer.