How to connect to iTunes without a computer

What to Do If iPhone Disconnected Connect to iTunes How to Unlock Without Losing Data

I can’t log into my locked iPhone, the message “iPhone disconnected connect to iTunes” appears. How to unlock a disconnected iPhone without a computer because I don’t have a computer with iTunes.

If you enter the wrong password too many times, you get a locked iPhone saying “iPhone disconnected, connect to iTunes”. But that shouldn’t be the end of the story. We’ll teach you how to unlock a disconnected iPhone without a computer.

Unfortunately, most of the methods I’ve seen require the use of a computer, but what to do if your iPhone is disconnected connect to iTunes without a computer? Don’t know how to unlock without losing data? Luckily, I’ve found 7 easy ways to help you disconnect from the iTunes screen without a computer, whether you have an iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/6/6S/5/4 or any type of iPhone. Just read to find out through this.

Method 1:How to unlock iPhone without a computer

The first method we want to use. Is to use the “Find iPhone” feature to unlock your iPhone.First of all, we need to know what “Find iPhone” is.

It is an official function. Its main feature. Delete information remotely.You can remotely wipe the information on your device: all personal data will be deleted from the device, and your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch will be restored to factory settings. If you lose it, you can restore everything from your iCloud backup.

So we need to note that we need to prepare another iPhone or iPad with the same iCloud account.

Open “locator” on another device (iPhone or iPad).

Once you’re logged in, you can see multiple devices connected to your iCloud account on this screen.

Select the “Erase this device” option. To delete your phone remotely, enter your Apple ID password to confirm your decision.

One more note: If your locked iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi, this method may not work for you. You can try other methods below

Method : Unlock the lock via iCloud

And if you can unlock your phone and get rid of the iPhone is disconnected connect to iTunes without using a laptop or desktop computer? Definitely yes, if you have another gadget with the same Apple ID. In that case, the built-in find iPhone feature comes in handy.

Run the wipe iPhone feature.

After that, the phone will also reset without factory settings. You can also restore the backup if needed.

How to reset iPhone password without a computer

The second way involves using the “Find iPhone” service, which is better known today as “Locator”. I find it more convenient than iTunes. At least if you remember both the username and password of your Apple ID account. You will definitely need it for this procedure. So, if you do not remember at least one of the login parameters, you should probably go straight to the final method.

You will need access to your Apple ID for this method

With iCloud, you can delete all the data from your iPhone, including your password

After that, your iPhone will be reset to factory defaults and all data, including your password, will be erased from its memory. This way you get a completely clean device, free of locks. The only unpleasant thing is the deletion of all accumulated data. So it’s important to be concerned about keeping a backup in advance so that you can get everything that’s been deleted back, not to mention that “Find iPhone” must be turned on to remotely clean your iPhone. You can do the same through the Locator app on your Mac or iPad.

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB

Apple has made great strides in inventing the latest flagships with advanced design and high-tech features, while also increasing the production of innovative devices that are compatible with each other and with other personal computers and smartphones, thanks to a lot of effort and modernization. In the past, the Apple iPhone could synchronize with a PC using the USB cable that came with the device when it was sold. However, further technologists have invented a way to synchronize (interact) iOS devices via Wi-Fi connection with other computers of other operating systems, such as Mac or Windows. Users often ask a simple question: how to connect the iPhone to the computer, what is the iPhone synchronization with the computer?

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How to connect and sync iPhone with PC? We can talk about different methods of connecting iPhone to PC. For example, connecting iPhone with iTunes to computer via USB cable and connecting iPhone without iTunes to computer via Wi-Fi router.

In the future, Apple wants to introduce new connection methods that will exceed our expectations, but for now, let’s take a look at a couple of well-known and practical options explaining how to sync iPhone and computer. Both variants have a number of disadvantages and advantages. Let us dwell on them in detail.

Connecting to a computer via USB

In the beginning, the iPhone was sold with a USB cable, which has a dual function: as a charger and as a device for synchronizing with a PC or other device.

Let’s look at how to connect iPhone to a computer running Windows 7. Any iPhone 4s, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7 can be synchronized with this operating system PC.

Initial tools for synchronization: PC, USB cable, Windows OS, Apple iPhone and Apple’s iTunes application installed on PC.

You can download the latest version of the iTunes app to your PC through Apple’s server. If you don’t install this program on your PC, your iPhone will be read by the computer as a flash drive in file reading mode. And the only thing you can do is copy photos and videos to your PC.

Connect iPhone to PC via USB cable, then open and run iTunes on PC.

How will the iPhone sync with your computer?? By synchronizing the two devices through a USB cable or using iTunes, you can create and save copies of backup data from your iPhone to your PC, synchronize contacts, transfer all iPhone content: photos, movies, personal records, messages, calendars, notes, voice recordings and much more. After connecting to PC you can clean your iPhone, deleting all unnecessary things, old games or applications, unlocking content.

This type of connection helps two synchronized devices to work at the fastest speed possible. You do not have to wait long for your files to be transferred, if you use USB 2 instead.0 an improved version of USB 3.0. This type of synchronization is convenient when there is no Internet network.

The beauty of transferring data from iPhone to PC over a USB cable? In the ability to restore the software of your smartphone to its original state, if necessary, the possibility of a complete system cleaning in the iPhone, fixing various software errors of the device, updating its system. You will also be able to prepare your iPhone for sale.

Connection via Wi-Fi network

As mentioned above, you can synchronize iPhone and PC via a wireless connection, if you have a connection to the Internet. You don’t need a cable for this. We need another device. a router, which transfers wireless internet for both devices. You can synchronize an iPhone 4S and later in this way.

How to synchronize iPhone 5 with the Wi-Fi? The main rule is to connect a common Internet connection for each device. In this case, the data transfer rate should be very high compared to the first method.

The important difference is that you do not have to wait for the end of the file transfer process, and you can leave with iPhone the place where the network or Bluetooth coverage ends.

To do the same with PC: switch it on and connect to Wi-Fi. On the computer, find the latest updated version of the program iTunes and start the process of synchronizing data between the two devices in the network. If we want to replay this process next time, the PC will remember how to enter and will connect to iPhone automatically if iTunes is enabled.

Do not forget to connect to the iPhone via USB in order to allow this kind of synchronization via Wi-Fi. Now you can forget about the cable.


The message “iPhone is disconnected” appears on the phone screen. Connect to iTunes”? How to unlock without losing data if you can’t remember the password?

The following method is valid only if the owner has backed up using iTunes. If he neglected such a possibility, it will not be possible to restore the information on the phone. You will have to perform an unlock and reset.

Restoring the backup is done in the following way:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer. For this idea it is recommended to use a wire.
  • Run iTunes. Wait until the device is identified in the app.
  • Go to the tab “General. Press “Restore iPhone” button. “.
  • Choose a copy to restore the data.

As a rule, after these actions, the system will ask for the device password again. Therefore, the method is good when the subscriber has reset the smartphone settings and then remembered the secret combination.

The right password

It should be noted that the user will not immediately see the inscription “iPhone disabled. Connect to iTunes“. How to unlock a gadget? You will have to think about it only after the owner has entered the password from the device incorrectly several times. Any system allows users to make mistakes. Therefore, the iPhone owner has a chance to recall the “passcode”.It follows that you can sit down and recall the authorization data in the smartphone system. It is very likely that you simply forgot the right combination. Remember your real password. It is the only unlocking method that does not require additional manipulations. In all other cases you will have to resort to hardware help.To date, as has been said, not immediately there is a message “iPhone disconnected. Connect to iTunes”. How to unlock iOS 9 or any other? Think about it only when a subscriber has entered the password incorrectly several times. precisely, the number of attempts is 6-10 (depending on the OS).

It should be noted that the smartphone firmware plays an important role in unlocking iPhone. The thing is that conventionally it can be divided into several types. The first one has a certain duration of locking the screen before entering the password again. The second. increases locking duration by a certain amount of time after each error. Last firmware type is considered the least attractive. It has a limited number of password attempts, after which it displays the message: “iPhone disconnected. Connect to iTunes. How to unlock a smartphone?

From all of the above it follows that an important point is the type of firmware. In addition to this, the need to save data will play an important role. If you don’t want to lose your smartphone’s information, you’re better off trying to remember your password. Otherwise you will have to try very hard to unlock your device. What to do when user sees the message “iPhone disconnected. Connect to iTunes.”? How to unlock 4S or any other smartphone? If the data isn’t important, you can simply perform a reset. How to unlock iPhone via iCloud. we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

If you have another device connected to the same Apple ID as the disconnected phone, it’s easier to use Find iPhone or the Locator app to erase. You can only use Locator on macOS or iOS devices connected to the same Apple ID as the locked phone.

connect, itunes, computer

To unlock iPhone without a password via iCloud you need to go to the iCloud, log in to your account.

Then select the “Find iPhone” menu and the desired phone, and then press “erase iPhone.

In a few minutes your phone will be reset to factory settings and you can use it after entering your Apple ID.

Now you know why the iPhone asks to connect to iTunes, and what to do in this situation. If something is not clear. ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

To avoid having to unlock your iPhone in the future, you should be more careful when entering the access code or disable the use of the password (for security reasons, we are against this option).