How To Connect To An LG Monitor

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In the forums dedicated to the subject of game consoles, we often find topics where people ask for help in choosing a display for the PS4. Many asked, Can I connect a PS4 to the monitor, what methods exist, what problems can be encountered, etc.

We decided to collect all the information in one article, describe the basic actions for working with the console and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What does PS4 connect to?

This question often worries those, who’s only going to buy a console or just bought it.


The classic version is a TV. Of course, the best fit big “plasma”. These TVs are connected regular HDMI cable, which comes with the console. After unpacking the PS4, it remains to connect the corresponding connectors on the devices and enjoy a beautiful picture.

Some people are sure that a TV is no longer needed for a long time and that all of its functions are performed by a computer. Often these users do not have a large widescreen screen at home, but old tv. It is unlikely that it turns out that on an old TV with a kinescope, an HDMI input is suddenly detected. In this case, you will need HDMI to RCA adapter.

How To Connect To An LG Monitor

Another way. Using the adapter on the “tulip” you can connect PS4 via VGA, but hardly anyone will be pleased with the quality of the picture.

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“Tulips” are rarely used, faithful companies are not always engaged in their production, so you should not count on anything good. The picture may not display correctly, and sound problems may be added. This option is suitable for the first time, however, you should consider buying a new TV.

There is only one conclusion. You can connect the PS4 to an old TV, but don’t even think about a comfortable game.


There is another option. Connect the PS4 to a computer monitor. But here everything is not so simple.

The newer and more expensive the monitor, the easier it will be to establish a “connection”. It’s best to connect via an HDMI cable, but sometimes it’s on the monitor no corresponding port.

Can find DVI to HDMI adapter. It would seem that I found an adapter and the problem is solved, but in practice. Problems will only be added. Dvi can only transmit images, therefore, if there are no speakers on the monitor, you will have to play with headphones, which is not always convenient.


The laptop also has a screen, so in theory you can connect a prefix to it. Most models There is an HDMI connector, but it does not fit.

On laptops they put an HDMI output to transfer the picture to other devices: monitor, TV, projector, etc.

A special adapter that plugs into USB will help solve the issue. With such a connection will be poor picture quality. There is another option. Remote play program. With it, you can transfer the image from the console to any device based on Windows, iOS or Android (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

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If the PS4 does not display the image on the monitor or the picture freezes severely, make sure that the quality of the Internet connection matches the minimum requirements. Also check if this model is suitable, for example, a phone, for streaming.

Ps4 Image Setup

First of all, go to the settings and go to the “Sound and screen” menu, where you should select “output settings”.

On the screen you will see the setting for maximum resolution, RGB range and Deep Color output.

Permission set depending on the capabilities of your console. On PS4 and PS4 Slim. 1080p. Provided that the prefix is ​​connected by an HDMI cable. On PS4 Pro. 4k, if the TV supports this resolution.

Maximum picture resolution depends on the type of connection:

  • Vga. 640 × 480;
  • Dvi Single Link. 1920 × 1080;
  • Dvi Dual Link. 2560 × 1600;
  • Hdmi 1.3. 2560 × 1600;
  • Hdmi 1.4. 4096 × 2160;
  • Display Port. 4096 × 2160.

Vga and DVI can be connected only through a special adapter.

The RGB range is set to full. Next, move down to Deep Color and set the value to “Automatic”. Tv setup directly depends on its model and capabilities. Find out the exact name and look for information on the Internet. First, if available, turn on game mode.

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Good to know

Before buying a TV or monitor, you need to know some nuances. All this help make the right choice.

If you have a regular console, not a Pro version, and you are going to buy a 4K monitor, we are in a hurry to upset you.

If you want maximum smoothness during the game, you should consider buying a screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz or 120Hz. The larger this value, the smoother the image.

Input-Lag. A characteristic that reflects the signal processing time of the TV. It is measured in milliseconds. The less time it takes to process, the better. The optimal value is 25-35 ms, the best indicator is 13.5 ms. Record fixed for some Sony TVs.

To reduce Input-Lag, you can enable game mode on the TV.

Tv manufacturers rarely talk about this parameter, but experienced players always pay attention to him. We advise you to spend a little time and find information about this on the Internet.