How To Connect To A Tv Using A Phone

Phone and TV seem to be completely different, incompatible things. But, time is running ahead, and technology and communication technology and image transmission are changing. Today, many want to know how to connect the phone to the TV via usb for the following reasons:

  • the need to watchs when a user visits different sites, especially YouTube. It is better to watch high-quality on a large screen;
  • desire to view photos. The small screen of the mobile phone does not allow to evaluate the contents of the picture;
  • the desire to get good impressions of colorful games launched from the cellular;
  • the mismatch between storage capabilities and playback capabilities of high-quality material by mobile phones.

The fact is that the better the, the larger the file size. Modern phones are endowed with significant amounts of internal memory and support flash drives to increase it. They can store first-class movies. But, movies should not be watched on mobile, as modern TVs use new technologies for processing frames and images. Screen size allows you to clearly see what is happening.

Compare the impressions left after watching a Blu-ray movie if the diagonal is respectively 70 and 3 cm. (See photo)

But on TVs there is no way to store files. Therefore, in order to enjoy the movie or being watched, it is necessary to show the file on a television screen. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to a suitable port.

Ports of this type are common, so the answer to the question. Is it possible to connect the cell to the TV via USB. obvious. Today it is possible. The basic methods are described below.

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Display of what is happening on a smartphone with a TV screen

Suppose a person needs to visit some sites in order to have a good look at their contents, or play on a wide screen, using only a mobile and television source. Roughly speaking, a person wants to reproduce the contents of a telephone display on a TV screen. Suppose the phone has a microusb connector and the TV has an Hdmi connector. This situation happens often. To solve the described problem, you need to use a cable or a microusb-hdmi adapter, by the following sequence of actions:

  • connect the cable to the hdmi television connector;
  • turn on the TV;
  • a menu will appear. Click on the media device item;
  • choose the appropriate hdmi output;
  • We start actions with the phone.

Thus, the owner of the smartphone performs the desired actions, and their result shows the TV screen.

When choosing an adapter, you should pay attention to such parameters as the type of signal, supported resolutions, surround and compressed sound channels, and manufacturing material. Also, compare the number of contacts of the adapter and the telephone cable. It is advisable to purchase an adapter with the MHL standard, which is specially adapted for connecting phones to equipment capable of working in full HD mode. A similar adapter charges the device when is being transmitted.

over, some modern models support the new Mhl 3.0 standard. It allows you to transfer a 4K image at a resolution of 3840×2160 and a frequency of 30 frames per second. It supports True HD and DTS HD Ma sound formats used in Blu-ray.

Manufacturers of some brands have implemented the Slimport standard. Here are a number of models supporting it:

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A complete list can be found here.

With this type of connection, there is no need to connect power, as well as do the Android setup. is transmitted without decoding, as well as without output delays. However, the standard requires the use of high-quality wires. Therefore, it is better not to buy cheap options.

Transfer to a TV with a Vga connector

The second method involves using two adapters, the nests of which are visible in the photograph.

Connect a microusb-hdmi adapter to the smartphone, connect it to the hdmi-vga adapter, insert the end of the VGa into a suitable TV socket. Thus, the result will be due to the features of the two cables.

View files from mobile

Suppose a mobile or map stores photos ors that you just need to watch. Then you need a microusb-usb adapter. The TV must have the indicated type of connectors. In this section, you will learn how to connect a mobile phone to the TV using the USB port. Proceed as follows:

  1. Plug the cord into the microusb telephone jack.
  2. The smartphone will prompt you to select a connection mode. Drive mode is selected.
  3. Using the remote control, the TV switches to reading media files.
  4. The “Multimedia”, “usb” or other button is pressed, which depends on the TV model.
  5. When there are no such buttons, click “Source”.
  6. The “Signal Source” menu appears. The appropriate section is selected. A sample view, see below.

Connection through the port in question may be interfered with by the settings of the file transfer mode called MTP. Often it is used by default when the smartphone recognizes the connected device. Then you need to configure the boot in drive mode. For this, this sequence of steps is performed;

  • download the program Android terminal emulator;
  • run it;
  • in the window that appears, enter su (superuser);
  • a request for the rights of the main user appears. We confirm it;
  • we type a line setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage, adb;
  • press the enter key;
  • type reboot, then press the same button again;
  • the phone will reboot.
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When it will be necessary to put the download again through the above mode, enter the Android commands:

  • Su (confirm);
  • Setprop persist.sys usb.config mtp.adb;
  • Reboot

Problem situations

When you try to connect, there are two types of basic problems. These are problems recognizing devices or files.

They are usually caused by the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect connection. It is solved simply. The connected telephone must be reconnected following the instructions.
  2. Using the MTP mode of the Android system. It is solved either by the described method, or by replacing the phone firmware.
  3. The TV does not read files. This happens because this type of technique does not support all file formats. The only way out is to copy the file to the computer, and then convert it to the supported format with special programs. The most commonly supported mp4 and avi files. Sometimes re-shoot the.


The method of using the phone’s USB port is determined by the purpose of the connection. If you want the TV screen to show the phone screen, then either microusb-hdmi adapters are used, or their combination with hdmi-Vga. If you just need to look at the file, then a connection is made like microusb-usb. The main problems are caused by the wrong file format or MTP settings. Choose methods for connecting your communications device and television technology based on your needs.

How to Connect to a TV Using a Phone