How To Connect The Navigator To A Computer

Instructions on how to make the computer see the navigator in removable disk mode to update the GPS navigator.

Driver for Connecting the Navigator to a Computer.

How to connect the Prestigio 5250 navigator to Windows 7 64 bit. details in the. Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.

First check:. Are the USB ports functioning normally on the computer. are there any problems with the drivers.

What to do if when connecting the DVR, the computer does not see it, or sees but does not detect it.

The most difficult case when updating the GPS navigator, when the navigator does not connect to the computer in any way.

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A simple case when the GPS Navigator does not catch satellites, and does not see itself on the ground. A little later there will be more.

How to update Navitel on car GPS navigators? Spend 15 minutes watching this and become an exp.

Detailed materials are taken from this article. If the helped, do not.

How to do flash repair software if it stops working or appears on my computer.

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Hello everyone friends! In this I will show how to solve the problem with launching Navitel on the Prestigio Geovision navigator.

The computer or laptop does not see the mouse. What to do ? Sometimes a Windows 10, 8, or Windows 7 user may.

In this, I will show you what to do if you decide to connect a new hard drive or USB flash drive to the computer.

Is it annoying to turn off the computer connection on the navigator every time the car is factory? two options.

for those who cannot connect a smartphone with MTK processors to a computer to download files and folders.

Hello dear motorists!

As a rule, after acquiring a car navigator, you need to connect it to a computer and update the cards installed at the factory and outdated at the time of its acquisition.

In my case, the situation was with the Prology iMap-552AG car navigator and the Navitel navigation system installed in it.

Following the instructions, I downloaded the latest version of the map of Russia from the official Navitel website. Next, I needed to connect the navigator to the computer via a USB cable and replace the outdated card with a new one, but the next problem prevented me from doing this.

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In the navigator, as the instruction requires, in the “USB Settings” I chose that when connected to a computer via a USB cable, the device is defined as a removable disk, i.e. I activated “Internal memory.”

The next step, the step in which I was unsuccessful, was an operation to connect the navigator to a computer via a USB cable, the last one was an Acer laptop. When connected, Windows issued a warning “The device is not recognized and will not work correctly”, therefore, a new removable storage device in “My Computer” did not appear and it was not possible to update the cards.

Having made more than one connection attempt, which consisted of using different USB ports, rebooting devices and re-reading the instructions, I still did not achieve the desired result and turned to the Internet for help. But, unfortunately, failure was waiting for me here as well. My navigator appeared on the market not so long ago and did not manage to be discussed on the forums.

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From hopelessness, I could only use the method of “scientific poking.” As they say. patience and work will rub everything and in the course of many attempts to connect, I began to conclude that the problem is not the lack of drivers for the navigator in the system, but the incompatibility of devices ?!

At that moment, I had a hope that rested on a second, older desktop computer.

How to Connect the Navigator to a Computer

Looking ahead, I will say that my hope was justified. I managed to connect the navigator to the computer as a removable storage medium and perform the subsequent stages of map updating. The problem with the connection was completely not in the place typical for such devices!

The problem, to my surprise, was that the modern car navigator did not support connecting to a computer via a USB 2.0 port, of which there were already four on a laptop. Therefore, to update the navigator, I needed another computer that has a USB port version 1.0. It turned out to be an old faithful friend. a stationary computer, with which I updated the maps of the navigator.