How to Connect the Internet to Another Computer

How to connect a computer to a computer

How to Connect the Internet to Another Computer

Hello, today I’ll tell you how to connect a computer to a computer. Consider two connection options, through cable and over wifi.

Why is this needed?

If you want to play a network game over the network or do you want transfer a large amount of data from computer to computer, or maybe you just need to provide Internet access to one computer through another? All this can be done without problems, and now, I will tell you how.

To begin with, we will analyze both ways of connecting a computer to a computer, namely using a cable and Wi-Fi. And then we will look at how to configure the functions we need (games on the network, on the Internet, file transfer).

Connect a computer to a computer through a cable

To start, let’s talk about cable, to connect a computer to a computer, you will need cross over cable. This is a cable crimped according to a computer-to-computer circuit, not a computer-switch. You can see the twisted pair crimping scheme here, in the second column of the picture, there are diagrams for creating a cross-over cable. Most modern network cards will be able to work on a regular cable, which is designed to connect a computer to the switch, they are “taught to see the catch.” But it is better to play it safe and purchase / make a cross-over cable.

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We insert one end of the cable into the network card of one computer, and the other end into the network card of the other (at any, if there are several).

The connection is made, we will not configure anything yet, since different settings may be required for different purposes.

Consider connecting computers via Fi-Wi

Judging by the name, it is clear that your computers / laptops should have a Wi-Fi adapter: either built-in or a USB adapter. no difference.

In this scheme, one computer should act as an access point, and the other will connect to it.

We create a wireless network on one computer running Windows 7. Understanding the principle of creating a connection “computer. computer ”you can configure it in any operating system.

To get started, go to the “Control Panel” = “Managing Networks and Sharing,” and then, in “Managing Wireless Networks.”

Now add a new network

Choose a network “computer-to-computer”

Enter “Network Name” and “Security Key”, check the box “Save the parameters of this network”

Now we can watch a new network that is waiting for a connection

But you must understand that if you use this Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Internet, then this connection will be inactive until you disconnect the computer we created on the network. a computer”.

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After creating this network, you can connect to it from any device with a Wi-Fi adapter. But, if the device running Windows XP acts as a client, then you will have to turn off authentication and encryption on the computer (with Windows 7) on which the network is created, since Windows XP does not support the authorization method used in Windows 7 (WPA 2).

And so, we examined two ways to connect one computer to another, but now they need to be configured for specific needs. The term “network adapter”By which I mean as usual network board, like that Wifi adapter, there is no difference in settings, but what you will configure depends on how you connected the two computers.

We configure a local area network between two computers

If we connect one computer to another in order to play games on the network or transfer files, or for other purposes not implying access to the Internet for a second computer:

On computer No. 1, we assign the network adapter an IP address of, a subnet mask of, and leave the remaining parameters empty. And assign the network adapter of computer No. 2 the IP address and the same mask as for the first computer. About how to register an IP address.

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Now it is already possible to play network games or use any network programs for data exchange, for example, chat or 1C Accounting.

To organize file sharing, you can use the standard Windows service. “Server”, on how to set up file sharing and Windows folders. But, for more advanced users, it will be better to use an FTP server, what it is and how to configure it is described here, and more details here.

In order to provide Internet access to a second computer

Let’s consider two ways: using standard Windows functions and using a proxy server.

The standard method is the fastest and easiest, but does not have any rules, additional settings and restrictions. You can read about setting up this method here. And do not forget that for this method to work, the Windows firewall must be turned on, about how to check and manage Windows services.

Using a proxy server is much more convenient, a huge number of rules and features settings will allow you to manage users and their traffic as you like. About how to configure a proxy server.

Well, we considered the issue of connecting one computer to another and solved all the problems for which we actually connected the computers.