How to connect the Honor fitness bracelet to the phone

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Synchronization of the bracelet and phone

To connect your Honor watch to your phone, you need to:

  • the phone was with a modern version of the operating system;
  • Bluetooth has been activated on it;
  • installed Huawei Health app.

If your phone meets these requirements, you can pair.

Honor Band 5 / Пошаговая настройка и сопряжение с телефоном

You need to connect the bracelet Honor Band 5 and Honor Sport to the phone as follows:

  • Open the “Huawei Health” app.
  • At the top, click on the “Add device” menu.
  • Choose a fitness bracelet “Honor Band 4 5”.
  • Press the pairing button.
  • Accept agreement and enable geolocation.
  • Click on the “Done” button.

In addition to the Health program, you can also download the Running Edition. It will allow you to control jogging.

The pairing process does not differ from, for example, connecting the am61 wireless headphones, only the bracelet is selected in the new device menu, and not “earphones”.


  • Setting the alarm to the exact time.
  • Sleep Phase Alarm Adjustment.

The second function is a “smart” alarm clock, which will allow the owner to wake up at the right time and feel more invigorated.

Charging and turning on

When the device is charged, you can turn it on by attaching the fitness bracelet to your wrist and turning your hand. The screen displays the basic settings. The user can either change them or leave the factory values. When turned on, the display will show the time, it will be possible to open the menu.


How to connect an Honor smart bracelet to your phone to receive notifications: you need to activate the necessary checkboxes. To do this, there are two items in the settings: “Notifications” and “Do not disturb”.

In the Do Not Disturb menu, the owner can:

  • Disable any notifications for the whole day;
  • turn off notifications while the bracelet is removed from your hand;
  • create an individual schedule by setting the time frames in which notifications are prohibited or allowed;
  • activate the display by lifting your wrist.

As for the Notifications menu, there is a difference between the operating systems of the phones. On Android, you can allow which applications to receive information from, and on iOS (including iPhone 12 Pro), the list of such applications is limited to SMS, social network clients and the line “others”.

Sleep monitoring

After successfully connecting the Honor bracelet, you can go to the settings. The first line is “TrueSleep”, this is a sleep monitoring function, you can activate or deactivate it. In addition to collecting information about sleep, the function can also help to optimally set the alarm.

Function setting

To connect the Honor Band to the phone for its full use, you need to choose which data will be displayed on the screen. This is done in the Function Settings menu. If the user considers any parameter unnecessary for permanent withdrawal, then you just need to click on the “minus” icon.

Download and install the Huawei Health app

The Honor Band 5 can be used on all phones, both Android and iOS. First you need to download a proprietary application for monitoring health indicators, this can be done in two ways:

After downloading the application, installation will proceed, during which you need to accept the agreement. It includes warnings about the collection of data and that for use you will need the Internet, Bluetooth, geodata, access to information on the phone.

The Health program is optimized to work with Huawei smartphones, therefore, when working with equipment from other manufacturers, the settings system may slightly change. In any case, there will be hints on the screen to help you connect correctly on both iPhone and Android.

In the process of connecting Honor Band 4, you need to register in the application. To receive reliable data, you need to provide true information about the date of birth, body weight, you also need to indicate your gender.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to an Android phone

Fitness bracelets are becoming more and more popular. Such devices allow you to track sports activity, monitor health and display notifications from your smartphone. But how to connect a fitness bracelet?

In order to connect a fitness bracelet, you need to install an application on it from the manufacturer, for example, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Huawei Health, Mi Fit, Garmin Connect Mobile or another.

Below, the connection process is discussed using the example of the Mi Band bracelet. However, most fitness bracelets are connected in the same way. only the interface of the proprietary application is different.

Step-by-step instruction

Make sure the fitness tracker is charged. If the device arrived in a discharged state, it must be connected to the charger. Usually, it takes no more than 2 hours to fully charge.

Find the “Bluetooth” section in the smartphone settings, open it and activate the Bluetooth module. To do this, click on the appropriate radio button.

Make sure the fitness tracker appears in the Available Devices section.

If you use a bracelet from a little-known manufacturer, you can download the program by simply scanning the QR code that is shown on the package or in the instructions.

Click the “Install” button and, after the download is complete, the “Open” button.

At the first launch, the application will ask for a username and password from the user account. In the case of the Mi Fit app, you can create an account right here. you need a work email address for this. You can also sign in with a third-party account like WeChat or Google.

The application notifies the user that no devices are currently connected.

In the “Profile” section, click on the “Add device” button.

Please note that sections in different applications for different fitness bracelets may differ.

Select the device to add. In this case, it’s a bracelet. After that, issue permission to process information, otherwise the correct operation of the bracelet is not guaranteed.

Wait while the program finds the device. Do not go far from the smartphone. it is important to be within the range of the Bluetooth adapter. Confirm your consent to sync on the bracelet.

The application should display the name of the wearable device and the battery charge as a percentage. this indicates that the connection was successful.

Now, the Android notification area will always display the logo of the application that is synchronized with the bracelet. Here you can see if the device is connected to the phone at the moment or not.

If the bracelet loses contact with the phone

Sometimes the bracelet loses its connection with the smartphone. In this case, the user may miss an important call or message, notifications about which usually come to the fitness bracelet.

The fact is that some optimization programs close applications that are running in the background. This is done to extend the overall battery life of the phone.

To prevent this from happening, you need to do the following:

Open the section “Battery and performance” or “Battery and power saving” (the name will depend on the smartphone used).

In the list of installed applications, find the one you need, in our case it is Mi Fit.

In the application settings, set the option “No restrictions”.

In the latest versions of the Android operating system, Mi Fit needs access to “Notifications” (to show SMS and notifications from instant messengers), as well as to “Do not disturb” mode (in order to wake up the device when needed). To open access to these parameters, go to the section “Permissions”.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone. Manual for bracelets Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, etc.

The first question that arises after buying a new tracker is how to connect a fitness bracelet to the phone? After all, most devices of this type, without pairing with a smartphone or tablet, are nothing more than just an ordinary decoration on the hand. It is often impossible to set the time or customize the appearance without connecting. To view statistics, again, you need a branded mobile application.

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In this manual, we will try to describe the process of connecting a fitness bracelet to a smartphone as detailed and step by step as possible using the example of some of the most popular models from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, etc. By the way, the process of connecting a Smartwatch is not much different from pairing fitness trackers.

Depending on the model and the manufacturer of the fitness bracelet, the process of connecting the fitness bracelet to the phone may differ, but the principle of connection is the same:

  • Download and install the mobile application.
  • Launch it and, if required, register and log in.
  • Connect the fitness bracelet to the phone and sync data.

How to connect a Huawei or Honor Band fitness bracelet to your phone?

Until recently, Huawei was the owner of the Honor brand, so it’s no surprise that fitness bracelets under these brands work with the same app. Huawei Health. You can download it both from the Play Store (for Android) and from the App Store (for iPhone).

In Huawei and Honor smartphones, the Health application is usually already preinstalled, but before pairing with the bracelet, it must be updated to the current version, otherwise the bracelet may simply not be in the list of available devices.

Honor band 5

After installing and launching the application, you will need to register an account or log in if an account has already been registered. Then the application will offer to read the rules, agreements and privacy notice, as well as ask for access to the location and calls.

Then we give all the permissions and you can proceed to pairing the bracelet with the phone.

Click add device (plus in the upper right corner of the screen).

Choose from the list “Smart bracelet”.

Choose from the list Honor Band 4/5.

Click “Pair”, accept Bluetooth sync.

In the new window, select the bracelet from the list, confirm the pairing by touching the icon on the bracelet screen and click “Done”.

Now it remains to perform a software update and you can proceed to the settings. After pairing and updating, the bracelet will automatically be translated into the language that is installed in the smartphone.

For more detailed instructions on connecting and setting up Honor fitness bracelets, follow the links below:

How to connect the Amazfit fitness bracelet to the phone?

To connect Amazfit fitness bracelets to a smartphone, the Zepp application, which was previously called Amazfit, is used. Also, gadgets under this brand can work with the application for Xiaomi Mi Band. Mi Fit.

We will look at connecting to a phone using the Amazfit Bip Lite as an example. The rest of the models from this line are connected in the same way.

Download, install and run the Zepp app. Download links below:

Create an account or log into a Zepp account if you already have one by following the prompts.

You can also log in to the application via:

To connect, click “” in the upper left corner of the screen or go to the “Profile” tab and click “Add”.

Choose “Watch” or “Bracelet”.

Select Clock with QR code or Clock without QR code. If you choose a watch with a QR code, you need to open the QR code on the watch screen and scan it with your smartphone camera to pair.

Wait for the app to find your device and select it.

Confirm the connection by tapping the icon on the watch screen.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet to the phone?

Download the Mi Fit app from the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iPhone).

Turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on your phone.

Run the app and create an account.

Sign in to your account. This can be done in several ways:

  • Via Mi Fit account
  • Via Mi account;
  • Through WeChat;
  • Through the profile in;
  • Through a Google account;
  • With Apple ID.

A detailed account creation process can be found in this guide.

After successful authorization, connect the Xiaomi Mi Band to your phone. To do this, you need to click “” in the upper right corner of the main screen or the notification that there are no connected devices at the bottom.

You can also go to the “Profile” tab and click “Add device”.

In the window that opens, click “Bracelet” and give the application all the necessary permissions.

After detecting the bracelet, it vibrates, and you need to confirm the pairing by touching the icon on the screen.

It remains to wait until all the necessary updates are installed and you can proceed to setting up and using the bracelet. Language, date and time sync automatically.

You can learn more about the settings of the Mi Band trackers in the detailed instructions:

How to connect a Chinese fitness bracelet to your phone?

There are many applications developed for various Chinese fitness bracelets. Probably the most popular of these is HBand. Let’s analyze the connection using this application as an example. Chinese fitness bracelets are connected to other applications in the same way.

Run the application and click “Register”. At the very bottom of the screen there is an inscription “No account”. It allows you to connect a fitness bracelet without creating an account, but in this case, the data will be saved only in the application memory. There will be no cloud sync. The account registration process is very simple and only requires an email address.

After registration, enter your Email, password and click “authorize”.

Click on “Scanning Equipment” (yes, the translation is “curve”).

Select your own from the list of found devices or click “Rescan” if it is not in the list.

Select the applications from which you want to receive updates and click “OK”.

To reconnect, you need to poke in the “Control” tab in “Click to connect” in the list that appears, select your device and wait for connection and synchronization.

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Which app to download for the fitness bracelet?

In the table below you can find the most common applications for fitness bracelets by manufacturer:

Manufacturer Application Name
Xiaomi MiFit
Amazfit (BIP, Amazfit Band 5, etc.) Zepp (formerly Amazfit) or Mi Fit
Huawei Huawei Health
Honor Band (all versions) Huawei Health
Samsung Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health
Garmin Garmin Connect
Fitbit Fitbit
Realme Realme Realme Link
Hey plus Hey plus
Polar Polar Flow
Misfit Misfit
Fitness bracelets from lesser known brands HBand WearHeart WearHealt HPlus Da Fit Wear Fit 2.0 Comfit etc.

As it became clear from the table, almost every major manufacturer has developed a proprietary application for connection. Less well-known brands can use different applications to connect, depending on the functionality and features of the bracelets. The name of the software recommended by the manufacturer can be found in the user manual supplied with the kit, or, often, on the bracelet screen in the form of a QR code for downloading.

So, we have decided with the applications what to do next and what not to do.?

  • Make sure the fitness tracker is charged and turned on. Most tracker models do not have a power button. They turn on automatically when connected to a charger, and Xiaomi Mi Band, for example, is always on if it has a charged battery.
  • The main mistake many users make is to open the Bluetooth settings in their smartphone and connect the fitness bracelet like any other Bluetooth device, such as headphones. You don’t need to do this. Sometimes, after such a connection, the application simply does not find the fitness bracelet, which can lead to the thought of a malfunction of the gadget. You need to connect a fitness bracelet exclusively through a proprietary mobile application.
  • The second common mistake is being too lazy to register an account in the application. Although very few applications allow connecting the bracelet without registration. It is necessary to create an account for the safety of data in the event of a breakdown or loss of the phone.
  • Another mistake is trying to connect a fitness bracelet to the phone that is already paired with another phone. First, you need to disable it or reset the settings to factory settings, and then start connecting to your phone.

We will consider the pairing process itself step by step using the example of several popular fitness bracelets. All other models are connected in approximately the same way.

How to connect a Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracker to your phone

Login to the My Jet Sport app and register

To enter the My Jet Sport app, you must fill in the fields on the registration form. You can continue working without registering, but after reinstalling the application, all data (achievements, training statistics, etc.) will be lost. To enter the application, you can use accounts on social networks or

How to connect the JET Sport FT-4 fitness bracelet to the phone

Install the Jet Sport Lite application on your smartphone

Scan the QR code and download the JET SPORT LITE app from Google Play for Android devices, or Apple Store for iOS devices.

✓ Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for the FT-4 device. Connect the device to your smartphone ✓ Launch the Jet Sport Lite app. Log in / register in it if necessary.

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Select “Scan”. select your tracker from the appeared list of devices.

When the JET Sport FT-4 fitness bracelet is connected to a smartphone and authorized in the application, it immediately starts collecting data about your activity and transferring it to the smartphone. When the tracker is not connected to a smartphone, it only shows the time and activity data on the screen, and stores the rest of the data in its memory for a week.

Adding the JET Sport FT-10C fitness bracelet

To add a tracker, select your device by scrolling through the models (swipe left, right), and click the “Add” button. If Bluetooth has not been enabled in advance, the application will offer to activate it.

Connecting the Galaxy Fit e to a new mobile device

Connect your Galaxy Fit e to other mobile devices. Other mobile devices can be connected if they are not connected to this Galaxy Fit e. Connecting the Galaxy Fit e to a new mobile device will reset the Galaxy Fit e.

✓ Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device. ✓ Tap → Disable. ✓ On a new mobile device, open the Galaxy Wearable app to connect to the Galaxy Fit e.

If another Galaxy Fit e is already connected to the desired mobile device, your Galaxy Fit e will not be able to connect to it. Disconnect your mobile device from the other Galaxy Fit e to connect to this Galaxy Fit e.

Installing the Galaxy Wearable app

To connect the Samsung Galaxy Fit e fitness bracelet to your mobile device, install the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device.

Depending on the smartphone, the Galaxy Wearable app can be downloaded from the following sources: ✓ Samsung Android devices: Galaxy Store, Play Store ✓ Other Android devices: Play Store

Logging into the My JetSport app and registering

To enter the My JetSport application, you must fill in the fields in the registration form. You can continue working without registration, but after reinstalling the application, all data (achievements, training statistics, etc.) will be lost.

To enter the application, you can use accounts in the social networks “” or “”.

Connecting the Gear to a mobile device via Bluetooth

✓ Turn on Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. ✓ Select your preferred language and tap Next. The Samsung Gear app download and installation screen will appear. ✓ Launch the Samsung Gear app on your smartphone. ✓ Tap START DATING. ✓ Select your Gear type on the screen. If the type of Gear you want is not available, tap MY DEVICE NO. ✓ Tap ON when a window appears asking if you want to turn on Bluetooth. ✓ Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a connection.

When the devices are connected, an on-screen guide appears on the Gear’s screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the Gear.

Limiting the functions of gadgets without binding them to a smartphone

What opportunities does the owner of a fitness bracelet lose without being tied to a phone? This is due not only to the small amount of memory, but also to the design of the bracelet itself. It is small in size, and even the use of an innovative external drive will only create problems (for example, leakage of the memory card installation, complexity of operation).

On a note! Some models do not have the ability to sync with a smartphone, but usually this only applies to the most inexpensive models, for example, FitMaster RUN (pictured below).

Before buying a fitness bracelet, be sure to check this point, otherwise many of the device’s capabilities will be unavailable. What functions of the bracelet fall out without being tied to a smartphone?

  • Smart alarm clock. installed through the application in the phone. Collects all statistics on the phases of sleep and, according to the data obtained, wakes you up at the most favorable time. This function is available, for example, in Smarterra FitMaster AURA, Smarterra FitMaster Aura PRO.
  • Camera. simulates pressing the capture button on your phone. The ability to remotely control a smartphone camera is implemented, for example, in Smarterra Smartlife ALCOR.
  • The output of statistics is impossible, since there is no tool for conducting it in the watch itself.
  • Health data is not saved, information is being overwritten (the old is erased, the new is written and so on in a circle) after a certain time interval.
  • Dialing and calling is only possible via a connected smartphone.
  • Music player. music control is possible after synchronization with the phone via Bluetooth.

This is far from the entire list of possibilities, which is limited in the absence of binding to a smartphone. The functions of a reminder about training, measuring pressure, the need to drink a liquid, etc. also drop out. In some cases, a fitness bracelet without a smartphone is an ordinary watch with a number of functions (the volume of which, however, may well suit the user).

What sensors do gadgets have??

Sensor name Purpose
Accelerometer (the received data from the sensor is processed by a special algorithm) Allows you to determine the acceleration of its owner in space. Responsible for the distance traveled, the number of steps.
Able to automatically detect the location of your hand.
Analyzes a person’s sleep. Captures the slightest movement during sleep, which gives a more complete picture of sleep phases.
Gyroscope Marks a change in your position in space. Simply put, it calculates the angle and can accurately determine whether you are running or just walking. Recognizes any kind of activity. push-ups, jumps, etc.
Heart rate monitor Measures blood pressure. Green LEDs emitting light, as well as special detectors, allow you to determine what is happening with capillary blood flow. If it increases, therefore, the pressure is high, and vice versa.

The presence of these sensors allows the watch to work autonomously and perform a number of functions that are not tied to synchronization with a smartphone. for example, a pedometer, calorie counting, blood pressure measurement, etc. will work.

How to use a fitness bracelet without being tied to your phone

Useful tips for wearers of fitness bracelets

Does the fitness bracelet work without a phone? Of course, yes. However, the functionality significantly expands if the gadget is synchronized with a mobile device. In this article, we will analyze whether it is possible to use smartwatches and fitness bracelets without being tied to a phone, which functions are available in this case and which are not.

So, how to set up a fitness bracelet without a phone and use it in the future?

The list of options depends on the specific model of smartwatch or fitness bracelet. What opportunities do they usually have??

Honor Band 5 | Honor Band 5 Setup and Unboxing | How to Connect Honor Band 5 With Phone | 100% Fix

  • counting steps per day
  • counting the number of beats per minute
  • pressure measurement
  • sleep monitoring
  • oxygen saturation measurement
  • calories burned
  • alarm
  • notification of incoming calls, SMS, etc.

The most frequently used option for using a gadget is paired with a phone, but this does not mean that the watch cannot be used as a separate device.

How to use a fitness bracelet to read information correctly?

The manufacturer recommends putting the device on a less active hand. It turns out if you are right-handed, then it is advisable to wear a watch on your left hand, and vice versa. This is necessary for the correct reading of your health information. If your tracker is endowed with a training function, as, for example, on the FitMaster AURA fitness bracelet, then when you start physical activity, you must turn on the necessary mode. Do not forget that each watch model has individual settings and its own list of possibilities. You can familiarize yourself with the settings by reading the instructions that come with the gadget.

Features of independent work of fitness bracelets

One of the main advantages of the gadget’s autonomous operation is that there is no need to buy a phone and synchronize gadgets with each other, configure programs. This is especially true for retirees or those who are poorly versed in modern devices.

When the fitness bracelet is working without being tied to the phone, the data is measured for a short time, after which it is reset to zero and the data is re-recorded. If you go in for sports and measure how many calories you have spent, or have taken a run and want to know how far you have covered, it is recommended to track the recorded information at certain intervals. It is possible to notice after what time the indicators are reset only by the method of observation or painstaking calculations.

If the fitness bracelet was tied to a mobile device, then the received data will automatically go to the application installed on your smartphone. If the smartphone and the fitness bracelet have not been pre-synchronized with each other, then save statistics on sleep, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. will fail. For example, assessing sleep and its phases will not be informative.

Is it possible to use a fitness bracelet without a phone?

Frequently asked question: how does a fitness bracelet work, if there is no connection to the phone, and can it be used at all? Let’s figure it out. The main areas of use: collection of health information, quick access to notifications, since it is not always convenient to keep the phone 24/7. But do not forget that each watch model is equipped with individual capabilities.

Does the fitness bracelet work without a phone? Yes. What functions will be available without connecting to a mobile device, consider below:

  • pedometer
  • monitoring body temperature and oxygen levels
  • alarm clock (in some models. in most models it is installed in the application)
  • time, date (in some models. in most models, time and date are set only after synchronization with the phone)
  • calculator (on smartwatches with full-touch screen)
  • calories burned and a number of other options depending on the specific model of the device
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Another important point regarding the battery life of the fitness bracelet: the measured data is updated after a while due to the small amount of memory. Today you can find completely independent watch models running on their own operating system. in this case, a mobile device is not required, but, like other electronic devices, such a model has its pros and cons.

Setting up a fitness bracelet without a phone using the Smarterra FitMaster NT model as an example

As we have already explained, not all watches can be set without a smartphone, and the process and algorithm for setting depends on the specific model. To manage the settings, you need to charge the gadget using the supplied special cable or the built-in USB plug.

What exactly can you customize? Let’s look at the example of the fitness bracelet Smarterra FitMaster NT

Control is carried out using the touch button located at the bottom of the screen (marked in the picture below)

To turn on the bracelet, you need to hold down the touch control button for about 3-4 seconds. Immediately after switching on, the main screen with basic information will be displayed on the bracelet screen.

5 minutes after the bracelet is put on the wrist, a continuous process of measuring the temperature of the skin and body surface begins. If the result of body temperature is higher than 37.3 C, the device will emit a warning vibration.

The step counting function starts immediately after turning on the bracelet. The number of steps taken is displayed on the main screen of the bracelet. The number of steps taken is reset to zero every day at 24:00. By short pressing the touch control button, a specific function of the bracelet is selected. Long press of the button allows you to go to setting and switching modes of the selected function.

What can be configured directly from the watch itself? Go to the clock menu, find the “Settings” tab. You can set the vibration alarm, brightness level, reset the clock to factory settings, turn off the power.

The table shows which functions are available and not available without being tied to a phone in popular Smarterra models:

Capabilities Model Model FitMaster RUN Fitmaster Color Fitmaster TON Smartlife Zen SmartLife UNO Fitmaster 4 Fitmaster 5 Fitmaser Pulsar FitMaster AURA
Accelerometer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motivation to be active No No No No No No No No No
Heart rate monitor No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notifications No SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks SMS, calls, alarm clock, social networks
Supported social media No WhatsApp, Messenger. LinkedIn, Line, KakaoTalk. WeChat, QQ Instagram, WhatsApp, Line WeChat, QQ Instagram, WhatsApp, Line WeChat, QQ Whatsapp, WhatsApp, Messenger. LinkedIn, Line, KakaoTalk. WeChat, QQ WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram Skype, LinkedIn, Line, Email, WeChat, QQ and other support push notifications WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram; Select from a list of all installed on the phone WhatsApp, Messenger. LinkedIn, Line, KakaoTalk. WeChat, QQ
Blood pressure measurement No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pedometer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sleep monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Physical activity monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calorie burn counter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distance counter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heart rate monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blood oxygen saturation measurement No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Blood pressure calculation No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone camera control No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notification of incoming calls and SMS No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loss protection No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Weather No No No No Yes No No No No
Stopwatch No No No No No No No No Yes
Multisport mode No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Remote music control No No No No Yes No Yes No No

Conclusion on the table using the example of popular Smarterra models:

The list contains far from the entire list of possibilities in connection with a smartphone. Basically, without synchronization, functions such as clock, alarm clock, pedometer, calorie counting, blood pressure calculation are available. If you need more options and would like to receive notifications about calls, messages, collect statistics on health, exercise, sleep, etc. then you should link the watch to your smartphone. For example, reminders about the need to drink liquids, about prolonged physical inactivity are very popular among users. this also requires linking to a smartphone. In this case, you can make a more detailed customization of the wearable electronic device “for yourself”.

Each model of wearable electronic device has its own characteristics. In one case, a fitness bracelet without being tied to a phone is an ordinary watch that has an extended set of functions (recall that in most models, the time is set after synchronization with the phone). These include, for example, a pedometer, heart rate monitoring (sometimes also an alarm clock, but not in all models). It is easy and convenient to receive this data, regardless of whether it is tied to a smartphone or not.

But if you are striving to expand the capabilities of your fitness bracelet, then you cannot do without synchronization with your phone. It is the binding to a mobile device that gives the user a lot of opportunities. tracking health status, collecting statistics on weight, sleep, calories burned, blood pressure and more. You can also remotely control music, take selfies, set a smart alarm, monitor the state of the body during workouts and get many more new features using the application on your phone.

Can I connect to other phones

Following the instructions, you can connect the Smart Bracelet to any phone. But to work with such smartphones, you will also need to download and install the Huawei Wear utility. You can find it in the Google Play market.

After installing Huawei Wear, you need to open the program and follow the further instructions: confirm the user agreement, register and enter your own data, including weight and height. Then you need to connect wirelessly and find Honor Band 4 in the list that opens. To complete pairing, press the corresponding button on the bracelet.

Huawei Health App

This application is specially designed for athletes. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. To immediately install the software on his device, the user can, after unpacking the smart watch, scan the QR code in the manual using a special application downloaded to the smartphone in advance. Finally, you must agree to the terms of use, read the privacy requirements and optionally open access to the device’s location data.

  • draw up a training schedule and track your results;
  • receive information about the quality of sleep;
  • share data with other users.

How to connect to iPhone

After establishing a Bluetooth connection, you need to install the Huawei Health app and open it on your iPhone or iPad. From the list that appears on the screen, select the name of the connected gadget. If it is not there, restart the iPhone and go to the tracker name, and then click the “Connect” button.

To complete the pairing, you need to configure the Smart-bracelet, after which you will have access to the following functions:

  • pedometer;
  • sleep control options;
  • different training modes.

Honor Band 4 connection instructions

This can be done by performing the following steps in stages:

  • turn on the Bluetooth option on your Android or iOS phone;
  • add a new device by clicking the “” sign located at the top of the screen;
  • from the list of devices available for connection, select “Smart bracelet”, and then its brand. Honor Band 4;
  • when the “Pair” button appears, click on it for further synchronization and transmission of geolocation data;
  • in the end, confirm the operation by clicking on the “Done” button and at the same time allowing access on the bracelet itself.

If the name of the clock is missing when establishing a connection, you need to update the list.

When carrying out the initial configuration of the gadget, the user may see a message asking to allow the connection to Chinese servers. It is recommended to fulfill this requirement for normal operation of the device in the future.

Connecting Honor band 4 to the phone

Smart watches are an indispensable assistant for people who go in for sports and take care of their health. Anyone who purchased this smart gadget wonders what to do with the Honor Band 4, how to connect this device to the phone and start using it. Following the instructions, you can connect the fitness watch to your smartphone and display all the basic information on its screen.

What to do if Honor Band 4 won’t connect to the phone

If the smartphone does not see the watch, then the following should be done:

  • reboot all gadgets;
  • update the main software used.

After that, you need to try pairing again. The gadget will connect after a while.