How to Connect the Apple Pencil to an iPhone

Apple Pencil works with Android?

√ Wide compatibility: the stylus pencil is compatible with iOS and Android devices such as iPad Pro, iPad 2018, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, just like the Apple Pencil. All Android devices can be well supported, compatible with Samsung, Lenovo tablets. Not suitable for Windows system and iPhone 12 pro max.

  • iPad (8th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st or 2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5 in.
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inches.

Connecting the Apple Pencil to your iPad

The two different models of Apple Pencil connect differently to the iPad:

  • ApplePencil1: Remove the cap from the stylus and connect it to the Lightning connector on your iPad.
  • ApplePencil 2nd Generation: Place the stylus on the magnetic connector on the right side of iPad (upright)

Then the connection screen on your iPad will show up right away.

Replace the stylus tip

The tip may be another reason why the Apple Pencil is unstable or not working at all. Over time, it rubs off and then the stylus does not work well. You can solve the problem by replacing the tip.You can buy them as in the original packaging from Apple. and for example from the manufacturer COTEetCI.

If the stylus has noticeable damage, it may not connect to the iPad. Unfortunately, it is unlikely you can fix such a device. So be prepared to buy a new one, there are many budget alternatives on the market.

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If none of the above steps to solve your problem have not helped, then in this case you should contact the iLab service center. To have the wizards check the iPad.

All iPhones and iPads are now compatible with Apple Pencil

Apple releases a lot of different electronics, and a couple of years ago it introduced the first iPad Pro, the main feature was the support for proprietary Apple Pencil stylus, which connects via Bluetooth, and can be used, for example, to create handwritten notes, drawing, design, or for some other tasks. Alas, but this stylus can only be used with a limited number of the company’s branded tablets, but, as it turned out, it can be used by all owners of any model of iPhone.

An avid Apple fan in the US has found a unique way to use the Pencil stylus with any iPhone and iPad. over, it is not even necessary to spend any money and buy any additional devices. All you need is the accessory for drawing, as well as an ordinary napkin. The latter requires a little moisture, and then wrap it around the tip of the stylus.

If everything was done correctly, the Apple Pencil gets compatibility with any iPhone and iPad, that is, even with those models that do not support it. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but this way of using one of the most expensive accessories of the “Apple” corporation is really possible. Instead of a tissue you can use some other material that has similar properties.

The whole secret is that a damp cloth passes the current, to which the capacitive screen installed in all models of iPhone and iPad responds. Due to this effect, it is possible to use the expensive Apple Pencil with any device, including devices not even produced by the “Apple” corporation. In any case, the enthusiast proved that Apple could very well make its proprietary stylus much more versatile by allowing it to be used at least in limited functionality mode.

Earlier, the official announcement of the iPad 9 happened.The 7 (2018) is Apple‘s most affordable tablet with full Pencil stylus support.

What the Apple Pencil is?

First, it makes sense to know what the Apple Pencil is in a broader sense. Accurate and precise so that, knowing all the facts, we can decide how and when to use it when necessary.

On the other hand, to use the Apple pencil on your iPad or iPad Pro as a digital pencil, but not just a pencil. Although it looks like a white pen, its benefits are much broader. For example, the Apple Pencil has the following features:

  • Binds and charges wirelessly.
  • It sticks magnetically.
  • Double tap to change tools.
  • Incredible accuracy.
  • Sensitive to pressure and tilt.
  • Instant response.

How to use the Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil is as easy to use as a regular pencil, but has all the benefits of a pencil. Advanced electronics. It charges via bluetooth and, when used properly, gives us thick, thin or darkened lines as needed.

The interesting fact is that writing and seeing what you write are in perfect harmony with each other. Its uses range from drawing, doodling, underlining, handwriting, and taking notes. You could say that your iPad becomes something like a digital sheet. With this tool, you can even create a book on the pages from your iPad or iPhone and effectively manage your tasks or actions on your device.

Once you’ve learned what the Apple Pencil is and how to use it, in addition to all the wonderful benefits of getting them, you’ve no doubt already decided to get your own pencil. If this was your solution, we should move on to the next step, which would be how to plug and unplug from your iPad Pro or iPhone after purchase.

Glove to draw on the iPad

The glove is designed to prevent the screen from reading accidental touches

The only disadvantage of this glove is the bare thumb base

It’s not really a stylus. Well, it’s not a stylus at all. But a very useful thing for those who use them. It’s a glove. But do not think, it is not defective or damaged. It was specially designed to cover just two fingers and the main part of your hand that you use to lean on the surface when you write or draw. So the screen on which you move the stylus will not come into contact with your hand and will not recognize its touch.

The glove is available in three sizes: S, M and L. That is, an artist with different hand sizes will find an option for their size. The rest is a matter of technique. put the glove on your palm and ring finger and little finger, and the other three. the index, thumb and middle hold the stylus and draw. It is clear that such a glove is more useful for tablet users, and for smartphones the glove is simply not necessary, given the size of their screens, not exceeding 6.7″.

History of the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil was introduced back in 2015 along with the first iPad Pro. This was before the iPad Pro got Face ID and was just a much larger iPad. In fact, one of the main arguments for the original. The iPad Pro had support for the Apple Pencil.

But back then, the Apple Pencil was very different from today’s. The original Bluetooth-connected Apple Pencil had a cylindrical shape and a removable cap. However, there was no erasure under the cover. It was a lightning-fast plug that you used to charge the Apple Pencil.

The original Apple Pencil was the only one in town until Apple introduced the second-generation Apple Pencil in 2018. However, Apple has kept the original Apple Pencil (now known as the first-generation Apple Pencil) on sale and will still be selling it in 2021.

The second-generation Apple Pencil has undergone a complete redesign. Gone are the Lightning plugs, and instead the second-generation Apple Pencil charges using a magnetically conductive charger. Instead of being completely cylindrical, the second-generation Apple Pencil has a flat edge on one side that allows it to magnetically attach to the side of the iPad Pro, which is also how it charges (it takes power from the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil hardware failure

Eventually, it can happen that the Apple Pencil will physically break. If you see obvious damage on it and the stylus can’t connect to the iPad, you should prepare to replace the stylus. It’s unlikely to be repairable. However, there are accessories of this kind on the market not only from Apple, but also budget analogues, including with the ability to magnetize to the body of the iPad.

And if the above tips have not helped you, it remains only to apply to a trusted service center for help.