How to Connect the Adapter to the TV

Modern technologies open up a lot of new opportunities for people. One of the latest achievements is a smart TV with integrated WiFi module. This means that TVs that support this feature can connect to the Internet using a wireless connection. This begs the question of how to connect WiFi to a TV? The technology is relatively new, so not everyone has time to understand how it works.

What is WiFi:. How to connect a TV to a wireless network

Before moving on to the question of how to connect the TV to the Internet, it is worth noting that first you need to organize a home WiFi group, to which you can later connect the TV. There are several ways to do this:

  • Via wifi router;
  • Using a laptop as an access point.

In any case, to access the Internet, a laptop or router must be connected to the global network. Then everything is elementary simple. Despite a fairly wide range of different TV models available on the domestic market, they all work on the same connection principle.
So how to set up wifi on the TV?

Connection to a router

So we came to the question of how to connect a TV via Wi-Fi to the Internet using a router. Everything is extremely simple here. First you need to connect to the global web and configure the router. If this has already been done, then just turn on the telly and enter the settings menu.

Next, we will figure out how to set up a Wi-Fi connection on a TV. Here you need to find the “Network” and turn on the wireless connection. In principle, there is nothing complicated in the settings. Getting information about the network occurs automatically, since the router has a DHCP function. This means that it automatically assigns an IP address to all devices that connect to it.

How to connect to a router:

To search for available connections, go to the “Network Settings” menu. Then just follow the on-screen prompts. Select the appropriate items and at the end you will see a list of available WiFi connections to which you can connect. Choose your router. If necessary, enter the key and click “Next” or “Connect.”

It is worth noting that if both devices support the WPS function, then the network settings are minimized, further simplifying the task for users. In this case, just press the corresponding button on the router. After that, in the settings for connecting the TV, select the appropriate item. Thanks to this feature, your TV will automatically start searching for the appropriate connections and establish a connection.

Connecting a TV to a laptop

Now you know how to connect the TV to the network via WiFi using a router. But, there are times when there is no router in the house. In other words, the user does not have a private home network to which the TV could be connected. In addition, sometimes you just need to play content on your TV on your computer. In this case, we need to create a direct connection to the laptop. Over, if it is connected to cable Internet, the TV will be able to access the global network.

First you need to arrange distribution. The laptop is equipped with the same wireless module as the WiFi router. This means that the computer can also act as an access point. To organize such a network, you can use third-party programs or built-in tools.

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How to create a WiFi access point on a laptop:

It is worth noting that the computer’s firmware is more stable and reliable, unlike third-party applications. So, let’s look at how to create a private Wi-Fi group using a laptop using the built-in tools. To do this, open a command prompt. If you are using Windows 8, then press the WindowsX key combination and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”. In the seven, press the WindowsR key combination, in the window that appears, write CMD and press “Enter”.

Now just write the following command. Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = My_virtual_WiFi key = 12345678 keyUsage = persistent. It is worth noting that here you should strictly observe all spaces (where they exist) and use all characters only in Latin. This command will install the necessary driver and create the distribution. To start the network, write such a command. Netsh wlan start hostednetwork.

Our entire network is working and now it remains only to connect a TV to it. Everything is done according to the instructions described by us.

Setting up a connection to a TV

Now let’s look at how to connect a TV via WiFi. The fact is that modern TVs are able to simply play content from a laptop. But for this we need to share the necessary information, to provide general access to it.

This is done using programs that minimize settings to a minimum. The list of applications that help share content on TV includes:

  • Home media server;
  • Samsung Share;
  • Share Manager.

In addition, there are many programs, but the above utilities are most widely used due to their ease of use. You just need to install any of these programs on your computer and run it. They automatically find, photos, and audio content, sharing files with them.

First of all, in the program settings, you should select the device that will play the content. Choose our TV.

After that, it is recommended to specify the folders that contain the files and allow scanning. Next, click the “Run” button in the toolbar.

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The use of wireless technologies to access the Internet space is currently not an innovation. Wi-Fi functions are currently inherent in the vast majority of technical devices, and the issued passports solve a number of problems with setting up, in particular, how to connect Wi-Fi to Sony’s TV. Why these issues are important can be found in the article.

Check Wi-Fi Support

On the TV box, if it has the Wi-Fi function, the manufacturer places the Wi-Fi Alliance logo. In the absence of such, you must pay attention to the technical passport of the purchase. The network section of the screen settings describes the steps for connecting via Wi-Fi. There will be a section on Wi-Fi screen settings. You need to find the model number of the TV you are using.

Connection and setup

Many users are often interested in the question of how to connect the Internet to Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi. You can connect the device to a TV without using a wireless router, and then transfer the streaming, photos and music stored on the device directly to the TV. To do this, you must perform a series of sequential actions:

  1. Press the HOME button,
  2. Select [Settings]. [Network]. [Wi-Fi Direct]. [Wi-Fi Direct Settings].
  3. Select the TV name displayed on the TV using the Wi-Fi Direct device.
  4. Use a Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi device to connect to a TV.
  5. Send content from a Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi device to a TV.
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Note! If it is impossible to make a connection, you must wait for the standby mode to be displayed on the screen, select the SSID / Password network display, follow the on-screen settings to complete the action.

To view the entire list of devices connected to the TV, do the following:

  1. Click on the “Home” button.
  2. Choose network settings. Wi-Fi Direct.
  3. Select device display.

Wired Connection (LAN)

A wired connection provides a stable signal. In this way, you can enjoy streaming 4K high-definition image data from network services such as YouTube.

How to Connect the Adapter to the TV

To configure a wired connection, you must:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the local area network (LAN) connector on the back of the device. Wired or wireless routers and modems for your local network are equipped with the BRAVIA TV router function.
  • If the router does not have an open LAN port, a hub device is required to connect the BRAVIA TV to the modem. Contact your ISP or manufacturer if you are unsure of the specifications.

To adjust the settings of Android TV models, you must:

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Network in the Network and Accessories category.
  4. Select Network Setup.
  5. Choose Easy.
  6. Select Wired LAN and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

For TV models released in 2014 and earlier:

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Network Setup.
  5. Select Configure Network Connection or Wired Setup.
  6. Select Easy or Auto and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Depending on the TV model, connection diagnostics may be used. If the TV cannot be connected to the Internet, you should try to diagnose the problem.

Setting up Wi-Fi on an Android set-top box

To answer the question of how to configure wifi on a sony TV using a set-top box, you need to understand the Android box itself.

To set up Wi-Fi on the Android console, you need to:

  1. Turn off the TV. It is recommended that you turn off the TV when connecting or disconnecting devices.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Android TV box. It can be found on the back of Android TV.
  3. Connect the other end to the open HDMI port on the TV. It can be found on the back of the TV or on the side. Android TV requires an HDMI port and HDTV.
  4. Connect the Android TV box power cable. It will turn on automatically.
  5. Insert the batteries into the Android TV box remote control. The remote must come with batteries, but any two AAA batteries can be used.
  1. Turn on the TV. Press the power button on the TV remote control or on the TV panel.
  2. Press the INPUT or SOURCE button on the remote control. Labeling will vary by TV.
  3. Select an input for your Android TV bo. You can switch between inputs until the welcome screen appears.
  4. Connect the remote control (if prompted).
  5. Sign in to your personal Google Account. You will need to enter your own Google account information to complete the setup. Any purchases made on Android TV will be associated with this Google Account.

If the remote pairing screen appears instead of the welcome screen, you will need to pair the remote manually:

  1. Press and hold the Back and Home buttons on the remote control for five seconds.
  2. Setting up Android TVBox is as follows:
  3. You must select a language by using the navigation wheel in the center of the remote control to navigate the menu.
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Note! Some devices have an automatic setup process when you first start the device. If the device does not have an automatic setup process, select “Settings”, select “Language”.

  1. Choose a wireless network.
  2. Enter the password for the wireless network. Use the remote control and on-screen keyboard to enter the password for the wireless network, wait until the Android TV window is updated.
  3. If the Android TV window does not automatically update, you must enable the “Settings”. “About” menu.

Using WPS standard

The WPS protocol was created in order to simplify the process of setting up a Wi-Fi wireless network, in connection with which its original name was Wi-Fi Simple Config. It greatly reduces the number of manual actions by users who do not understand the intricacies of tuning. This protocol automatically indicates the network name and sets encryption to protect the Wi-Fi wireless network from unauthorized access from the outside.

In TP-Link routers, this function used to be called QSS (Quick Security Setup) and performed similar functions.

Connect to WIFI using a security key

A network security key is more commonly known as a Wi-Fi or wireless network password. This is a password that you can use to connect to a wireless network. Each access point or router comes with a predefined network security key, which can be changed on the device’s settings page.

Most keys by default are not easy to remember, and they are entered only once or twice a year. If you have a new router or access point, in most cases the predefined wireless network key can be found on a sticker on the bottom or back of the device. Each manufacturer uses its own designation:

  • Password (key).
  • Wireless password.
  • WPA key.

It can be found next to the name of the (wireless) network.

Using a Wi-Fi adapter

The USB adapter allows you to connect to the network wirelessly, even if the device does not have a wireless network card. After the USB adapter has been purchased, you will need to check whether it automatically connects to the wireless network.

If the connection is not automatic, you should:

  1. Install the driver software on a personal computer. The adapter usually comes with the installation CD.
  2. Download the CD into your computer and follow the instructions.

If the device does not have a CD drive, you must connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Temporarily connecting a wireless adapter to a computer is not worth it.

Next, follow the instructions on the screen. This will depend on the adapter used. During this process, you will be prompted to connect the adapter, select your own wireless network from the available ones, enter the password for the wireless network.

Then, the adapter will connect wirelessly to the Internet router and any other relevant devices on the network (for example, Smart TV, game consoles, phone, etc.).

Possible connection problems

Among other connection problems, the most common are distinguished:

  • Slow internet;
  • The TV does not see the Wi-Fi network.

The main reason for the decrease in Internet speed is a technical problem with the provider. In bad weather conditions, connection failures can also occur.

The main reasons for the invisibility of Wi-Fi networks include driver errors, old computer models, and errors in configuring the router.

When using Sony Bravia TVs, WiFi setup can be done both wirelessly and using a cable. Existing connection problems can be fixed online or by contacting your provider.