How to Connect Soundbar to Sony TV

Via Ethernet port

The Ethernet port allows you to connect the soundbar to the Internet or to a computer if a local home network is set up. This allows you to update the device software, as well as play multimedia content from a PC, smartphone or other equipment connected to the network. Internet access provides access to movies and TV series online. To use network capabilities, the TV and soundbar must be connected to each other in such a way that the soundbar receives a signal, processes and plays the audio track, and sends the video to the TV screen. This can be done via the HDMI connector.

  • To connect the soundbar to a local network and the Internet, you need to run an Ethernet cable from your home router to the soundbar and connect to the connector of the same name.
  • Next, they output the image from the soundbar to the TV receiver (via the HDMI connector with the ARC mark) and select on the TV to reproduce the signal from the corresponding HDMI input to receive the picture from the soundbar.
  • Then, in the soundbar settings, you need to go to the “Network” section, find “New Connection”, select wired. Depending on how the router is configured, the connection may be established automatically, or you may need to manually enter the IP address, subnet mask, etc.

The setting for connecting to the Network on the soundbars of different brands may differ, so for details, see the operating instructions for the device.

All possible ways to connect the soundbar to your TV

The soundbar is the optimal solution for those cases when it is necessary to improve the sound quality of the TV receiver, but it is impossible to install a home theater because of the high cost or small size of the room. This device provides reproduction of clear and high-quality sound, but for its correct operation, you need to correctly install and connect the soundbar to the TV.

How to Connect Soundbar to Sony TV

How best to position the soundbar

A soundbar is a soundbar in an oblong casing, which often comes with a subwoofer. This technique is produced by many leading manufacturers of audio and video equipment, but the most popular are devices from brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, etc. The companies themselves recommend purchasing soundbars for their TVs as an alternative to their regular speakers, the sound of which often does not stand out for its quality.

The soundbar must be properly installed for optimal audio performance. The best solution is to hang it on the wall under the TV, or place it on a stand in front of it or one level below. Owners of fireplaces often place the soundbar on the mantelpiece.

When installed under the TV, the soundbar is approximately at the height of the viewer’s head, so the signal goes directly to them. In addition, this arrangement makes the high frequencies of the sound appear more voluminous and brighter.

Wireless connection

Most soundbars are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect to your phone, tablet, TV panel, or any other device that has the same capability. To set up a connection, you need to make sure that both devices have this technology. If it is only on the soundbar, an external Bluetooth receiver should be connected to the TV. To set up a connection, you need to launch the soundbar and select “Bluetooth” from the list of signal sources. Next, on the TV, you need to enable the same function, start the search for wireless devices and, when the soundbar appears in the list, click on it to establish a connection.

If the Bluetooth technology allows you to transmit only the audio signal to the TV, then via Wi-Fi the same possibilities open up as when connecting via Ethernet. To access the Network via Wi-Fi, you need to display the image from the soundbar on the TV screen via HDMI, open the network settings of the soundbar, find a wireless connection, start a search and select the home network in the list of available networks, and then enter the password for the connection. The procedure may differ on the technique of different brands. After establishing a connection on the soundbar, you can watch online video content, while the audio signal will be played in the device’s speakers, and the image will be displayed on the TV screen.

Connecting the soundbar to a TV receiver

Before installing the soundbar on the wall, you need to inspect the equipment and mark the location of the connectors for connecting the cable.

You can connect the soundbar to the TV panel using optical, coaxial or analog inputs, via the headphone jack, Ethernet or HDMI, and also wirelessly.

Via optical input

The optical connection allows the transmission of a high quality audio signal without being affected by interfering electromagnetic radiation. For this connection you need:

  • make sure that the Optical OUT output is present on the TV receiver (in some cases it may be called Digital Audio), and on the soundbar. Optical IN;
  • purchase an optical cable. you should not save money and buy cheap Chinese products, this will certainly affect the sound quality;
  • wire both connectors.

If the TV does not see the soundbar, and the sound is still heard through the standard acoustics, you need to go to the settings of the TV receiver and, according to the instructions, select the playback of the audio signal through an external device, and not through the built-in speakers.

On the wall

If there is enough space on the wall under the TV, the soundbar can be hung underneath. It is important that there is enough free space between the equipment. at least 10 centimeters. They hang the soundbar on a bracket, which is sometimes supplied with the device, but most often it will need to be purchased separately.

Before installation, you need to make sure that the wall is strong and can withstand the weight of the device, as well as select the appropriate fasteners for the material from which it is made (brick, concrete, drywall, etc.). For installation, you need to attach the bracket to the wall under the TV receiver, level it with a spirit level and fasten with several screws. If the holder is a long plate, it has an arrow in the middle. When properly installed, it will be exactly opposite the center of the TV. After the mount is fixed, the soundbar is installed on it. You need to make sure that the equipment is securely fixed and does not fall on its own or when the user moves carelessly.

By analog connection

If you cannot use the above connection methods, the connection uses the analog audio input and output connectors. These are red and white plugs. You must purchase a 2RCA-2RCA cable (or 3RCA-3RCA, in which case the yellow plug remains unconnected) and color-matched AUDIO OUT on the TV and AUDIO IN on the soundbar.

Via headphone jack

If the TV does not have an analog audio output, but there is a headphone jack, you can connect the equipment with a miniJack-2RCA cable. In this case, the first plug is connected to the headphone output on the TV panel, and the red and white tulips to the AUDIO IN input on the soundbar. The sound quality will be the same as with an analog connection.

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Wireless connection

Here we are talking about a wireless connection using Bluetooth technology. This connection differs in that you do not need to use wires here. If we talk about modern models of soundbars, but most of them support this function. Audio signal can be transmitted from TV, smartphone, tablet and laptop.

To make a connection, you need to pair the receiver, that is, the soundbar, and the signal transmitter. But this task is not always easy to accomplish.

In order to simplify wireless connectivity, NFC technology has begun to be used for soundbars. That is, Near Field Communication. With its help, it is enough to bring the transmitter to the area on the soundbar housing where there is a corresponding mark. That’s it, the connection is ready. This is true when playing audio through a tablet or smartphone. This technology is not often used to connect the TV and soundbar.

In fact, users have a need to connect two devices with a suitable cable, that is, a TV and a soundbar, and then make the settings. And then the settings are needed if the TV does not automatically detect the connected audio equipment.

Therefore, there is nothing fundamentally complicated here. Even if the TV does not automatically detect the soundbar as a sound playback device, just go to the TV settings and select the soundbar manually, choosing the soundbar as the default device.

Unlike a home theater system, connection and setup is greatly simplified. This allows you not to attract third-party specialists and not spend additional money to pay for their services.

Possible connection problems

Before you connect the soundbar to the TV yourself, you need to consider a few important points:

  • Basically, connecting audio equipment to TV does not cause any particular difficulties. But in some cases, there are sound problems caused by poor connection of the jack to the plug. Here the problem usually lies in the quality of the components themselves, or in the trite not fully inserted plug.
  • Some newbies also break the sequence of the plug-in cords. than once, specialists who came to the rescue saw how the green plug for some reason was in the red socket, and the white plug in the black one. If you break the sequence, the system will simply be silent and no sound will appear. Exactly until the plugs are inserted into their sockets in the soundbar.
  • The cause of the disturbance in sound can sometimes lie not in hardware, but in software malfunctions. Basically, this is the experience of users connecting the soundbar to a computer. But software glitches on TV are not uncommon. Sometimes the problem is solved by a simple reboot, software update, or a complete flashing if the situation is serious.
  • Sometimes the sound is muted if the electricity goes out. The soundbar is silent when the TV is turned on again. In this case, it is recommended to reboot the system, re-enter the settings. Sometimes the simplest procedure helps: the equipment is disconnected from the outlet for 5-10 minutes and then turned on again. After that, performance is restored.

Users rarely encounter such problems when connecting high-quality soundbars. But you should not exclude the possibility of their appearance.

Optical and coaxial input

They also actively use optical and coaxial input when connecting.

This option is relevant if there is no HDMI connector on the equipment. In the vast majority of cases, the connection can be made through an optical or coaxial input. This is due to the fact that the bulk of sound systems are equipped with them. By analogy, install game consoles to TVs.

To connect the new soundbar to the TV, you will need an optical or coaxial cable itself, which connects 2 devices. That is, the TV and the soundbar itself. Next, go to the audio settings of the TV, select the connected external device as the sound source. Sound control will be carried out through the interface of the soundbar itself. This is a conditional drawback, since when using the HDMI interface, remote control can be used through the corresponding TV remote control.

Connection options

To get the desired sound effect from the connected soundbar, you need to perform a competent installation, combine the TV and the soundbar with each other.

This can be done in several ways. The best way to connect a new soundbar to an existing TV depends largely on the capabilities of the equipment itself and the characteristics of placement in the house.

You can connect using:

  • HDMI;
  • Bluetooth;
  • optical input;
  • coaxial input;
  • analog connector.

Now each option should be considered separately.

Objectively, the most correct choice would be to connect the soundbar to your TV using the HDMI interface. The thing is that through HDMI it is possible to achieve the maximum quality of sound and image. It is a modern and functional interface.

Before using this option, make sure that the equipment supports this HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology. This is necessary to ensure that the audio signal from the TV is output to the soundbar. After connecting the cable, in the audio settings on the TV, you will need to select the sound source through an external device. By default, TV-integrated speakers are used as audio source.

If HDMI supports ARC, this will allow audio signals to be transmitted from all devices that connect to the TV. That is, listening will be carried out through the soundbar, and the sound can be controlled through the TV remote control.

It is also worth looking into the TV manual to determine how to convert multi-channel audio from DVD and Blu-ray systems. Direct connection of the signal from these devices is sometimes the best solution. After all, many modern TVs have 2 HDMI connectors at once. Alternatively, digital audio input is an alternative.

Objectively, HDMI connection is the best in terms of sound quality.

Instructions for self-connecting the soundbar to the TV

Soundbars are an excellent alternative to the massive speaker systems used in TVs to create a complete home theater experience. They are also actively used in combination with computers.

The Soundbar can rightly be called a new and innovative product in the audio equipment segment. These are dedicated soundbars that are compact, feature rich and easy to use.

Despite the modest size of the device, the sound generated is almost in no way inferior to the speakers and subwoofer that form the speaker system.

To use the full potential of the soundbar, it must be properly connected to the TV.

Equipment types

Despite the fact that soundbars have appeared relatively recently, the range of such systems is already huge. It is offered by different manufacturers in different designs. There are more budget, advanced and premium models.

The soundbar features a compact, elongated body. This allows you to easily place it on a TV stand, just put it on the floor or hang on the wall.

The equipment can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Active soundbars. The most popular analogue for home theater speaker systems. These soundbars are used as independent audio systems. To connect, just connect the TV and panel outputs, and you’re done.
  • Passive soundbars. Such panels are sometimes described as 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 speakers. There is no built-in amplifier. Requires connection to a theater receiver or external amplifier to play sound.

Objectively, it is the first option that is considered more preferable.

Before determining how best to connect the purchased soundbar to the TV, you should understand what kind of device the user is dealing with.

There are several main types of soundbars:

  • Monocolumn. Has a built-in subwoofer. A kind of active soundbars. Differs in compact size and affordable price. There are only the most basic functions that allow you to use the mono speaker as a television speaker system. Mono speakers easily connect to TV, computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • Sound projector. They should be placed only on flat surfaces. There is also a built-in subwoofer. The cone of the woofers is directed downward, allowing you to change the bass settings. There are several functions provided at the same time. This is a receiver, amplifier and acoustics.
  • Passive panels with separate subwoofer. This is a multi-channel sound system that can easily replace a serious home theater speaker. At the same time, the dimensions are quite compact, which allows you to minimize the occupied space. Such complexes create the most effective sound when watching a movie, forcing viewers to immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen. The connection is usually done via Bluetooth or wires.
  • Soundbase. It resembles a TV stand in shape. These are multi-channel speakers, often come with a DVD player and other additional functions for Smart TV.
  • Multifunctional panels. These are systems that have a separate subwoofer and multiple speakers. Communication between them is carried out via Bluetooth. Columns can be placed around the perimeter of the room.
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Which of this variety to choose, each buyer must decide for himself. Buying a soundbar is not budgetary, but the investment is fully justified. It remains only to connect.

Analog connector

Another alternative is the analog connector. The problem with using an analog connector, that is, simple tulips, is that the resulting sound is far from the possibilities offered by the soundbar. That is, the potential of the system will not be fully used. Analog connectors are available in white and red RCA jacks. To connect the soundbar to your TV, you will need to use an RCA-mini Jack adapter.

Connection recommendations

There are several options for how you can connect the soundbar to an LG TV or TV from another manufacturer. It all depends on the specific TV model and the audio panel used.

In general terms, you can connect the soundbar to a modern TV from Samsung in about the same way as in the case of Xiaomi, Sony (Sony) or Philips (Philips) TVs. The meaning is the same everywhere. The two devices are connected to each other with a cable, after which the connection is configured as needed. The settings menu interface may have different designs, but the set of options, sections and features is almost identical everywhere.

It turns out that connecting a soundbar to your Xiaomi TV is no more difficult than connecting to a TV from LG or Samsung.

It is also important to correctly configure the connected soundbar to your own TV brand Samsung, Philips, Sony, etc. To do this, press the button to enter Settings on the remote control, select the Audio section, and there you already determine the playback source, change a few basic parameters.

For the connection to be successful and functional, there are a few helpful tips to follow:

  • When choosing a device, you must initially make sure that it is compatible with your TV. To do this, take a look at the available installation and connection options, offered functionality and interface.
  • It is recommended to buy only those soundbars that are trusted and in demand in the market. And these are products of leading manufacturers. A prerequisite is a guarantee.
  • Connection is made only when the equipment is disconnected. Power should be supplied to the TV and soundbar only when everything is connected and ready to work.
  • Do not under any circumstances try to damage the integrity of the soundbar case. This can lead to unpredictable consequences. Most often to the rather sad.

There should be no particular difficulties with connecting a modern soundbar to a TV, if they are compatible, there are all the necessary components to connect two devices. Beforehand, you should carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions and use it as a basic guide for performing installation, connection and settings.

How to connect the soundbar to a Sony TV?

In this case, connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port on your TV and to the TV OUT (ARC) port on your soundbar. Then connect the optical digital audio output on your TV to the OPTICAL IN jack on your soundbar.

Can I hang the Soundbar above the TV?

If the TV is hanging on the wall, then the soundbar can also be screwed under it. many models are equipped with wall mounts. It can be placed both under the TV and above it, but from below it is still better, since the height of the sound source is about the same as that of the listeners, and this option looks, in our opinion, prettier.

How to Cast from Phone to Sony TV?

Screen mirroring doesn’t work

  • On your mobile device, tap Settings.
  • Select Device Connection.
  • Select Screen mirroring.
  • Select Turn on Screen mirroring. The device search starts. Select a device (e.g. BRAVIA TV).

How to connect your JBL 2.1 soundbar to your TV?

1 Use a High Speed ​​HDMI cable to connect the HDMI OUT jack on your digital device to the HDMI IN jack on your soundbar. Connect the soundbar to your TV via the HDMI OUT (ARC) jack. 2 Press SOURCE on the remote until HDMI 1 appears on the display panel.

How to connect a Sony home theater to a TV?

Make sure TV and receiver are connected with HDMI cable. Connect the cable to the HDMI port marked with ARC, or to the port for which the instructions indicate ARC support. Turn on the Control for HDMI setting on the TV and receiver or home theater system.

How to connect your phone to your Sony Bravia TV via USB?

From the Home (Home) screen, select Settings. Xperia Connectivity. In the USB Connectivity category, select USB connection mode and then Mass storage mode (MSC)

How to connect an audio system to a sony TV? How to connect your phone to a Sony TV via Bluetooth?

Select Settings. Select Bluetooth settings in the NETWORK ACCESSORIES category. Select Bluetooth. Set Bluetooth to on again.

How to connect your phone to a Sony TV?

The steps may vary depending on the Android mobile device.

  • Open the TV standby screen to adjust the Wi-Fi Direct settings.
  • Launch the settings menu on your Android mobile device.
  • Select [Wi-Fi].
  • Select [Wi-Fi Direct] in (menu).
  • Select your TV from the list of Wi-Fi Direct devices.

how to connect soundbar to Sony TV via HDMI

in this case, we have the highest quality sound at the output. a video lesson on how to connect the soundbar to an LG TV with an optical cable via bluetooth wirelessly and.

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such a problem there is a sony kdl 40w705 TV when connected via hdmi in a Windows screen resolution shows 2 devices sony TV and LG monitor.

how to connect soundbar to sony tv via hdmi. how to connect to TV. how to connect 5 1 speakers to spdif usb and hdmi. then switch to pairing mode open the action center and turn on bluetooth.

Please help me figure out the problem of lack of video and audio signal when connecting a laptop to a TV. most recently, everything worked fine only when disconnected. when the blitzwolf bw sdb1 soundbar is connected via hdmi arc TV channels are sounded, the soundbar is controlled by the TV remote control normally.

connected to the TV set via the hdmi cable will go to the soundbar for playback. you can connect the soundbar to the TV panel using optical coaxial or analog inputs through the ethernet or hdmi headphone jack, as well as wirelessly. when connecting the soundbar speaker system to the TV via hdmi or optical.

connecting the soundbar to the TV. how to connect soundbar to TV via hdmi. both sony.

if you are thinking how to connect speakers from a home theater to a samsung LG TV or another, give preference to hdmi, etc. how to connect the soundbar to a computer, the first thing to do is turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button. how do i connect a TV soundbar type speaker system to my TV.

How to connect the soundbar to a TV via HDMI

Some soundbar models come with a special cable for connecting the device to a TV. You can use it if the instructions contain a description of this process. But experts recommend using HDMI (ARC), as it allows you to adjust the playback volume on both the soundbar and the TV.

This method of connecting the soundbar to your TV will be discussed further:

    It is worth turning on the soundbar and TV after you have connected the devices with an HDMI cable. It should also be included. If your device has several ports, you can choose any, it doesn’t matter;

If your soundbar came with a coaxial cable, you can use it.

Both connection methods are equal in sound quality.

Make sure your TV has a port that will allow you to connect this type of cable. If there is no port and no HDMI input, use analog ports on both devices. Provided an RCA cable is included.

Speaker placement

If we are talking about the location of the soundbar near the TV, then it is best to fit the panel under or above the screen, since if you remove it to another place, the sound will come out incorrectly from the point of view of logic. The source of the picture is in front of us, and speech or other sounds from TV are aside. The same applies to the low frequency subwoofer. If there is space behind the TV, this is the best place for it.

What is a Soundbar (or Surroundbar)?

Many are familiar with acoustic systems of earlier production. this is a subwoofer with several (the number depends on the model) mid- and high-frequency speakers.

Most often, they were connected using an RCA (bells) cable to a computer, TV or other devices via a 3.5 mm plug. One of the most striking advantages of such systems was loud sound. They are often used today, but they are beginning to give way to the next milestone of development. soundbars

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These TV sound devices have two advantages at once. the clarity and quality of the sound, as well as the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. They can also be connected to your home network for more flexible control. The new system consists of an active (low-frequency) and passive (long panel) subwoofer. Usually on the latter there are control buttons for playing on independent sound sources.

The subwoofer should have a button that activates the Bluetooth module to connect to the main panel.

How to connect soundbar to TV via Bluetooth

If you bought an LG soundbar that supports Bluetooth. then you can use a wireless connection. In this case, you can find a special button on the body of the passive subwoofer. It has a Bluetooth icon engraved on it.

Click on this button to activate this connection mode.

Further procedure:

  • On the remote control press the button with the name “Func”;
  • “LG TV” should appear on the TV screen. Select it;
  • Press the button several times to change modes until the device name appears on the screen;
  • Then you need to press the “Home” button on the TV remote control;

Your TV model must have Bluetooth technology. After connecting in the TV settings, you can disconnect the soundbar or connect another device.

How to connect a soundbar to a TV

Modern TVs are provided with all the necessary functions for comfortable watching movies and TV shows. You can purchase a device with high-quality images in HD, with a thin AMOLED screen and other features. Despite this, the sound in TV is not fully realized. Therefore, users often buy a speaker system. How to connect the soundbar to your TV. we will analyze in this article.

How to connect the soundbar to a mobile phone

Your mobile phone can be the sound source for the soundbar. The soundbar will be an amplifier for your favorite tracks. The smartphone can also be used as a remote control for the panel. But for this you need to download the application from the App Store or Play Market

Every popular music device manufacturer has its own program. With its help, you can create a “bundle” of devices in your home network via Wi-Fi and control them.

You can use the Bluetooth button to connect your soundbar to both your TV and your mobile device. After activating it on the soundbar, open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and select the model name of your sound device from the list. Then turn on the melody on the player to check the connection.

How to connect the soundbar to a computer

The first step is to turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button. Then switch to pairing mode, open the “Action Center” and turn on Bluetooth.

When the system finds the soundbar, it will connect to the computer

Wireless connection

The Bluetooth connection eliminates the need for wires. Almost all modern models support such a connection. The audio signal can be transmitted from TV, mobile device, tablet, laptop.

If a wireless connection causes some difficulties for the user, then you should use NFC technology

How to connect a soundbar

To get a positive result at the output, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself in more detail with the peculiarities of connecting the soundbar to a TV, computer. The process itself is pretty simple.

Useful Tips

Among the main recommendations regarding the soundbar are:

  • When choosing a device, you should take into account the features of installation, connection, availability of functions, convenience of the interface.
  • It is worth purchasing soundbars from trusted manufacturers, with a guarantee and high sound quality.
  • Before connecting, the device must be turned off, de-energized.
  • It is not recommended to make any manipulations with the equipment case.

How to connect a soundbar with your own hands is shown in the video:

Optical or coaxial input

If you don’t have an HDMI connector, you can use a digital audio interface. Most sound systems are equipped with optical and coaxial inputs. A game console is also installed by using a cable. By analogy with the above method, tuning is performed in the technique.

The main advantage of this connection option is support for 5.1-channel sound

After connecting any possible audio sources to the TV, the audio signal is transmitted through the existing soundbar interface.

Soundbar connection methods

There are several options for connecting the soundbar to a TV, computer. It is worth considering the simplest.

Soundbar connection features

When connecting devices, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • In most cases, the process of connecting the soundbar to a TV, computer is carried out without any particular difficulties. But sometimes users are faced with such a nuisance as poorly installed plugs in the jacks. The hum that comes from the speakers will indicate this nuance. This is due to the impossibility of high-quality passage of the sound signal due to the poor fit of the plug to the inside of the socket.
  • Another nuisance that can happen when connecting a soundbar is a violation of the sequence in the process of connecting wires, for example, green to pink. This often occurs either due to inattention or in a hurry. There will be no unpleasant signals, on the contrary, the device will be “silent”. To correct this situation, it is necessary to double-check whether the wires match in color, whether the plug fits well into the socket.
  • As a rule, a soundbar connected to a TV or computer is able to function normally for quite a long time. But when the operating system crashes, the sound disappears. To resume the soundbar, you need to reboot the system. Thanks to this technique, it will be possible to identify whether there is a reason in the hardware part or not.
  • The sound can also disappear in the event of a power outage. To reboot the system with operating parameters, you must first turn it off, and then turn it on after a while (5-10 minutes).

Analog connector

This is an alternative solution for connecting a device to a technology. But here it should be borne in mind that you should not expect high-quality sound. These connectors are presented as RCA jacks in red and white. It is possible to connect the soundbar to the TV only with an RCA to mini-jack adapter.

The diameter of the standard connector is 3.5 mm

Types of soundbars

The market offers a huge range of systems from various brands. Each monaural speaker has full-range speakers. Thanks to the original, elongated body, it is quite easy to place the soundbar in the room. The device can be attached to the wall under the TV by using the special holder.

Active panels, unlike passive ones, can be connected directly to a television receiver. It is worth considering that the latter require a receiver to communicate with the screen, which is included in the set of an audio system of this type.

Depending on the functional features, soundbars are in the form:

  • Mono speakers equipped with a built-in subwoofer. Such active devices stand out for their inexpensive cost. The audio system provides only the most necessary functions for operation; they use it to replace the acoustics in the TV. The advantage of such a device is the ability to connect to a computer, mobile phone, laptop.
  • Sound projector. It can be installed exclusively on a flat surface. It also houses a built-in subwoofer. The downward-facing cone of the woofers allows for bass correction. Choose such an audio console for the presence of several functions: a receiver, a speaker system and an amplifier.
  • Passive soundbar with separate subwoofer. This soundbar option is an excellent replacement for a home theater, it has multi-channel sound. In addition, the compactness of the device does not take up much free space. The soundbar is appreciated for the presence of effects that make each movie viewing interesting and mesmerizing. The room creates a feeling of everything that happens in reality. You can connect the device either using the Bluetooth function or wires.
  • Soundbase. Its body is shaped like a TV stand. These models have multi-channel acoustics, DVD-player, a whole list of additional functions for watching Smart TV, connecting mobile devices.
  • Multifunctional soundbar. The speaker system is equipped with a separate subwoofer and several auxiliary speakers. They can be placed throughout the room. The device communicates with the speakers through a Bluetooth connection.

Among the most popular devices are: