How to connect sony Playstation

RCA connector

An option that suits the owners of the oldest TVs. The advantage is that an RCA cord is included as standard with the game console. Therefore, the user will not have to spend on the purchase of a cable. You should not expect a high-quality image. The only positive thing about RCA is the fact that almost all TVs support this interface.

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It is possible that your TV is equipped with a SCART connector instead of the standard RCA. In such situations, you need to buy an adapter. AV-SCART. In the process of connecting a game console, you will have to experiment. Since older TV models do not have color-coded connectors.

4 Ways to Connect Sony Playstation 3 to TV

Connecting the game console to the TV will allow the gamer to enjoy the highest quality picture. Especially if you use modern technology from leading brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Many users have problems in the process of synchronizing devices. Now let’s look at how to connect a Sony Playstation 3 to a TV.

It is possible that the user has correctly connected the connectors with the appropriate cable. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no sound, the image is only displayed on half of the screen, or some other problem has occurred. Let’s analyze the difficulties that users most often face.

HDMI connection

The third generation game console from Sony is capable of running on TVs from various companies. However, in order to achieve a high-quality image with the maximum resolution, it is better to connect the Playstation 3 to Samsung, Sony, LV TVs of the latest model range.

First you need to check if your TV supports HDMI. All the information you need can be found in the user manual. This connector is predominantly located on the side or rear panel. The base package of the latest versions of the PS3 game console includes an HDMI cable. Therefore, you do not have to buy it additionally.

Why is connecting the console to a TV via HDMI considered the best option? Firstly, this cable is capable of broadcasting HD quality images on a large screen. Secondly, the cord provides simultaneous transmission of audio and video signals.

Instructions for connecting PS3 console to TV via HDMI:

  • Plug in the game console power cord. When everything is done, the red indicator will light up.
  • One plug of the HDMI cable must be inserted into the corresponding connector on the console, which is located next to the network jack. Insert it until you hear a characteristic click.
  • The second plug is inserted into the TV’s HDMI interface. The location of this entrance depends on the TV model in question.

The connection is set up, which means the console is ready to use. Turn on the TV and change the signal source. Instead of digital or analog signal, you need to select “HDMI”.

AV connector

If we evaluate all the available interfaces for connecting PS3 in terms of the quality of the transmitted image, then the undisputed leader is HDMI. In second place is the AV cable. This wire has 5 inputs that you can use to connect the game console to your TV. At the second end there is a special plug that is inserted into the corresponding socket on the back of the set-top box.

Standard cable for PS3. HDMI. Therefore, the AV cord must be purchased separately. First, read the instructions for whether the TV supports the ability to connect additional devices via the AV interface.

Connection setup is carried out according to the standard scheme. One end of the cable is inserted into the TV jack and the other into the jack on the game console. The plug is inserted into the input that is labeled Multi Out. All 5 inputs have the corresponding color, so there should be no problems with connection.

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For maximum user convenience, absolutely all inputs are labeled accordingly. The elements responsible for sound output are labeled L and R. The video signal is transmitted through the inputs: PR / CR, PB / CB, Y. This approach allows you to achieve decent image quality.

Tulip connection

How to connect PS3 to CRT TV? Obsolete technology is not equipped with HDMI interface. Therefore, users have to resort to using other connectors. Mostly the device connection is configured via tulips. Experts point out that the tulip is a loose concept. AV, S-Video, RCA connectors are all tulips. Just different modifications.

Which of these cords should you use? A very difficult answer. To answer objectively, let’s carefully analyze each of these options.

S-Video connector

This is an outdated format that produces a low-resolution picture. Therefore, the image quality is poor. Lack of proper clarity will be noticeable to the naked eye. However, if you want to set up a connection between a Sony Playstation 3 and an old TV, then the S-Video interface is suitable for this task.

The cable is not included in the basic set of the TV and the console. Therefore, the cord must be purchased separately. On the one hand, the cable has two audio inputs. They are labeled accordingly. L and R. On the other end you will find a standard plug that fits into the connector of the set-top box.

All entrances are colored differently. Therefore, focus on this aspect to connect the connectors and avoid mistakes. When everything is connected, restart the box and then turn on the TV. When a new device is detected, change the signal source. That’s all. Console is ready to use.

Frequent problems

In some cases, during the process of connecting the PS3 via HDMI cable, the sound in the menu is present, but after starting the video game, it disappears. Mostly this problem arises due to the fact that for a long time the user was connected to one TV, but then a new device was purchased. The problem takes on a special character if you buy equipment from another manufacturer.

Troubleshooting is as simple as possible. Turn off the game console, and then turn on by holding the Power button for a long time. Hold the button until you hear a second beep. The screen will ask for permission to output audio via HDMI, you need to give your permission. What exactly is causing PS3 not to connect via HDMI after changing TV? It’s all about the conflict of audio formats played by TVs.

What if there is still no sound? Try a different HDMI cable. It cannot be ruled out that the problem is in him. If problem persists, output audio with tulip or digital input.

We figured out the sound, but quite often there are problems with the broadcast of the image. There is no picture, only a black screen is visible. There are several reasons for this problem:

  • until recently, the game console was connected to the TV using a different cord. The TV simply failed to identify the new type of connection. To fix the problem, reset the PS3 base settings. To reset the settings to their default values, press the Power button and hold it for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beeps;
  • damaged cable. Checking the cord for fractures and other mechanical damage is carried out using special equipment. You can also try a different cable;
  • the final transition to connection mode has not been made. If, after turning on the console, a channel is displayed on the TV screen, and not loading the set-top box, then you need to change the signal source. The signal source is determined according to the cable used: HDMI, AV, RCA, S-Video. Mode change is carried out using the remote control.

The process of connecting a game console is as simple as possible. Absolutely any user can set up a connection. In total, all actions will take no more than five minutes. The main thing is to decide on the type of connection.

How to play with two joysticks on the Playstation 4

For most users, the process of connecting a second gamepad seems simple, but in reality, players often face the problem of connecting an additional device that requires activation. For this, the corresponding instruction is presented below.

Instructions for connecting a second joystick to the Playstation 4 via Bluetooth

To register a joystick connected via Bluetooth, the user must open the wireless connection settings menu. To do this, select the Properties item, open the devices tab and enable the Bluetooth option. After that, the “PS” and “SHARE” keys are simultaneously pressed and held for about 10 seconds.

Connecting a second joystick to the Playstation 4

After connecting the set-top box to the TV, you need to connect the joysticks to the Playstation 4. The first joystick is considered the main one and connects immediately, while the second one often has difficulties associated with activating the device and creating a new account. Below are instructions for connecting and activating the second joystick.

  • After turning on the main gamepad, you need to open system settings.
  • Then the second turns on and for some time the “PS” button is held down (until a window with settings appears).
  • Using the second joystick, the user logs into the system under his (or guest) account.
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Only then will users be able to participate in the gameplay together. Only official DualShok 4 models can be configured according to the instructions above.

How to SETUP the PlayStation 4 PRO Console for Beginners

Second joystick not working on Playstation 4

If a second joystick is connected according to the instructions, the device may not respond to user actions. This problem occurs due to:

  • Inability to connect the controller to the PS wirelessly. The reason for this situation may be the discharge of the device. For this, the charge level is checked, and if it is insufficient, the device is put on recharge. When fully charged, the idle device is connected via a USB cable. If the device has worked successfully, then you need to look at the wireless connection settings.
  • The device cannot be operated via a USB cable, but the joystick is capable of operating wirelessly. The cause is a faulty port or cable. To check the health of the connector, connect another gamepad. If the device works, then the reason is a problem with the port of the non-working gamepad. To check its performance, you need to connect the non-working joystick to the computer. If the port is burned out, then you will either have to go to the workshop, or be content with only a wireless connection.
  • The joystick does not work either via cable or wireless. To begin with, it is checked how charged the device is and, if the charge is insufficient, the device is put on recharge. When fully charged, the reason for failure to work is problems in setting up the account. You will have to register it again. To do this, the gamepad is connected via a USB cable, after which the user presses and holds the PS button for about 10 seconds until the settings window appears. In this window, a new account is created and control of the gamepad is restored.
  • If the set-top box fails to respond to the joystick, you will have to switch to a special mode (Recovery Mode). To open it, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds (until you hear a beep). After opening this mode, the joystick is connected via a USB cable. This will establish a connection and open the settings menu. Then the gamepad restarts and its performance is restored.

How to set up a Playstation 4

If the joystick does not work in safe mode, then it is faulty. Then you need to use the services of masters from the service center. It is better not to try to solve the problem yourself, since unauthorized opening of the device entails a refusal of warranty service.

Connecting a second joystick to the Playstation 4 fifa

The connected second joystick is automatically recognized in the game and available in the settings. An additional account of the second player (or guest) will also appear.

Setting up a second joystick on the Playstation 4

It is possible to connect a second joystick not wirelessly, but using a special USB cable, one connector of which connects to the console port, and the other to the gamepad connector. Then, to automatically configure the connected device, you need to hold down the PS button (about 10 seconds).

How to connect a second joystick to the Playstation 4

Modern game consoles provide users with a lot of entertainment in various game projects, differing in scale and gameplay. The main feature of the Playstation device is that more than two people can participate in the game. This can be done by connecting a game console to a modern TV, and to it. two joysticks for each of the players. Being in the same room, you can enjoy both live communication and exciting game. What you need to do before starting the process is to connect the second joystick to the Playstation 4.

How to connect a second joystick to the Playstation 4

If there are no problems with connecting and configuring the first and main gamepad, then activating the second joystick can cause a number of difficulties. In order to activate an additional device, you will have to create a new account. Below will be a sequential instruction on how to turn on and configure the device:

  • Turn on the console and go to system settings.
  • The second gamepad should also be turned on and hold down the “PS” button for a few seconds, after which the main window will open.
  • Using the second joystick, you need to log in under your or guest profile.
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After that, users will have the opportunity to play together.

REFERENCE. This manual is only valid for official DualShok 4 models.

Second joystick not working on Playstation 4. why and what to do?

The gamepad may not connect to the console, there are only several reasons for such a malfunction, here are the most common ones.

  • The controller does not wirelessly connect to the PS. The device may be discharged, you should check its charge level. Then, if charging is not enough, set to recharge. If, however, the device is charged, but the console does not see it, you should connect it via a USB cable. If the control through this port is successful, then the problem is in the wireless connection settings.
  • The controller does not provide control via a USB cable, but works via a Bluetooth channel. Most likely, either the cable or the port is faulty. In order to check the health of the connector. Connect another, similar device. In the event that a similar device is successfully connected and performs its functions properly, the problem is not in the cable or in the connector on the console. There remains the possibility of a malfunction of the port on the joystick itself. In this case, it is enough to connect the joystick to a PC or other console to test its functionality.
  • The controller does not respond to wireless or cable connections. In this case, you should check the charge level of the device. If your device is charged and works on other consoles, or when connected to a PC, your original console may have lost account settings. In order to re-register, you must connect the gamepad via the USB cable, and hold down the PS button for 3 seconds. After that, the settings will open that will allow you to create a new account, and control of the console using the joystick will be restored.
  • If the console does not react to the joystick in any way, then you should use a special mode. It is called Recovery Mode (analogue of “Safe Mode” on the PC). To enter it, you need to hold the power button on the console for 7 seconds. After. when the user hears a beep, the button should be released. Then, after entering this mode, you should connect the joystick via USB. A connection should be established and the setting should open. Then you should restart the console, and the gamepad should work as usual.

ATTENTION! If, even in Recovery Mode, the controller did not respond to the connection, the device may be faulty. In this case, it should be taken to a special service center. You should not take the gamepad to an unlicensed master or try to fix the problem yourself. Unauthorized opening of the gamepad case removes the device from warranty service.

How to connect the second joystick ps 4

In order to register a device connected via Bluetooth, go to the wireless connection settings. To do this, on the console itself, you need to select “Properties”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth Devices”. Then, on the joystick to be connected, press the “SHARE” “PS” combination and hold for at least 10 seconds.

After that, the device will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. You need to select it, after which the connection will start.

How to connect 2 joystick to Playstation 4 fifa

When you connect a second gamepad, any game will automatically recognize it and include it in additional settings. Including, along with the gamepad, a second profile will appear, be it a player’s account or a guest profile.

How to play with two joysticks on a Sony Playstation 4

Connecting a second gamepad may seem like a simple exercise, however, it is not. The pairing process is really simple, however, to use an additional device, you also need to activate it. To do this is quite simple, you just need to follow simple instructions.

How to set up a second joystick on a Playstation 4

It is also possible to connect a second gamepad, not wirelessly, but through a special USB cable. To do this, just insert the corresponding end of the wire into the port of the set-top box, and connect the other to the pro gamepad. After that, you need to press and hold the PS button on the joystick for at least three seconds, after which the device will automatically start setting the connected device.

How to connect a second joystick to the Playstation 4